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Custom resume from someone who wanted to work at Airbnb (2015)
resume  jobs  airbnb  marketing  ideas  growthhacking  influence 
february 2016 by sachaa
How to use Facebook Custom Audiences | Facebook for Business
Target Facebook Adverts to people on your contact list
marketing  facebook 
may 2015 by sachaa
Launch Feed
See every product's launch, everywhere...
launch  entrepreneurship  business  marketing  gallery  news 
march 2015 by sachaa
Tools at the fingertips of the PR industry
pr  entrepreneurship  business  marketing  launch 
march 2015 by sachaa
Awesome Free Things for Entrepreneurs & Startups
business  entrepreneurship  tools  webtools  design  marketing  development  gtd  learning 
march 2015 by sachaa
Over 1000 free (and pro) tools for businesses and startups, sortable by category
business  webtools  tools  marketing  analytics  collaboration  customerdevelopment  entrepreneurship  ux 
february 2015 by sachaa
Google Ads - Find new markets
Find audiences around the world who are likely to be interested in your products, services, or business
google  search  customerdevelopment  marketing  business  research 
january 2015 by sachaa
YouGov Profiler
Enter a brand name into this tool and see what demographic of customer shops there
marketing  branding  webtools  research  sociology  customerdevelopment  business 
january 2015 by sachaa
Daily fix of the best posts read by founders. Discover what inspires and teaches them everyday.
entrepreneurship  business  reading  marketing  lean  customerdevelopment  ux  inspirational 
december 2014 by sachaa
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