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lonelywalker: Let Parker Be Parker
In an age of costumed heroes and alien invasions, Ben Parker is the President America needs - a reassuring presence in the White House, and a hero to the West Wing staff. His nephew Peter, however...
avengers  westwing  gen  crossover  medium  fic  author:lonelywalker  awesome  fandom_love 
july 2014 by saburi
domarzione: Qeryana
Thor and his efforts to live on Midgard, as opposed to just defending it.
thor  avengers  gen  medium  fic  author:domarzione  awesome 
april 2014 by saburi
stilinskisparkles: It's Always Been You, Dumbass
11K words. High School AU (same age nerd Derek, jock Stiles). Really sweet. ^_^
teenwolf  derek/stiles  au  long  fic  author:stilinskisparkles 
april 2014 by saburi
stilinskisparkles: Derek Hale's Very Bad, No Good (Nice) Summer
38K words. Says the author: I got a prompt about Derek being like Wednesday Addams and being forced to go to summer camp. It spiralled into this.
teenwolf  derek/stiles  au  novella  fic  author:stilinskisparkles 
april 2014 by saburi
circusbones: untitled
Fili/Sigrid, Faramir/Eowyn. Other lives.
hobbit  lotr  fili/sigrid  rarepair  short  fic  author:circusbones 
march 2014 by saburi
perpetfic: In Between Days [and sequels]
38K words of Percy/Oliver. During the war Percy runs a safehouse. After the war, he helps run the Ministry of Magic.
harrypotter  rarepair  au  novella  fic  author:perpetfic  awesome 
march 2014 by saburi
dira_sudis: Heart's Desire
Stiles was way past old enough to pick someone and commit. He just wasn't committing to Derek. A love story.
teenwolf  derek/stiles  medium  fic  author:dira_sudis 
march 2014 by saburi
decemberdaughter: Love is Never Wrong (Together We'll Make it Right)
With a little help from a nosey wizard, things might just work out for a prince of Erebor and a Captain of the Mirkwood guard.
hobbit  tauriel/kili  fili/sigrid  medium  fic  author:decemberdaughter 
february 2014 by saburi
brawleryukon: My Kingdom Come
After opening the river gates, Kili is captured by Thranduil’s soldiers and the company is forced to carry on without him.
hobbit  fili/sigrid  tauriel/kili  novella  fic  author:brawleryukon  unfinished 
february 2014 by saburi
beneathground: You make beautiful things out of us
Clint and Natasha are married and have a baby daughter. That doesn't mean they've stopped working though. After 10 days away, Clint comes home to his family.
avengers  clint/natasha  pwp  medium  fic  author:beneathground 
february 2014 by saburi
annetictac: Wild Rose
After the BotFA, a deal is to be made between the Shire and Erebor - all due to Bilba's suggestion. Hobbits are asked to migrate to heal the land Smaug destroyed. And Fili? He was just trying to reinforce intercultural relations. /// Primula and Drogo are dead, but her younger sister Primrose is raising Frodo at Bag End. Fili, Kili, Nori, and Bofur stay for a bit. Eventual Fili/Rose.
hobbit  rarepair  bilbo/thorin  genderswitch  novella  fic  author:annetictac  unfinished 
february 2014 by saburi
screamlet: Count the years (in breaking)
Five years after the BotFA, Tauriel captains the outer guard of Erebor and talks with Kili. Plaintive and perfect.
hobbit  tauriel/kili  medium  fic  author:screamlet  awesome 
february 2014 by saburi
waldorph: Here
Post-Into Darkness, Jim Kirk shows up at Spock Prime's door.
startrek_xi  kirk/spock  prime  medium  fic  author:waldorph 
february 2014 by saburi
hlessi: Only Her Sonorous Jewels
Look out from atop your throne, O King. Who is there that does not bow before you? /// A terrifying what-if, written in the second person (to great effect).
hobbit  bilbo/thorin  genderswitch  medium  fic  author:hlessi 
february 2014 by saburi
sigridhr: The Haunting
Loki accidentally picks up a cursed necklace. The curse doesn't turn out at all like he expects.
