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A place to stand and love
Dick blows out a breath and looks at each of them in turn before glaring down at Dent for a long moment. "He's Bruce Wayne from a universe where time, for whatever reason, moved much more slowly. He's twenty-seven years old, has never had a partner, and has only been the Batman for a little more than a year." Well... fuck. Dick smiles grimly. "He's also from a universe where Luthor -- somehow -- set off a series of reactions that caused *severe* space-time anomalies to pop off all over the place. One popped off in the Cave... and that's why he's here."
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november 2011 by sansets
Happy 'verse
When Stephanie is called back to the Cave, after three days, Dick and Tim are there, very carefully not looking at the spot where the Case isn't. Anymore. Bruce walks Jason in. Jason has ditched the helmet for a red Robin-mask, but the rest of the outfit is the same. Dick hesitates, looks at Jason, hesitates, looks at Bruce, hesitates, looks at Tim, and hugs Jason. Tim nods. Once. Stephanie, without hesitation, kicks Jason in the 'nads.
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september 2010 by sansets
Catch me low
No, he's not thinking about that just yet. He has other things to do. He dresses for the night and gets moving, taking the freshly-painted bike -- black will just have to *do*, thank you very much -- and giving himself a solid two minutes to wish for something better. He *could've* brought one of his own bikes through the anomaly -- hell, he could've stolen one of Bruce's -- but the *one* anomaly leading to this particular universe let out on a rooftop, and getting a bike down from there would've attracted way too much attention, and he'd already taken too much time getting ready. He's being *subtle*, which means that this old Harley is both more and less than good enough for his purposes. It's nowhere near cherry -- lessening the chance of too *much* attention being paid to it -- and it's nowhere *near* cherry -- lessening the chance of him being able to beat a speedy retreat should he have to do so.
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july 2010 by sansets
Everything Spring series
Unfuckingbelievable. "You go around stalking fucking *vigilantes* -- taking *pictures* -- and I'm supposed to just give you your camera and let you walk?"
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june 2010 by sansets

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