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Astra - WordPress theme |
Popular WordPress theme that might be a good wrapper for a page builder
web  development  wordpress  themes 
yesterday by rwintle
An 101 introduction to Laravel Vapor // Stefan Bauer
Setup tutorial/run through for Laravel Vapor with initial impressions
laravel  web  development  vapor  serverless  tools  guide  tutorial 
yesterday by rwintle
Pricing | Mighty Networks
Don't know why I'm bookmarking membership/knowledge-sharing/education platforms. May be useful for someone at some point
online  business  platform  education  courses  web  tools  marketing  community  membership 
4 days ago by rwintle
Create, Market & Sell with the #1 Online Course Platform: Thinkific
Don't know why I'm bookmarking membership/knowledge-sharing/education platforms. May be useful for someone at some point
online  business  platform  education  courses  web  tools  marketing  community  membership 
4 days ago by rwintle
Home - Bots For Charity
Interesting Charity Chatbot setup using ManyChat
charity  web  development  chatbots  bots  chat  messenger  tools  fundraising  donations 
9 days ago by rwintle
WhatsApp Link Generator
Great little WhatsApp sharing link generator
web  development  whatsapp  sharing  link  messenger  generator 
10 days ago by rwintle
Native lazy-loading for the web  |
Yes! Native image lazy loading - this has all the FAQs and polyfills and stuff
performance  chrome  image  lazyload  web  development  frontend 
10 days ago by rwintle
Fast Software, the Best Software — by Craig Mod
A well-written and easy read about "fast software" via MasterWP newsletter
web  software  development  speed  performance  usability  applications 
10 days ago by rwintle
simple-google-analytics-tracking/simple-ga-tracking-output.php at master · dustyndoyle/simple-google-analytics-tracking
A really simple option for WordPress Google Analytics with a filter to disable - could be combined with a cookie notice?
wordpress  web  development  plugins  analytics  google  simple 
10 days ago by rwintle
Scriptless Social Sharing – WordPress plugin |
WordPress plugin for scriptless, tracking-less social sharing buttons - via @webdevlaw
web  development  wordpress  social  sharing  buttons  plugin  privacy 
15 days ago by rwintle
cuisine-wp/wp-table-migrations: Create laravel-style database migrations in WordPress
Library for bringing Laravel-style custom table migrations and database seeding into WordPress
migration  web  development  database  merge  staging  upgrade  seeding  library  wordpress  laravel 
17 days ago by rwintle
Syncing WordPress Database Changes Between Environments: How We Handle Merging in 2019
Iain Poulson of Delicious Brains reviews the database merging scene and explains how he does this job, complete with links to some useful packages
database  web  development  deployment  merging  changes  sync 
18 days ago by rwintle
Photopea | Online Photo Editor
Free online photo editor compatible with Photoshop and Sketch files - via @smashingmag
online  editor  image  photoshop  psd  web  tools  alternative 
19 days ago by rwintle
Mailchimp to Sendy: How I Cut Email Costs by 100x -
How switching from Mailchimp to Sendy can save you lots of money for your email lists
web  development  sendy  mailchimp  alternative  cheap  email  tools 
19 days ago by rwintle
Back to the :roots
Some useful CSS tips including some for custom properties and currentcolor
cascade  css  web  development  tips  custom-properties 
19 days ago by rwintle
Nonprofits & Charities: What You Need to Know About the Latest ICO Guidance | Torchbox
Excellent write up on new cookie rules for analytics and non-essential cookies as they apply to charities
charity  web  development  cookies  analytics  privacy  consent 
19 days ago by rwintle
Learn to code exercises for 50 languages of all sorts
development  programming  learning  code  exercise  web  languages  education 
20 days ago by rwintle
Better Search UX Through Microcopy
Very useful pointers and stats on on-site search
web  development  design  search  tips 
21 days ago by rwintle
Glide – Amazing apps from Google Sheets
Amazing tool for generating web apps from Google Sheets (via @smashingmag)
tools  apps  design  generator  app  google  sheet  spreadsheet  web  development 
26 days ago by rwintle
Paaatterns! for Free
Bright, colourful, free background patterns via @smashingmag
web  design  backgrounds  inspiration  colour  free 
26 days ago by rwintle
The Great Divide | CSS-Tricks
Classic article on front end development, job titles, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and so on
development  html  front-end  coding  jobs  web  css  javascript 
4 weeks ago by rwintle
Social network for positivity, cooked up by @cssgareth in about 4 hours
apps  positivity  mindfulness  socialnetwork  web 
5 weeks ago by rwintle
Tickera - WordPress event ticketing system
Nice-looking WordPress plugin for events and bookings and tickets - look out for the dodgy refund policy.
