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Sleeping Arrangements
Further experience with his new team -- in tents, in inns, in various borrowed accommodations offworld -- taught John that Rodney was capable of migrating across virtually any distance to find the nearest source of body heat and burrow into it. He wouldn't actually leave one bed and move into another one -- thus, if he had a bed by himself, he was fine -- but otherwise, whoever took on Rodney as a roommate was inevitably going to wake up to find themselves shoved to the very edge of the bed, tent, fur-pile or whatever, with Rodney's arms and legs wrapped around them.
gen  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Stargate:Atlantis 
june 2019 by sansets
Five Have a Wonderful Time
Ronon sat down in the chair next to McKay. John was standing at McKay's shoulder on the other side, and Teyla had sat down on the end of the infirmary bed. "I never thought I'd get to have kids," Ronon said. "This is cool." "I'm going to die," McKay said. He had only fainted a little, earlier. "Ancient technology knocked me up. Ancient technology knocked me up." "The child is a gift of the Ancestors." Teyla squared her shoulders. "I will do my best to care for her, Rodney." "We all will." John was trying not to look at McKay. It was cute. "If my evening mother were alive, she'd beat my ass with a frying pan for letting McKay get knocked up before we got married." Ronon frowned at Teyla. "Our kid is not growing up in a broken home."
Stargate:Atlantis  rating:teen  length:1001-5000  John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla 
september 2018 by sansets
Getting ready for missions, it’s always the same routine. John straps on his guns and buckles his vest; Rodney grabs a few extra powerbars and tucks them away. He tucks Tyk away, too, usually in the front, right-hand pocket of his vest. Nioke curls herself around John’s wrist, under his sleeve. Ronon’s dæmon is a huge wolf-like creature with titian fur; Teyla’s, a sleek, alien mongoose with spots instead of stripes. They walk beside, their humans’ hands uneasy on their backs as they pass through the rippling barrier of the event horizon. John and Rodney do not envy them.
au:fusion  HisDarkMaterials  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney  rating:teen  length:5001-10000 
november 2017 by sansets
Learning To Share
Rodney’s days quickly fell into a routine;  Drop Madison off at daycare; drive to the mountain for a 9am start; work on meaningless equation checking and low priority projects until 4pm; make the drive back to Colorado Springs to pick up Madison; spend the next three hours catering to her every whim; stay up on his heavily encrypted home computer until 2am; try to catch some sleep in between Madison’s night terrors; then start it all over again the next day. He missed Siberia. At least in Siberia, he didn’t have to put up with people stealing his coffee.
au:alternatetimeline  trope:kidfic  rating:all  length:5001-10000  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney 
march 2017 by sansets
Divergence (The One Less Traveled By)
"Sheppard," Rodney muses. "Sheppard. Hey, you're the guy with the gene I’ve heard about." Sheppard winces. "Yeah, I suppose." "I thought you'd be in Area 51." "With the chair?" Sheppard shrugs. "No ZPM to power it up, so there’s nothing for me to do there. They've got me out hunting for Ancient tech." "Off-world?" Rodney's intrigued. He knows Sam has been — had been — off-world several times, but they had never talked about it before she ... before she died ... and he hasn't had time since getting here to talk to anyone else about it either.
au:alternatetimeline  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney  length:20001-50000  rating:mature 
february 2017 by sansets
Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead
"So, the SGC sent you home," Rodney says, dropping the words into one of the many long, slow moments of set-up. Sheppard shoots him a sideways glance, but says nothing. "Any plans for shore leave?" Rodney asks, and this time Sheppard doesn't even look at him; he just stares fixedly ahead at the screen.
rating:explicit  length:10001-20000  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney 
december 2016 by sansets
Guardians of a rare thing
The instant the wormhole closed behind him Ronon knew he'd made a mistake. He should've stayed in his own galaxy, even if it meant planting crops with Teyla's people for the rest of his life. What he'd done, following Sheppard to his world... it had felt right. When it turned out you couldn't even trust the Ancestors to carry on the war against the Wraith, what could you depend on? He'd thought-- Sheppard. Weir. But suddenly, looking into this alien gateroom, these strange uniforms and this artificial light, everything felt upside down and backwards, and he knew that this journey was nothing but a retreat. The coward's way out. But it was too late now. The only consolation was that Sheppard and Weir both looked as shell-shocked as he did. As lost. It wasn't much of a consolation, but it was something.
