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Guess I'm A Bad Liar
A couple days after Tim first messaged her, Oracle sent him the information that Conrad Garrety did not actually exist, and the new guy at school was actually Conner Kent from Smallville. She didn’t know why Conner was hiding his identity or what he was doing at Gotham Academy.
au:alternatetimeline  rating:teen  length:10001-20000  DCU  Batfamily  Superman  Kon/Tim 
april 2018 by sansets
Star Baker
"I can't believe Alfred is on the Bake-Off," Tim Drake said. "How did you do it?" "He tried out," Bruce said. "And?" Damian leaned in over the dining table. "We received an intelligence report from one of my sources of a potential threat. To the show. I see why it might become a target," Bruce mused. "Why aren't you investigating it yourself?" Damian asked with a scowl. "I can't bake," Bruce said.
gen  crossover  GreatBritishBakeOff  DCU  Batfamily  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
january 2018 by sansets
strange fear i ain’t felt for years
“Went and got your arm broke in three places, did’ya? Crushed by a steel beam, good lord, kiddo. How did you manage that one?” Yikes, and it’s his dominant arm, as well. “If you have the report open you can read for yourself. I was pulling squatters from a collapsing building.” “Very heroic,” Jason says. Tim’s definitely been benched. There’s no way Bruce would let him back in the field with a massive cast all the way down his right arm. “Been going stir crazy on desk duty? You must be about to shoot yourself if you’re bored enough to be bothering me.”
DCU  Batfamily  rating:explicit  length:20001-50000  Jason/Tim 
december 2017 by sansets
By Your Words
There are words. Round, looping, childish letters in black ink beneath his collarbone. From Jason’s perspective, they appear to be written upside down, but he still manages to read them easily enough, and understand their chilling message. The Court of Owls has sentenced you to die. Oh, he thinks numbly, with a sickly sweep of dread running down his spine. Oh. Jason’s gaze shoots back up to the assassin, who is still clutching his left forearm tightly. There’s a definite shake to the man’s shoulders now, and Jason would bet his life that underneath the gauntlet he’s wearing are written the words The Court of what now? in his own blocky script.
au:alternatereality  DCU  Batfamily  Dick/Jason  rating:teen  length:5001-10000  trope:soulbond 
october 2017 by sansets
don't be suspicious
“Did you… I mean, I assume you wanted something?” Steph said, because there was no way he’d just happened upon her in a study room in the Gotham U library. “Yeah,” he said, reluctantly. “There’s a thing. Crime. We could stop it.” “Eloquent,” she teased, then said, “Can it wait another hour while I finish this damn thing? It’s worth a quarter of my grade, and I do not want to take a damn required-related twice.”
Batfamily  DCU  Jason/Steph  rating:teen  length:10001-20000 
september 2017 by sansets
The Ties that Bind
"Jason…” he whispers, and Jason gives a sigh, forehead pressing to his. "Yeah, I know." Jason kisses him again, soft and brief, and then asks, "Tomorrow? Or, maybe you can sneak out early or something?" "I'll see what I can do," he promises.
Jason/Tim  Batfamily  DCU  rating:explicit  length:10001-20000  kink:D/s 
july 2017 by sansets
"Okay, it's movie time," Dick announced. "No," said Jason, who was both concussed and drugged, blearily. "Yep," Dick said, reaching to help Jason up. "No," Jason said again, swatting at him. "I'm going to go back to my safe house and die in peace. Away from the rest of you," he added pointedly.
gen  Batfamily  rating:all  length:1001-5000  DCU 
june 2017 by sansets
With One Piece Missing
“What is going on here?” Dinah whispered as she flipped through page after page of names. Some had photos or descriptions attached. All had prices beside them, bounties. A few adults, but mostly, children, from all over the place. Kids who were Sin’s age – Lian’s. (She would have been 9 years old soon... ) So young, and now they were targets of... what?
gen  au:alternatetimeline  Batfamily  GreenArrow  rating:teen  length:20001-50000  DCU 
june 2017 by sansets
As it Turns Out, Kyle Was Right
"Words of advice, kid. Stay away from alcohol, heroin, and fucking your teammates," Roy had told him once, in a strip club that actually served water. Connor considers that he's done a terrible job of following Roy's advice because he's only followed two-thirds of that wisdom.
