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Heat - by ThereBeWhalesHere
“Do you remember the first time we got stuck in a cave together?” Jim asked, resting his weight against the body behind him. His voice echoed strangely against the walls, low and narrow and pressed in around them, and he had to shift to brush sharp nuggets of gravel from under his ass. They had lost the sound of the storm the farther they traipsed into the mountain, and now it was eerily silent but for the sound of their settling.

This deep into the cavern, the only light was the gently glowing stone they had heated with their phasers, a red ember shine a few feet away that cast tall, thin shadows along the wall.

“My memory is flawless, Jim,” Spock reminded him, his voice a rumble in his chest, breath against Jim’s ear. Jim smiled.

Spock tucked his arms under Jim’s, wrapped them around Jim’s chest as they got comfortable, or as comfortable as they could. The emergency blanket would provide scant padding for Spock’s back against the rough cave wall, but it draped warm around them as Jim drew his knees up to his chest, as Spock’s thighs bracketed his own. He felt cocooned, warm, safe. Spock always made him feel safe -- his strong arms and warm touch and that steady heartbeat Jim could feel low in his back. He hoped he made Spock feel safe, too.

“Come on, I’m reminiscing here. You remember what a fuss you put up about cuddling for warmth back then?”
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Spice - by eimeo
But the thing is, the fact that he’s engaged at all in a battle of wills over a proposed emotional withdrawal means that the hand-holding incident has left an impression on Spock as well, because this is what always happens. Everything will be fine, warmth flowing easily between them, half-smiles traded across the bridge, finishing each other’s thoughts, and then suddenly something will happen, something more, and Kirk will wonder if maybe, possibly, conceivably there’s something else there. And Spock will disappear - into a shell of taciturn Vulcan correctness, into duty and regulation or, occasionally, physically into another part of the ship. If there was some way to be sure, some guarantee that it’s not all in Kirk’s unrequited mind, then he’d corner his friend and demand an answer. But nothing that’s happened to date is tangible enough to pin down and say, this. This is what I mean. Nothing has happened that can’t be spun into something perfectly innocent, and he won’t risk the friendship or his pride on smoke and mirrors.
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No One Else - by ThereBeWhalesHere
A minute passed before the answer, but when the door flew open Kirk looked flustered. He was still shirtless, though he had at least pulled on his slacks, which remained halfway unzipped and hanging low on his hips. There was a clear bruise rising along one of his hipbones, a thumbprint, it looked like, and a line of red marks on his throat that still bore the impression of teeth. Spock realized then that it had been mere minutes since Kirk had climaxed, mere moments since he had parted ways with the night’s lover, that he might be sore and slick and still reeling from his orgasm, and somehow the thought sent lightning strikes of arousal through Spock’s body.

“Yes?” Kirk asked, frustration clear in the lines of his face, “what is it, Mister Spock?”

It was too late for Spock to second-guess himself, so he didn’t. He crowded Kirk and forced him to stumble backwards, surprise dawning on his face as the door closed behind them.

“What are you doing here, Spock?” Kirk asked harder, regaining his footing, squaring his shoulders and refusing to back down as Spock moved effortlessly into his personal space, breathing in the scent of sex that clung to Kirk’s gleaming skin.

“That man,” Spock said, noting that his own voice sounded hoarse to his own ears. “The waiter from the bar.”

“What about him?” There was a challenge in Kirk’s voice, and his frustration with Spock’s intrusion was clear.

“You have engaged in intercourse with him.”

Kirk’s anger bled away for the briefest of moments, replaced with confusion that Spock could read in his expression just as he could feel it over their link-- a link which he now allowed to flow into him the way he always wished it would.

“Not that it’s any of your business, Spock,” Kirk said stiffly.
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In My Own Skin - by vgersix
The body lay still on the operating table, one arm hanging freely over the edge. Spock stooped to grasp the still warm hand, placing it safely back in its proper place.

Safe. Inwardly, he scoffed at the idea. As if the already cooling hand was somehow protected from harm, so long as it lay alongside the torso where it belonged. In a way, he thought, better to leave it hanging free – at least it was honest. At least it was genuine. Placing the hand firmly on the bed somehow seemed disingenuous. It gave the appearance that the man before him was only sleeping, peaceful in repose, and that was a lie. Better to let the limb swing loose so there was no mistaking the reality. The body of Jim Kirk was not sleeping – it was dead.

“Spock?” A soft feminine voice, one to which he was still growing accustomed, called from the doorway. There was a slight tremble in her throat, Spock thought, but she was trying. He was trying.

If Spock was somewhat overwhelmed by the recent course of events, he could not imagine what his captain must be going through at this moment. For while his mind, his spirit, was perfectly intact, his body was stone cold dead on the slab, and there would be no miraculous successes of medical science this time. There was no bringing it back.
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One on a Side, Two Together - by JackHawksmoor (T'hy'la Bang 2017)
The energy that was tearing them to pieces suddenly paused, easing off, but not entirely. It felt a little more like it had when it passed through Kirk. Almost like it knew Kirk was there.

Kikr looked down into Spock’s eyes and Spock looked up into his. The shared epiphany crackled between them. Could it be that simple?

