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Artificial Intelligence’s ‘Black Box’ Is Nothing to Fear - The New York Times
--overly simplifying article. Yes, experts do have their _black box_ heuristics but they are benchmarked by institutions. What we need is a trade school for robots;) and a certification exam for those systems after they get through their school.
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january 2018 by rvenkat
AUTOMATING INEQUALITY by Virginia Eubanks | Kirkus Reviews
-- As long as they are open, transparent and regulated, I see no problem with an automated bureaucracy. I understand the concerns but I am becoming increasingly numb to this monotonous tone of the critics. Then again, bureaucracy is never known to operate under openness, transparency and sensible regulations to go along with it.

Technology has been mostly good to humankind and there is no reason to expect that *this* is going to be any different. But who knows, maybe civilization will end in a catastrophic *core dump*...
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december 2017 by rvenkat
Bitcoin’s boom is a boon for extremist groups - The Washington Post
-- The article completely ignores the fact that bitcoin and _dark web_ is a boon for social activists all around the world. And implications for further surveillance of all transactions (good or bad) is completely unaddressed. A courtesy opinion from Tufekci might have helped. There are problems with the promise of blockchain technology but the tone suggests a irrational fear.
cryptocurrency  alt-right  market_microstructure  surveillance  democracy  extremism  social_movements  WaPo  phobia  moral_panic 
december 2017 by rvenkat
Why we need to learn to trust robots - The Boston Globe
--Intelligent recommendation systems for food-wine pairings and other interesting examples illustrating our distrust of robotic and other autonomous systems.
technology  phobia  machine_learning 
september 2015 by rvenkat
A critic’s second thoughts on robo-writing - The Boston Globe
Nice Q&A with a skeptic-turned-convert to automation in essay grading-advice systems.
technology  machine_learning  phobia 
september 2015 by rvenkat

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