Elastic Sheet-Defined Functions: Generalising Spreadsheet Functions to Variable-Size Input Arrays∗
An algorithm to take user-defined functions in Excel which concern concrete ranges and automatically generalize them to accept arbitrary input ranges.
excel  languages 
2 days ago
Tree Editors
A great index of various projects related to tree-based editors, organization tools, and IDEs.
languages  ux 
4 weeks ago
Dan Ghica's Blog: Zippers for non-inductive types
How derivatives of types relate to zippers via the correspondence of type theory to logic and algebra.
10 weeks ago
I'm the founder of a company that is ~250 people, remote first, and still fully ... | Hacker News
Hashicorp founder Mitchell Hashimoto on the legal and HR challenges of hiring for and running a remote-first company.
hiring  management  remote-work 
august 2018
Great Management | Salesforce Trailhead
Management training open sourced from Salesforce
august 2018
xi-editor/crdt-details.md at e8065a3993b80af0aadbca0e50602125d60e4e38 · google/xi-editor
A thorough explanation of how the Xi text editor achieves multi-device and offline syncing via a CRDT that represents toe full history of all edits to a document such that concurrent edits can be merged in any order to achieve the same result.
distributed-systems  rust  data-structures  algorithms 
august 2018
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