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Touch of the Mind - by HanaSheralHaminail, ladymars (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang)
“While Vulcan food is technically edible to human, I am sure you will not find our food appetizing,” Spock told him as the other eyed his breakfast.

Jim snorted and rested his chin on his hand as he looked up at him from across the narrow mess hall table. “Y’know, you saying things like that just makes me want to try it out more.”

Jim was stubborn, so Spock relented easily and brought over a bowl of plomeek soup for him. His expression did not change as Jim experienced a whole range of emotions as he ate a spoonful of the soup.

“That tasted like hot, sticky seaweed juice,” Jim muttered as he poked at the bowl of green liquid with his spoon.

“I warned you that Vulcan food would not be appetizing to you,” Spock said as Jim took another spoonful despite the past and now present disgust in his face.

“It’s not that bad,” Jim insisted, though his strained demeanor said otherwise. Why the Captain was putting himself through this was beyond Spock’s scope of knowledge. He usually ate breakfast by himself in his ready room, stopping by the mess hall early and briefly to avoid the crowd and have a moment to himself before arriving at the bridge. The change in schedule did not make sense, but many things about the Captain did not make sense, thus Spock attributed Jim’s newfound curiosity for Vulcan cuisine to that.

Jim added several shakes of the saltshaker to his soup before taking the next bite, seeming more at ease this time. “We should eat breakfast together more often. Maybe you can try out Earth breakfast food. Try out scrambled eggs and bacon.”

“I would find that agreeable,” Spock said. It would be good to debrief before they arrived at the bridge, strategically sound. “But I do not eat meat.”

Jim grinned at the simple answer and nudged Spock’s shoe with his foot. “Tofu bacon then.”
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keelywolfe: Universal Translation
It had only been a minor detail, a calculation on the time frame it would take for the Enterprise to arrive at their next destination. He had expected Kirk to lean over him to look at his console, had braced himself against the light scrape of a fingertip or worse, a hand against him but he couldn't have prepared himself for the searing contact of a cheek touching his own. Only just brushing Spock's as he leaned in, the briefest point of contact but in that moment Spock had been filled to bursting with it, a rush of heat/want/need that poured into him from Kirk until he was overflowing and to his horror, a sound had escaped him, tiny and lost.

That broke the connection, Kirk turning to look at him at him, a frown on his face and there was only concern in his guilelessly pale eyes, as though such things as Spock had just felt weren't hidden behind them, as if he didn't know.

"Are you all right?" Kirk frowned, "You look a little...flushed."

And when he would have laid a hand on Spock's forehead, such a Human gesture, Spock moved away, only just preventing himself from flinching. Another touch so quickly on the heels of that one would have been more than he could stand.
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A Second Chance - by ayesakara
He knows this feeling, knows that this emotion, this sense of guilt he feels is an inherent human trait. Yet another shortcoming attributed to the deficiencies in his impure, hybrid nature. For there is no word for guilt in modern Vulcan. If he were a full Vulcan, he would not be feeling guilt. Such an emotional response would be deemed illogical. If he were a full Vulcan, he would not have made such a grave error, so as to be deemed guilty in the first place. If he were a full Vulcan, his control would never have slipped. He would never have allowed the bond to be formed this way.

Yes, there are degrees of guilt and Spock's is the worst kind imaginable.

The incident on Antara showed him the one lone thing that could finally ease his pain. A link, a true warrior bond, with a friend, a brother, with someone who could be even more. But the bond was formed without his intended's permission. Given a choice, Spock does not think Jim would have opted for this situation. Captain Kirk enjoys the company of females. Spock knows that, the whole ship knows that. The number of times the captain has flirted with Nyota is testament to where his preferences lie. He could not have possibly chosen Spock of his own accord, no matter how deep their friendship, their loyalty, their regard for each other. Not him, the blue-eyed, golden boy of Starfleet.

In his weakened state, in his greed, his ardent, aching hunger for a touch, any touch, Spock allowed this bond to form. The fact that he feels... contentment, harmony, pleasure, happiness in Jim's presence, in opening up his mind to the bond, proves he is guilty. He does not deserve any of this. He has not earned the bond.
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Stars Up Above - by vipertooths
Jim stares at the ceiling as Spock talks, roaming eyes always coming back to rest on its singular blemish, a small hole, almost unnoticeable if you're not looking for it. If he stares directly at it, it almost seems as if it’s breathing. He knows it’s just an optical illusion, but it unsettles and fascinates him all the same.

“-snowfall averages a total of one thousand four hundred thirty-two centimeters each month. While that amount is withstandable for a number of-”

He runs his thumb over the inside of Spock’s wrist, a gesture he’s done enough that the Vulcan doesn't bat an eyelash over it, simply continuing his disquisition. It’s calming, somehow, the easy intimacy. It feels right in a way Jim didn't realize something could; like finding something that fits perfectly into place after a lifetime of thinking there was no space to fit anything.

Can you hear me?

The hole in the ceiling morphs, grows, like it’s about to swallow the entire room, before it closes back on itself, returning to the small, breathing thing it once was.

He blinks rapidly and tries to quell the automatic fear that had bubbled up in his chest. The words were so clear this time, as if someone was standing in the room with them. It wasn't real, he reminds himself, forcing his fingers to move again. He draws aimless patterns on Spock’s skin for a moment before realizing that the room has gone quiet. His lapse in attention must have been obvious.
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Managing Subspecies - by sunryder (ST/The Sentinel)
“You know, if you really someone to ground your emotions on out there Jim, I’ll find someone who’ll fit the bill.” Pike went on to explain that pretty much anyone could be made useful on a starship, even if it was just helping out in the commissary or cataloguing things for botany, and even the world’s most useless person would be worth getting Jim on his boat. They were all really nice words and some part of Jim logged them down to say thank you later, but the rest of Jim’s brain was really more interested in the Vulcan who just walked in the door.

He was tall and lean, with pretty little points to his ears and hair that Jim wanted to bury his fingers in so he could mess it up. All that pretty wrapping was just a plus, because the Vulcan’s mind reminded Jim of the lake where he spent a summers when he was a kid, smooth as glass. Or maybe it was like standing in the middle of a corn field at dawn before the wind started to blow, or the time he drove into the desert on his bike, nothing but endless sky above him and the silent earth beneath his feet. Either way, Jim wanted to roll around in that mind and poke into every nook and cranny until he had the perfect words to describe it, then find out more and realize it was all wrong and start over again. It would be a lifetime of study that Jim was looking forward to.

Right in Jim’s ear, and in a voice not nearly quiet enough, Pike said, “That would be Spock. He would be the only Vulcan to ever join Starfleet and I want him for my Chief Science Officer. He hasn’t said yes yet, Jim.” Pike didn’t tell Jim to keep it in his pants, but his tone mean he didn’t want the dramatic aftermath played out on his ship. Though a Vulcan probably wouldn’t try and set Jim’s apartment on fire the way some of the other ex’s had. Jim had the ability to make even the most well-negotiated one-nigh-stands go haywire, but that wasn’t going to be a problem here. There would be no awkward morning after because this Vulcan was going to be the rest of his life.
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Mind Readers, Man! - by somepatriot / dothedeux
“Permission to beam down with the away crew, Captain?”

“Denied!” Leonard yelled before Jim could answer. “It’s only been three months since you were at death’s door! I’m not letting you beam down to some strange planet!”

Spock pressed his lips together and furrowed his brow, and that seemed to be the end of the conversation. Three months ago, it would have been. Instead, Leonard was bombarded by a surge of annoyance he knew wasn’t coming from himself.

You know that I am perfectly healthy, Spock said.

Sure, you’re not bleeding out, but we haven’t finished restocking all the blood we used for your transfusion. What if you need another one? You could die!

I have come in twice every month! There is plenty in supply.

Not enough for a class four hemorrhage!

“Gentlemen?” Jim interrupted. His eyes were flicking between Leonard and Spock as if he was worried for their mental health. “Is there something going on I should know about?”

Spock and Leonard simultaneously sent to one another don’t tell him! Leonard coughed and Spock shook his head. Jim looked puzzled.

“Fine,” Leonard said gruffly, trying to change the subject. “Beam down to the planet. Die there, for all I care.”

You owe me, Leonard sent to Spock. And you’d better not die!

Thank you, doctor, Spock replied. He glanced at Jim, the barest hint of a smile on his lips, and Leonard bit down a gag.
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Definitions - by WerewolvesAreReal
He wants to experiment with the bond, now that he fully recognizes its existence; but he also acknowledges that Spock will surely become aware of any attempts. He will probably not approve or be comfortable with the tampering. But he does pay close attention to the interactions between himself and his first officer, and what he finds is a little surprising.

He wonders how he never noticed it before, the way he catches himself thinking, almost randomly, “Spock is tired. I should make him rest.” Or, “Spock is awake. Let's see if he's up for a game of chess.” Or even, more eerily, “I need to get this to Spock – he's in the science labs right now.”

Strangely, no one else seems confused when he makes the mistake of voicing his assumptions aloud. Perhaps he's the only one who never noticed, then, because everyone around him seems to take his matter-of-fact knowledge as something natural.

Sometimes, more rarely, he thinks he can see why people call Spock cold. There are odd moments where he looks at Spock and the outside does not match the bond.
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Spring Blossom - by ashayam_spirk
He looks down at the baby, notes that although her skin tone is close to her father’s, it’s darker brown with red undertones, and he can’t see her hair under the cap, but he can definitely see the Betazoid-black in her eyes—intense, no way to tell pupil from iris. She locks eyes with him, and he feels serenity and contentment which makes him smile.