thor  darcy/loki  medium  fic  author:sigridhr  awesome 
february 2014 by saburi
sigridhr: Things That Were, Things That Are
After Harry falls, Hermione travels back in time to set things right. /// Now that's an amazing twist on the time-turner-au concept!
harrypotter  rarepair  au  medium  fic  author:sigridhr 
february 2014 by saburi
sigridhr: The White Hart
65K words. It begins by Darcy being invited to Álfheim by Thor and Jane. What was meant to be a bizarre-elvish-harvest-tradition induced one night stand turns into something more, and Darcy finds Loki is fitting into her life in a much bigger way than she ever intended.

More affectionately known as: Darcy Does the Nine Realms.
thor  darcy/loki  pwp  novel  fic  author:sigridhr  awesome 
february 2014 by saburi
sigridhr: Experience
After stopping in a small village to find some smithing work, Thorin meets a young woman who offers him more than he expects. (Also known as, smut, and nothing but).
hobbit  rarepair  pwp  medium  fic  author:sigridhr 
february 2014 by saburi
vera: Magic for Beginners
17K words. There's a run down theater in Vegas and a run down magician with three ravens. He has one estranged brother and one impossible trick. His new assistant has a lot of questions, but no answers of her own.
thor  darcy/loki  jane/thor  au  novella  fic  author:vera  awesome 
february 2014 by saburi
ohmyloki: let me feel your danger
Darcy dresses up as Lady Loki for Halloween and runs into the man himself.
avengers  darcy/loki  medium  fic  author:ohmyloki 
february 2014 by saburi
becisvolatile: The Thing
Darcy accompanies Jane to Asgard for a visit. While there, she attracts the notice of Loki. A whole bunch of UST (as well as the opposite) ensues. (Currently 48K words; unfinished.)
avengers  darcy/loki  novella  fic  author:becisvolatile  unfinished 
february 2014 by saburi
fructosebat: With Pie
40K words. “I think I wanna talk to Loki.”

“What?!” said Jane.

“I have a plan,” said Darcy. “I’m gonna bring him pie.”
avengers  darcy/loki  novella  fic  author:fructosebat 
february 2014 by saburi
mischiefgoddesscomplex: Three Days
What happens when Loki needs a place to stay and hide for the weekend, and Darcy Lewis takes him up on an offer that is just too good to resist? Mischief, shenanigans, tricks...oh, and a bit of romance, too.
avengers  darcy/loki  novella  fic  author:mischiefgoddesscomplex 
february 2014 by saburi
mischiefgoddesscomplex: Worship
Loki gives Darcy the worship she deserves on Valentine's Day.
avengers  darcy/loki  pwp  medium  fic  author:mischiefgoddesscomplex 
february 2014 by saburi
antarctica: Round and Round Again
Ori is cursed to relive their journey until the company succeeds; it takes a very long time.
hobbit  bilbo/thorin  tauriel/kili  dwalin/ori  gen  funny  medium  fic  author:antarctica 
february 2014 by saburi
gnimaerd: Five things Kili Didn’t Know About the Elves of Mirkwood
Five (well, technically 5.75) things Kili didn’t know about Mirkwood elves, as Tauriel cares for him in Laketown.
hobbit  tauriel/kili  medium  fic  author:gnimaerd 
february 2014 by saburi
gravity: The Years Between
A series of vignettes, set in the same world as "A Favourable Arrangement".
hobbit  fili/sigrid  pwp  medium  fic  author:gravity 
february 2014 by saburi
mnemosyne23: Heat
Tauriel thinks shirtless sword fights between dwarf princes is sexy as hell. Sigrid agrees.
hobbit  fili/sigrid  tauriel/kili  medium  fic  author:mnemosyne23 
february 2014 by saburi
selkit: Seek and You Shall Find
Sigrid reunites with her husband Fili upon his return from a long mission, and learns the finer points of dwarven foreplay.
hobbit  fili/sigrid  medium  fic  author:selkit 
february 2014 by saburi
icarus_chained: The Practical Applications of Linguistics
Peter Matthews (Methos) gives the White Council a language lesson, much to Harry Dresden's amusement.
highlander  dresden_files  crossover  gen  short  fic  author:icarus_chained  awesome 
february 2014 by saburi
thispe: Snippet catch-all
1) John has made up his mind. He denies Sherlock sex until he can finish a decent meal.
