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21 Things I Learned Running Hyperlocal News Sites | Vouchification
"Building an audience is easier than selling ads to small and medium businesses," and other pragmatic news thoughts.
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january 2013 by ryanpitts
Fix Local News or Die, Part 2 | Media, disrupted
I wonder what coverage would look like from a newsroom at the intersection of and .
newsroom  journalism 
january 2013 by ryanpitts
Crowdsourcing Campaign Spending: What We Learned From Free the Files - ProPublica
"Like eating a potato chip: 'Once you start, you can’t stop.'" @amzam on crowdsourcing and @ProPublica's Free The Files
crowdsourcing  propublica  newsroom  apps 
december 2012 by ryanpitts
3 Theses About The Daily's Demise - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic
This is so worth pondering: "Super niche pieces sometimes explode … precisely because they originate inside a niche."
newsroom  audience  engagement  content  contentstrategy 
december 2012 by ryanpitts
What kinds of local stories drive engagement? The results of an NPR Facebook experiment » Nieman Journalism Lab
RT @stiles: What kinds of local stories drive engagement? The results of an NPR Facebook experiment via @NiemanLab
journalism  engagement  newsroom  strategy  content 
november 2012 by ryanpitts
Questions and Answers on How The Times Handles Online Comments From Readers | The Public Editor - NYTimes.com
"We also often close comment threads when we feel … there is nothing substantial to gain from having more comments."
comments  moderation  newsroom 
october 2012 by ryanpitts
Facebook news-feed changes mean newsrooms need new engagement strategies « The Buttry Diary
In the successful examples sent me by DFM colleagues, I would say that breaking news, sports, pretty seasonal shots, archival remember-when photos and fun photos are some types that seem to generate strong engagement.
facebook  engagement  newsroom 
october 2012 by ryanpitts
Homicide Watch: An Interview | Contents Magazine
This piece on is such a good template for thinking about reimagining beat structures.
data  newsroom  beats  thinking  transformation  from twitter
september 2012 by ryanpitts
The hard truths of hyperlocal journalism reveal themselves in Journatic trouble | Poynter.
"Hyperlocal is the opposite of scale. … Hyperlocal is news for 100 or 1,000 people at a time." h/t @kensands
hyperlocal  newsroom 
july 2012 by ryanpitts
RT @agahran: #nuwebinar @dkiesow's resource links for current seminar on mobile biz models for news:
newsroom  revenue  mobile  from delicious
january 2012 by ryanpitts
Confidence Game : CJR
Long piece on the fight over the future of journalism institutions. Well worth reading and thinking about.
journalism  newsroom  futureofnews  business  from delicious
november 2011 by ryanpitts
Most tablet users prefer browsers, not apps, for getting news, Pew study finds | Knight Digital Media Center
Getting news is one of the most popular activities for users of tablet computers such as the iPad—but the vast majority of tablet users get news via their web browsers, not apps from news organizations.
tablet  mobile  newsroom  audience  users  from delicious
october 2011 by ryanpitts
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