Dark Island: Rebuilding Puerto Rico’s Grid - Video - NYTimes.com
Dark Island: Rebuilding Puerto Rico’s Grid

Will Puerto Rico’s electric grid withstand another storm? Witness the vulnerability of the grid, and track the progress of its repairs and daily life still in the dark.
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may 2018
The Ins and Outs of The Enqueue Script For WordPress Themes and Plugins
The wp_enqueue_script function is the best solution for loading JavaScript files into your WordPress site. If you're developing a theme that uses JavaScript or JavaScript Libraries, the wp_enqueue_script function is the way to go.

If you haven't really used this before though, it can be confusions... so today, we'll be taking an in depth look into how to properly load scripts into your theme or plugin using the enqueue function.
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december 2017
A quick introduction to tmux | Opensource.com
A quick introduction to tmux:
Manage application windows in the terminal just like you would in a desktop window manager.
howto  opensource  android 
december 2017
Cuckoo Sandbox - Automated Malware Analysis
What is Cuckoo?

Cuckoo Sandbox is the leading open source automated malware analysis system. You can throw any suspicious file at it and in a matter of minutes Cuckoo will provide a detailed report outlining the behavior of the file when executed inside a realistic but isolated environment. 

Malware is the swiss-army knife of cybercriminals and any other adversary to your corporation or organization.
malwareAnalysis  security  sandbox  analysis  cybersecurity  forensics  software  automated  threatDetection  AV 
december 2017
Twitter allows you to extract the seed for 2FA on an account at any time by entering your password | Twitter
: LOL. Twitter allows you to extract the seed for 2FA on an account at any time by entering your password. So, one-ti…
seeding  2FA  passwd  tweets  PoC  security  @twitter  from twitter
december 2017
Facebook getting rid of "disputed" tag on false articles. Demoting articles deemed false by fact-checkers | Twitter
RT : Facebook getting rid of "disputed" tag on false articles. Demoting articles deemed false by fact-checkers and displ…
tweets  @facebook  fakeNews  feeds  Articles  disputes  demoting  @twitter  from twitter
december 2017
It's a shame @microsoft keeps adding 'more' garbage to their already hazardous auto-download list.
It's a shame keeps adding 'more' garbage to their already hazardous auto-download list. It's a bigger s…
microsoft  tweets  auto-download  Opinion  keeper  @twitter  from twitter
december 2017
Howtoforge Linux Tutorials.
Linux Howtos Guides and Tutorials | HowtoForge
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december 2017
UMDF Driver for a Virtual Smart Card Reader - CodeProject
A simple implementation of a driver for a virtual smart card reader, based on UMDF