Stargate:Atlantis  gen  rating:teen  length:5001-10000  au:alternatetimeline 
december 2015 by sansets
use these words for kindling
“Seriously, you haven’t heard about this guy?” John shook his head. “He’s a legend. Up here every few weeks, asks for a one-on-one for his niece, and then berates the shit out of the instructor at the end of the day. He almost made Laura Cadman cry. I thought she was going to punch him in the face.” “Sounds great,” John said. “I’ll take it.”
au:alternatetimeline  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney  rating:mature  length:5001-10000 
november 2015 by sansets
Pads, Paws and Claws
"If you feel like you might, just duck into the washroom, okay?" he asked. "Please. It's taking a lot just to get him to agree to this. When I bring it up, he just shrugs and says we'll stop. But we need this. I do. And I know he needs it too, from when we stopped before. He gets... depressed, or something... he acts like no one cares about him." "I won't laugh," she promised.
rating:mature  length:5001-10000  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney/Jennifer  kink:animalplay 
november 2015 by sansets
everything you want (you can have)
"Yes," she answers John's not-question. "We're renting a cottage there, there's more than enough room. Don't worry, I won't make you come spend time with my dad if you don't want to." Unlike Rodney, whom she definitely and unscrupulously will make. "Uh." John sends another quick look to Rodney, who is finally recovering from his shock and wearing a thoughtful face. "Don't you want to, you know, spend some time alone?"
rating:teen  length:10001-20000  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney/Jennifer  acefic 
november 2015 by sansets
The Crooked Path
Karen rose to go meet her husband, offering him a smile tinged with worry. She walked him back to their table and made the introductions, not commenting on what had to be a surprise appearance in the middle of the afternoon. "Weird day," Dave said, sitting down with them. "I gave up on accomplishing anything after the tenth person called with rumors about some big government announcement that's supposed to be made tonight." Rodney tried to look blank; John didn't seem to be buying it.
rating:explicit  length:10001-20000  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney 
october 2015 by sansets
Johnny chuckles softly on the other end of the line. "Been a while since anybody's called me that." "Older brother's privilege." "Speaking of privilege, I hear you called half the Pentagon trying to track me down."
gen  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
october 2015 by sansets
Pegasus Non-Verbal
"So, are you just mute, or really, really good at reading lips?" Rodney gives him a shocked and petulant look. It's one Rodney wears a lot, another way he shouts without saying a word. When John just returns it with a steady patience, not willing to backpedal, to tiptoe around it, to treat him like a cripple - he sighs.
Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney  au:alternatereality  length:5001-10000  rating:teen 
august 2015 by sansets
Anything You Want
"When I got shot. Thalan said you were screaming in his head. Screaming. I've never heard you scream, Sheppard." Ronon nipped at John's shoulder blade, and his teeth dragged down John's spine. "But I will." John shuddered hard, heat flooding his face and filling his cock. Oh, God, he thought, and then Ronon's hands were spreading his cheeks, his soft, thick tongue slipping down—
kink:powerplay  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Ronon 
august 2015 by sansets
paper cranes (upstairs, downstairs)
"Don't call them rich," John hisses, "It's—" He frowns, rubs his forehead. "Oh my God," Rodney says, stricken. "This is—this is one of those British costume dramas Ronon always wants to watch and I'm the uncouth American!" "Oh my God," John says, looking wounded. "You are not Consuelo Vanderbilt." "Who?" "She was my mother's second cousin." John lowers his voice. "Look, it's—my family doesn't talk about money. My father made a lot of it and he married my mom—and her family had a lot of money, or used to, they came over on the fucking Mayflower or something—and they're kind of sensitive because, you know, my father bought this house from someone, it wasn't passed down through ten generations of people who are all buried in the same graveyard." "Ah, new money," Rodney has no idea what he's talking about, but it's amusing to see John's face blanch.