Connor/Jason  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000  DCU  GreenArrow  Batfamily 
june 2017 by sansets
another heart has made the trade
In another universe, the countdown lapses and Bruce gets there in time.
au:alternatetimeline  rating:teen  length:1001-5000  gen  Batfamily  DCU 
may 2017 by sansets
tell all the truth (but tell it slant)
It takes a while for Batman and Superman to work things out, once Clark comes back from the dead. Pretending to date each other in order to explain why Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are in the same place so often? Doesn't help as much as you might think.
DCU  Batfamily  Superman  Bruce/Clark  length:20001-50000  rating:mature 
april 2017 by sansets
Bait and Switch
"So what you're saying is, you need a date to this fancy party which may or may not be a cover for the Sabatino family's sex trafficking operation, and you don't know any other girls." She leans back and tries not to look too smug. "I know girls," he says. "Mm hmm." "I do!" "Someone's protesting too much," Steph says. "I don't need a girl," he replies. "Or not just any girl." He leans in and gives her a shit-eating grin. "I need Batgirl."
rating:teen  length:1001-5000  Batfamily  DCU  Jason/Steph 
january 2017 by sansets
Complicated Questions, Simple Answers
Tim's only just starting to get used to the idea that Bruce is the only person around anymore who knows his real name. His... The name is parents gave him. His mother is dead, and he hates that. He does. But she won't be taking him shopping anymore. His father may very well be a vegetable. He may not live through the night.
gen  transfic  DCU  Batfamily  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
august 2016 by sansets
She'd never thought she would be *jealous* of a criminal.
rating:teen  length:0-999  gen  Harley/Ivy  DCU  Batfamily 
july 2016 by sansets
Wheel and Blade
He held the contraband up so Damian could see it was undamaged, and shook his head in something that was either admiration or disbelief. "A sword, really? In your locker?" "It didn't fit in my desk."
gen  Batfamily  DCU  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
october 2015 by sansets
(nothing new) under the earth or sky
He’s locked eyes with Alfred by the end, and the old man sighs again. Looks away first, but still so effing composed. “During your time as Robin,” he says, and it’s the first time either of them have specifically named any costume, any of the family hero identities, “did you ever come across mention of the crime figure known as the Outsider?”
gen  Batfamily  rating:teen  length:5001-10000  DCU 
september 2015 by sansets
Currently looking for a sidekick to teach in the ways of righteousness
Please understand that this is a legal contract only; I have no intention of actually parenting you.
gen  DCU  Batfamily  rating:all  length:0-999 
june 2015 by sansets
Always Another One (The Robin Recruitment Remix)
“We need Batman and his child-soldiers doing the dirty work so we don’t have to. Do me a favor, remind me that’s a good thing when we’re standing over our next dead Robin.”
gen  Batfamily  DCU  rating:teen  length:1001-5000 
june 2015 by sansets
Put All Your Faults to Bed
"The thing that we both love and hate about Dick Grayson is that not even the very best of painkillers can keep him down for more than a couple hours.  So if we don’t get you back to the Cave before he wakes up, Dick will come looking for you—broken leg, stitches, concussion, Alfred notwithstanding." "For retribution?" Damian frowned into her neck. "Because he loves you," Stephanie corrected.
gen  Batfamily  DCU  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
april 2015 by sansets
The Next Food Network Star
Dick sighs dramatically. "Look, Jason, I love you like a brother-" "You are my brother, asshole." "-but his steak sauce is better than yours," Dick continues. "You should meet him and-" "What," Jason cuts in. "No. Nobody's steak sauce is better than mine. Ted Allen once wrote an ode to my steak sauce." "I know," Dick says. "You have it framed in the kitchen." "Damn right I do," Jason snaps. "There is no way this Drake guy's steak sauce is better than mine. No way."
DCU  Batfamily  rating:teen  length:1001-5000  Jason/Tim  au:alternatereality 
december 2014 by sansets
I wont deny I'm gonna miss you when you're gone
As it is the set-up is only an annoyance. The kind of hoops freaks like Scarecrow or Riddler used to throw at Batman before he could catch them. Even Joker, way back when. Jason isn’t as far gone as them. Catwoman, more like. She didn’t use to catch Batman’s attention with bombs, but hey. From a thrill-seeker to another, Jason doesn’t think their methods are all that different.
gen  DCU  Batfamily  rating:teen  length:1001-5000 
october 2014 by sansets
Just because Bruce says he’s not going to laugh, doesn’t mean he isn’t going to double-over as soon as Dick steps out of the bathroom. But screw it, he’s doing this. He’s had this fantasy for so long he can’t even remember how it started, and it feels like if he waits another moment, he’ll explode, or scream, or maybe just frantically jerk himself off like he usually does when these particular thoughts cross his mind.
