Sweet as Apple Pie
“Peter,” May said firmly, “I would get sick a hundred times over if it meant I could still look after you when you needed me.” “Yeah,” Peter said quietly, almost lost beneath the swell of the show’s closing credits, “me, too.”
gen  Spiderman  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Marvel 
Accidental Marriage Acquisition
Ivan knew better than to accidentally marry Gregor Vorbarra. He absolutely, absolutely knew better. But that still didn't stop it from happening.
Gregor/Ivan  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Vorkosigan 
5 weeks ago
i'd love you under any roof
Or, the first night they spent in Patrick's apartment, and the last.
Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick  rating:explicit  length:5001-10000 
5 weeks ago
want you in my room
“You make being in a fraternity sound so appealing,” Shane says drily. “What with all the falling off of balconies and the murdering. I already thought frat houses were full of horrors, but I had no idea.” “Last year I had the craziest spirit box session upstairs, dude, you wouldn’t believe—” Ryan starts.
rpf:Buzzfeed  Ryan/Shane  rating:explicit  length:10001-20000  au:college 
5 weeks ago
The Landscape Of Merry And Desperate Drought.
"Don't have sex this week." Gregor's voice is just this side of Imperial and Ivan stops right in his tracks about five feet from the door. He looks over his shoulder at Gregor, who looks like nothing more than a man waiting for Ivan to finish leaving his study already. Um, okay? Ivan turns back and faces the door. Right. He can do this. Ivan nods in acknowledgment and finishes leaving his Emperor in peace.
rating:mature  length:1001-5000  Vorkosigan  Gregor/Ivan  kink:orgasmdenial 
6 weeks ago
no matter what the storybooks say
“What if I read that too?” Patrick asks one day over breakfast, setting David’s coffee down carefully on the table as he watches his husband flip his book over to concentrate on his breakfast. David shoots him a startled look. “Do you want to?”
rating:teen  length:5001-10000  Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick 
7 weeks ago
Puppy Love
"It's too little to be housebroken yet. You have train it." Steve stares at Dustin and the whole thing sinks in. "I cannot do this, I cannot be responsible for an animal, I can barely even be responsible for me --"
gen  StrangerThings  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
7 weeks ago
I am at rest with you
“One of these days, you’ll listen to the doctor when she tells you to lift with your knees,” David says. He gets up, taking Patrick’s empty glass with him. “Do you want some more orange juice, or would you rather just skip to combining liquor and pills?” There’s a pause from the direction of the kitchen. “Oh, god, Twyla left the cake here.”
David/Patrick  rating:teen  length:1001-5000  Schitt'sCreek 
7 weeks ago
Got Those AU Blues
Five times they aren't really in an alternate universe.
rating:teen  length:1001-5000  Leverage  Hardison/Eliot/Parker 
7 weeks ago
How to Take it Slow
"Mm-hm. I'm getting a yes to something, here, is it a yes for checklists or a yes for clipboards? Either is fine." There's a bright, teasing gleam in David's eyes.
rating:mature  length:1001-5000  David/Patrick  Schitt'sCreek 
7 weeks ago
holy sick divine
Sitting in the middle of the field, lit by the glow of Patrick’s headlights back over where he parked the car, is a massive pile of standard issue file boxes. A couple of them have tipped over, and a sudden breeze flings a few papers into the air – Patrick, borne on muscle memory from decades of playing the outfield, grabs them before they can fly away. He frowns down at them – it’s too dark to really make out what’s written on them, but— “Much appreciated, kind stranger!” comes a voice off to his left, and Patrick whips around to come face to face with what can only be described as a glamorous older couple who’ve wandered off the set of The Great Gatsby. Patrick, in a dressing gown with his checkered pajama bottoms tucked into a pair of gumboots, is suddenly very glad he’s not having this conversation in the unforgiving light of day.
rating:explicit  length:20001-50000  Schitt'sCreek  au:alternatereality  David/Patrick 
9 weeks ago
i would give all this (and heaven too)
It sounds ridiculous to think when they’re literally on a spaceship, but David dresses like he’s from the future. It’s the first thing Patrick notices.