It’s enough to soothe his nerves and he turns his attention back to the conversation.

“…lost communications a week ago. The pod we picked up had two things. A holovid with her instructions, and the child.”

Both Jim and Spock go rigid with surprise, and it hits Jim that he’s not holding Bakshi’s child at all.

“We had a DNA scan performed, and it is confirmed the child does belong to Lieutenant Burnham,” Bakshi says.
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Captain Of His Soul - by pastmydancingdays
‘Aye,’ Scotty replied, leaning forward on crossed arms. ‘Would you like me to try and – ah – slow things down, sir?’

Jim couldn’t help but grin, noting with a rush of pride how nobody’s expression changed.

‘That’s good of you, Scotty, but no, thanks. I don’t think a few more weeks will make much of a difference – years, maybe, but even I can’t bullshit the Admiralty for that long.’

Sulu smirked, and Chekov outright laughed, and the tension that had built up around the table dissipated. God, Jim loved his crew. He dismissed them all with a lightness in his heart that hadn’t been there when he’d woken, watching them file out after one another until only he, Bones and Spock remained.

‘Nice work on the research, Spock,’ Jim praised, watching him gather up his padd. ‘I really appreciate it.’

‘It was simply my duty, Captain,’ Spock replied, his gaze cast low as he began to brush past Jim.

‘It was above and beyond, and you know it,’ Jim said softly, stepping sideways to intercept him. ‘Thank you.’

Spock hesitated for a moment, their eyes meeting with such intensity that Jim felt breathless, weak beneath that unrelenting, fixated gaze. Then, as if the connection between them had snapped, Spock jerked away, regaining his composure with a stiff incline of his head.

Stay with me, Jim thought, wanting it so keenly that he wondered if Spock might hear him beg for it, wondered if his touch telepathy might extend just that little bit more to catch Jim’s desperate thought from so close. But it wasn’t to be; with a murmured ‘Captain’, Spock turned away, and left without another word. As the doors closed behind him, and with only Bones remaining, Jim allowed his shoulders to slump.

‘Y’all right, kid?’ he asked, eyes that missed nothing flicking over his mournful expression. ‘You don’t look right.’

‘Thanks,’ Jim snorted, leaning back against the conference table with a lingering sense of defeat. ‘It’s nothing, it’s just…’

He nodded towards the doors, his next word spoken on an exhalation that was almost a sigh.

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The Fall and Rise of a Rom-Com Guy - by snuffleslove
“Reassign me,” Jim says, as soon as Spock is out of the room. And for years, Jim has been trying to come up with a way to surprise Admiral Pike. Check, he thinks miserably.

“What’s going on, son?” Pike asks finally, his voice quiet and kind. Jim flinches.

“Nothing, sir,” he mumbles, “That’s going to be my punishment anyway, isn’t it? I’m a pain in your ass and I don’t respect the chair, you said it yourself. Just - reassign me and promote Spock to captain of the Enterprise. You know he deserves it.”

Admiral Pike shakes his head slowly, staring at him in disbelief.

“I expected you to fight me tooth and nail on this, Kirk, not suggest it yourself - “

“Well, I won’t sir - “

“If something has happened, Jim, if there’s something wrong, we can - “

“There’s nothing wrong Admiral Pike,” Jim interrupts stubbornly, “I’ve made a mess, is all, and - “

“Son,” Pike interrupts, placing a strong on hand on Jim’s shoulder. Jim looks into his eyes and there’s an understanding there that Jim has never had and always wanted and - god it hurts to be letting this man down.

“I’m compromised,” he says finally, tries to keep his voice even but the words come out bitter with self-deprecation anyway, “When it comes to Spock I - I’m compromised, sir.”
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Emotions Outweigh Logic - by Stella_Notecor
Chekov sighs over at his console. “It is too bad we do not have any telepaths on board. They would be able to hide themselves mentally. I tried to learn how to do it, but it is hard.”

“I am a telepath.” Spock wonders why this had not occurred to him before. His emotions are distracting him. He must focus on logic. “I believe I have the skills to mask myself from the Trelofs.” The idea seems more rational with every passing minute. “I will disguise myself and beam down to the planet.”

Sulu shakes his head. “That won’t work, Commander. As soon as they see your ears, all the crewmembers will realize it’s you.”

And if they know it is him, the Trelofs will be able to read the crewmembers minds and discover him as well.

McCoy grunts. “Well, we’ve got to do something. Gellic said the crew’s going to be taken into custody as soon as the party’s over, so we’ve only got three hours to save them.”

Uhura bites her lip. “You could probably cover your ears with a wig?”
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All In - by little-smartass (Linxcat), spicyshimmy, summerofspock
“I’m ordering you,” Jim says finally - and this is it, that cornering push, a move that shouldn’t have to be made between friends, “To tell me what’s happening with you. This has nothing to do with us, friendship, whatever this is. I need a First Officer who can do his job and do it right, and you need to tell me what’s keeping your head out of the game.”

Spock’s pause is brief. Even he won’t argue with protocol or chain of command. It’s an order. Jim doesn’t like it, but he likes the alternatives even less.

“Very well.” Spock focuses on a point beyond Jim’s shoulder, eyes fixed on the far wall. “I have been informed by the Vulcan Science Council that my child is dying.”

It takes a good few seconds for Jim’s brain to catch up with his ears and by that point his mouth has caught on and dropped wide open.

“Your- Your what ?” Maybe he heard wrong. No; Spock said it. He definitely said it. My child. “You have a kid ? Since when? With who? Oh my God, Spock, is that why you and Uhura broke up? Actually, uh, no, sorry, that doesn’t matter - don’t answer that. Since when have you had a kid, Spock?”

Spock seems vaguely puzzled by Jim’s incessant babbling but he still can’t meet Jim’s eyes, which is when the second half of the sentence really sinks in.

“Oh, Spock,” he breathes, heart twisting. He takes a few steps towards him, hands reaching out, then remembers who exactly he’s reaching for and jerks them back. Spock’s gaze flickers towards him. “Dying ? Is that- That’s why you’ve been in pain.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  whoops  bonded  telepathy  progeny  new-vulcan  spockprime  mind-meld  shore-leave  pining  rejection 
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One on a Side, Two Together - by JackHawksmoor (T'hy'la Bang 2017)
The energy that was tearing them to pieces suddenly paused, easing off, but not entirely. It felt a little more like it had when it passed through Kirk. Almost like it knew Kirk was there.

Kikr looked down into Spock’s eyes and Spock looked up into his. The shared epiphany crackled between them. Could it be that simple?

Spock reached for him like Kirk was trying to pull Spock out of a well. His hands pressed against Kirk’s face and they were more than together, they were one person. There was an immediate rightness about that oneness that neither of him had time to examine.

An unpleasant humming noise rose around them and the energy brightened again. Then it swirled into the floor beneath him, soaking into the composite and vanishing.

The ship had registered that he was a telepath but that the rest of him wasn’t, and had backed off. Kirk looked down at himself in triumph.

It would be temporary, though. He couldn’t hold a mind-meld forever.

I have to stay together, somehow, Kirk thought, staring down at Spock, into his own eyes. He had to protect himself.

There was a part of him that knew how to do that, but was reluctant for foolish reasons. That part of him was much better at navigating through his thoughts. However, (to his delight) he immediately discovered that the rest of him was louder.

He felt a touch to a far off corner of his mind, soft and careful as a curious kitten. Something unfolded in response, shining white and beautiful.
st:tos  kirk/spock  off-world  captive  ai  telepathy  bonded 
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Anchor Me - by synia
Spock visits the Captain as soon as he has attended to the rest of his duties. Kirk is of course still in his quarters and Spock finds him sitting cross-legged on his bed, wearing grey sweats and a white t-shirt. It suddenly occurs to him that this is not the first time he has found his Captain in such a position, and only now he recognizes it as an attempt at meditation.

"Hey, Spock." The Captain smiles faintly "If you're here to relieve me of command I understand." He's had all day to prepare himself and not come off like even more of an ass to his First Officer, whose opinion of him must have hit a new low after the recent events.

"Lieutenant Sulu currently has the conn, Captain." Spock says helplessly not having foreseen this line of conversation.

"Come on, don't beat around the bush. You're here to tell me I was compromised and illogical. Look, I thought I just needed time to get it back under control. I couldn't imagine I'd end up collapsing three months after the fact."
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Change in Command - by scifishipper
The Captain strode ahead of Spock, his confident swagger showing a man who did not fear attacks from behind, particularly those of his First Officer. Spock had rarely seen such confidence before.

Once inside the turbolift, Kirk faced Spock, his eyes glittering green and gold.

“You might be Vulcan, but I believe I have surprised you,” Kirk said, smirking.

“Indeed, Captain.” Spock’s tone was deferential, as was his lowered eye contact. If this was a test, Spock meant to pass.

“I am full of surprises, Commander,” Kirk said, drawing his voice down to a heavy whisper. He moved then, stealthily, to face Spock and stood only inches away. “I have been told that you do not desire command. How can this be true? What man doesn't want it?”

“I do not desire the captaincy. I am much more content with my scientific duties. And, I am frankly content to be a lesser target.”

“Ah, so then the rumors are true. Have you never assassinated a superior then?” Kirk seemed to laugh at him.

Spock stared at Kirk, voice strong as he spoke. “While my intellect and experience were more than sufficient for the role of Science Officer, three years ago I became impatient. I enacted a plan to remove both the Science and First Officers from the command chain. With those positions vacant, it was only logical to step in to assist former Captain L’Egu by assuming both roles.”