wordpress  event  events  ticket  bookings  web  development  plugins 
5 weeks ago by rwintle
Tito | Simple, powerful, event software
Alternative to Eventbrite - events management software
software  event  service  events  bookings  web  online  tools 
5 weeks ago by rwintle
Blog: Cookies – what does ‘good’ look like? | ICO
The ICO's blog on updating cookie consent recommendations
ico  cookies  privacy  web  development  security  consent 
5 weeks ago by rwintle
Percy | Visual testing as a service
Visual regression testing service, via MasterWP newsletter
development  web  ui  testing  ci  visual  screenshot  regression 
6 weeks ago by rwintle
The perils of functional CSS (atomic CSS) | Browser London
Interesting critique of functional CSS like Tailwind, via @changelog
tailwind  web  development  css  frameworks  semantic  functional  atomic  bem 
6 weeks ago by rwintle
Should Chatbots Replace Forms On Mobile? — Smashing Magazine
Interesting discussion on the pros and cons of chatbots replacing forms
article  forms  chatbots  web  development  research  bots  messenger  facebook 
8 weeks ago by rwintle
WordPress Directory Searcher - WPdirectory
Search the WordPress plugin and theme repo for pretty much anything
web  development  reference  search  plugins  themes  wordpress 
8 weeks ago by rwintle
How to Use the Web Share API | CSS-Tricks
Article on how to use the web sharing API to use native share sheets in some browsers
web  development  api  sharing  javascript  share  browser  native 
8 weeks ago by rwintle
Helpful explanation of how and why to make a REAME for open source projects, and a boilerplate to get you started, via @marcelpociot
web  development  programming  tools  opensource  documentation  readme 
8 weeks ago by rwintle
Keep a Changelog
Helpful explanation of how and why to keep a changelog for open source projects, and a boilerplate to get you started, via @marcelpociot
development  web  programming  documentation  changelog  opensource  tools 
8 weeks ago by rwintle
TLDRLegal - Software Licenses Explained in Plain English
Site the explains what you can and can't do with various open source licenses, via @marcelpociot
software  opensource  license  legal  tools  reference  web  development 
8 weeks ago by rwintle
Choose an open source license | Choose a License
Helpful site that helps you choose an open source license to use via @marcelpociot
programming  web  development  opensource  license  list  tools  reference 
8 weeks ago by rwintle
Gutenberg Block Kit on glitch
A sandbox for developing/testing Gutenberg blocks - remix the Glitch project to make your own block.
wordpress  gutenberg  block  web  development  js 
9 weeks ago by rwintle
Convert a Color – HEX, RGB, HSL, CMYK
Neat tool for converting between colour code units
web  design  development  colours  converter  conversion  tools  HSL 
9 weeks ago by rwintle
198 Point SEO Audit Checklist for 2019 | iQ SEO™
Comprehensive-looking SEO audit checklist from @iqseo
web  development  seo  audit  checklist  google  search 
10 weeks ago by rwintle
Caleb Porzio's dynamic, interactive zero-JS framework thing finally has a homepage and docs.
laravel  javascript  web  development  framework 
10 weeks ago by rwintle
UsersWP - Free & Lightweight user profile plugin for WordPress
A plugin for front-end user login, profile editing and stuff. Not seen this before. Looks good. Lots of add-ons.
wordpress  web  development  users  profile  membership  plugin 
10 weeks ago by rwintle
Love this functional JavsScript. James Sinclair explains array.reduce() brilliantly.
javascript  development  array  coding  functional  web 
10 weeks ago by rwintle
Fork - a fast and friendly git client for Mac and Windows
Nice looking GUI-based Git client - free?! Really?!
git  apps  mac  windows  osx  macos  tools  web  development  gui 
12 weeks ago by rwintle
Tweakr - The fastest way to get visual feedback.
Tool for drawing on images to give feedback on designs
desgin  web  feedback  markup  ui  mockup  tools 
may 2019 by rwintle
Time To Ditch Mailchimp? | David Gaughran | Book Marketing Advice
Scathing write up of MailChimp’s 2019 changes, including some GDPR stuff and lists of alternatives
mailchimp  tools  internet  email  changes  business  web 
may 2019 by rwintle
Digital Psychology
A free library of psychological principles and examples for inspiration to enhance the customer experience and connect with your users. From @danistefanovic and via @smashingmag
design  ux  psychology  usability  digital  web 
may 2019 by rwintle
Shorthand comparisons in PHP -
Quick reference for shorthand comparisons in PHP: short ternary, null coalescing, and spaceship!
php  reference  web  development  coding  quick  shorthand  null 
may 2019 by rwintle
PHP in 2019 -
Overview of modern PHP with some useful links to language features and external tools
languages  programming  php  commentary  web  development  review  coding 
may 2019 by rwintle
tightenco/parental: Use single table inheritance in your Laravel app
Laravel package for single table inheritance. Fixes all the problems that you didn’t know you had when creating sub-classes of Eloquent models.
model  laravel  web  development  package  tighten  database 
may 2019 by rwintle
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