rating:explicit  length:10001-20000  Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick  au:alternatereality  trope:space 
9 weeks ago
nothing safe is worth the drive
Five (tender) moments in cars we didn't get to see between David and Patrick, and one we did.
rating:mature  length:10001-20000  Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick 
10 weeks ago
press you to the pages of my heart
David rolls his eyes, fiddling with the still-broken bell at the front desk. “We do talk about that stuff,” he says hesitantly, which is true. After the Jake thing and the Rachel thing they’d discussed the important stuff, but mostly they try to stay in the present whenever possible. They’ve gotten better about it, can ask things like what were you like in high school or share little anecdotes. But there’s still a part of David that wants to avoid the way Patrick’s face goes a little bit pinched when he mentions an ex offhand who treated him terribly. And obviously, judging by Patrick’s reactions, it’s not the most comfortable topic for him either. “We just… it’s different.”
rating:explicit  length:5001-10000  David/Patrick  Schitt'sCreek 
june 2019
Watching Through Windows
David bets that if their roles were reversed— if Patrick had woken up with amnesia, and David had to deal with it— David would have withered away into nothing, starving from the lack of affection after years luxuriating in it. David’s only had it for a few days and already he’s gotten greedy.
trope:amnesia  length:20001-50000  Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick  rating:mature 
june 2019
That Lesson Alone
An even smaller part of himself had thought that if he saw Ben and wanted to sleep with him, they could do it that night. They could get a motel room and—and—and Patrick didn’t know. Patrick could kiss him. Touch Ben’s dick. Touch his chest. Something gay, something really gay, so then he would know; he would know better than he did just jacking off and thinking about it, because that didn’t feel real. Gay porn didn’t feel real. Nothing felt real. Nothing had ever felt real in his life except Rachel.
length:50001-100000  Schitt'sCreek  gen  David/Patrick  rating:teen 
june 2019
new tricks
“Um, I think we have ample evidence that I don’t have any problem asking for things.” He rolls his eyes. “I’m easy, Patrick,” he says. “I like a lot of things.” Patrick doesn’t look convinced, so David rests his forehead against Patrick’s. “I’m not going to die just because I haven’t gotten to bend you over a table.”
rating:explicit  length:1001-5000  David/Patrick  Schitt'sCreek 
june 2019
End of Ends
“You were clear,” Rachel said. “I just thought . . . all those other times, we got back together—” “This is different.” “Yeah. It feels that way.”
rating:all  length:1001-5000  gen  Schitt'sCreek 
june 2019
"I hate him," Simon added, his voice dreamlike. "Left me this fucking mess and no clue how to fix it. Damn him. Drilled me often enough on ducking faster, why didn't he duck faster? Damn him!" He drew back his arm with unexpected speed and lashed out at the files he'd been resting his head on. Aral caught them before they could spill over the floor, and moved the pile to the far side of the desk. Simon glared at him and for a moment Aral thought he was going to turn his amorphous anger on the nearest available target. He frowned, just a little, and Simon subsided. "Damn him," he whispered, and closed his eyes again. His breathing began to grow slower and heavier.
gen  rating:teen  length:1001-5000  Vorkosigan 
june 2019
Sleeping Arrangements
Further experience with his new team -- in tents, in inns, in various borrowed accommodations offworld -- taught John that Rodney was capable of migrating across virtually any distance to find the nearest source of body heat and burrow into it. He wouldn't actually leave one bed and move into another one -- thus, if he had a bed by himself, he was fine -- but otherwise, whoever took on Rodney as a roommate was inevitably going to wake up to find themselves shoved to the very edge of the bed, tent, fur-pile or whatever, with Rodney's arms and legs wrapped around them.
gen  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Stargate:Atlantis 
june 2019
Love Looks Better In Color
Of course I’m not worrying about a soulbond forming as soon as our hands touch. That was one of the first things they knocked out of us at Hendon, thinking that we were any more likely than anyone else to experience the rarest of bonds, simply because we dealt with the public.
RiversofLondon  rating:explicit  length:5001-10000  trope:soulbond 
june 2019
“You are definitely thinking too much now,” Lando says, looking at her over Luke’s shoulder. “I’m afraid if you use the same solution, this will all get a little comical,” Luke says. “That’s ambitious even for me,” Lando says. “I have a better idea. Mara, why don’t you tell me exactly what I ought to do to him?”