DCU  Batfamily  Bruce/Dick  rating:explicit  length:0-999 
september 2014 by sansets
try your best in your heavy shape
But Bruce has never really gotten what drives them to it, not really. It’s not as simple as grief, as finding a lack inside of yourself and trying to stuff something else inside of it to make you whole. Bruce is too far away now from his teenaged years to remember what it’s like to feel too big for the skin that holds you, pent up and fit to burst with a need to do more, be more, do better.
gen  Batfamily  DCU  rating:teen  length:1001-5000 
august 2014 by sansets
Underneath the Armor (The Luscious Jackson Reunion Remix)
"You okay?" It might be Dick instead of Bruce hugging her, but he still sounds like Batman. Her answer is muffled against his chest, so he pulls back a little, just far enough for her to tip her head back and meet the white-out lenses in the cowl. "Yeah," she says. "Just not used to being hugged by Batman."
rating:teen  length:1001-5000  Dick/Steph  DCU  Batfamily  gen 
may 2014 by sansets
putting out fire (with gasoline)
"Why did you call me here, Barnes?" "Heard from a guy who knows a guy that you were fucking around on the East Coast for a bit. I guess I just - I wanted to see someone who doesn't look at me and expect someone else." "You mean someone better?" "Well, if you're gonna be an asshole about it. Yeah." Jason nods to himself, making a decision. "Come on, get up." "What?" "It's Christmas Day and you chose to spend it with me, of all people, crying into some booze. I can think of better ways to spend my time."
crossover  Marvel  DCU  Batfamily  CaptainAmerica  rating:teen  length:1001-5000  Bucky/Jason 
may 2014 by sansets
Over a Barrel
Guns bring death and destruction, they ruin lives, Dick knows that, has had that message seared into his soul since he met Bruce. But right now there’s a gun pressed between his shoulder blades, and Dick isn’t fighting it, is struggling not to whine for it, teeth digging into the pillow.
rating:explicit  length:0-999  kink:gunplay  DCU  Batfamily  Dick/Jason 
april 2014 by sansets
a simple plot (but i know one thing)
“Jason,” Tim says slowly, “exactly how many sweaters have you made for the dogs?” “Well,” Jason hedges, “not a huge number. Nothing ridiculous.” Tim frowns. “I may have made some hats,” Jason says in a rush, “and, um, possibly some capelets. And booties. And — aw, c’mon, don’t look at me like that, Croissant gets really fricking cold and Taco loves to run around in the park, I had to make stuff to keep her warm —” “Okay,” Tim says agreeably, and goes to the closet. “So, if I open this…” Jason winces. Tim drops his hand from the doorknob.
DCU  Batfamily  Jason/Tim  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
march 2014 by sansets
Holding Shares
For the longest time, she thought she couldn’t have this. Cass seemed reluctant to share her, and Steph would never push that, because Cass is her everything. But eventually she realised that Cass was simply waiting for Jason to prove himself, waiting to see if he was worthy of joining them like this. Eventually she realised Cass wanted Jason to be worthy.
rating:explicit  length:0-999  Batfamily  DCU  Cass/Jason/Steph 
march 2014 by sansets
Together Burned
But there’s no way in hell he’s going to rush this. Not when he’s waited so damn long for it. Doesn’t matter if he’s crawling out of his own skin with need, he’s going to wait until it’s perfect. Just savouring it for now, that taste of Dick in his mouth and the frown on Tim’s face as the kid tries to hold himself back, not come too soon.
Dick/Jason/Tim  DCU  Batfamily  rating:explicit  length:0-999 
march 2014 by sansets
Faithless and Faithful
"What are you doing here?” “Our apartment--” Bernard started, before he caught sight of Tim in the mirror and whipped around. “What the hell happened to you?” he shouted. Tim was standing in the doorway in just a pair of boxer-briefs, and the massive first-aid kit suddenly made sense, because he was torn to shit. “I’ve had a rough night,” Tim said, and sighed.