Kirk grinned. “Good to know, Commander. I’ll make sure you are rewarded generously for your continued…patience.” Along with his words, Kirk pressed his palm against Spock’s genital region. The Captain’s breath was hot against his cheek and he felt the unexpected stirrings of arousal. It had been many years since he had been touched by a man in this way.

“At your peril, Captain,” Spock warned evenly. He held the Captain’s eyes and braced for violence.

“Ahh, Spock,” Kirk answered, his eyes gleaming with arousal and challenge as he stroked Spock through his uniform pants. “You will live or die at my command, and you will beg for my cock as I desire it. Your body and soul belong to me now.” Kirk gave Spock’s growing erection a sharp pinch. “Are we clear, Commander?”
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  mirrorverse  mind-meld  bodies  bonded  drugged  telepathy 
july 2017 by runpunkrun
Animal - by handsfullofdust
He is stripped down to only his thermal layer by the time he circles around the outer perimeter of the fire, uniform pants abandoned for the moisture-wicking shell beneath. The flames crackle with an intensity that is disorienting, casting long shadows into the night where dancers writhe and stomp.

He paces before the inferno, wondering if this is how the ancient tribes of Vulcan-that-was felt, whether they danced like small gods in the firelight, casting deep shadows in the cold desert night.

Deep memory thrums in his blood, pulsing so close to the surface, like each of his careful layers of civilization are being stripped away under the stifling heat of the place and the endless, low grade telepathic resonance. He thinks of blistering sun and chill nights and endless thirst in Vulcan’s Forge, trapped in tall canyons on a ghost planet that lives only in memories, both hunter and hunted. He stalks like a le-matya, coiled and restless, focusing on the flute-like piping that fills the spaces between the warm chatter of conversation.

Spock stops in his tracks and stares.

Jim is naked, laughing, with arms outstretched as a stout Hebredan cultural minister in similar state attempts to instruct him in the steps of a traditional dance. His face is screwed up with laughter, an expression that evidently translates well across species lines, because there is a radiant joy that seems to infect every Hebredan surrounding him. He is pink all over, sweating, skin flushed from the heat of exertion and the blaze of the fire.

Spock moves closer, picking his way through a throng of warm, dancing bodies to stand with the others caught in Jim’s orbit.
st:aos  kirk/spock  off-world  hot  rituals  firsttimes  telepathy  <3 
july 2017 by runpunkrun
Silent Stranger - by scifishipper (T'hy'la Bang 2017)
Spock carried him the kilometer and a half to the sand walkway that led to his house. Once inside he gently laid the man on the sofa on the sunroom and arranged a blanket around him. He noticed the sharp angles of his pale face, bruised and cut, but Spock could see the handsomeness lurking beneath.

Spock checked his pulse again and left the room to get his comm.

“McCoy,” came the gruff response Spock expected.

“Leonard. I have recovered a human male from the ocean near my home. Can you please come to my residence?”

“You what now?” McCoy asked.

“I have recovered a human male —”

“Yeah, I got that part. Is he alive?” McCoy cut him off to ask.

“Of course. You are a doctor who tends to living patients, no?” Spock had learned to verbally fence with Leonard over the years. After many strategies had failed, it appeared that sarcasm was the most expedient way to communicate with the man.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  spock&mccoy  earthside  amnesia  beach  telepathy  disability  h/c 
july 2017 by runpunkrun
Influence of Others - by derekstilinski
Jim goes to see him in his cabin during some down time. When he's allowed entry, he finds Spock at his desk, gloves laid out next to him. He's fiddling with a chess piece that they use for their game nights, turning it over thoughtfully with his fingers.

"Captain," He says in greeting, "Did you need something?"

Jim watches him closely, coming forward, "I just wanted to check up on you, make sure you were okay."

"I am fine, at the moment." Spock tells him.

"At the moment?" Jim picks up his gloves and leans against the desk, "You've been acting strange."

"I have had a series of more... vulnerable moments, the past few days. But I am still capable of my duties, I assure you." Spock replies, watching Jim's hands on his gloves.

"Vulnerable moments? Are you cold?" Jim gestures with the gloves, "Is that what these are for? Spock, if you need to bundle up, you can. Where's your issued sweater?"

Spock only answers the last question, pointing shortly, "In the drawer, there. It hasn't been worn in some time, on account of the hole. I do not like breaking dress code on the bridge with the gloves, Captain. But they are necessary."
st:aos  kirk/spock  telepathy  clothes  h/c 
may 2017 by runpunkrun
terra_lilly: What the Heart Wants
He looks down and sure enough Spock's hand is in his, palm to palm, fingers interlaced. He's not quite sure how that happened but he thinks . . .no he knows that letting go would be dangerous. They know that letting go would be dangerous, because somehow suddenly Spock is here with him, in him, through him. That alien did something and now Spock's telepathy is going haywire. He can feel everything, everyone, and he and Jim are so enmeshed right now they can barely distinguish one another. Their link is the only thing keeping them anchored. Somehow Jim manages to communicate this to Bones and so Spock is prepped for surgery right there, with Jim holding his hand.

It takes Jim a moment to realize what's happening, but once he does he tries desperately to shove the hopeless, yearning love he's been nurturing into a small corner of his mind where Spock won't notice it. It doesn't work ,of course, Spock is there, in that corner of his brain, every bit as much as he is everywhere else. He can feel the moment Spock recognizes the emotion for what it is, but everything is so chaotic and jumbled he can't read anything else from the Vulcan.

Time passes and it takes almost all of Jim's strength to retain himself within the link. This is necessary, Spock says, or they won't be able to recover at all. After a time he notices that other people are there. He hears Uhura crying softly in the background. At some point someone tries to get his attention but Bones is there, running interference.

More time passes. At some point Jim is pretty sure that someone sticks him with a hypospray but he is so lost in his own head (their own head?) that he barely notices a difference. Eventually, Spock manages to gather together the ragged edges of his control and unceremoniously boots Jim out of his mind.

He wakes up an indeterminate time later to a worried Chief Medical Officer, an 'understandably concerned' Starfleet Admiralty, and a list of urgent business a mile long. Spock is still unconscious, although according to Bones he's in a healing trance and would Jim, for God's sake, leave him to it and stop mucking around in his First Officer's head.
st:aos  kirk/spock  off-world  telepathy  infirmary  bonded 
april 2017 by runpunkrun
Deeper Down - by pepperlandgirl4 (sequel to "One Wing")
“Captain Kirk, I am sure that I don’t need to remind you of the significance of the date a week hence. As a result, I am at a loss to explain your refusal to grant Spock leave for his mother’s memorial service. I have checked with Starfleet, and Admiral Pike has confirmed that the Enterprise is not on a critical mission, and there is no other logical reason to deny the request. I hope to speak with you about this matter at your earliest convenience.”

Jim studied Spock’s face as Sarek’s message played, but it remained a completely impassive mask. He didn’t flinch. He didn’t look ashamed. He didn’t even look that interested. For some reason that fact annoyed Jim more than anything else.

“Why am I receiving this message? And why is the first I’ve heard of any request or memorial service?”


“Did you lie to Sarek to cover your own tracks?”

“I implied that I would not be attending the memorial service due to my inability to abandon my obligations on the ship.”

“What’s the real reason you won’t be attending?”

Spock’s gaze rested just above Jim’s shoulder. He didn’t answer, and his eyes didn’t flicker to Jim’s face.

“I asked you a question, Commander. Why aren’t you attending the memorial service?”

“It’s a private matter, Captain. And a private decision.”

“It was a private decision. Now that I’m involved, it’s my decision.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  bonded  rejection  earthside  meet-the-family  jealousy  captive  kirkprime  telepathy  infirmary  mind-meld  h/c  tarsus-iv  firsttimes 
march 2017 by runpunkrun
Dark side of the universe - by ximeria
After having stored his nondescript duffle bag under the bed, Spock sat down on the hard floor, meditation long overdue. While he could go for a long time without it, the past week and a half, spent looking for a missing James T. Kirk, had been taxing and he had not had the time he would normally set aside for it.

Focusing on his task, Spock let his mind work meticulously through the leads he had gathered up till this point. There had been more than one dead end through the last forty-six hours. It should not come as a surprise to him that following his captain's trail, when said man did not want to be found, would be difficult.

If Spock had been prone to worrying, he would be worried about Jim Kirk's behavior, but as it were, the only thing on his mind was the man's safety. No matter what Starfleet command insinuated he may or may not be involved in, Spock would reserve judgment for when he had all the facts.
st:aos  kirk/spock  on-the-lam  klingons  telepathy  h/c  bonded 
march 2017 by runpunkrun
Souls Lost at Sea - by deesaster
He doesn’t even remember when he realized what he feels for Spock. It’s kind of always been there. One day, as they were on some petty mission like the one they had before they dealt with Khan, he raised his head from his console, looked at the Science station and met Spock’s eyes in the briefest of locks. It was enough. ‘I’m in love with that gorgeous being over there,’ his mind had supplied. And he wasn’t even surprised by that life-changing thought.

Life went on. He’s not pining like a fool for Spock, at least not in the desperate way he used to. He knows better. His friendship with Spock is one of the most precious things in his life, maybe even the most, and he’s never considered jeopardizing it by doing something stupid. He’ll keep quiet, maybe for the rest of his life if he has to.

Because this isn’t some petty, passing crush. Spock’s it for him. He loves Spock.

