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Untitled (http://cjlab.stanford.edu/2015/09/30/lab-launch-and-data-sets/)
RT : Great list of "deep and interesting" public datasets for journalists to dig into via
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october 2015 by ryanpitts
About this guide - Learn JS Data
RT @vlandham: Learn JS Data! Our new guide for doing data processing in JavaScript! Check it out:
javascript  data  processing 
march 2015 by ryanpitts
Open Data – An Introduction | Open Knowledge Foundation
@iandees @derekeder @codeforamerica @sunfoundation @tomschenkjr Two reference bookmarks: and
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march 2014 by ryanpitts
Open Data Policy Guidelines - Sunlight Foundation
@iandees @derekeder @codeforamerica @sunfoundation @tomschenkjr Two reference bookmarks: and
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march 2014 by ryanpitts
style.org > The Weight of Rain
RT @derekwillis: "So when I’m looking at data, or working on an explanatory graphic, these are the moments I’m looking for."
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february 2014 by ryanpitts
How Not To Forecast Traffic | Sightline Daily
A cautionary tale: Know the context of your data before you try to estimate a trend. /via @sodito
data  trends  analysis 
december 2013 by ryanpitts
Well-formed data » Where the wild bees are
RT @datatelling: This is so good. @moritz_stefaner's write up of his process creating a vis of bee populations for @sciam:
data  dataviz  process 
december 2013 by ryanpitts
City of Spokane - GIS Data
@joegermuska I'd love to get Spokane neighborhoods in the queue too.
data  sources  spokane 
november 2013 by ryanpitts
Visualizations Beyond Mapping
My notes on data visualization this week were heavily inspired/ripped off from
dataviz  mapping  analysis  data  from twitter_favs
october 2013 by ryanpitts
SF Open Data: Your Favorite Restaurants Are Filthy | Reason Engine
RT @chasedavis: Hey data journalists: Wanna see how a data scientist looks at restaurant inspex? Neat stuff here by @vagabondjack:
data  inspections 
september 2013 by ryanpitts
Seven dirty secrets of data visualisation | Feature | .net magazine
One of the first questions when considering a visualization: “Why is this better than a bar chart?” /via @knightlab
data  visualization  charts 
february 2013 by ryanpitts
Gun Violence in America: The 13 Key Questions (With 13 Concise Answers) - Jonathan Stray - The Atlantic
"Everything you always wanted to know about Gun Violence in America." My first piece for @TheAtlantic is a deep FAQ.
guns  crime  data 
february 2013 by ryanpitts
"The data are": How fetishism makes us stupid
Pedantry, Dr. Johnson said in the Rambler, is the unseasonable ostentation of learning. And learning is never so unseasonable as when its display impedes the workaday business of making sense.
data  grammar  language 
january 2013 by ryanpitts
jq json processor
jq is a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor.
json  cli  tools  data  commandline 
november 2012 by ryanpitts
Brian Boyer: Welcome to Hacker Journalism 101, take your seats » Nieman Journalism Lab
RT @JoeGermuska: Pleased to see @BrianBoyer put the 3 virtues front & center in Hacker Journalism 101 #laziness ...
data  journalism  toread  learning 
september 2012 by ryanpitts
Homicide Watch: An Interview | Contents Magazine
This piece on is such a good template for thinking about reimagining beat structures.
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september 2012 by ryanpitts
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