John/Rodney  Stargate:Atlantis  length:10001-20000  rating:mature 
july 2015 by sansets
Ordinary Life
"If you're not too swamped to listen to your damn answering machine either, pay attention. I've got something interesting for you. The clowns here have been stuck on it for three months, it'll take you three days. I know, not really worth your time, but what the hell; we'll fly you out here, put you up on the beach for a week, pay you some stupid amount of money. Give me a call." "Now, see, that's interesting," Rodney said. "And only six weeks old, good." He picked up the phone. "Who is it?" John said, and Rodney waved him quiet. "Gus? It's Rodney," he said. "—hey! Give me a break, I've been out of the country... No... Yeah. Yeah, okay... Sure, that's fine. And I'll have a guest... What? Oh, he's—" Rodney eyed John up and down. "He's a mathematician... Okay... Yes. Yes... Right, bye." "Mathematician?" John said, raising his eyebrows as Rodney hung up.
rating:explicit  length:20001-50000  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney 
june 2015 by sansets
War Bride
"Rodney's my desert island guy," he says finally, because it's the simplest, truest thing he can say: if there's one person he gets to keep with him, he chooses McKay. It's as simple as that.
John/Rodney  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:explicit  length:5001-10000 
june 2015 by sansets
The Secret Life of Scientists
Despite Kate's occasional prompting, Rodney didn't like to think about whether he was happy on Atlantis. He hadn't thought about his own happiness in years, if not decades. It wasn't relevant, and he had too much else to think about without adding his emotional state to the list. Still, after a week of hanging out with Zelenka, he felt a little lighter, a little freer. It was good to talk about Russians, and hockey, and stupid military decisions throughout history, and naquada generators, and Ancient database algorithms. It was fun to pick fantasy scientist leagues, and argue about whether the Wraith were scarier than the Borg.
Rodney/Zelenka  Stargate:Atlantis  length:5001-10000  rating:explicit 
april 2015 by sansets
Old Home Week (The More Things Change)
“Order in, not the point, there was going to make an effort at romance,” Rodney says. He sniffs, dismissive. “Moment’s gone. Go, blow up aliens, be happy.” John fixes his helmet and grins. Just like old times.
John/Rodney  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:teen  length:1001-5000  crossover  Marvel  Avengers 
september 2014 by sansets
Gray Skies
He still thinks he’s maybe dreaming, because there’s a man, sitting by his bed. A man in Air Force dress blues, smart, blond, head bent, still pretty, even half turned away
Stargate:Atlantis  au:alternatereality  Cam/John  rating:explicit  length:20001-50000 
august 2014 by sansets
Alchemical Solution (Swish and Flick Remix)
"It was very strange. I was leaving choir practice when the wizards who play cards in the oil painting outside the Great Hall whispered at me and gestured toward the stairs. At the top, the Lady of Shalott pointed me down the corridor. Someone has been waiting for me at every junction, until I found myself here. Did that not also happen to you?" John shook his head. "I just got sidetracked by some moving stairs." "I see." She looked at him. He looked at her. "Well, I suppose I'll keep going, then," she said. He was about to wave goodbye when she added, "Would you like to join me?"
au:fusion  Stargate:Atlantis  HarryPotter  rating:all  length:5001-10000  gen 
may 2014 by sansets
The Paths of Desire
"Because this is totally about today and you looking at my wrists like...." "Like I liked the way you look bloody and hurting?" "Yeah, that." "Like I said, it's complicated. I'm a sadist." "What?" John blinked as he tried to parse that. "I'm kinda confused here because I'm pretty sure you just told me you don't have sex."
kink:pain  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney  acefic 
june 2013 by sansets
Never As Bad As Anticipated (Until it Is)
Cameron Mitchell, upon being told that he was being sent to Atlantis to take over leadership of the expedition, managed to come out with an actual new response: a highly unprofessional, “But I don’t want to. Sir.”
gen  Stargate:Atlantis  Stargate:SG-1  au:alternatetimeline  Cam/John 
january 2013 by sansets
What Happens Next
“Hey,” he says, pushing away from the doorframe and moving into John and Alex’s line of sight. “Morning,” John says; a few hours of sleep have done wonders, because he looks awake and rested and not at all like the guy who clung to Cam all night, lost and confused. “I didn’t want to wake you up.” “Thanks.” Cam sits cautiously on the edge of the coffee table, watching Alex from the corner of his eye. Alex is looking at him, not obviously nervous or shy. Of course, two weeks in Atlantis have probably cured him of that already – two hundred and fifty people are a lot at that age, and Cam would bet that Alex has met most of them. “You going to introduce us?” “Yeah. Cam, this is Alex. Alex, this is Cam. Um. Dad. Maybe. If he doesn’t – if he wants.”
trope:kidfic  Stargate:Atlantis  Stargate:SG-1  Cam/John 
january 2013 by sansets
Build It Up, Wreck It Down
John nodded. "You're on leave from tomorrow?" he asked. "You said you were going home." Cam blew out a breath and tried to remember if he'd made that call to his parents. He thought so. He hoped so. "Yeah." "All right," John said, voice real quiet, but there was something in his tone that Cam responded to like a compass needle finding north. "I'll take you there. How you want to go? Trains, planes, Asgard beam, classic road trip?" John quirked an eyebrow up, fitting it to a wry smile.