Lando/Luke/Mara  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000  StarWars 
june 2019
i'm alright with a slow burn
He doesn’t see Patrick again until the bakers are guided into the tent and Patrick is among them. He watches as he puts his apron over his head, his name splayed across the chest, and, feeling a little like he’s going to be sick, realizes Patrick isn’t a cameraman. His hopes that he could limit interaction with him are promptly slashed as Patrick’s eyes take in the tent and land on him, a smirk playing at his lips. David becomes very interested in the hem of his sweater. He clings to the solace that Patrick won’t be half as confident on camera even if he has to run over his rule again. Don’t sleep with the contestants, especially straight ones who wear mid-range denim and have cute button noses.
au:alternatereality  rating:teen  length:10001-20000  Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick 
may 2019
warmest regards.
He doesn’t think he’s ever had a Stevie before. There’s been people he’s wanted to fuck, and people he wanted, and people he wanted to want him. There’s been people who broke his heart, who stepped all over him and asked for more, who insisted on being voyeurs to every secret part of him and then hated him for being knowable. There’s never been a Stevie. He feels like being known by her would almost not feel like being destroyed.
David/Stevie  length:1001-5000  Schitt'sCreek  rating:explicit 
may 2019
steel and oak
He says, “We could go out and pretend.” Patrick actually shivers, like there’s nothing more he wants than to be in a seedy bar pretending David is a stranger, going through the motions of anonymous seduction. David is overcome with a vision of pushing Patrick into a bathroom stall and dropping to his knees. Patrick says, “Yes, another time, please — right now, can you talk to me?”
rating:explicit  length:1001-5000  Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick  kink:dirtytalk 
may 2019
getting down to business
Patrick’s a methodical guy. He likes lists and systems and things that fit together; he likes having a plan and sticking to it. That’s how he got through business school; that’s how he got the grants for Rose Apothecary; that’s how he got David to date him. He researches, he makes a plan, and he makes it happen. Granted, in this case his “research” was mostly conducted between the hours of 10 and 11 pm, headphones in, door firmly shut, watching grainy video and thinking oh, yes, that, but the point stands. Planning is important, and Patrick is an excellent planner.
Schitt'sCreek  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000  David/Patrick 
may 2019
Take My Heart (and Make It Strong)
“This is good. It’s going to keep being good. I’m not going to mess it up,” he promised himself.
rating:explicit  length:20001-50000  David/Patrick  Schitt'sCreek 
may 2019
for feelings unbound
She shut the door and dug through her dresser drawer, giving him some leather gloves. “Listen to me,” she’d said, urgent, and David had gone very still. “From now on, you have to be very careful. You have to be very thoughtful about who touches you. Because some people will harm you, dear. They won’t understand it, no one will. But you must be very protective of it.”
rating:explicit  length:20001-50000  trope:empath  David/Patrick  Schitt'sCreek 
may 2019
The Changeup
On May 16, 2003, the Toronto Blue Jays scored 18 runs against the Kansas City Royals and Patrick Burton realized he was probably a little more in love with his best friend than was normal.
gen  David/Patrick  rating:mature  length:5001-10000  Schitt'sCreek 
may 2019
He isn’t sure how much of what he’s saying is getting through. Human language can be the first thing to go. The cat bolts again when he turns to empty the basin. But the gruel Harold puts out for him disappears too, and the little morsel of cooked chicken set aside from Harold’s dinner. Harold sleeps in the library that night, on a camp bed he bought in a hardware store that day. He wakes in the middle of the night with the feeling of being watched.
trope:animaltransformation  rating:explicit  length:5001-10000  PersonofInterest  Finch/Reese  trope:magic 
may 2019
you've got me feeling emotions (deeper than i've ever dreamed of)
“Um,” he tries, suddenly concentrating very hard on his shoelaces. “I have what is probably a very, very stupid idea. What if… I pretended to be your boyfriend?”
rating:explicit  length:20001-50000  Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick  au:alternatetimeline  trope:fakedating 
may 2019
Tonight I'll Drift In A Dream With You
“Patrick is sleeping,” Alexis says helpfully. “I’m not really sure what David is doing, but earlier he was just sort of smiling dopily at the top of Patrick’s head. It was really gross.”
