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StoutLogic/acf-builder: An Advanced Custom Field Configuration Builder
An Advanced Custom Field Configuration Builder. Contribute to StoutLogic/acf-builder development by creating an account on GitHub.
wordpress  web  development  acf  fields  builder  package 
2 days ago by rwintle
How to clean a hacked WordPress website
Our guide to fixing hacked WordPress sites, goes through all the stages you need to consider when dealing with a compromised website.
34sp  hosting  wordpress  web  development  hacked  hacks  security  process  procedure 
5 weeks ago by rwintle
WordPress Database Upgrade Phishing Campaign
Never trust an email that asks you to perform an action that you didn’t request
wordpress  phishing  spam  email  security  scam  passwords 
6 weeks ago by rwintle
ACF | Local JSON
Local JSON is a new feature added in version 5 which saves field group and field settings as .json files within your theme. The idea is similar to caching, and both dramatically speeds up ACF and allows for version control over your field settings! Getting started To start using the local JSON feature, simply create
web  development  wordpress  plugins  acf  export  import  json  load  files  fields 
8 weeks ago by rwintle
Astra – Fast, Lightweight & Customizable WordPress Theme for Any Website
Looking for WordPress theme that's fast, elegant & customizable? Meet Astra! It's customizer powered, SEO friendly and compatible with major page builders.
wordpress  theme  web  design  shop 
10 weeks ago by rwintle
WordPress is at a Crossroads – Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
I’ve been a WordPress user for nearly 14 years. I’ve watched as it has grown from a plucky little blogging platform struggling to compete with MovableType to become the dominant content management…
wordpress  business  platforms  web  internet  publishing  commentary  future 
10 weeks ago by rwintle
ACF | The State of ACF in a Gutenberg World
The big event is finally within sight: WordPress 5.0, featuring the new Gutenberg editor, is coming soon. And all of the emotions leading up to this release are quite unlike anything we’ve seen in the world of WordPress. Feelings are all over the spectrum, from those who are absolutely giddy with excitement to those
acf  wordpress  plugins  gutenberg  blocks  web  development 
august 2018 by rwintle
Learning Gutenberg: Series Introduction | CSS-Tricks
Hey CSS-Tricksters! 👋 We have a special long-form series we’re kicking off here totally dedicated to Gutenberg, a major change to the WordPress
wordpress  tutorial  blocks  gutenberg  javascript  web  development 
june 2018 by rwintle
The Ultimate Guide to WordPress and GDPR Compliance (in Plain English)
Wondering if WordPress is GDPR compliant? Looking for the best GDPR plugin for WordPress? Not sure what you need to do about GDPR? We have got you covered!
wordpress  gdpr  dataprotection  privacy  guides 
june 2018 by rwintle
ylletjs/yllet: Yllet is a set of packages for the WordPress API for both React and non-React projects
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
web  development  wordpress  axios  javascript  library  rest  api  react 
april 2018 by rwintle
norcross/airplane-mode: Disables external data calls and loading for working on a purely local (i.e. no internet connection) WordPress site
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
wordpress  plugin  web  development  local  http  block  airplane 
april 2018 by rwintle
billerickson/BE-Disable-Gutenberg: Turns off the new content editor in WordPress 5.0, code-named Gutenberg
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
wordpress  gutenberg  disable  web  development  plugins 
march 2018 by rwintle
rangiTM/sage at 8.5.3
sage - WordPress starter theme with a modern development workflow
sage  wordpress  web  development  bootstrap  bootstrap4  starter  themes 
february 2018 by rwintle
Diving Into the New Gutenberg WordPress Editor (Pros and Cons)
WordPress might soon get a refresh for publishers! Check out our deep dive into the new Gutenberg WordPress editor, as well as some pros and cons.
wordpress  web  development  gutenberg 
january 2018 by rwintle
GaryJones/Gamajo-Template-Loader: A class to copy into your WordPress plugin, to allow loading template parts with fallback through the child theme > parent theme > plugin.
Gamajo-Template-Loader - A class to copy into your WordPress plugin, to allow loading template parts with fallback through the child theme > parent theme > plugin.
wordpress  web  development  plugin  template  load  loader  library 
january 2018 by rwintle
Publisher WordPress Theme • Array
Featuring a responsive, masonry-style layout, Publisher is an eclectic scrapbook of photos, videos, audio and more.
wordpress  web  design  development  shop  themes 
january 2018 by rwintle
Gutenberg Development Course – Learn how to develop with the new WordPress Gutenberg Editor – from Educator Zac Gordon
The Gutenberg Editor will be ready for WordPress Core in April 2018.  Will You?Learn from expert educator, Zac Gordon, how to develop with the new Gutenberg editor.This video course will get you up and running with the fundamentals of Gutenberg Development and expose you to various migration paths to make your existing sites, themes and…
wordpress  tutorial  web  development  courses  gutenberg 
december 2017 by rwintle
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