2) Mycroft asks Lestrade to flush out Moriarty's second in command by pretending to be a minor Australian official named Ronald Adair.
3)Depending on what Sherlock pickpockets from Lestrade he is actually sending different secret messages.
sherlock  short  fic  author:thispe  awesome 
february 2014 by saburi
thispe: The Other Law
Excellent, well-written, detail-rich quest fic. I love how they deal with the realities of traveling on the road and the apparent lack of female dwarves. Sadly, it looks like it's likely been abandoned at 39K words. Eventual girl!Bilbo/Thorin, but not nearly there yet.
hobbit  bilbo/thorin  gen  novella  fic  author:thispe  unfinished 
february 2014 by saburi
littleblackdog: Over Hill and Under Skirts (Out of the Frying Pan and Into Her Knickers)
Dwarf women are rare, and often so intent on their craft, that Thorin has never had the opportunity or inclination to become familiar with the more intimate portions of the female anatomy. When he is finally introduced to that realm of hidden mystery, Thorin is quite... curious.
hobbit  bilbo/thorin  pwp  genderswitch  medium  fic  author:littleblackdog 
february 2014 by saburi
threadingstory: Children of the Lake - Chapter 2
This chapter (one of several ficlets) is lovely. The atmosphere, the banter, the imagery.
hobbit  fili/sigrid  short  fic  author:threadingstory 
february 2014 by saburi
circusbones: A Great Big Lake
Two oldest siblings bond, before the dragon falls and a whole lot changes. /// This is amazing courtship fic. Can't wait for it to be done! (As of 2/7/14, 12 chapters.)
hobbit  fili/sigrid  novella  fic  author:circusbones  awesome  unfinished 
february 2014 by saburi
nylex: Primrose
A bit ooc, but romantic and decently written all the same. /// Very few times had his life been saved, but it had never come in the form of a Hobbit lass wearing a sooty burgundy jacket.
hobbit  bilbo/thorin  genderswitch  medium  fic  author:nylex 
february 2014 by saburi
gravity: A Favourable Arrangement
Fili and Sigrid agree to an arranged marriage, and quickly learn that mountains and lakes ally more quickly than people.
hobbit  fili/sigrid  novella  fic  author:gravity  awesome 
february 2014 by saburi
readbycandlelight: Sentiment
Loki sees his future children in a vision upon the verge of oncoming death. Thanos had promised that, were Loki to fail, he would wish for something as sweet as pain.

He wished for it now… He might have even begged Thanos to kill him. Anything to stop the images flooding his mind of a life he would never have.
avengers  darcy/loki  medium  fic  author:readbycandlelight 
february 2014 by saburi
tawryn: Thou Makest a Cunning Linguist
Darcy tries out some unusual dirty talk with Loki.
avengers  darcy/loki  pwp  funny  medium  fic  author:tawryn 
february 2014 by saburi
gnimaerd: Technical Difficulties
Wooing one’s great love is not easy when she's at least three feet taller than you.
hobbit  tauriel/kili  medium  fic  author:gnimaerd 
february 2014 by saburi
vera: A Quiet Rebellion
Fili doesn't remember meeting her, but she remembers him.
hobbit  fili/sigrid  medium  fic  author:vera  awesome 
february 2014 by saburi
ashenkey: Crowning Glory
“And what,” Tauriel said, giving him an amused glance, “has you looking so speculative?”