Stargate:Atlantis  Stargate:SG-1  Cam/John 
january 2013 by sansets
A Farm in Iowa
John inherits a farm, Rodney ends up entirely out of his element, and there is much ado about baseball.
Stargate:Atlantis  au:alternatetimeline  trope:kidfic  John/Rodney 
november 2012 by sansets
Si Muovo
"We're sending you to Alaska. You're leaving on Sunday, after mass." He would be able to do the Lord's work in Kodiak, the good Father assured him. There was much to be done. The Church ran a school for promising Island children -- not a Jesuit institution, though Jesuits had taught there in the past -- and the pupils' knowledge of catechism was apparently sorely lacking. Naturally, Father Scott had said, this work will keep you sufficiently busy that you will have no time to continue your work on astrophysics, nor, indeed, to do any higher mathematics at all.
au:alternatereality  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney 
november 2012 by sansets
Where the Ways Divide
“Who are you?” Ronon asks. “Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard,” the Runner says, eyes still glued to his gun. “Military?” asks Ronon. The title sounds like it, but it’s also unfamiliar. “I was,” Sheppard says, without elaboration. “You have to let me go. Give me that back and let me off this planet.” “Because the Wraith are chasing you?” Ronon asks. Sheppard looks a little surprised that he doesn’t have to tell the story. “Yeah,” he says, and jerks again in his bonds. “I called one of our doctors,” Ronon tells him. “They can cut it out.” For a second, Sheppard just stares. “Who are you?” he asks. “Specialist Ronon Dex.” “It’s in my spine,” Sheppard says, as if that’s not the right answer.
au:alternatetimeline  gen  Stargate:Atlantis 
september 2012 by sansets
Like She Owns Him
"We could have some sort of signal," Sam suggests. "Something nonverbal they wouldn't recognize." "No," John says. "They're going to be looking for that. It's safer without one." "Right," she says, finally conceding with a quick, tight smile. "All or nothing it is." "Damn straight," John says, and Sam buckles the collar around his neck before they head for the gate.
John/Sam  kink:D/s  kink:collar  Stargate:Atlantis  Stargate:SG-1 
september 2012 by sansets
It strikes John that they’ve all chosen not to choose. In this moment, he can’t think why that is not a valid option.
Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla 
september 2012 by sansets
Descent universe
The images came unbidden, flashing, flickering through his mind, brief and bright as if lit by lightning. The things you could do with knots. The things Rodney could do with knots. All the things he might have done, back on Earth, with knots and rope and willing bodies caught and held.
kink:D/s  kink:bondage  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney  kink:fisting 
september 2012 by sansets
What he really needed was some uninterrupted sleep. Two, three hours tops, and he'd be in good shape to get back to the lab. Really he was in good shape now, but he knew that Carson hadn't been kidding when he'd threatened to ground Rodney permanently if he didn't get some rest. Which was what he needed. Rest. Not anything else.
kink:D/s  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney 
september 2012 by sansets
Now That You Mention It
"Wait wait wait," Rodney said holding up a hand. "You want to humiliate me?" "Never mind," John said quickly. "No, it's okay. It's just that, to be honest, people tend to want me to do that kind of thing to them. And...well, I hate to be skeptical but...." Rodney let his voice trail off, not wanting to point out that John wasn't exactly the most articulate guy around. "Rodney? It's different when it's sex." "What, you mean you can string more than six words together about something other than football or flying?"
kink:humiliation  kink:D/s  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney 
september 2012 by sansets
"I've seen things you people at the SGC wouldn't believe, Mister Sheppard," the agent says, smiling slightly. "Though I think you're the ones with the attack ships."

