Errata Security: C is to low level
Why modern CPUs support C so well and why hardware designed to be simpler and more directly support other language paradigms is an academic pipe dream.
compilers  hardware 
2 days ago
Complexity Explorables | Ride my Kuramotocycle!
An interactive illustration of a Kuramoto oscillator.
26 days ago
How do we make remote meetings not suck? – Chelsea Troy
Arguments why popular approaches don't always work to make remote meetings more inclusive and address the caucus problem, and a proposal to introduce moderation to meetings to better address it.
management  remote-work 
5 weeks ago
The simple essence of automatic differentiation: Differentiable functional programming made easy
Generalizing differentiable functions including backpropagation in neural networks and compiling functional Haskell programs to their differentials automatically using categorical constructions and a compiler plugin.
machine-learning  haskell  compilers  math  category-theory 
6 weeks ago
Two Chaotic Motion Demos « null program
A 2-body pendulum and a Lorenz visualization, together with deep explanation of how the author got the simulations running visually smoothly in WebGL.
graphics  art  dynamics  simulation 
9 weeks ago
Literate DevOps
Using emacs org-mode and org-babel to capture ops steps and small scripts in a literate style with rich comments.
sysadmin  emacs  ops 
11 weeks ago
Resource Polymorphism
We present a resource-management model for ML-style programming languages, designed to be compatible with the OCaml philosophy and runtime model. This is a proposal to extend the OCaml language with destructors, move semantics, and re- source polymorphism, to improve its safety, efficiency, interoperability, and express- iveness. It builds on the ownership-and-borrowing models of systems programming languages (Cyclone, C++11, Rust) and on linear types in functional programming (Linear Lisp, Clean, Alms). It continues a synthesis of resources from systems pro- gramming and resources in linear logic initiated by Baker.
compilers  languages  ocaml 
11 weeks ago
Bazel Fawlty
A fairly scathing experience report and review of the Bazel build system.
compilers  teams 
11 weeks ago
Constructing human-grade parsers
Some notes on writing language parsers that can parse past syntax errors and collect multiple errors in one parse.
compilers  parsing  languages 
11 weeks ago
Reach for Markdown, not LaTeX - Bits, Bytes, and Words
Some handy pandoc templates which can let you avoid typesetting directly in latex and use markdown instead for common use cases.
february 2018
Pyrofex | Azimuth
An application of category theory to computation involving the lambda calculus, 2-categories, and a startup.
type-theory  category-theory 
february 2018
Meanderful: The accidental HFT firm
An extensive account of a number of clever hacks done to reduce latency and make money in high-frequency trading in Korea.
performance  networking 
january 2018
MiniAgda Home Page
MiniAgda is a toy implementation of a dependently typed functional programming language. It is purpose is to try out extensions to Type Theory, such as: coinductive types, sized types for termination, extensionality for record types, erasure, subtyping.
agda  languages  compilers 
january 2018
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