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So what IS the difference between porter and stout? | Zythophile
Good explanation of porter vs. stout: (In practice, stout often richer/stronger; technically there's no difference.)
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august 2014 by ryanpitts
Beer Sommeliers: Why beer deserves the same kind of expertise as wine. - Slate Magazine
Mentioned in this piece on beer culture and now on my wish list: The Oxford Companion to Beer
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december 2011 by ryanpitts
Cellaring: Technique » Beer Editor blog | DRAFT Magazine
Nice primer on cellaring. RT @draftmag: Mitch Steele of @StoneBrewingCo talks to our Beer Editor about cellaring beer.
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march 2011 by ryanpitts
CraftBeer.com | The Right Beer Glass
Nice guide to choosing the right beer glass for the job:
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january 2011 by ryanpitts

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