John grins, despite himself. "What did you say your name was, Agent?" "Coulson," he says. "I don't know what a Stargate is, Agent Coulson," John repeats, talking carefully around all the NDAs, just like he's been doing forever. "But I know that Stark never talks about it, not even to me. Whatever it is, he doesn't know anything about it at all. Certainly he doesn't have anything to do with- what did you call it? Stargate?"
crossover  Tony/John  Tony/Pepper/John  Stargate:Atlantis  Marvel  Avengers 
june 2012 by sansets
No Rest At All In Freedom
And there, in the front pod, was John, naked and curled up, floating in some kind of pale green liquid. Changed, the guy upstairs had said. Rodney didn't even know what he'd expected, but this wasn't it. For a moment, he was frozen, taking in the sweep of the black wings floating just behind John in the pod. Changed.
Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney  trope:wings 
june 2012 by sansets
Hour Eighteen
Obviously his sixteen year old's body is responsible for all the hard-ons, but he suspects Rodney has something to do with the number of orgasms. Rodney knows what he's doing and, more importantly, he knows John.
trope:deaging  Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney 
april 2012 by sansets
Upside Down and Inside Out
It wasn't even that he subsequently found himself naked and gagged and hanging upside-down from his ankles in a dim room in a complicated network of ropes, his arms lashed securely to his sides and his legs spread several feet apart above him, waiting for Rodney to come in and help him complete what had turned out to be some kind of sacred deflowering ceremony. No, what freaked him out more than a little bit was just how turned on he was by this whole series of events.
genderfuck  kink:bondage  John/Rodney  Stargate:Atlantis 
february 2012 by sansets
The Girl From the Next Galaxy Over
Teyla tips a smile, leaning in. She's as lovely as ever, comfortable in the quiet pub, and he lets himself appreciate it. It's supposed to be strange that she fits in so easily, the Teyla of his fantasies never would, but then this is the real Teyla. The Teyla that's filled his dreams is otherworldly and ethereal in places like this. Bit ridiculous, of course. Teyla is never otherworldly or ethereal, he's seen the woman tell dirty jokes, beat the pants off Sheppard and his mates in a game of American football, and he's seen her fight. Reality does have its improvements.
crossover  gen  SherlockHolmes  Stargate:Atlantis 
february 2012 by sansets
Someone should tell Saverin that he should publish, though. Not Mark, since Mark is entirely too busy to go back up to the surface, regardless of the weather. But someone. Someone should tell him. Anyone who can be that creative and innovative and accurate shouldn’t be a glorified taxi driver. But Mark doesn’t have time to worry about it. He’s not worried about it. It’s an idle concern, something soft and easy to occupy his thoughts instead of the hard, knife-edged panic over whether they’ll be ready in time or not. What they’ll find when they step through the event horizon. Whether Mark will be equal to it.
au:fusion  Stargate:Atlantis  TheSocialNetwork  gen 
january 2012 by sansets
Deck the Halls
By their fourth year in Atlantis, John thinks the Christmas decorations have gotten a little out of hand.
Stargate:Atlantis  gen 
january 2012 by sansets
My Dignity's Come Undone
"You look sixteen!" "But I'm not...." John paused and smirked at Rodney. They were roughly the same height now; okay, maybe Rodney had an inch or so on John. It was a little unnerving, but not as unnerving as the idea that Rodney was resisting this, resisting John. Rodney liked the smirk though; maybe that would do it.
Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney  trope:deaging  kink:spanking  kink:overstimulation  kink:buttplug 
january 2012 by sansets
Geeks' Night Out
Ronon sighed and opened another beer. He'd been hoping to talk them into watching Iron Man again. Or maybe more episodes of Star Trek.
gen  Stargate:Atlantis 
january 2012 by sansets
Black Helicopters at Dawn
Rodney was in a the rip the band-aid off quickly and get it over with mood, so he launched into his explanation at full throttle. "It works. The low frequency antenna works. I can talk to Sheppard, and Sheppard can talk to me. He's the guy who crashed his whatever out in the woods and he's been there more than a week and I finally convinced him that his would-be rescuers are incompetent and I said I would make a phone call for him."
Stargate:Atlantis  John/Rodney  au:alternatetimeline  WiP 
september 2011 by sansets
DADT, Damyata, Dayadhvam
He was aware of the controversy surrounding the application of DADT policy to an international expedition—and an international expedition to another galaxy at that—but in the end, it didn’t matter. Everyone got the chip, or they didn’t go.