And Spock can never know. No one can ever know. Not even Bones, or Scotty, or Sulu, or Chekov or God forbid, Uhura. Spock will never love him back that way, he’s come to terms with it. There’s no point in telling anyone, no matter what miraculous piece of advice they’d think they could give him. He just hopes to continue being Spock’s friend. It’s enough.
st:aos  kirk/spock  stb  rejection  pining  honesty  bonded  mind-meld  telepathy 
february 2017 by runpunkrun
Loud and Clear - by discospock (consultingasshat)
“So, see, it says here that Kollona is a desert planet, right? And I know we’re still a few days away from it, but I was doing some reading up on it and read that it has an extensive rainforest? Which would not make sense at all, obviously , but…” Jim’s voice faded out in Spock’s ears as he suddenly got a bright flash of thought through their skin to skin contact.

he probably thinks I’m so stupid, just going on about this

Spock blinked down at Jim, slightly startled and strangely unsettled by the fact that Jim would think something like that. He tried to tune back into what Jim was saying, but all he heard was “... and I mean, a bird that could breathe while in sand? Now that just didn’t seem right…” before-

if I keep talking will he just stay there? God, I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore, he’s probably listening to me go on about this silly planet and wanting to run as fast as those beautiful Vulcan legs can carry him

Spock didn’t think he could move right now, even if someone tried to forcefully remove him from his stance beside Jim’s chair. He struggled to catch what Jim was still saying, but his captain just thought so loudly -
st:aos  kirk/spock  telepathy  kissing 
february 2017 by runpunkrun
Bitter Dregs - by kinklock
“Do you always change… to meditate?” Jim asked, motioning to his robe. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear that.”

Spock had almost forgotten his state of dress. “Often, yes. You have not seen it because I have never broken regulation by wearing non-uniform clothing outside of personal quarters.”

“Quite right. That was foolish of me to comment on, Mr. Spock.” Jim lowered his head in an imitation of shame. When he looked back up again, his eyes were crinkled at the corners. “We both know you’d never break regulation, under any circumstances.”

The many times that he had, usually in service of Jim, passed between them unsaid.

“Indeed,” Spock repeated with another quirk of his brow, and Jim’s face split into a wide grin.

After such a warm welcome, Spock approached the lip of the sink. The drawer holding his cleaning supplies slid out towards him, and Jim slipped the toothbrush back between his lips. Its vibrations began anew, and Jim continued his vigorous scrubbing motions, which were not necessary given the brush’s capabilities, nor did they appear to be dental practitioner recommended.

Spock began his own, far less violent, teeth cleaning, which involved holding the implement in the correct areas at the correct angle for the correct durations of time. In the mirror above the sink, Jim’s eyes followed his motions, mouth crooked up at the corners. Though Jim often looked at him this way, it was usually provoked by him providing an estimate that Jim found amusingly too exact.

As he was not used to being so scrutinized, Spock dropped his gaze from the mirror and to the left, away from Jim. A mistake, as when he reached out to steady himself against the edge of the sink, his hand made contact with Jim’s.

Their eyes met in the mirror. Spock withdrew his hand, but not before he had heard a single, fond word through the touch, as clear as if spoken aloud.


Spock did not look back up into the mirror.

And, by his own diligence, he never again ran into Jim in their shared refresher room, though he suspected that at night, when he went to brush his teeth, Jim always left the door unlocked.
st:tos  kirk/spock  telepathy  flirting  mind-meld  firsttimes  off-world  ep-related 
november 2016 by runpunkrun
cards_slash: It Cracked the Insanity Scale
When it started with:

“But where did the Captain go?”

And ended with Spock’s eyes going wide, Bones had learned to prepare himself for the absurd, insane or life-threatening. More often than not, all three of those things simultaneously. Generally the real level of danger (or absurdity) was gauged most easily by the first words out of Spock’s mouth.

“Doctor,” Spock said, “I believe I know the location of the Captain.”

“Yeah, where?”

“Unless I am mistaken,” and Spock had never sounded quite like he was praying to be wrong before, “I believe he is…in me.”


“That is to say, I believe I am pregnant with the Captain.”
st:aos  kirk/spock/mccoy  mpreg  telepathy  2ndchildhood 
september 2016 by runpunkrun
cards_slash: How We Found Ourselves (sequel to "Willing") [1/4]
Sometimes Spock came back even when he said he wouldn’t, sometimes he got into bed with them and sometimes he slept sitting upright in the chair. Sometimes, when he was very upset, he didn’t. The morning alarm sounded to find Spock sitting in the chair staring at Bones.

Kirk yawned, sat up, watched Bones turning over face first into the pillow in complete denial of the morning. “Spock,” he said. “He’s fine.” That didn’t do anything at all to ease the tension in the bond between them. He rubbed his temple and tried to remember when Spock got less rigid about maintain absolute division of his two mates. In the beginning he refused to allow one of them to know what he felt about the other, he refused to open the bond between their minds if he was attending to the other. It might have happened gradually that Kirk became aware of Spock’s moods and knew him well enough to know when the sour dissension was Bones’ fault.

Could have been after Bones and Jim started having sex with each other there was no point in keeping them separate anymore.

They’d learned a lot in two years. There was a lot left they didn’t know. But he’d been in the middle of these piss fights before, he knew the only way to resolve it was to convince the bastards to touch one another and he knew that he worked like a social lubricant. It was pointless to fight now, Bones was exhausted and Spock was determined to prove that he was right while he worked to control his anger at being summarily denied.

“I aware of your opinion, Jim, but I do not share it,” Spock said finally. He stood up, tugged his shirt down straight and left the room.
st:aos  kirk/spock/mccoy  poly  mpreg  telepathy  angry  spockprime  progeny 
august 2016 by runpunkrun
Baby Talk - by yaoichan12 (ST/Look Who's Talking)
“I am half-Vulcan and my parent’s marriage, especially on Vulcan, is common knowledge.”

“Really, wow. I honestly did not know. So, you’re half-Vulcan?” Jim looked at him through this glasses, clearly interested in Spock’s heritage.

“I am,” Spock replied. He did not enjoy when people prodded about his parentage. He had been ostracized enough about it throughout his life.

Jim smiled big, “That’s amazing. I actually have been meaning to contact the only half-human, half-Vulcan. All I have are the public records of your mother’s pregnancy in science journals.”

Spock quirked an eyebrow, unsure of how this conversation was about to go.

Jim then stopped smiling, his eyes looked concerned, “Shit, I’m sorry. That sounded weird and wrong. It’s not about science or anything. I’m not looking to poke at you or anything. I just…well…” Jim scratched the back of his head and then continued with, “my baby…is half-Vulcan.”

Spock blinked and looked to Jim’s bump before looking back to his blues eyes, “You are bonded to a Vulcan?”

I wish I had properly introduced myself to you before. You could have been mine, Spock illogically thought, feeling, deep down, upset by the knowledge of Jim’s pregnancy.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  fusion  vulcan  civilians  mpreg  single-parent  earthside  telepathy  progeny  marriage  fuckordie 
june 2016 by runpunkrun
The Sufficient Cause - by mightymads
The man on the biobed looks very young and fragile, utterly defenseless without his energy and audacity. Jim. His face is ashen, half-hidden behind the breathing mask, vitals are off the charts, but his hand is warm to the touch. No more barriers. The link, which broke when they were separated by the glass, forms again, its tendrils entwine, expanding into a familial presence in Spock’s mind. The thin thread is mute and dark, yet it serves as one more proof that Jim is alive. Spock loses the track of time, just standing by the bedside and simply relishing Jim’s closeness. After a while, he hears the door open and soft steps approach.

“Good god, you look terrible,” says a tired voice with a Southern drawl. “I bet you’ve been up since yesterday without a morsel of food.”

“So have you,” Spock returns impassively as McCoy comes to the foot of the biobed.

“I think I had some coffee,” McCoy rakes his fingers through his mussed brown hair. The hazel eyes gaze pointedly at Spock’s hand which covers Jim’s. Spock finds that he does not care.
st:aos  kirk/spock  stid  earthside  infirmary  bonded  pining  telepathy  spockprime  winona  sam  meet-the-family  kissing  taking-it-slow  mind-meld  firsttimes  captive 
june 2016 by runpunkrun
Gotcha - by Ymas
He was just finishing his dinner when he saw Spock entering with a tray and sitting down at a table in the corner. Alone. Jim observed him for a moment. Impeccably dressed, graceful movements, neatly trimmed hair, distant, expressionless face. Nothing out of the usual. Then Chekov said something silly and a burst of laughter erupted from his fellow crewmembers. Jim grinned, too, even though, contemplating Spock, he hadn’t caught the joke.

And because Spock didn’t move, he almost missed something else, too. Spock’s glance darting over, eyes mostly hidden by dark lashes, lingering on Sulu who was holding on to Chekov, shaking with laughter. Was it disapproval? Or regret at being excluded? A wish to belong?

Before he even knew what he was doing, he was standing in front of Spock’s table.

Spock looked up at him inquiringly, and suddenly Jim felt very awkward. “Aahm… I just wanted to ask, do you… do you play chess?”

Spock’s right eyebrow hiked up a little. “Indeed I do, sir.”

“I… I was just feeling bored and thought maybe we could…” he stopped and slapped himself mentally. Spock as a boredom-cure! You’re doing great, Jimmy! But how do you invite your First Officer to your quarters if you haven’t done so in all the months you’ve already worked together? He gave a nervous laugh. God, he acted like a teenager asking a girl out on a first date.
st:aos  kirk/spock  telepathy  games  h/c  hugging  friends-to-lovers 
may 2016 by runpunkrun
Inside the River - by yeaka
Finally, he decides if he’s going to spend the rest of his life married to a beautiful stranger, he can at least start it right. He walks forward, at first stiffly, then gaining pace, as though drawn to Spock by magnetic force. He steps up onto the transporter platform, doesn’t stop, and instead leans in—the way he might greet a first date: a kiss on the cheek.