rating:all  length:1001-5000  Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick 
may 2019
Liked it, put a ring on it
“While ruling an empire by your side sounds appealing, I do like having total creative control over our little store,” he says eventually. “Unsurprising,” Patrick laughs. He unlocks the store and David moves past him to punch in the alarm code. “It’s our decision, anyway,” David says, counting out the float. “Not just mine. We’re partners.” “We can put a pin in our five year plan to discuss it later,” Patrick says. “We have a five year plan?” David asks. “It’s like you don’t know me at all,” Patrick says, leaning over the counter to kiss him.
Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
may 2019
give away the game
“So, it occurs to me that I was making some assumptions,” David says, when Patrick opens the door. “Okay,” Patrick says. “About our sex life,” David explains. Patrick raises an eyebrow and leans one shoulder against the door frame. He looks relaxed and ironic, but David can see the little blush splashed across his cheeks. “You’re sure this is a conversation you want to have out in the hallway?”
kink:D/s  rating:explicit  length:10001-20000  Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick 
may 2019
When Your Heart Beats Next to Mine
Then Ryan must remember what he’s supposed to be doing, because when he comes back for more it’s soft, exploratory, much less certain. More like a virgin might kiss, not that Shane’s got that much experience kissing virgins. Shane pulls back and watches with fierce joy as Ryan puts on the whole routine: big eyes, gulping, passing his hand over his mouth like he’s already overwhelmed just from a kiss. “Okay, time out again,” Curly says. “This is exactly how I imagined this trip going when I put it on my vision board.”
rating:explicit  length:10001-20000  rpf:Buzzfeed  Curly/Ryan/Shane 
april 2019
been biting my tongue all week
“We've got a strategy ready with You Can Play, if you want to go that route.” Kent's stomach drops. “They—uh. They told you? About me?” Now George does glance at him, looking surprised. “I thought that was why you wanted the change of scenery.” “They said I wanted the trade?” “That was implied during negotiations, yes.” George's eyebrows furrow and she frowns a little. “You didn't want the trade.” Years of media training kick in. “I'm thrilled for the opportunity to play for such a great organization.”
rating:teen  length:20001-50000  CheckPlease  Bitty/Jack/Parse 
april 2019
shine bright
“I know it’s been stressing you out that you haven’t got a craft corner in the new place,” Rory says, flinging the office door open and Paris’s generous plans to hell, “so – ta da!”
rating:all  length:1001-5000  gilmoregirls  Paris/Rory 
april 2019
5 Times Shitty Called the Zimmermanns (and one time they called him)
(It's what the title says: Shitty's relationship with Alicia and Bob through phone calls)
gen  CheckPlease  rating:all  length:5001-10000 
april 2019
We Walk As Men
"Seriously, Ted," Bill said. "How bad could it be?"
BillandTed  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000 
april 2019
It Takes a Village
It only takes Mary's entire childhood for the four of them to admit they were in a relationship.
ThreeMenandaBaby  rating:teen  length:10001-20000 
april 2019
a numismatic exhibition
He woke up, head pounding, and found out that yeah, he’d been stupid enough to write what he used to—what he still—what he hadn’t—and then, even stupider, so stupid how was he so—to put a stamp on it and leave it downstairs for the mailman who for once, damn him, showed up on time, which was just his luck, just so, so, so. Anyway. Ray didn’t wait to hear back. He chased that damn letter all the way across the border, over the continental divide, into Canada, most of the way to the North Pole. Head down, glasses on, overnight bag in his hand, Ray ran himself ragged trying to get ahead of the Canada Post, his brain skimming through plans to sneak it out of Fraser’s cabin, bribe the wolf, threaten the mail pilot with—something. Anything.