John/Rodney  au:alternatereality  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:mature  length:5001-10000 
september 2011 by sansets
He might have believed it, if it weren’t for the absolute, verifiable scientific fact that lots of things Rodney said and did made Ronon smile, but nothing about him – not even his broad shoulders – made Ronon hard. Not that being able to attract gorgeous and willing sexual partners with nothing but his sheer brilliance and force of personality wasn’t all well and good – people had been promising Rodney for most of his life that brilliance and personality were potent aphrodisiacs, but Ronon was the first tangible evidence Rodney had ever had in support of that theory. He was hardly going to complain.
Rodney/Ronan  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:explicit  length:10001-20000 
august 2011 by sansets
I Only Want Your Trust
"During that first week?" John nodded, and Rodney kept going. "When we were settling down and figuring out how things were going to work without Sumner and what we were going to about gate teams and everything? Elizabeth sat down with me and went over some of the military protocols because...." "Because the ranking officer was suddenly a sub."
John/Rodney  au:bdsm  kink:D/s  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:explicit  length:20001-50000 
august 2011 by sansets
Target Practice
"You're better than you used to be, but if you're going to be pulling crap like you did today, you've got to get your accuracy up. You've been slacking off on practicing," Sheppard had finally said in his most serious voice, which was when Rodney sighed and gave up, because he knew nothing would stop this except him actually going to the stupid shooting range and breathing in the acrid smell of firearms and probably getting burns on his valuable fingers and being subjected to Sheppard's lectures about gun safety and field procedure for who knew how long. He'd have no problem doing this tomorrow -- hell, he knows gun proficiency's important -- but tonight?
John/Rodney  kink:gunplay  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000 
july 2011 by sansets
Castro and Market
Two drag queens were leaning against the wall of the alley behind them. The blonde whistled and said to Rodney, "I'll take him, honey, if you don't want him."
John/Rodney  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:teen  length:1001-5000 
july 2011 by sansets
The International Bi-Annual Conference of Strategic Military Security in a Civilian Project Environment
"Why the hell did he bother coming if it wasn't just to get a week in Hawaii?" Becker asked. "If the conference was in London, I wouldn't have stepped through the front door."
Primeval  John/Becker  Stargate:Atlantis  crossover  rating:all  length:0-999 
june 2011 by sansets
Two Bells
It's such a relief to hear Rodney's voice that John doesn't even mind that Rodney seems to have appointed himself John's pimp. "Get me out of this blindfold," John says. "There's a blindfold?" Rodney says, coming to a complete halt somewhere in the underbrush. "You're blindfolded?"
John/Rodney  Stargate:Atlantis  kink:blindfold  rating:all  length:5001-10000 
may 2011 by sansets
Forty Years and Eight Pounds (The Skin Hunger Variations)
He grows so sensitive that it gets to be like a shock when people touch him. He flinches without meaning to. People take it as a hint to keep their hands to themselves. It's sort of easier that way. He never learns how not to want it.
gen  Stargate:Atlantis  acefic  rating:teen  length:1001-5000 
may 2011 by sansets
Waiting to Believe
He can't face it. Even with Cam, even for the people he wants to see, even for the faint promise of maybe better, he can't do it. Not after having to give up a job he loved because he couldn't bear pretending any more.
transfic  Stargate:Atlantis  Stargate:SG-1  Cam/John  rating:teen  length:1001-5000 
may 2011 by sansets
Common Threads
Cam rolls his eyes, looking caught out. "Okay, so I told him I was visiting my brother for a few days and did he want me to take the two of you out of his hair for the duration. Same end result."
John/Teyla/Cam  Stargate:Atlantis  Stargate:SG-1  rating:teen  length:5001-10000 
may 2011 by sansets
Dreams from the Dark
"We will start with ten," she says, as she always does. "To begin with."
John/Teyla  kink:caning  kink:D/s  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:mature  length:0-999 
april 2011 by sansets
No Road Maps
John smiles sideways. "Let me guess. You had better deserts on Sateda."
John/Ronon  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000 
april 2011 by sansets
Story of a Girl
"Reproduce," Carson says more firmly. Apparently, saying "The city wants you knocked up" is a little too hard for him. "You're the tenth female member of the expedition, Colonel. And all of the others have the gene as well."
