Design a professional architecture diagram in minutes with the Cloudcraft visual designer, optimized for AWS with smart components
serverless  aws  designer  tools 
11 weeks ago
Paxos made simple
Paxos when presented with diagrams/pictures is very simple or not. (Lamport’s abstract for this paper is just one line that says: The Paxos algorithm, when presented in plain english, is very simple)
distributed-systems  paxos-algorithm  asynchronous  consensus-problem 
11 weeks ago
NGK Racing Cable 8736 CR6
Lead Motorcycle Plug Wire Type CR6 # 8736. NGK CR6 RED RACING CABLE. 50 CM 5 ohm Cable with 90 Degree Connector. New in NGK Box. 1000mm red racing cable with intergrated rubber sheathed silicone 5 ohm 90 degrees connector.
guzzi  v11  repair  spark-plug-wire  electrics 
11 weeks ago
BREMBO Road SA 07HO45.SA Brake Pads
Motonet Varaosahaku HONDA (600CC) CBR 600 RR 2003-

Muita vaihtoehtoja: Louis!
guzzi  v11  repair  brake-pads  brembo 
11 weeks ago
jarrureleen kytkeminen
moto  repair  brake-light  relay 
may 2019
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