DueSouth  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Fraser/Kowalski 
march 2019
that first, initial feeling
“You’re called the Treasure Chest,” Shane says blankly to the man behind the counter, who is looking at him with a completely neutral expression. His name tag suggests that he is called Ryan. “It’s -- literally every sex shop in the history of sex shops was called The Treasure Chest. I’m pretty sure it’s in the by-laws.” “The by-laws ... for sex shops?” Ryan asks. Shane fixes him with a look. He sells crystals, which means he’s a con man, which means he’s a deviant of at least some kind, which means he’s been to a sex shop and he knows exactly what Shane means.
rating:explicit  length:20001-50000  rpf:Buzzfeed  Ryan/Shane  au:alternatereality 
march 2019
through the iron gates of life
“We have to try this eventually,” Jyn says, stripping her shirt off and her bra along with it. “What’s the worst that can happen?” “It could go terribly,” Cassian says. “I’m not saying I don’t want to.”
StarWars  Bodhi/Cassian/Jyn  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000 
march 2019
Cleaning Up
They're both where Eliot can feel them breathing. He's going to let himself stay right here, for a while, because he can.
Hardison/Eliot/Parker  rating:all  length:0-999  Leverage 
march 2019
The Flowers Say
“Hi Janet” Eleanor began, pasting a clearly fake smile on her face. “If I wanted to passive-aggressively say ‘fork you’ to someone in flowers, how would I do that?”
gen  TheGoodPlace  rating:all  length:0-999 
march 2019
the shoreside job
“Parker, what is this?” Harrison asks poking at it with the remote, like he’s afraid to touch it and she’s struck by the realization she wouldn’t mind if he did. She doesn’t know what to do with that so she ignores it. “It’s my sealskin,” she says.
Hardison/Eliot/Parker  rating:teen  length:1001-5000  au:alternatereality  Leverage 
march 2019
I have seen it all in paper dreams
It’s unsurprising to him that he finds himself spending more and more time with Shane and Sara. But between work and the increasing amount of borderline dates that he’s third-wheeled on, he starts to worry that he’s overstepping his bounds. The last thing he wants to do is horn in so much that they start to push him away. So he gives them space, even when they don’t ask for it.
rating:teen  length:10001-20000  rpf:Buzzfeed  Ryan/Sara/Shane 
march 2019
Darling and the Cinderella Club
"Who's throwing this shindig anyway?" he asked in his abrupt way as the train passed Potters Bar. "And where?" "Some friends," Darling said lightly. "At the Cinderella Club, in Soho." "Never heard of it," said Jack. "No, you wouldn't have." Jack was aware that his subsequent quietness might be interpreted as sulking. He was not, of course, sulking, because that was a rotten childish thing to do. He was just... thinking. Deep in thought. He hoped Darling would notice, and ask him about it, but Darling did no such thing, so Jack was left quite unable to say anything like,  I didn't know you had other friends.
rating:explicit  length:10001-20000  kink:crossdressing  originalfic 
march 2019
the only prayer i know
Harold holds up one finger, and John stalls in his track. “Come here,” he tells John. John goes. Harold takes John’s hand between his. “You wouldn’t happen to be trying to avoid asking me for anything, would you, John?”
kink:D/s  rating:teen  length:1001-5000  PersonofInterest  Finch/Reese 
march 2019
a storyteller's got to believe their own story (or no one will)
In The Tale of the Champion, Hawke fought some form of ruffian anytime she stepped outside at night. Varric would have an answer for that, too. She can imagine the quirk of Varric’s lips and his shrug.“Just Hawke’s special kind of luck, Seeker.” Perhaps she shouldn’t be so good at hearing his voice inside her head, but she is. If she’s honest, he’s been there narrating her actions since she left Skyhold. Perhaps before that, even. It’s certainly not something she’d want him to know, insufferable man.
Cassandra/Varric  rating:teen  DragonAge  length:20001-50000 
march 2019
You Make the World Seem Bigger
Dear short scared one and tall rude one, Thank you for your documentary on the internet about the Jersey Devil species. You presented some inaccuracies but I appreciated your thorough approach and good jokes (“bits”). We cannot reveal ourselves to humans with cameras. I am sorry. I would have liked to give the screaming one his proof, or to “kick [the tall one] in [his] head with [my] taloned hooves,” but I would have been exiled. I am in a bad situation and cannot care for my young at present. When I saw your documentary I knew you would help me, since you have done so much research on our kind. Please love her as you would your own young. She is precious to me. Your biggest fan, J. Devil
rating:explicit  length:20001-50000  rpf:Buzzfeed  Ryan/Shane  trope:kidfic 
february 2019
The Other Big One
“Seriously. Without Francie, who knows where I would’ve been at thirty-two? Probably still directionless and dating milquetoast men.”