DCU  Batfamily  Bernard/Tim  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000 
march 2014 by sansets
start as you mean to continue
It's not home, not by a long shot, and Gotham is like the freaky unholy bastard child of New York and an AK-47 with some magic juice thrown in, but. Damn, do they have some fun.
gen  Marvel  Hawkeye  DCU  Batfamily  crossover  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
march 2014 by sansets
dangling feet from window frame
"Hey, Timbo, I’ve been meaning to ask — what do I owe you for drinking your beer and eating all your food?" Bruce and Dick look up from where they were poring over case reports, eagle-sharp eyes trained on Jason and Tim. "Since when do you two hang out?" Dick asks, voice contained in that way that lets you know it would’ve been a strangled yell otherwise. Jason waggles his eyebrows and Tim pinches the bridge of his nose, preemptively. "What, Timothy didn’t tell you? He let me crash at his place last week. Stayed all night and rocked his world." "He slept on the couch," Tim breaks in pointedly, "and bled all over the upholstery just like I told you not to.” "Yeah okay, Nerd Wonder, next time I’ll try to be a little more graceful with how I bleed on your furniture because that’s how that works." Tim rolls his eyes but warms, unexpectedly, at the thought of next time.
Batfamily  DCU  rating:teen  length:1001-5000  Jason/Tim 
march 2014 by sansets
trace the lines with my fingers
And there’s a theatricality to the Red Hood, to what the Red Hoods has to be and that’s — that’s part of him too. He won’t deny it’s not. But it’s not all of him. It’s just — it’s just that he’s never been very good at wanting things for himself.
Jason/Tim  Batfamily  DCU  kink:crossdressing  rating:teen  length:1001-5000 
january 2014 by sansets
Boys in Black and Blue
John Blake is hard for her to pin down - not that she's literally tried that, though she's fantasized about it a few times. She learns about him in fits and starts, the man who saved her father, the one who brought the cops out from underground, who got closer than maybe anyone else to the Batman. When they start dating she can tell he thinks it's a little odd, that she's too young for him, that he shouldn't be anywhere near Gordon's daughter. She isn't sure how to tell him that she feels the same way, that she knows better than to get involved with a cop, that he must have seen so much more than she ever will.
Barbara/Blake  DCU  Batfamily  rating:teen  length:10001-20000  Blake/Dick 
january 2014 by sansets
she will carry the city inside of her
She's done the best she could in a shitty, awful situation, fighting uphill every single day and the Red Hood comes in and takes all of those principles that she's held herself up to, all of that stubborn, back-biting hard work and blown it to smithereens and she is furious. She wants to believe that it doesn't have to be this way. She wants to believe that there's a better way because if there isn't -- if there isn't, then that's all there's ever going to be of Gotham City. If Gotham can only be saved through blood and a body count, then there's no room for hope and she has to believe, right down to her bones, that there's hope for Gotham City. Or else what's the fucking point?
gen  Batfamily  DCU  rating:teen  length:5001-10000 
january 2014 by sansets
that kind of luxe just ain't for us, we crave a different kind of buzz
"Umm...." Black Hoodie said.   "Because I am always up for a little late-night workout, you know?" Steph continued. In her peripheral vision, Cass nodded once in agreement.   Behind the backs of the robbers, the cashier was grinning, and also pressing the panic button.
gen  Batfamily  DCU  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
december 2013 by sansets
Sunlight in a moonlit world
You nod and lean your forehead against hers. In a few minutes you'll give her your contact information; it's no longer necessary to keep it from her. She's become everything you knew she could be, everything Bruce had known she could be, and now she's ready to show the world. Continue showing the world.
DCU  Batfamily  Cass/Steph  rating:teen  length:1001-5000 
december 2013 by sansets
She thinks it started out as punishment. Well, no: it’s never exactly been punishment. She thinks it started out as some kind of lesson.
rating:explicit  DCU  Batfamily  Bruce/Steph  length:5001-10000  kink:D/s 
december 2013 by sansets
“Show off,” Steph mutters under her breath, which gets her a slightly cheekier smile. “I wanted to do all that fun stuff you do the first time you take your girlfriend skating.” She sighs wistfully, eyes sweeping over the other happy couples moving across the ice. “Teach you how to go, how to stop. Skate hand in hand. Gradually get further and further away from the sides, building up your confidence, and then bam, abandon you in the middle of the ice and watch you try to scramble back to the edge while I laugh my ass off!”