Spock jerks back, leaning at an odd angle to avoid contact with Jim’s lips, and Jim instantly stiffens back up, trying desperately not to turn beet red in front of Bones and Kyle. He hadn’t expected such a sudden movement from Spock’s prior rigidity, and he’s never been spurned so blatantly. He has the distinct urge to apologize, but Spock straightens before he can.

Then Spock offers two tentative fingers, held together. Jim curiously mirrors the gesture, and Spock brings his hand forward, touching their skin as briefly and feather-light as possible.

It’s enough to send a sudden spark of unbridled want up Jim’s spine. For that single millisecond, Jim feels whole in a way he never has before. Things are right, and perfect, and then the warm hold slips from his mind, and he’s simply Jim again, staring blankly at his future husband.

There’s a tiny glint of confusion in Spock’s expression, but he says nothing about the contact. Instead, he turns to look at the far wall, and Jim struggles to regain himself, announcing, “Energize.”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  marriage  off-world  shore-leave  beach  taking-it-slow  food  masturbation  sleeping/together  firsttimes  telepathy  bonded 
may 2016 by runpunkrun
raphaela667: Five Ways The Crew Found out about Spock and the Captain (st_xi_kink) [1/2]
She is a master of languages, and she's very proud of it. So she knows a lot about body language, and she knows a lot about verbal language. She also knows enough about telepathy to get on. And she knows that Jim Kirk was never a telepath before.

So when he starts doing this thing where he'll go over, and put a hand on Spock's bare wrist, and then pull away a good three minutes later without a word looking kind of sweaty, and they'll have made some batshit insane decision that she's pretty sure neither one could have come up on their own, she gets kind of suspicious.

When Kirk stubs his toe, and Spock lets out a Vulcan swearword - there's only three, and she knows all of them, but she doesn't like to think about how because that's behind them now - she is intrigued.

When Kirk takes to brushing past Spock on the bridge, his face screwed up in concentration, and then suddenly they have something really important to do, and the turbolift is mysteriously frozen between decks for the entire time they're busy doing it. She figures it out.

They are not subtle men, and she kind of considers telling everyone else, but decides that no one would believe her. And anyway, it'll come out in time, and that'll be pretty funny all on its own.
st:aos  kirk/spock  out  telepathy  update 
may 2016 by runpunkrun
Dream Deferred - by TDazz
"Jim," Leonard said gently, "it was just a dream. I'm not dead. You're not dead. Neither one of us is dying. We're not old. You've got lots of friends, and lots of life left ahead of you—"

"It was so real," Jim whispered.

Leonard reached for him and pulled him firmly into his arms. "Feel that?" he asked as he hugged him tightly. "That is real. Dreams may seem real, and that's why they're so disturbing. But if you think about them, they're not. There are always clues. Like the fact that you were both dead and alive at the same time. That can't happen."

"It wasn't anything like a dream though," Jim insisted. "It was like… it was like I was remembering it. Except it wasn't me remembering."

"Who was it?" Leonard asked.

"I don't know. I just know it wasn't me, because I could see me—"

"I thought you were dead?"

"Earlier. We were camping. You and me and… the other me."

Leonard pressed his lips against Jim's forehead. "One of you is enough," he said. "Come on, let's get some sleep. Morning comes early around here."
st:aos  kirk/mccoy  spock/uhura  dreams  ep-related  mind-meld  new-vulcan  bodies  bonded  spockprime  telepathy  threesome  kirk/spock/mccoy  h/c  poly  ot3  sarek  infirmary  death  <3 
march 2016 by runpunkrun
The Morning After - by noodleinabarrel (T'hy'la Big Bang 2016)
Spock was beginning to tire of observing the wide casting of the captain’s perilously loose net and the conflicts collected among its fraying weave. So, when the Enterprise arrived at Risa, an event much anticipated by the crew, their first expedition to the renowned pleasure planet, Spock reviewed the requests for leave. The captain’s usual cohort on shared leaves, Doctor McCoy, was not on the list. He questioned Kirk’s other social companions, Lieutenant Sulu and Lieutenant Commander Scott. Both reported plans that included other members of the crew. Nyota, a frequent confidant of Kirk’s, also expressed no knowledge of the captain’s plans.

Upon the gathering of this information, Spock found it logical to submit a request for leave.

Ten minutes after submitting the request, Spock felt Kirk’s body heat enter his immediate space. “You’re taking shore leave,” the captain's voice intoned with a raised hint of disbelief.
st:aos  kirk/spock  shore-leave  off-world  hotel/motel  sleeping/together  beach  pining  bars  drunk  marriage  bonded  morning-after  dreams  telepathy  friends-to-lovers  <3 
february 2016 by runpunkrun
In Your Mind - by Bam4Me (a bond so bright, it makes you squint #1)
Sybok looked off to the side of the viewscreen, cringing. “Uh, well, so far Spock seems to like it here. He uh… made a friend.”

Amanda’s eyes narrowed at her oldest –because, that’s what he was. Sybok was hers and no one could tell her otherwise. “Sarek, does he look a bit suspicious to you?”

Sarek looked like he was about to answer, standing over her shoulder and giving the communications device an odd look, when Amanda backtracked, “Wait, don’t answer that, you always think he looks suspicious when he’s not in telepathic range.”

Sybok looked like he was about to say something before clamping his mouth shut, looking wounded by his parents. He paused though, turning his head to listen to something out of view, before cringing. “Well, I guess in this case it’s not completely unfounded, but, I don’t think it’s my fault this time!”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  earthside  meet-as-kids  telepathy  sybok  winona  mccoy  bonded  vulcan  tarsus-iv  death  iowa  psi!kirk 
december 2015 by runpunkrun
steady as the stars in the woods - by estelares
It's just that there is one particular colour.

Jim turning to smile at Spock without warning, threads of translucent indigo glowing at the edges.

It’s not a mood, or an emotion – or so it seems to Spock, because it seeps through every little movement Kirk makes; and it’s not possible for anyone to hold on to one mood permanently, especially not this man, who gets distracted at the drop of a hat.

But there’s always this shade that always hangs around when Spock is there. It shimmers at the corner of his eye and flutters past him teasingly – What am I? Don’t you know me? – and the strangest thing is, when he’s with Jim he sees on himself too; a lavender flash past his eyelashes, stained lilac on the tips of his fingers, ghosting at his wrist and pattering with his footsteps like falling rain –

And sometimes, on quiet days, Jim would be sitting in Spock’s quarters, unusually still, perched on a stool on the other side of the chessboard – and he would look at Spock with a soft, warm expression in his eyes, goldenrod sunlight carding through his hair; borrowed light from a nearby star system. Shards of an almost luminous violet scatters around them that only Spock can see – then, whatever Spock was going to say gets caught halfway out of his mouth and he has to suppress this strange, fluttering feeling in his side and distract Jim by checkmating his king.

He doesn't see the same colour anywhere else, with anybody else.

It's is strangely beautiful, and hauntingly familiar – but always just out of his reach.

Spock needs to find out what it is.
st:aos  kirk/spock  flowers  telepathy  drunk 
december 2015 by runpunkrun
Of Sentinels and Anchors - by CorpusInvictus
He is seventeen years old, and his life is no longer his own.

His mornings are ruled now by a series of hyposprays and medication, a ten minute ritual of sharp stings in the side of his neck and the horrible aftertaste of bile he gets after swallowing the half dozen pills he has to take to remain stable. In its own twisted way, though, it’s helped him get into the militarized routine he must follow in order to fit in here.

Starfleet contacted him shortly after he earned his diploma, the remainder of his schooling years spent as a self-taught hermit in his mother’s home. He couldn’t return to the site of his telepathic breakdown, and no other school wanted to admit an unstable mind reader who could go off the bend at the slightest touch. His mother even went so far as to contact Sarek’s family to beg for help, but the Vulcans wanted nothing to do with the half-blood abomination. So he spent two years hiding in his room, riding out the side effects of his medication and fighting his way back to academic brilliance. It’s harder now, with the far-reaching tendrils of his mind forced into chemical submission; he can barely sort through his own thoughts, they’re so muffled. But for two years he battles his way back to some semblance of normalcy – or what passes for normalcy when you’re a half Vulcan hybrid with no sense of control.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  spock  telepathy  fuckordie  bonded 
november 2015 by runpunkrun
The Fall of the Veils - by lettered
Malfoy opened the folder. From what Harry could see over Malfoy’s shoulder, it contained the case file on Hannah Abbott—where she had been found, interviews with the people who had seen the body, pictures.

Narang was watching them read the file. “They said a curse killed her,” she said, after a long moment. Harry could feel the sour swing of emotion that came with her words. “I suppose at least you’re back to killing your own kind.”

“That’s not true,” Malfoy said. “We still kill fairies and unicorns and rainbows for sport.”

Narang glanced at Harry. “He always like this?”

“Not really,” Harry said. “Usually he’s quite sweet, really. It’s only when one of our colleagues dies that he gets slightly sarcastic.”

“Huh.” Narang’s face was blank, but the aggression that had been in her emotions was slowly twisting. “I suppose it’s your business now, innit? Doesn’t matter to me. You Magicals can just go magic yourself to death, for all I care.”