gilmoregirls  Paris/Rory  rating:teen  length:1001-5000 
february 2019
only happy accidents
In hindsight, Shane is too old to have thought that friends with benefits was something that the two of them would be able to pull off. He’s had friends with benefits before that worked beautifully, but they were not with people whose jobs were tied up in his own, whose friendships were as closely interwoven into Shane’s everyday life as Ryan’s is. He’d thought these were the very things that could keep it from getting weird, because they were such good buddies, Ryan would be solidly cemented as his pal that nothing could shift him. This was a miscalculation, on Shane’s part.
rpf:Buzzfeed  rating:explicit  length:5001-10000  Ryan/Shane 
february 2019
Far Too Many Bats
“Your pupils are still dilated,” Shane says. “Did you do hard drugs when I wasn’t looking, or is this some kind of lasting bat-related trauma that you’re going to need therapy for when we get back to L.A.?”
rating:explicit  length:5001-10000  rpf:Buzzfeed  Ryan/Shane  kink:powerplay 
february 2019
The State That I'm In
But Dick had already decided he didn’t want to understand. He knew God didn’t hold much with the whims of individual boys, and that God had made him an omega just the way he’d made Dick’s baby sister an alpha, and he knew God didn’t make mistakes. Only—he was growing increasingly certain he simply wasn’t cut out for it, and so when he went to bed that night and knelt to pray as usual he found himself asking God, if He could manage it, to spare him from suffering this particular indignity. He would do anything else, he bargained. Anything at all.
BandofBrothers  au:alphaomega  rating:explicit  length:5001-10000  Winters/Nixon 
february 2019
He Loves and She Loves
Why hadn’t Cosmo been at the party tonight? Don was sure he’d been invited, by Kathy if not Nazimova herself. It felt strange, voyaging out into a new social world where people expected to see Kathy at his side - and not Cosmo. Don wasn’t sure he entirely liked it. Oh, he liked going out with Kathy. More than liked it. But why did Kathy’s arrival in his life mean that Cosmo shouldn’t be there, too? All of this mixed uneasily with Kathy’s assumption about the way the two men were with each other, and Don slept badly and uneasily that night.
rating:teen  length:1001-5000  SingingintheRain 
january 2019
my hands look like this
Harold twitches and flushes. It extends down his neck and to his chest, John notes with glee. "I'm fine. Baffled, but otherwise alright."
rating:teen  length:0-999  PersonofInterest  Finch/Reese 
january 2019
Russian Roulette Croquembouche
The Steven Thing is a thing to be worried about. This new feeling, flustered and watchful. An unfamiliar tactile urge to reach out for the terrycloth of Steven’s sweatshirt and his arms beneath it, or the tall tuft of his hair, which looks like it might be spiky and soft at the same time. That’s a risk Andrew absolutely cannot take, one he could not take even if he were the sort of person takes risks. Even if he was the kind of person who eats a wasabi cream puff on purpose just to know, which he is not.
rpf:Buzzfeed  length:5001-10000  Andrew/Steven  rating:mature 
december 2018
we’ll make a brand new start of it (in old new york)
“Just to be clear,” Andrew says. “You want me to pretend to be your boyfriend at a party to spite your high school bully and your high school girlfriend and possibly the entire state of Ohio?” Steven giggles. “Spite’s such a harsh word. Shock and impress, maybe.” “For a man of faith you’re being awfully morally flexible about this,” Andrew says.
rpf:Buzzfeed  Andrew/Steven  rating:explicit  length:5001-10000 
december 2018
Prince of Darkness, Judge of Pies
"Who summons Morgoth, Judge of Souls?" the demon bellowed. "Er." Cecily raised a shaky hand. "I did? Only it was an accident. And you seem to have dispatched our baking judge." Mary put a gentle hand on the demon's elbow. "Since Paul is now rather indisposed, would you care to judge the remainder of our bakes?"
gen  rating:all  length:1001-5000  GreatBritishBakeOff 
december 2018
Step into Christmas (The admission's free)
She doesn't even know why she cares that much. It's not like Christmas at home was ever that fantastic of an experience. But maybe it's precisely the promise that this one might not actually be that horrible that makes her go through old cookbooks and women's magazines she usually wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. In a bout of cooking-induced despair, she calls Sian, who manages to make her feel immensely better by telling her basically the same thing Mark said to her, only much more sympathetically, and with a couple of recipes to back it up: "I'm sure they'll appreciate whatever you bring, love."