John/Rodney  Stargate:Atlantis  au:rule63  rating:explicit  length:20001-50000 
april 2011 by sansets
With Intent
John blinks, and Rodney says, "Hm," and bends quickly at the knees, coming up under John's arm, one hand encircling John's wrist, the other resting on the opposite hip. "Come along, Colonel," he says, and John doesn't object, even though he really is pretty much okay to walk. Even after hours at the bottom of a well, Rodney smells reassuringly like coffee and the weird hot-plastic-and-dust scent of the labs, and John's head is killing him. He figures taking a little comfort in having Rodney warm and solid up against his side is probably okay.
John/Rodney  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:explicit  length:10001-20000 
april 2011 by sansets
The Parity of Zero
Because of me, John thinks. Because he hit me. Because my hand is still burning and I can't stop it because he doesn't want me to.
kink:caning  John/Rodney  kink:D/s  Stargate:Atlantis  acefic  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000 
april 2011 by sansets
For a smart guy, it amazes Ronon how often McKay doesn't get things the first time. He tries again. "If you send someone an e-mail and they don't answer it, is that normal?"
gen  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:all  length:1001-5000  John/Ronon 
april 2011 by sansets
Unsuffer Me
Because honestly, John was perfectly happy to play kinky games with Rodney, even really filthy kinky games, but he didn't really want to mess with anything that either of them wasn't fully willing to own up to.
John/Rodney  kink:bondage  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:explicit  length:20001-50000 
april 2011 by sansets
Down Time
He's thinking about trying to explain why the candles are giving him the weirdest urge to hum "Jingle Bells" when she brings out the two dildos. She just puts them down on the blanket like she's showing him more scented candles, but he can see the tiny, wicked curl of her lips when she looks over at him. "I brought these back as well," Teyla says.
John/Teyla  kink:D/s  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000 
april 2011 by sansets
Welcome Home
They're back in Atlantis, and the weight that's been sitting on his chest ever since he went back to Earth has lifted. People kept asking him how he was settling in on Earth, and he kept saying it was okay, but now that he's back, he remembers that actually "okay" isn't that great. He's beginning to suspect that before they left Atlantis, he was actually really happy.
John/Teyla  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000 
april 2011 by sansets
My Home And Native Land
"Relax. If the big bad Satedan scares you, you can hide behind me. I told you, he's cool, there's nothing to be afraid of," Chuck continued. "He's not like a barbarian or anything, he had the same boot camp you did, probably." "So are you dating or what?" one of the techs asked, with a much nastier tone than polite inquiry required. Chuck rolled his eyes. "Yeah, Annie, I can't have any other motivation for hanging out with him than to get into his pants. It's not like he has interesting things to say or useful contributions to -- oh wait! That's right, that database you think is the best thing since ENIAC, didn't he come up with that?"
gen  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:teen  length:10001-20000 
january 2011 by sansets
Your Whole World Now Is an Open Door
"Oh, this is stupid; I don't even know what to ask." John buried his head in his hands and muttered something. All Rodney caught was the word "complicated."
John/Rodney  kink:D/s  Stargate:Atlantis  rating:explicit  length:5001-10000 
january 2011 by sansets
The Carter-Weir Proposition
"So, let me get this straight," Wendy looked from one woman to the other, totally ignoring the squirming supposedly-dead-but-not-really-selling-the-part whatsit at her feet (okay, underneath her feet, true, but how else was she supposed to stop it from squirming? Spill her Starbucks-totally sorry, Lace-on it?) because, yeah, squirming. "You guys work for a top secret government program headquartered out of Cheyenne Mountain--without the authorization of the Canadian government, total violation of a bunch of agreements right there, by the way--that saves the world by fighting aliens with designs on intergalactic domination and MAC Cosmetics?"
gen  crossover  Middleman  Stargate:Atlantis  Stargate:SG-1 
december 2010 by sansets
Center Stage
"Then how do you teach your children wrong from right where you come from?" The sneer in his voice was distinctly holier-than-thou in tone and John desperately looked around for Teyla. She rocked at this. He coughed, stalling for time, and said, "Well, uh, we don't really" "Television," Rodney interjected. "Or movies. They're similar to this, actually—like a play that's recorded and broadcast for people to watch. I could show you—oh, wait, there's no media on the laptop I have with me right now—but I guess we could come back with some samples if you wanted?"
gen  Stargate:Atlantis 
december 2010 by sansets
Board Wars
"Earth seems to have a lot of games." "We get bored easily."
gen  Stargate:Atlantis 
december 2010 by sansets
If We Were a Movie
"What Jennifer means," Rodney says, and he's using his trying-really-hard voice. John's expression goes completely opaque. "Is that she and I have been talking. About dating you. The three of us."