DCU  Batfamily  Cass/Steph  rating:all  length:0-999 
december 2013 by sansets
i spend my money on the regular miracles
It's possible that he made a point of doing this on a day when he knew that Tim would be in meetings all day at Wayne Enterprises because if Tim knew he was going to buy a new bed, he'd shoehorn his way in and wind up buying something absurd and expensive and make that face that says "my Tim logic beats all other logic," insisting that it's the practical thing to do since he'll be using it just as much anyways. And maybe so but it's Jason's shitty apartment and Jason's shitty bedroom and Jason can buy his own goddamn bed, thanks. He's got maybe five hours to haul this thing back to his place and put it together but he figures hey, it's just a bed. He'll barely need even half that.
gen  Jason/Tim  DCU  Batfamily  rating:teen  length:1001-5000 
november 2013 by sansets
Good News (No One Mourns the Wicked)
“No crime,” Todd said, swinging his legs. “Not really.” “Then why is the signal there?” Damian demanded angrily. The girl smiled distantly. “Because. We’re dead.”
gen  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Batfamily  DCU 
november 2013 by sansets
we're on each other's team
Tim huffs a laugh, pushing back his hoodie to drag a hand through his messy hair. "I think it's going to be three shots of espresso for me. Let's go." He makes for the door to Brenda's cafe, holding it open for her. She ducks her head, smiles, never quite knows what to do in these situations. She knows that this is one of those things she'll never understand, customs that she didn't grow up with. Boys open doors for girls but it's a ridiculous thing when the girl can kill the boy with her bare hands if she wanted to.
gen  Batfamily  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
november 2013 by sansets
we sure know how to run free
And now here he is. Rambling through the aisles of Costco just past opening time, trying to will some life into his stiff legs and aching joints. "You'll sleep when you're dead, Todd," Jason mutters to himself, snorting humorously as he grabs a container of skim milk off the shelf. "Roll on snare." "You do know that you're talking to yourself, right?" Jason whirls around. Cassandra Cain -- or is it Wayne now? -- is leaning against a shopping cart just behind him, her left eyebrow raised and a teasing smile curling around her lips.
gen  Batfamily  DCU  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
november 2013 by sansets
you’ve got a pocket full of reasons
"Here's my advice. If Steph thinks you're being a jerk, you're probably being a jerk. Listen to her." That's what Robin is for. He doesn't say it but she hears it anyway.
Cass/Steph  DCU  Batfamily  length:1001-5000  rating:explicit 
november 2013 by sansets
but in my dreams we're still runnin' through the yard
He rubs at the back of his neck. "Zo dumped me anyways. I guess I'm kind of a shitty boyfriend." Steph snorts before she can stop herself. "Well, I could have told you that." They stare at each other and there's something quiet and hurt in Tim's eyes that she refuses to apologize for but there's the itch nonetheless, the words 'I'm sorry' crawling their way out of her throat but she stops herself, forces them down. She is but she isn't.
gen  DCU  Batfamily  Steph/Tim  rating:teen  length:1001-5000 
november 2013 by sansets
old haunts
Well. He’s clearly superfluous. “Batman most certainly is, sir,” says Alfred pointedly. Batman is the first to admit that his opinion of Bruce Wayne is occasionally… negligent, but he would also like to be quite, quite clear about this: both of them are more than capable of taking a hint, thank you, Alfred. (Or several hints, in this case.)
gen  DCU  Batfamily  rating:all  length:10001-20000 
november 2013 by sansets
After the Storm
Jason can feel the smile stretching across his face. "I'm actually excited about something for the first time in... yeah. A while." "You're really that happy?" "It's one of the things…" Jason blows out a breath. "I had some time to think between being killed and actually dying. It's one of the things that I thought I'd never have the chance to do. Be a dad." He shrugs. "And hey, I can't be any worse at it than my parents were. I think kiddo and I have a real shot at this."
au:alternatereality  Jason/Tim  DCU  Batfamily  trope:harlequin  length:20001-50000  rating:teen 
october 2013 by sansets
your body is a war-zone
"Shockingly, my skillset is somewhat more diverse than blowing shit up and pissing you off.”