Pride  gen  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
december 2018
The Most Worth It
"Three date nights at three drastically different price points!" See? Andrew was absolutely right about the worrying bit. "You have got to be kidding me." "No. Think about it, it's great! Same basic fun as when we're filming, but it's just for us!" "Right. Which means we wouldn't get the benefit of our expense account. Think about it, the show is just a series of three date nights at three price points, if you think about it." "Date nights don't have crews, Andrew. Not even our date nights."
rating:all  length:1001-5000  rpf:Buzzfeed  Andrew/Steven 
december 2018
The books. Dorian is thinking of the books, of course, and what all those greasy fingers will do to the pages. It has nothing at all to do with forgetting his lunch, or being stood up for last night’s blind date (and why did he let Felix talk him into that in the first place?), or this morning’s patronizing voicemail from his father that reminded him he wouldn’t have to eat Ramen if he would just sell his soul to his parents’ idea of who he should be. None of that has any bearing on anything. He’s simply thinking of the potential damage to the college’s property, that’s all.
au:alternatereality  rating:teen  length:1001-5000  DragonAge  Cullen/Dorian 
december 2018
It's Just Textbook Stuff.
When she is eleven years old, Hermione Granger is expelled from the Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. She's not the only one who'd broken the rules, but one of the other ones had been the Boy Who Lived and the other one was a pureblood, so of the three of them, Hermione's naturally the one who got made an example of. She's the disposable one, after all.
au:alternatetimeline  HarryPotter  gen  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
december 2018
You Can't Stay (please don't go)
“Why are you here?” “I thought that was obvious, too.” The corner of Cullen’s mouth is tilted upward very slightly, and Dorian is again torn between conflicting urges, if not the same ones as before. Since he will not kiss Cullen or give him the satisfaction of seeing Dorian grind his teeth, that leaves him only the same bland politeness. “I believe we agreed that you would remain with the Inquisition.” “Did we?” Cullen says, looking thoughtfully up at the ceiling. “I don’t remember that at all.”
rating:all  length:1001-5000  DragonAge  Cullen/Dorian 
december 2018
Let Me
A smile that disappears almost as quickly as it arrived. “You look like shit, and you should be in bed, not wandering half-dressed through Skyhold.”
Cullen/IronBull  rating:all  length:1001-5000  DragonAge 
december 2018
Every Open Door
The minute he steps in the door of the lodge, he’s hit by familiar childhood smells: sweet sugar from breakfast, pine-scented air fresheners, Chanel No. 5. He’s overwhelmed by the sheer nostalgia of it, and by the way it makes his head start to pound almost immediately with the need to be back outside with the real pines.
au:fusion  DirtyDancing  rpf:Buzzfeed  Ryan/Shane  rating:explicit  length:20001-50000 
december 2018
Harold raises an eyebrow. "I never told you I was feeling ill." He didn't have to; John watches Harold as closely as Harold watches him. "Maybe not. But something's been occupying your attention. Want to talk about it?" "I'd really rather not," Harold says, strained. "But it appears I have little choice. I suspect there was some psychoactive agent added to my food. Its effect seems to be that I am compelled to be....more forthright. Than is generally prudent."