John/Rodney/Jennifer  Stargate:Atlantis 
november 2010 by sansets
Be Mine
"I would like for you to wear something of mine," Teyla said. "It would show that we are close. I suppose that is ... 'cultural.' But to put a collar on you, as if you were an animal who belonged to me ... I do not think it is wrong," she said a little defensively. "But I would be laughed at for wanting such a thing."
John/Teyla  kink:D/s  Stargate:Atlantis  kink:collar 
november 2010 by sansets
“The manifest,” Zelenka pressed. “Have you seen it?”
au:fusion  au:alternatereality  X-Men  gen  Stargate:Atlantis 
october 2010 by sansets
Let Your Body Move You
But sometimes, when there's time and they have a nice long free evening stretched out ahead of them with no obligations whatsoever, John gets passed around from one of his team to the next, like he's a toy with no other purpose in life but to be played with. He fucking loves those nights.
John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla  Stargate:Atlantis 
october 2010 by sansets
So We're Okay (We're Fine)
The first time Meredith goes down on Jay it's like being in the center of a tornado. Jay is still trying to apologize for not shaving--not that she thinks Meredith has an issue with hairy legs; Jay's seen Meredith naked after all. "But I don't trim," she says, planning on adding that trimming her bush is hardly a priority, what with everything else that demands her attention here on Atlantis.
John/Rodney  Stargate:Atlantis  au:rule63 
october 2010 by sansets
To Be True
Rodney walks into John's room, and he's got something in his palm. When he hands it to John--it's a piece of leather with a funny little thing on the end of it, kind of a filigree sort of thing--John thinks real hard at it: Glow? Float? Change colors? None of it works, so he looks up to Rodney and says, "I don't get it. What's it supposed to do?"
John/Rodney  kink:D/s  Stargate:Atlantis  kink:collar 
october 2010 by sansets
Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves
Vala Mal Doran and her partners, renegades Jehan abd-Ba'al and Meredith McKay, hijack the Tau'ri ship Prometheus and leave the Milky Way behind in search of the Lost City of the Ancients, Atlantis.
au:alternatetimeline  John/Rodney  Stargate:Atlantis  Stargate:SG-1 
october 2010 by sansets
The Great Pog Champion of Atlantis
Ronon sat all the way down and asked, “How old are you?” Ryan took a long moment to consider before answering. “Seven and three quarters.”
crossover  Ryan/Ronon  Stargate:Atlantis  Panic!attheDisco  rpf:music 
september 2010 by sansets
Just as required, without excess
Of course he can't sleep. He spends a little while feeling guilty that he didn't know about Sheppard's dead wife-- Rodney knows he's self-absorbed and bad with people but it's always a bit of a shock when it hits him in the face just *how* bad he is. Then he spends a while being resentful towards Sheppard for never mentioning it; the man acts so casual, so friendly, but there's not really any *there* there, not when you stop to think about it. And Rodney has thought about it; yes, he's self-absorbed and bad at people, but not *that* bad. Sheppard couldn't fool him entirely. Then Rodney feels repulsive for feeling satisfied with himself at a time like this, and then guilty about being resentful in the first place-- it's not as if Sheppard owes it to him to tell him about horribly painful events in his life, is it?
crossover  gen  JusticeLeague  DCU  Stargate:Atlantis 
august 2010 by sansets
It's a small, weathered house on the other side of the dunes from the beach, and he has a moment where he thinks maybe they're not going to go for this -- it's not the kind of vacation people take on TV -- but Teyla seems happy enough, climbing out of the car and slipping off her sandals to feel the sand warm under her feet.
John/Ronon/Teyla  Stargate:Atlantis 
august 2010 by sansets
Scenes from a Lesser War
"We should probably make an announcement; the rumors are going to start pretty quickly. The memo is nearly a month old - the crew of the Daedelus undoubtedly knows." No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't make the dark words swimming on his screen come back into focus so he could read them again. "Probably. I'm just not sure of anything, actually." He shrugged.
John/Rodney  Stargate:Atlantis 
july 2010 by sansets
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