Jason/Tim  Batfamily  DCU  kink:tattoo  rating:mature  length:10001-20000 
october 2013 by sansets
it takes a house, a village
“Why do you keep coming over here? There has to be better places to hide out, Jason.” It’s the fifth time in three months, a pattern forming that Tim doesn’t exactly know what to do with. Sometimes Jason passes out on the couch and is gone by morning, but more and more often lately he's been sticking around well into the morning, making coffee and eggs and filling the empty spaces with his loud chatter. The wide, easy grin that comes after Jason pokes Tim in the side with a spatula and laughs at Tim's squawking stays with Tim afterward because he knows that look -- he could go and dig out some of his old photos of Robin and find its exact copy staring up at him.
Jason/Tim  DCU  Batfamily  rating:teen  length:10001-20000 
october 2013 by sansets
your time will come (if you wait for it)
Jason leans over and scratches at the dog’s belly. “Guess it’s gonna be you and me now, Taco.” “Taco?” Jason hunches his shoulders slightly. “Yeah, uh. That’s where I found her. Outside of a taqueria.”
DCU  Batfamily  Jason/Tim  gen  length:10001-20000  rating:mature  Cass/Steph 
october 2013 by sansets
He nodded, and she listened carefully to the things he said and didn't say. "Dick is...he doesn't want to be Batman." He *shouldn't* be Batman.
gen  DCU  Batfamily 
september 2013 by sansets
The Edge In Your Affection
The thing about Bruce is that Tim can never, ever see the moment where his internal flip happens. The logical extension of that is that there is no conscious shift for him, that this is as integral a part of who he is as becoming the Bat. That, too, falls under the heading of things Tim wonders about, but has no particular need to ever talk about. The thought only ever comes moments before he’s suddenly preoccupied. “Get on your knees,” Bruce says, almost mildly.
Bruce/Tim  DCU  Batfamily  kink:D/s 
september 2013 by sansets
on a thin chain of moments and something like faith
Jason's not as hopeless as he wishes he was at being a brother.
gen  Batfamily  DCU 
september 2013 by sansets
you're the lucky ones
But she wants it. This she knows without a shadow of a doubt. She has always wanted it - to be Batman feels right for her. It feels like a natural progression of the path that she’s placed herself upon. Now she needs to let the rest of them know before it all goes to hell.
au:alternatetimeline  DCU  Batfamily  gen 
july 2013 by sansets
sticks and stones
You unlearn languages so quickly when you’re a kid. Especially ones that no one else around you understands, and that aren’t written languages, and that most of the people you now have to interact with consider a marker of – Anyway. Babs said once she thought that was a shame. Does it feel like he’s lost something?
gen  DCU  Batfamily 
july 2013 by sansets
Keep Score
Tim tries to twist loose. This isn’t a game, necessarily. He’s fairly certain they’re incapable of playing with each other like they can with Dick. Which, admittedly, says more about Dick than either of them. If Tim got loose he’d kick Damian in the ribs and see how long it took before someone’s bones got broken. But that doesn’t strictly answer the question of whether he wants to get loose. Tim just has to acknowledge that he can’t not try. Perils of attempted murder being how they conditioned themselves to say hello.
kink:powerplay  DCU  Batfamily  Damian/Tim 
july 2013 by sansets
In Giving
Tim is kneeling at the on the floor, naked, at the end of the bed when Bruce pushes into his bedroom, with his head bowed and his hands pressed to his thighs. His undress is unsurprising -- it’s an expectation Bruce reminds himself, because shying away from the reality of this serves neither of them well -- and he appreciates it nonetheless. He sees the little shiver that goes along Tim’s spine and the flutter of his eyelashes against his cheek.
DCU  Batfamily  Bruce/Tim  kink:fisting 
july 2013 by sansets
Say Good Morning to the Night
"I thought you'd be stealthier," she says, crossing her arms over her chest. He doesn't flinch. He's been expecting company, and pretending not to hope it'd be her. "You knew I was going to be here." "Well, yes," she says, giving him a bright smile, "but you didn't know I would be here." "I was hoping," he answers before he can think better of it. "Flattery will get you--Well, it'll get you waffles, anyway." His mouth curves in a half-grin. "Waffles?"
