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There’s a way to know if Russia threw the election to Trump - The Washington Post
-- Sinan Aral and Dean Eckles tackle this issue. I remain skeptical but what do I know. Looking forward to watching the heavyweights fight.
causal_inference  i_remain_skeptical  WaPo  social_influence  democracy  us_elections  2016 
february 2019 by rvenkat
A billion-dollar empire made of mobile homes - The Washington Post
--Interesting though not surprising reappearance of feudal structures.
Are there economic and political theories answering the *how* and *why* questions?
privatization  capitalism  market_failures  economic_geography  inequality  institutions  democracy  WaPo 
february 2019 by rvenkat
Kavanaugh is lying. His upbringing explains why. - The Washington Post
--Surely, as the chair of sociology at Columbia, the author could have crafted a better article instead of virtue signaling and pandering to the *good* people.
distrust_of_elites  institutions  sociology  misguided  WaPo 
september 2018 by rvenkat
Shashi Tharoor: In Winston Churchill, Hollywood rewards a mass murderer - The Washington Post
-- Of course, I'll be called a race traitor and be accused of having internalized white cis-hetero partriarchy for saying this: Such hyperbolic click baits serve no purpose.
colonialism  history  20th_century  imperialism  britain  india  post-colonialism  WaPo 
march 2018 by rvenkat
Bitcoin’s boom is a boon for extremist groups - The Washington Post
-- The article completely ignores the fact that bitcoin and _dark web_ is a boon for social activists all around the world. And implications for further surveillance of all transactions (good or bad) is completely unaddressed. A courtesy opinion from Tufekci might have helped. There are problems with the promise of blockchain technology but the tone suggests a irrational fear.
cryptocurrency  alt-right  market_microstructure  surveillance  democracy  extremism  social_movements  WaPo  phobia  moral_panic 
december 2017 by rvenkat
What’s the difference between sexual assault and harassment? Let’s break it down. - The Washington Post
--Why oh why can't they discuss this completely in legal terms? It is as if they have to prove their humanity and allyship by displaying forced empathy and compassion, ruining an otherwise decent article.
discrimination  labor  inequality  law  legal_system  WaPo 
december 2017 by rvenkat
Why men sexually harass women - The Washington Post
-- So it has begun... genre of science journalism dedicated to the topic

-- propensity for sexual harassment test will become mandatory soon
social_behavior  gender  discrimination  violence  feminism  social_psychology  pop_science  bullshit  WaPo  dmce  teaching 
december 2017 by rvenkat
As a conservative Twitter user sleeps, his account is hard at work - The Washington Post
-- the writer seems to be rushing towards his deadlines. Article mentions companies selling bots without mentioning any details.....need to track them down.

Older articles on political bots

Here is one
us_politics  artificial_intelligence  twitter  WaPo 
february 2017 by rvenkat

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