PersonofInterest  Finch/Reese  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000  trope:truthserum 
december 2018
A Rose By Any Other Name
Halfway there, he hesitates and frowns at the vines. "This could be a trap." "True," Zevran says. He doesn't look in the least concerned. "But given the rather naughty reading material, it seems much more likely that this is nothing more than it appears." "I guess." Alistair gives the vines a last frown as he finishes taking off his sword. "What if it isn't?" Zevran shrugs, still grinning. "I can think of many worse ways to die."
rating:explicit  length:10001-20000  DragonAge  Alistair/Zevran  kink:sextoys 
december 2018
Through the Wilderness
"No, but Andrew, it's a freaking unicorn ," Steven snaps, turning to face him. "I feel like I'm crazy, am I crazy? Look at it!" He turns, pointing, and Andrew watches his face fall before he looks and sees… nothing. No horse, and no sign of the horse even though it's a pretty open field with nowhere to hide. It's like it just disappeared. Maybe they're in some kind of weird fantasy movie instead, because none of this makes any damn sense.
rating:explicit  length:10001-20000  rpf:Buzzfeed  Andrew/Steven  trope:fairytale 
december 2018
The One Where Ryan Aten't Dead
"Great news!" Ryan said, grinning ear to ear. "I'm dead!"
rating:teen  length:5001-10000  rpf:Buzzfeed  Ryan/Shane 
november 2018
Just The Facts
“You gonna tell me what’s going on with you and Ryan, or do I have to ask?”   Shane frowns into his noodles.   “What makes you think there’s something going on with us?”   She glances around pointedly. “Well, first of all, you guys are usually attached at the elbow. So that’s weird.”   “Ryan loves tacos more than life itself. It’s not that weird.”   “Well, also, he’s been using our spare editing desk for like three days now, so I know something’s up.”
rating:explicit  length:20001-50000  rpf:Buzzfeed  Ryan/Shane 
november 2018
Pushing All Your Buttons
Shane scooches to get his back against the wall again, legs stretched out in front of him. It’s starting to get warm in the elevator, the absence of A/C starting to become noticeable. The chemical smell of the elevator is fading, to be replaced by human smells: clean clothes and sweaty skin and the product Ryan uses in his hair. It’s a little more bearable, somehow. Almost pleasant.
rpf:Buzzfeed  rating:explicit  length:5001-10000  Ryan/Shane 
november 2018
you and me and the ghosts make three r
When Ryan was a kid, he fell into a pile of bricks. They were playing hide and seek, and he thought he had the best hiding spot: high up in a thickly lush tree, his knees drawn to his chest so that he’d blend in. But the branch broke. He hit his head and doesn’t remember much of what happened after that. When he woke up a few hours later, the sun was setting, and his friends were gone, and his parents were calling for him, their flashlights swinging across the grass. There’d been blood on his bangs. Anyway, now he can see ghosts. Kind of. Look, he’s not great at it.
rating:teen  length:10001-20000  rpf:Buzzfeed  Ryan/Shane 
november 2018
Thank You for Participating in the Department of the Navy’s Long-Range Silent Partnered Communication Program
It's not like Nate really gets downtime, but he manages to find a moment when only Mike and himself are in earshot--Mike is balls deep in paperwork--and says, “Mike, I bonded.” “Shit, all right,” Mike says. “We can probably trade the kids for whoever it is, we got enough wiggle room. Who is it?” Nate looks out over the dusty horizon. He speaks clearly and carefully when he says, “Colbert.”
rating:mature  length:1001-5000  au:alternatereality  GenerationKill  Brad/Nate  trope:mindlink 
november 2018
Happy Accidents
Really, when Sara thinks about it, she only leaned to kiss Ryan because he was standing in Shane’s spot—that is, to her right. Shane always stands at her right whenever they go somewhere, though neither Sara or Shane could say why, exactly. Just the way of the world, Sara figures. So Ryan was at her right and Sara had a long day and it just happened.
rpf:Buzzfeed  Ryan/Sara/Shane  rating:explicit  length:1001-5000 
november 2018
Stitch My Skin Together (Thread the Needle with Your Love)
That night, back in the apartment Harold gave him, lying in bed, the room striped with the streetlight falling through the half-open blinds, he lets his fingers wander to the bandaged wound. Pressing down, he can feel the individual stitches beneath the gauze—small, evenly spaced, Harold’s meticulous attention to detail sewn into his skin. It makes him feel warm inside. Safe. He falls asleep with his hand still curled around his arm.
rating:explicit  length:5001-10000  PersonofInterest  Finch/Reese  kink:D/s 
november 2018
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