“I, uh.” He grinned at her. “Had an idea. Would you come here?”
hobbit  tauriel/kili  short  fic  author:ashenkey 
february 2014 by saburi
flollius: Ash and Bone
Fili promises to protect Sigrid. He promises to make it right in the bloodstained ruins of her home after the bodies have been cleaned up and the broken furniture brushed away. He will repair what he and his people have broken.
hobbit  fili/sigrid  gen  medium  fic  author:flollius  unfinished 
february 2014 by saburi
igrab: Little Star
Perhaps this was their gift, their treasure, the light in the darkness after losing so much.
hobbit  tauriel/kili  kidfic  short  fic  author:igrab 
february 2014 by saburi
mnemosyne23: The Courtship of the Lady of Dale
As of 2/9/14, there are 8 chapters. /// Sequel to "Lords and Ladies." Sigrid -- eldest child of Bard, Lord of Dale -- has been fighting off marriage proposals for months. Then one day an unexpected suitor comes to the door...
hobbit  fili/sigrid  novella  fic  author:mnemosyne23  unfinished 
february 2014 by saburi
mnemosyne23: The Home on the Hill
"The Men of Lake-town say home is where the heart is."
hobbit  tauriel/kili  kidfic  medium  fic  author:mnemosyne23 
february 2014 by saburi
mnemosyne23: Lords and Ladies
Fili just planned to have a quick wash at the lake. Sigrid just planned to do a little laundry. But you know what they say about best laid plans...
hobbit  fili/sigrid  medium  fic  author:mnemosyne23  awesome 
february 2014 by saburi
hannahjane: Honor Among Thieves
32K words. Nori Ri is now working for Interpol. /// Fabulous modern AU with Nori, Bilbo, and Bofur as three lady thieves, Ori, Fili, and Kili as rambunctious kids, Freia an adorable 3 year-old, and Dwalin and Thorin as Interpol agents. Really well-written and drops you right in to the middle of the story.
hobbit  bilbo/thorin  dwalin/nori  au  genderswitch  novella  fic  author:hannahjane  awesome 
february 2014 by saburi
mildlyneurotic: Where There's A Whip There's a Way
Dwalin discovers Nori likes things even a little rougher than he'd imagined.
hobbit  dwalin/nori  pwp  medium  fic  author:mildlyneurotic 
february 2014 by saburi
theshinylizard: Deadly Nightshade
“Your mother is Belladonna Took? /The/ Belladonna Took?” Nori said the name reverently.
hobbit  gen  dwalin/nori  funny  short  fic  author:theshinylizard 
february 2014 by saburi
thorinsmut: The sweet honey that sticks them together
It might look a bit odd from the outside, but Dwalin and Bilbo and Nori have a relationship that works for them, and they couldn't be happier.
hobbit  trio  dwalin/nori  medium  fic  author:thorinsmut 
february 2014 by saburi
ornategrip: Three's a Charm
Ori's first time is as the middle of a Fíli/Kíli sandwich. Pure porn.
hobbit  trio  pwp  medium  fic  author:ornategrip 
february 2014 by saburi
ornategrip: Impressive Proof
Unrepentant porn. With bonus Nori being sneaky and manipulative in order to make it happen.
hobbit  dwalin/nori  pwp  medium  fic  author:ornategrip 
february 2014 by saburi
diemarysues: A Will to Survive, A Voice of Reason
Thorin – better known as Oakenshield – was one of the best assassins in the business, and she knew it. That girl-hobbit was awfully distracting though. (Also features Frerin, Dis, Fili & Kili).
hobbit  bilbo/thorin  gen  au  genderswitch  long  fic  author:diemarysues 
january 2014 by saburi
kellifer: Vampires, man. Not to be trusted
Set a few years in the future, Stiles returns home to Beacon Hills to open a magic shop. The pack enfolds him once again. Then, one day, a stranger appears at the shop.
teenwolf  derek/stiles  long  fic  author:kellifer 
january 2014 by saburi
lapin: Put Me In The Ground
It is on one quiet afternoon that Frodo, young, innocent child he is, asks, very matter-of-factly, “Uncle, why aren't you married?”