Batfamily  DCU  Marvel  CaptainAmerica  crossover  Bucky/Steph 
june 2013 by sansets
exactly how this grace thing works
“Did I have, like, a mental breakdown or something?” “You did kind of pass out. The Replacement nearly had a heart attack.” “The… Replacement.” Dick feels a bit sick. The boy in yellow, of course. The boy in his yellow. His colours. His family’s colours. The kitchen door opens. Dick turns eagerly, uses the movement to try and get free of the suit, hopes against hope that it’s Alfred or Bruce – It isn’t. It’s another stranger. He’s got black hair and blue eyes like Bruce – like Jason, in fact – and he’s short and kind of thin; he’s wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. Bare feet. There’s a scar at his neck. “Hey,” he says, smiles at Dick like he’s happy to see him. “You feeling OK?” “He doesn’t know who you are, Timmy,” says Jason mockingly. Then, softer, more bewildered, “He doesn’t know who any of us are.”
gen  Batfamily  DCU  trope:deaging 
june 2013 by sansets
A Sufficiency
It was never difficult for Tim to get on his knees for Bruce, not the first time or any of the times between then and now. It was harder for Bruce to accept it and Tim understood why that was in the same way that it made something acidic and impatient burn in the back of his throat. He wasn’t any of Bruce’s ghosts or demons. There was an obvious reason Batman had Robin, and there was never any way Tim saw for Bruce to avoid having-- needing -- his boys.
DCU  Batfamily  Bruce/Tim 
june 2013 by sansets
“And there’s another excellent educational opportunity you’ve managed to extricate yourself from,” he drawled, opening the door and letting Jason in.
Bruce/Jason  DCU  Batfamily  gen 
march 2013 by sansets
and the only way to live it
Ten things about Dick Grayson.
gen  DCU  Batfamily 
march 2013 by sansets
The Faults they Had
"How were you bring-upped?" she asks. "Brought up. Ah, it was a long time ago, and very dull, Miss Cassandra," but something about his elbows means ouch, and hold, and fly.
gen  Batfamily  DCU 
february 2013 by sansets
Letters from Alternate Universes
The first letter appeared - inexplicably - at his window, tied to a brick and labeled "Alvin Draper" in an unfamiliar scrawl. Tim's first thought was that it was some type of threat. His second thought was that it was some kind of joke. (His third was that maybe, just maybe, he was becoming a little too paranoid.) After a trip to the Batcave turned up no traces of tricks, traps, or otherwise nefarious devices (only a set of fingerprints that led to another dead-end) he untied the knots and carefully peeled back the edge of the envelope.
gen  DCU  Batfamily 
february 2013 by sansets
blue electric angels
It pisses Robin off, furiously, instantly, utterly. No one should ever have to depend on the whims of one abandoned boy, one ferociously violent Peter Pan of a boy, in order to feel safe. No one should have to hope and pray for his presence the way some people pray to God as they walk through their own neighbourhood; no one should ever be dependent on the mysteries of company charity policies in order to be guaranteed the food, the shelter they need to survive. It’s not fucking good enough. It will never, ever, be good enough. It’s all they’ve got, so they’d better hang on to it. Call it an interim solution.
gen  au:alternatereality  DCU  Batfamily 
february 2013 by sansets
muscle memory
The next corpse isn’t a corpse yet, trussed up and left like some screwed up gift in the mouth of an alley along one of his regular nighttime routes. That man dies, but the next one doesn’t. Amy says, “It’s like reverse training the cat from hell.” Dick says, “What?” “They leave half-dead presents all over the place too.”
Batfamily  DCU  Dick/Jason 
january 2013 by sansets
give up your mouth (i'll show you your damage)
They don’t move the same, no; they move like they know each other’s moves inside and out better even than him and Nat (him and Steve) and it’s creepy gorgeous dangerous as all hell. He’s not sure if he wants to put them down like the maneaters they are or put himself in between them and let them take him down hard and soft and every which way in between that.
crossover  DCU  Marvel  CaptainAmerica  Batfamily  Bucky/Dick/Jason 
january 2013 by sansets
Talia’s got a new boy. That’s when you realize that she has a type, and it’s you. It’s yours.