“I’ll be really sarcastic then,” Malfoy said earnestly.
hp  harry/draco  war  afterthewar  aurors  magic  muggles  politics  telepathy  rejection  pining  asexual 
july 2015 by runpunkrun
Truffles, Noble Lord of the Sky - by megyal (Glompfest 2013)
Draco clutched the wall with one hand, his heart thumping almost painfully in his chest. He turned around very slowly. Almost out of sight around the turn, Potter sat a few steps above the landing. Without Truffles' impressive vision, Potter appeared exceedingly ordinary. Draco watched as Potter tilted his head and his mouth felt very dry.

"You've no shoes on," Potter pointed out, very mildly.

"How observant of you," Draco said, and kept his own tone as even as possible. "Not that it's any business of yours, so I'll leave you to--"

"Have you seen a snake around here?" Potter cut in, his thick eyebrows raised slightly. "A winged one. Very pretty."

Draco swallowed so quickly that there was almost an audible click in his throat. "No, Potter," he managed to choke out. "I haven't seen your bloody snake."

Potter sighed and stood up. "Pity," he said and walked past Draco, so close that his sleeve brushed against Draco's. "It won our race, so I owe the bloody snake a kiss."
hp  harry/draco  afterthewar  hogwarts  8thyear  cursed  werethings  snakes  whoops  telepathy 
june 2015 by runpunkrun
For The Way - by sunryder (K/S Big Bang 2013)
Uhura broke up with Spock on a Tuesday. Yes, this was the reason Jim was in a Betazoid prison on Friday.
st:aos  kirk/spock  breakup  shore-leave  beach  telepathy  bars  drunk  friends-to-lovers 
january 2015 by runpunkrun
This is Probably a Terrible Idea - by statamater
Nothing was going to get him down. Nope. James Kirk was going back to the Enterprise, then he was going to find that seriously emotionally compromised Vulcan and tell him to get the hell out of the captain’s chair (and into his bed.)

But then it all went to shit.

After six months of suffering in silence, except for occasional and entirely unsatisfying encounters with random aides, Kirk does the only logical thing he could possibly do. He decides he is going to seduce Spock, Starfleet fraternization regs be damned.

This, surprisingly, does not go according to plan.

He starts slow and in the usual way. He spends all his off hours on the bridge or down with Scotty, wherever Spock is more likely to be. He pays undue attention in meetings and labors over all the reports. He lets the rest of the crew talk amongst themselves in his presence rather than giving in to his own Jim Kirk urge to boast loudly and live large. And he behaves himself, even when they visit that one planet and it turns out it’s the middle of their fertility festival and he could justify tomcatting around as an actual diplomatic mission. He learns several things for his effort. He learns that Spock does, in fact, have a sense of humor, and that he takes an almost perverse glee in a well reasoned argument, a well timed move, or a pithy one-liner. He also learns that Spock, despite not understanding the logic of making small talk, will gladly listen at length to the chatter on the bridge: Chekov’s endless sexual exploits, Sulu trying to explain the difference between foil and saber, Uhura debating grammar with anyone in whatever language they care to speak with her. Spock's happiness during these discussions is quiet, almost private, and Kirk would never have noticed it if he himself hadn’t been being so reserved. One day after Chekov told a particularly ridiculous story involving the time he discovered that Nurelapods are sequential hermaphrodites, Kirk looked back to see Spock smiling down into his console, and Kirk could feel the pleasure at simple company rolling off of him. After that he and Spock spend many hours sitting together, silently, listening to everyone else talk. It is fascinating.

Fine, Kirk thought as Spock gave Scotty the third degree. You want to keep playing this game? Not a great idea to play hard to get with a guy who really loves to get beaten up, and Kirk really actually does love to get beaten up. Once he thought about it, he realized doing it the hard way would be even better than a tearful reunion and a game of grab-ass in the corridor.

And, as he expected, getting Spock to freak out and throttle him was almost too much fun; partially because of the revenge and the nostalgia of it, but mostly because of the cheap thrill.
st:aos  kirk/spock  flirting  pining  telepathy  mind-meld 
december 2014 by runpunkrun
Detachable - by Janice_Lester
Wait, did Vulcans make sex-toys? Did they only pretend to be above that kind of thing?

And why was the idea of Spock with a dildo so intrinsically, so inescapably hot?

Jim’s musings were interrupted by the abrupt arrival of a flushed and decidedly discomfited-looking Spock. Holding out his hand. Looking as if he’d run all the way here from the other end of the ship. Breathing audibly.

“Captain, if I might—?”

Jim stroked the thing absently, wondering what he could say to get a reaction out of Spock. Who was actually chewing on his lower lip.

“Didn’t know Vulcans went in for dildos,” he offered.

Spock frowned ever so slightly—the I-am-consulting-the-dictionary-I-keep-in-my-brain-and-index-for-fun-and-profit look. “Am I correct in understanding a ‘dildo’ to be an artificial phallus intended for pleasurable penetration of bodily orifices during solo or partnered sexual activity?”

“You are.” Its little slit even produced faux pre-come. How cool was that? Jim ran his thumb over the slickness, admiring the detail that had gone into the fake foreskin. Spock gave a soft gasp, but when Jim looked up he seemed perfectly composed.

“Then you are quite correct, Captain. Vulcans do not ‘go in’ for them.”

Jim waved the dildo. It flopped accusingly at Spock. “Care to explain this little number, then?”

Spock’s eyelids slid down for at least two seconds. “That is my penis, Captain.” His arm was still out. “I would appreciate its return. My uniform trousers appear somewhat ill-fitting without it.”

Jim laughed. Then he boggled. Then he believed. “Your penis is—like velcro’d on, or something?”

Spock performed the Vulcan equivalent of an eye-roll. Which is to say, he tilted his head just so and one eyebrow twitched. Then he lowered his pants and underwear without a trace of self-consciousness, took his thing back from an unprotesting Jim, and slotted it somehow into place. For just a second, he had an impressive hard-on. Then it wilted to a semi as if Jim was the most unexciting company imaginable. Which kinda smarted, man.
st:aos  kirk/spock  bodies  telepathy  new-vulcan  t'pring  captive 
august 2014 by runpunkrun
How High the Moon - by kyliselle
Just before the scheduled end of alpha shift, Kirk appeared at Spock’s science station. “Spock?”

“Yes, Captain?” Spock inquired patiently, despite the fact that he was in the middle of several calculations.

Kirk took a deep breath. “Would you like to play chess with me tonight?”

His mannerisms and the tone of his voice indicated nervousness to Spock. Spock found it odd. He knew of no reasons why the captain of the Enterprise should be nervous on his own bridge, without an enemy in sight. “Negative,” he said. When Kirk did not leave immediately, Spock asked, “Do you require anything else?”

Kirk was staring at him. “That’s it? You just don’t want to play with me? No explanation or anything?”

Spock met the captain’s eyes. They were rimmed with red, and the blue was noticeably less vivid then it had been one month ago. “If you require an explanation, it is that I have plans with Nyota tonight.”

Kirk slumped. “Of course you do. Because you two are…”

He trailed off. Spock raised an eyebrow. “We are what?”

“Together.” It seemed difficult for Kirk to say it. “You’re her - her boyfriend.”

“That is a correct interpretation of our relationship. And I will not cancel my plans with Nyota in order to play chess with you.”

“Of course you won’t.” Kirk fell silent, his face unnaturally emotionless. The cocky smile and cheerful demeanor he'd had when Spock first met him were no longer present in any capacity.

It was illogical and impossible, but Kirk seemed smaller than he had a month ago. No – neglected. That was a more precise way to describe it. Like a plant that was not being adequately tended to; that was not getting the sunlight, water and nutrients it required. No doubt an unforeseen side-effect of the lack of sleep.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  kirk&mccoy  whoops  bonded  rejection  shore-leave  jealousy  h/c  telepathy 
august 2014 by runpunkrun
Hi, You Were My Husband in Another Life, Professor - by littlebirdtold
He sat on the bed, pulled out his PADD and quickly found what he wanted. "You're taking Introduction to Linguistics this term, right?" he asked.

McCoy nodded, frowning. "Why are you asking?"

Jim looked at the name of the instructor. He smiled. "Good. I'm taking it, too. It's still not too late to apply for the course."

McCoy gave him a suspicious look. "I don't like that smile. It's making me nervous."

Jim grinned. "You have nothing to worry about, Bones."

"Then who does? Dammit, Jim! What happened?"

"Spock happened," Jim bit out, putting the PADD away and stretching out on his bed. He glared at the ceiling. "He went to Barnett complaining that I was stalking him. Can you believe that?! He nearly got me expelled. He would have gotten me expelled if he went to another admiral. Everyone knows Barnett is a big softie compared to the others."

"Well, you were sort of stalking him."
st:aos  kirk/spock  alternatetimelines  royalty  professors  teacher/student  telepathy  mind-meld  t'pring  bonded 
july 2014 by runpunkrun
When Spock lost his telepathy…to Kirk - by verizonhorizon
Spock sniffled loudly then blinked rapidly, and Kirk stared, perceiving that the rapid blinking was a precursor to a small wetness developing in Spock’s previously unknown-to-exist tear ducts. He watched intently as the corner of Spock’s left eye shed a single tear, which worked its way down Spock’s downy cheek.

Spock blinked a few more times then touched two curious fingers to his cheek. “I appear to be…crying.” Spock spun around and turned on the faucet, pushing his blue sleeves up and splashing water on his face. He snagged one of Kirk’s fluffy white towels, sneezed again, and dabbed his face. “I apologize, Sir.”

“For what? A natural process? Your mysterious allergies are making your eyes water.”