Working with smart cards and PKI stuff is an interesting field. You can see the state-of-art of computer security and how it can be used in the real environment from real users. But, sometimes, debugging and testing applications that work with smart cards is a real pain, especially when you have to deal with negative test cases and, as it often happens, you don't have many test smart cards to play with. What if you accidentally block a PIN? Or your CSP issues a wrong command, leaving the card in an inconsistent state? These and many other issues are quite common in this field, so one of the first things I realized when I started to work with smart cards was that I needed an emulator: something to play with without the risk of doing any damage. In this article, I will not speak about smart card OS emulation (perhaps it will be covered in the future...), but about a driver for a virtual smart card reader.
UMDF  drivers  smartCards  PKI  readers  windows 
december 2017
Things You Can Do Everyday to Upgrade Your Intellect
“Don’t worry if you can’t remember all the content — you don’t have to. The process of understanding the context at the moment is more important than remembering it. Information is abundant, the processing ability is scarce. After all, you’re a living human, not a pen drive.”
intellect  context  quotes  Articles  self-help  information  remembering  @medium 
december 2017
I can confirm how annoying this @android bug is... The below workaround does fix it | Twitter
I can confirm how annoying this bug is... The below workaround does fix it, but it is tedious at best. Hop…
android  contacts  bugs  workArounds  tweets  androidDev  @twitter  mobile  from twitter
december 2017
R For Dummies Cheat Sheet
R is more than just a statistical programming language. It’s also a powerful tool for all kinds of data processing and manipulation, used by a community of programmers and users, academics, and practitioners. But in order to get the most out of R, you need to know how to access the R Help files and find help from other sources. To represent data in R, you need to be able to succinctly and correctly specify subsets of your data. Finally, R has many functions that allow you to import data from other applications.
R  forDummies  guides  bookshelf  via:codebreaker  cheatSheets 
december 2017
Release 63: chrome://flags page gets a facelift with Material Design
Release 63: chrome://flags page gets a facelift with the new Material Design that helps users distinguish between A…
flags  material-design  browserSec  tweets  @twitter  Chrome  from twitter
december 2017
Embed #HTML & JavaScript in the new Google Sites Update
Finally, I thought this would be another abandoned service… Embed & JavaScript in the new Google Sit…
HTML  Google  sites  gSuite  javaScript  tweets  @twitter  development  from twitter
december 2017
5 Progress Loading Lines (YouTube Style) jQuery Plugins — SitePoint
Today, here is a list of 5 Progress Loading Lines (YouTube Style) jQuery Plugins , an interesting idea as seen on YouTube! love using this on Angular SPA apps when switching between views. =)
design  progress  plugins  plugin  jQuery  libraries  javaScript  videos  YouTube 
december 2017
Setting up Samba as a Standalone Server - SambaWiki
Setting up Samba as a Standalone Server
1 Introduction
2 Creating a Basic smb.conf File
3 Creating a Local User Account
4 Local Group Management
5 Creating the Shared Directories
6 Setting ACLs on the Shared Directories
7 Starting Samba
8 Testing the Share Access
9 Advanced share settings
9.1 Using the force Parameters
9.2 User and Group-based Share Access
9.3 Host-based Share Access

In small networks, such as a home network, or to share folders on a host that is not part of a domain, you often do not want to set up an Active Directory or NT4 domain.
The following documentation describes how to set up a Samba standalone server providing:
a share that is accessible anonymously (guest access).
a share that requires authentication a
samba  server  samba4  standalone  SMB  guides  Wiki 
december 2017
Scaling the GitLab database | GitLab
pgpool was the first solution we looked into, mostly because it seemed quite attractive based on all the features it offered. Some of the data from our tests can be found in this comment.

Ultimately we decided against using pgpool based on a number of factors. For example, pgpool does not support sticky connections. This is problematic when performing a write and (trying to) display the results right away. Imagine creating an issue and being redirected to the page, only to run into an HTTP 404 error because the server used for any read-only queries did not yet have the data. One way to work around this would be to use synchronous replication, but this brings many other problems to the table; problems we prefer to avoid.

Another problem is that pgpool's load balancing logic is decoupled from your application and operates by parsing SQL queries and sending them to the right server. Because this happens outside of your application you have very little control over which query runs where. This may actually be beneficial to some because you don't need additional application logic, but it also prevents you from adjusting the routing logic if necessary.

Configuring pgpool also proved quite difficult due to the sheer number of configuration options. Perhaps the final nail in the coffin was the feedback we got on pgpool from those having used it in the past. The feedback we received regarding pgpool was usually negative, though not very detailed in most cases. While most of the complaints appeared to be related to earlier versions of pgpool it still made us doubt if using it was the right choice.

The feedback combined with the issues described above ultimately led to us deciding against using pgpool and using pgbouncer instead. We performed a similar set of tests with pgbouncer and were very satisfied with it. It's fairly easy to configure (and doesn't have that much that needs configuring in the first place), relatively easy to ship, focuses only on connection pooling (and does it really well), and had very little (if any) noticeable overhead. Perhaps my only complaint would be that the pgbouncer website can be a little bit hard to navigate.

Using pgbouncer we were able to drop the number of active PostgreSQL connections from a few hundred to only 10-20 by using transaction pooling. We opted for using transaction pooling since Rails database connections are persistent. I
pgpool  performance  postgres  architecture  gitlab  scaling  postgreSQL  databases 
november 2017
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