Bruce/Jason/Talia  DCU  Batfamily 
january 2013 by sansets
The ones that entertain and observe
Steph slowly untangled herself from the silks, making sure she wouldn't just loosen the wrong twist and fall another ten feet. She wasn't in anything resembling a position where she could land it without injury. She kicked out and with only a few more assaults on her dignity, she managed to right herself. "I'm not sure this is the best plan," Steph said. "Wouldn't it be easier to get one of us into the casino as a waiter or something?" "Waiters are busy from when they clock in until they clock out and have little reason to visit when they're off work and limited access on top of it," Dick said. "We tried sending me in as a waiter or a caterer couple times when I was Robin and it never paid off. I did manage to rock the bow tie and apron look pretty well though," he said proudly, like that was fashion forward or something, "and I got some pretty great tips. I think it was my hair."
gen  DCU  Batfamily 
december 2012 by sansets
Family Ties
Dick had taken to Robin like water; naturally, and with grace. There would be no stopping either of them, Alfred thought wryly. “There now,” he said, when the wound was wrapped. “Good as new.” Dick flexed his leg experimentally, running a hand down the bandage. He smiled brightly at Alfred. “Thanks to you.”
gen  DCU  Batfamily 
december 2012 by sansets
Rub-a-Dub Dub (A Bunch of Capes in the Tub)
“This is an intervention,” Dick said, jerking a thumb towards the banner. “You can’t keep ambushing people in the shower, Bruce! It’s getting weird!” “I’m Batman,” Bruce said, and swung a towel dramatically over his shoulders. If teenagers were going to invade his shower, he’d just go use the steam room down in the cave. “I can do whatever I want.” “Other sidekicks are starting to talk, you know!” Dick shouted after him.
gen  DCU  Batfamily 
december 2012 by sansets
How Jason Todd Stole Christmas
Jason didn’t celebrate anything for years after he came back. Though by rights, he figured, he ought to be celebrated. After all, hadn’t he come back from the dead? Didn’t he now perform miracles, just like the other guy? He laughed, but the dead sex traffickers didn’t appreciate the joke. What a bunch of stiffs, haha.
gen  DCU  Batfamily 
december 2012 by sansets
here we are together in the middle of the night
Cass is a a good listener, but she's never done being clumsy with words.
DCU  Cass/Steph  Batfamily 
november 2012 by sansets
For I have sinned
Red Hood's tinny laugh rings in his ear, courtesy of the earpiece Jason made sure to leave behind. "Oh, Bruce. You never just drop it, do you?"
Bruce/Jason  DCU  Batfamily 
november 2012 by sansets
Feathered Friends
“Nightwing,” Clint says under his breath. “It took me a minute, but I’d know that ass anywhere.”
gen  Marvel  Avengers  DCU  crossover  Batfamily 
november 2012 by sansets
On the Moon or Otherwise
Natasha had tucked a stray lock of Sharon's hair behind her ear in a way that was much more tender than anything Sharon would have allowed Steve to do at that particular moment, and said simply, "I am not having any children." And so, that was it. At least, it was supposed to be.
gen  crossover  DCU  Marvel  Avengers  Batfamily 
october 2012 by sansets
Turning up the Turbo
“You're always going on and on about how much training I need, and I'm just saying, it just doesn't sound careful to me that I shouldn't know how to drive the car at least a little bit.” “Doesn't it.” He doesn't turn back to face her. The emphatic gesture she makes with her hands reflects on the surface of the computer screen, and she pretends not to have heard his interruption. “Suppose anything happens – suppose you're wounded, or drugged, and we need to get back to the Cave stat. If I can't drive the car, I couldn't get you here in time!” “Then it should make you feel better to know I'll leave you the car in my will.”
DCU  Bruce/Steph  Batfamily 
october 2012 by sansets
Taste The Green
Whatever the reason, nobody thought to warn Tim that when he stepped into the Batcave, he’d be confronted by the sight of Damian stretching on the mats, wearing the original Robin uniform. Taut red fabric across his chest, a slither of toned stomach visible underneath where it’s not quite long enough for Damian’s torso. Short cape that doesn’t quite cover the swell of his ass. And the shorts, bright green and obscenely tight. Maybe if Tim had been expecting it, he could have covered his reaction better. But he wasn’t and he didn’t and Damian had seen.
Damian/Tim  DCU  Batfamily 
august 2012 by sansets
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