“It is not a natural process for a Vulcan, Captain,” Spock informed him, his voice muffled by the towel that his face was still buried in. “This is a rare occurrence for me, since Vulcans can use the same control over their emotions to control some bodily functions, including tear production. My controls are not proving effective at this time. Additionally,” he went on, “the tears sting the protective filament Vulcans developed to protect their eyes from the desert winds that are—were,” Spock paused, “that were common on Vulcan,” he finished a bit lamely.

“I see. Well, don’t worry. Bones is done in the science labs with your team right now, and I’m sure he’ll figure out something to counteract the effects until they wear off.”

“Vulcans do not worry, Captain,” Spock said, but the effect was ruined by the fact that Vulcans don't cry either, yet Spock was definitely teary-eyed. A feeling of warmth and tenderness bubbled up in Kirk, and he wanted to wrap Spock up in a comforting hug. He took plenty of liberties with Spock’s person, not caring if Spock could read him through his touch telepathy, but hugging him might be overstepping it. Shoulder pats were one thing; hugging him while standing barefoot in a shower was another.
st:aos  kirk/spock  off-world  telepathy  psi!kirk  update 
july 2014 by runpunkrun
Five Ways Dating Spock Wasn't What Jim Thought It Would Be, and One Way It Was Even Better Than He Thought (or, Not Without My Vulcan: The James Kirk Story) - by feelslikefire
Vulcans are not simply more perfect versions of humans.

This fact should have been self-evident, but for some stupid reason, it wasn't. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Kirk spends the first 6 months of his command fantasizing about Spock instead of actually working up the nerve to make a romantic overture to him. Transitioning from "hating each other's guts" to "friends" to something more takes a lot of work, on both their parts, but it isn't until after they start spending the bulk of their free time together that Jim actually bridges the gap between the theoretical knowledge that Spock is a humanoid alien and truly understanding it.

Spock smells weird, first of all. Before Spock, Jim would typically spend maybe one night with a sex partner, two if he was really lucky, so being able to identify a partner's smell was a non-issue, but once he starts spending more nights in bed with Spock than not, Jim also starts to be able to recognize what Spock smells like... which is somewhere between a musky herbal scent, like tea-leaves, and something else altogether more exotic. Jim likes it. He also likes the discovery that Vulcans do all the same things humans do: urinate, defecate, and best of all, pass gas. The discovery that Spock shaves in the morning (albeit with a lot less frequency than Jim has to) is another source of rapture for Jim, a behavior that Spock doesn't really appreciate. After all, as his long-suffering Vulcan lover points out, Jim's gleeful delight in bodily functions speaks more to Jim's juvenile sense of humor than any actual xenobiological weirdness on Spock's part.
st:aos  kirk/spock  bodies  telepathy  marriage 
july 2014 by runpunkrun
Listen to Me - by blackchaps (post Tao of Rodney)
"We're not finished." Sheppard stalks out of Rodney's office.

Elizabeth looks after him and then right at Rodney. "Go after him!"

"He's not my friend," Rodney says, going to his desk, refusing to listen to where Sheppard is going.

"But you're his!" She points at Rodney's guts. "Now go!"

Her truth hits him hard, and he reels from it. He clutches his head, feeling as if he might break open from all the memories that assail him. His mistake is so obvious that it tears at him.

"Rodney?" she asks.

"I know!" He runs after Sheppard, extending all his senses and telling the city to shut down the transporters. Sheppard - John - leaves a trail a mile wide, but Rodney doesn't stop running until he bears him to the floor.
sga  mckay/sheppard  ep-related  ascension  math  telepathy  rejection  sgc  allergies  whales 
july 2014 by runpunkrun
Combien de Temps - by rabidchild67 (Kirk/Spock Big Bang 2013)
“Why do we only do this when one of us has nearly died?” Spock asked, finally putting words to the question he could never ask before, but which now was the only thing he could think of.
st:aos  kirk/spock  h/c  quarantine  captive  telepathy  stid 
july 2014 by runpunkrun
Dilithium and Dreams - by starandrea
Jim eyed him. “You’re being really nice to me,” he said. “I’m not actually dying again, am I? Did Bones make you promise not to tell me?”

Spock raised an eyebrow. “I am not the one who pressed this issue.”

“You’re the one who brought it up.” Jim stared at him, but Spock didn’t look away. “What do you want me to do, Spock? Ask you out? Challenge your girlfriend to a duel? She’ll win, you know; Hikaru’s been coaching her.”

Spock didn’t look impressed. “Such a strategy would be counterproductive, precluding as it does the possibility of the desired outcome.”

“What is the desired outcome?” Jim wanted to know. “Where do we even go with this?”

“I would like to know you better,” Spock said.

Jim snorted. “Well, all you have to do is ask. You don’t have to break up with anyone for that.”

“I think,” Spock said, quieter all of a sudden, “that is not my decision to make.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  spock/uhura  kirk&mccoy  infirmary  movie-night  poly  dating  mind-meld  telepathy  stid  earthside 
june 2014 by runpunkrun
Liberties - by centrifuge
Tragedy is not an opportunity. Spock knew this. He also knew where he would find the Captain.

There was no wake this time, and no scheduled shore leave, so when there was no response to his hail at the door, Spock used his override command and entered. At first, the room seemed empty, but the light to Kirk’s bathroom was on and the door was open.

“Captain?” Spock called tentatively, apprehensive at his own intrusion but needing to be there anyway. There was a heavy silence, then some shuffling, a clink, and:

“That you, Spock? C’mere.” Kirk was wedged between the sink and the toilet, his knees up to his chin, a bottle of rye in one hand and his PADD in the other. “Just writing up my mission report.”

“I can take care of that in the mo—“

“I’m trying to figure out whether I should phrase the cause of death as ‘gross negligence of a commanding officer’ or ‘he was a red shirt, these things just happen.’ They should really stop sending us those.” He looked defiantly up at Spock. “And I intend to finish this bottle.” Spock heard the unspoken Are you going to judge me for that? And sat down opposite him.

“It is customary to drink to fallen comrades. Would you begrudge me that honor?” Kirk squinted at him, then slid the bottle across the floor.

“I thought alcohol didn’t have any affect on Vulcans.”

“That is true, but I am half-Vulcan.” Spock considered this. “So I do not know, actually.”

“You never tried? Not even for science?”

Spock took a drink from the bottle, grimaced, and shook his head. “I had always assumed.”

They passed the bottle back and forth in silence for a while, and Spock felt himself responding to the alcohol in his system. “Interesting,” he said at last.
st:aos  kirk/spock  drunk  games  telepathy  kissing  pda  <3 
may 2014 by runpunkrun
Under the Milky Way, Tonight - by jouissant
"Just once," Kirk is saying. He's drunk. Nyota is drunk, too, and the music is a living thing, a throb that travels down the walls of the club and across the table and oozes into her wineglass. She imagines drinking the beats down, taking the pulses inside of her. Nyota is drunk, and Kirk is drunk, and she is looking at him and laughing. Spock is not drunk. Spock is…whatever he is when he's around intoxicated humans, which is awkward and kind of standoffish, to be honest. She loves him. She slides her hand over onto his thigh under the table, finds his hand and squeezes it to remind him. It's basically fucking, she thinks, but she's drunk and as such, as fucking such, she gets to be a little bit messy, a little bit human. He loves her anyway. He squeezes back. Because of, maybe.

Kirk claps a hand over his heart, feigning hurt at her laughter. She's not sure when this became a thing, them drinking and him propositioning her and Spock. She can't remember when it started, and it must have been gradual because Nyota knows once upon a time she would have shut that shit down post fucking haste, and he'd never have said another word. But Kirk is sneaky, and he snuck up on her, and now he's here, sitting next to her on the banquette with the smiling eyes and the booming laughter and the hand on Spock's shoulder and it's like…why didn't she think of this herself?

She leans over the table, slides her hands across it palm down. Kirk is looking at her, at them. She opens her mouth. He raises both eyebrows, expectant. "Why aren't we dancing?" she says. "We sit around all day, for god's sake." And she's sliding over Spock, out of the booth. She takes her time doing it, grinds her ass on his lap and doesn't much care how obvious it is or isn't. And then she's on the dance floor, and the crowd carries her off.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock/uhura  threesome  telepathy 
april 2014 by runpunkrun
Communication - by screamlet
"Attention crew of the Enterprise -- this is the captain. Commander Spock and I are currently arranging for shore leave, due to occur on the completion of our next assignment. I am announcing now the award of two extra days of shore leave to the staff member who can best and most effectively define the concept of 'fun' to Commander Spock. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited. Kirk out." Kirk looked over his shoulder at Uhura and smirked. "Lieutenant, you are prohibited from the competition. Ask me why."

"I wasn't planning on entering, Captain."

"Captain, I understand the concept of 'fun' which you value so highly; simply as a Vulcan, I see that it proves to be illogical more often than not."

"Sure it does. Sorry to heap one more responsibility on you, but you'll have to run that contest, too. Narrow down the finalists and I'll pick the winner."

"Will that be all, Captain?"

"Sure, why not. Thanks for visiting me from five feet away. We'll talk again soon."
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  shore-leave  bars  drunk  beach  captive  infirmary  breakup  friends-to-lovers  telepathy  firsttimes  <3 
march 2014 by runpunkrun
Between the Whiskers - by Bane_Huntress
According to Elizabeth, one of them had to be with him at all times, it was one of the stipulations the Shifter Registry back on Earth had imposed on McKay actually being allowed to come on the mission.