And all Bilbo says is, “Because I am not.” (This is lovely and heartbreaking in its simplicity.)
hobbit  bilbo/thorin  medium  fic  author:lapin  awesome 
january 2014 by saburi
lapin: Oh, You're Guarding the Gates
Dwarven courtship and Hobbit courtship are different, but not too different. Still, it helps if both parties are aware the courtship is in fact happening and quite serious. Not that anyone was planning on saying no, of course. It's just polite to be asked first.
hobbit  bilbo/thorin  medium  fic  author:lapin 
january 2014 by saburi
miscellea: That's What You Get (For Waking Up in Vegas)
On the day after his thirty-third birthday Bilbo Baggins wakes up hung over, covered in glitter, and alone in a hotel room in the casino-riddled city of Bree. Seventeen years later a group of dwarrow insurgents break into his kitchen and kidnap him.

It’s not readily apparent, but these two events are not entirely unrelated.
hobbit  bilbo/thorin  au  funny  medium  fic  author:miscellea 
january 2014 by saburi
RyuuzaKochou: Para Bellum
Hobbits always survive; even where trained and experienced soldiers don't. Has no one ever wondered about this? (Hobbits are secret Kung Fu Masters!)
hobbit  gen  funny  medical  fic  author:ryuuzakochou 
january 2014 by saburi
kaycricketed: All that shine as moonstone leave a discernible mark
After the Battle of Five Armies, Thorin Oakenshield is determined to secure Bilbo's place in the world, even if he must make him a husband and a widower in the same hour to do so.
hobbit  bilbo/thorin  medium  fic  author:kaycricketed 
january 2014 by saburi
shinigami714: A Light in Dark Places
An AU inspired and based on the myth of Demeter and Persephone.
hobbit  bilbo/thorin  au  long  fic  author:shinigami714 
january 2014 by saburi
kivrinengle: As sunshine falls on the wretched
18K words. Bilbo Baggins, the newly appointed Master of Bag End, has just reached his majority. He lives alone in his fine house, managing his estate, and ignoring the people of Hobbiton as much as they avoid him.

Then, one night in a storm, he finds a baby dwarf hiding in his woodpile.
hobbit  gen  au  novella  fic  author:kivrinengle  awesome 
january 2014 by saburi
kivrinengle: The Sons of Durin
96K words. The police say the Sons of Durin are a crime family. The government has labeled them a group of environmental terrorists. Thorin Oakenshield will tell you that they are simply desperate for a home.
hobbit  bilbo/thorin  gen  au  novel  fic  author:kivrinengle 
january 2014 by saburi
mosca:The Weeds in Your Heart
Ten years later, Bashir goes to Cardassia.
ds9  medium  fic  author:mosca 
january 2014 by saburi
mosca: Gifts for Another Holiday
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Eve in the Stilinski house. The sheriff assumes Derek hasn't made plans for tomorrow.
teenwolf  derek/stiles  gen  medium  fic  author:mosca  awesome 
january 2014 by saburi
sirona: I like mine with a kiss
Domesticity for government operatives in 5 (+1) easy steps.
avengers  clint/coulson  medium  fic  author:sirona 
january 2014 by saburi
sirona: Untie the ribbons
How to declare your affections: lessons from Phil Coulson. Or, someone gets the Avengers a kitten for Christmas.
avengers  shield  clint/coulson  medium  fic  author:sirona  awesome 
january 2014 by saburi
emmykay: His Own
Thorin Oakenshield makes a claim. (Serious warning for dubcon.)
hobbit  bilbo/thorin  pwp  genderswitch  medium  fic  author:emmykay 
january 2014 by saburi
littlebigspoon: To Turn the Tide of Heaven
Kili dies in the Battle of the Five Armies. Tauriel refuses to let it end there. Based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.
hobbit  tauriel/kili  long  fic  author:littlebigspoon  awesome 
january 2014 by saburi
mnemosyne23: Dimples
A playful bed-scene in which Tauriel admires Kili's assets.
hobbit  tauriel/kili  medium  fic  author:mnemosyne23 
january 2014 by saburi
delicateclarity: Under the Starlight or Under the Mountain
After the Battle of Five Armies, Tauriel finds Kili, and they talk about their future.
hobbit  tauriel/kili  short  fic  author:delicateclarity 
january 2014 by saburi
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