So he had had to move into the quarters next to McKay's with Zelenka at the other side and Elizabeth across the corridor.
sga  au  mckay/sheppard  werethings  cats  bonded  ep-related  pda  transformation  telepathy 
july 2013 by runpunkrun
Lost and Found - by melagan (SGA Reverse Big Bang 2013 | SGA/The Sentinel)
When she'd agreed to help Rodney, Teyla never dreamed it would come to this. Now she was on the run, prime suspect for a murder she didn't commit, and she still had to track down the dollmaker.
sga  au  mckay/sheppard  fusion  telepathy  teyla  on-the-lam  miscsuperpowers  bonded 
june 2013 by runpunkrun
Pair Bond - by Kass
"I'm sorry," the librarian said. His voice sounded genuinely regretful. "But I can't possibly grant access to a lone electron."
sga  mckay/sheppard  off-world  books  bonded  telepathy 
april 2013 by runpunkrun
Wraithslayer - by paleogymnast (Dragon Big Bang)
John flapped his wings—how cool was that? He had wings!—and hovered above the cliff edge, letting out a whoop of joy. Only he was pretty sure the whoop was only in his head, because what actually came out of his mouth was a puff of smoke and steam with a few tendrils of flame.

Rodney let out a whoop that sounded suspiciously like what John had heard in his mind.
sga  au  mckay/sheppard  dragons  bonded  transformation  wraith  telepathy 
february 2013 by runpunkrun
melagan: Poking the Alien (Ferocious Planet/Scanners II)
His eyes were just as blue, but that wide, soft mouth of twenty years ago was now a hard, down-turned line.
6degrees  xo  telepathy  grooming 
december 2012 by runpunkrun
When Family Nox - by bubblesnail (2011 Atlantis Big Bang)
Outside of his mother and her family, Todd had been the first to learn John's secret. It wasn't so much that John had told him. I was more like when being fed upon by a creature who drains life-force, said creature was bound to notice his prey having more vitality than could ever be reasonably expected.
sga  mckay/sheppard  elves&fairies  miscsuperpowers  pining  captive  death  earthside  honesty  horses  team  telepathy 
november 2012 by runpunkrun
Beyond Strange - by mific (2012 Atlantis Big Bang)
The knowledge trickled into him like ice water down his spine. He was a Retrovirus-A Infected Trans-Human. A RAITH. He was RAITHed, bugged-out, gone spidey. Fucked.
sga  au  mckay/sheppard  D/s  vegas  genii  bugs  on-the-lam  transformation  atlantis-on-earth  cops  telepathy 
october 2012 by runpunkrun
Mercy of the Fallen - by Kat Reitz and Perryvic (SGA Big Bang 2009, SGA/Hellblazer)
Rodney turned away from the Captain, and moved towards the middle of the room. "Good afternoon. I'm sure we're all anxious for this interviewing process to start, but there's a demon in the room. Lieutenant Barnes there is possessed, and I'm not going to stand here and pretend I don't see it."
sga  au  magic  fusion  sgc  mckay/sheppard/beckett  roommates  threesome  carson  grooming  wings  sg1  cats  telepathy  captive 
april 2012 by runpunkrun
nessalynna: The Rodney Multiplex (superhero challenge)
And then there was Rodney, who as in all things was special. Rodney’s thoughts filled the entire room. Diagnostics flashed open on tables and walls following Rodney around. Each one would flash more rapidly depending on the urgency of its solution.
sga  mckay/sheppard  telepathy 
november 2011 by runpunkrun
puddleofgoo: In a Family Way (sgareversebang)
Woolsey cleared his throat to get their attention. "Apparently the, ah, squid, as you call them, are demanding that their... mother... return to collect them."
sga  mckay/sheppard  spacecritters  progeny  telepathy 
june 2011 by runpunkrun
mckaysmonkey: Catch Me When I Fall (SGA/Pern) [1/2]
R'dney had never expected to become a dragonrider. He had trained at the Harper Hall at Fort Hold, the main center for both music and education in all of Pern.
sga  au  mckay/sheppard  telepathy  dragons 
march 2011 by runpunkrun
Acceptance - by Macx (SGA/Pern)
Raith had grown large and his size was one indicator of the healthy partnership between rider and dragon, but J'on still didn't want to be part of it all, as he always told the others. He hadn't wanted to be Impressed; he had just been a bystander. All knew Raith would have a real chance in a mating flight, but his rider had taken the easy way out.
sga  au  mckay/sheppard  fusion  dragons  telepathy 
october 2010 by runpunkrun
esteefee: Subliminal (NC-17)
He leans one palm against the wall, and the City talks to him, a wordless murmur that John has learned to stop straining to understand. It's a constant, subliminal rumble, the mental voices of all the City's new inhabitants, their human minds captured only imperfectly by the Ancients' technology, and their emotions twisted somehow into colors and tastes and strange sounds.
sga  mckay/sheppard  atlantis/john/rodney  telepathy  masturbation 
april 2009 by runpunkrun
lavvyan: Emissions (secret superpower challenge)
It was as though the Wraith queen's invasion had unlocked something in his mind.
sga  mckay/sheppard  telepathy 
march 2009 by runpunkrun
aesc: Faith Healing
In the distance, a large white tent of the sort favored by crazy pre-TV evangelicals the world over, looms above the parking lot, and the worn, clammy-looking people all move as a body toward it, as though pulled by an invisible force, disfigured salmon swimming upstream to spawn.
sga  mckay/sheppard  au  ancientech  lorne  telepathy 
february 2009 by runpunkrun
With Healing in His Wings - by xparrot (SGA/Pern | Wings of Imagination #2)
It wouldn't be a problem if Shepparth were sitting watch up on the reaches like a normal dragon, instead of lazing about like the world's biggest feline. "Oh, sorry about that," Rodney said. "Tell the drudges to just step on his tail, if it gets in the way."
sga  au  gen  mckay&sheppard  fusion  dragons  telepathy  allergies  h/c 
january 2009 by runpunkrun
30toseoul: Of Polar Bears [1/8]
The rest of him feels like Sheppard is plastered against every molecule of his body, breathing near his ear, sucking out everything on the top levels of his thoughts.
sga  mckay/sheppard  telepathy  ancientech  angry  update 
november 2008 by runpunkrun
busaikko: Only Someone Running (SGA/Thoughtcrimes)
"It's complicated. It's messed up. He's. . . he's kind of crazy," Brendan muttered, and Freya jerked back away from him reflexively, crossing her arms and swallowing her candy hard.
sga  6degrees  xo  replicators  mckay/other  earthside  telepathy  death  trauma 
october 2008 by runpunkrun
bentrumors / burntsm0re: Truth [1/2]
"Give it a rest," John shot back, "or I'll punish you myself."

"I'd like that." Rodney's eyes widened and he flushed bright red. "That was the serum!"
sga  mckay/sheppard  drugged  enslaved  telepathy  bonded  honesty  infirmary  publicsex  quarantine 
september 2008 by runpunkrun
lilysaid: under our heads [1/3]
From the porch steps of a brick two-story house, John watches the movers unload furniture from a truck with the words Rock Solid Service boldly proclaimed across the side. "We have got to be the only people who've been forced to a new galaxy for the witness protection program."
sga  mckay/sheppard  earthside  roommates  h/c  domestic  telepathy  torren  sleeping/together  f/f  genii  exodus/exile  update 
september 2008 by runpunkrun
The Price That Life Exacts (SGA Big Bang) - by Cathalin
Keller thrusts her fist towards him, uncurls her fingers, and spills something sinuous and metallic into Rodney's palm. "These were under the baby's clothes," she says softly.
sga  mckay/sheppard  progeny  music  recovery  telepathy 
august 2008 by runpunkrun
thegrrrl2002: Foretold
Davos' smile was not unkind. "I see more than just terrible events."
sga  mckay/sheppard  firsttimes  telepathy 
april 2008 by runpunkrun
On the Wings of Imagination - by xparrot (SGA/Pern | Not Human challenge | Wings of Imagination #1)
Rodney waved at the creature gingerly. "Go on, get back. Shoo." The hatchling cocked its head. Aquamarine danced with emerald in its gemstone eyes, level with Rodney's own when it arched its neck up.
sga  au  gen  mckay&sheppard  fusion  telepathy  dragons  <3 
march 2008 by runpunkrun
wesleysgirl: See Through You (ESP challenge)
"I didn't say anything," John said. Rodney frowned. "You didn't?"
sga  mckay/sheppard  telepathy  ancientech 
january 2008 by runpunkrun
Reveille - shalott
"Uh, evalagram quam protrevai Goa'uld?" Jack asked, pointing at the image. "What?" Carter said, staring. "Huh?" He looked at her.
sg1  jack/daniel  telepathy  off-world 
december 2007 by runpunkrun
Pink Elephants - by helens78
"I'm not hallucinating at all. I'm reading your mind!" Don't you ever think of anything but sex? he thought, but at least he didn't say it out loud.
sga  mckay/sheppard  telepathy  ancientech 
november 2007 by runpunkrun
Of Stars and Waterfalls and 'Here be Dragons' - by oran (mcshep_match)
"This contains the database entries and all the information we have on this world, including maps, descriptions of wildlife, what is and is not edible, everything you need to know to survive here."

He held the tablet out and John gestured for Rodney to take it.
sga  mckay/sheppard  stranded  off-world  dragons  camping  telepathy  exodus/exile  update 
september 2007 by runpunkrun
10-35: confidential information - by yin_again (Boa Vs Python/Thoughtcrimes)
The door to the office swung open. "Hey," a man said, stepping into the room. "Fish-boy said you were in here...and why are you listening to dolphin and frog noises with Mulder and Scully?"
6degrees  xo  roommates  h/c  domestic  telepathy  snakes 
september 2007 by runpunkrun
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