Spock reached for him like Kirk was trying to pull Spock out of a well. His hands pressed against Kirk’s face and they were more than together, they were one person. There was an immediate rightness about that oneness that neither of him had time to examine.

An unpleasant humming noise rose around them and the energy brightened again. Then it swirled into the floor beneath him, soaking into the composite and vanishing.

The ship had registered that he was a telepath but that the rest of him wasn’t, and had backed off. Kirk looked down at himself in triumph.

It would be temporary, though. He couldn’t hold a mind-meld forever.

I have to stay together, somehow, Kirk thought, staring down at Spock, into his own eyes. He had to protect himself.

There was a part of him that knew how to do that, but was reluctant for foolish reasons. That part of him was much better at navigating through his thoughts. However, (to his delight) he immediately discovered that the rest of him was louder.

He felt a touch to a far off corner of his mind, soft and careful as a curious kitten. Something unfolded in response, shining white and beautiful.
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Freely Given - by Jenna Hilary Sinclair (JennaHilary)
"Doctor," Spock said wearily, "must I remind you of the Vulcan philosophy of reshana? The control of our passions has—"

"Has nothing to do with what I'm talking about here. Telling an emotional being that he's appreciated is logical. It enhances his well-being. Why, if you were to let Jim know that you appreciate him, I bet his reading on the Daniels-Poe scale would hit the roof. That's the point of this time of year, Spock, you do things for other people, not for yourself."

Gathering his composure, Spock looked carefully at his captain across the table; Kirk endured his scrutiny with a half-embarrassed, half-amused air. Spock took in his slightly pale face, thinner than usual because of the stresses they'd all endured recently. However, Kirk did look especially pleasing in the wrap-around command tunic that he'd recently taken to wearing. It was very seldom that Spock indulged himself by observing his captain in such a personal way, and he was careful not to allow his satisfying perusal to go on for too long.

After a few seconds, Spock turned to the doctor. "I have not observed, nor do I observe now, any deficiency in the captain's emotional status."

"Ah, give me a break, Spock, you wouldn't even know if his heart was brok—"

"Captain, do you require a sign of my regard for you?"

For some unknown reason that Spock could not immediately fathom, Kirk ducked his head to regard the table, almost as if he were mastering mirth or some other inappropriate emotion. When Kirk looked up within a few seconds to smile reassuringly, his face was slightly flushed.

"No, Spock, I don't," he said warmly.

McCoy was quick to interject. "What did you expect him to say? That he's tired of reminding you to call him 'Jim,' that he'd like it if you finally said 'yes' when he invites you on one of his shore leave expeditions, that he'd—"

"Bones!" Kirk's voice was sharp and instantly cut off the physician's flow of words. "That's enough."
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The Rover - by Greywolf the Wanderer
I didn't see him again for damn near six months.

He did let me buy him breakfast, after we took a shower. Too bad the showers at Rosie's aren't private; I wanted to jump his bones again in the worst way, but there were others in there with us and it would have been a bad scene.

After we ate I asked him if he'd come back to the rig with me, grab "one for the road." But he just smiled in that way that hardly moved his face, and said, "I think it is time for us to move on, Jim. You told me you must leave to go east very soon, not so? And I must be in San Francisco by ten AM tomorrow. That does not leave either of us much time."

"Damn," I said. "No, it doesn't." I wondered why he was going to 'Frisco, but held my tongue. Instead I reached for his hand, clasped it for a moment, and slipped a folded hundred credit note into it.

Yeah, I know – most places you can buy a killer blow job for maybe ten, at the most. Thirty more will buy you damn near anything you can think of. But I make good money compared to most drivers; I own my own rig free and clear. And he'd given me the best damn night I'd had in years – maybe the best ever. So what the hell.
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The Best Christmas Present - by arkietrekker
Spock watched in silence as Kirk moved quietly around the room, gathering up items to put in his travel bag. Realizing that Spock was again watching him, Kirk paused as he reached the bed with his current load, turned to the Vulcan and again asked what he had already asked twice before. "Are you sure you don't want to come with me, Spock? There's still time for you to get packed if you want to change your mind."

"As I have already endeavored to explain to you, Mr. Kirk, Vulcans do not recognize emotion-laden Terran holidays such as Christmas," Spock reiterated patiently. "Besides…I do know enough of such 'celebrations' to be aware that they are meant as family events."

Kirk took a few steps toward him as Spock carefully returned his eyes to his viewer. "And I told you, Spock—you'd be welcome. I've mentioned you to Mom. She wants to meet you," he tried to assure Spock. "Besides...I'd miss you.”

The unspoken truth that Spock was as aware of as Kirk was that Kirk was afraid to leave his half-Vulcan room-mate alone for three weeks. The Academy's Commanding Officer had assigned Spock to his room for psychological reasons, in the hope that the more open and extroverted Kirk would draw out the shy, reserved Vulcan and help Spock with his social skills, which were still poor, by Starfleet/Human standards; Kirk's efforts were continually hampered by Spock being the only Vulcan at Starfleet Academy, and all the difficulties that that entailed.
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Change in Command - by scifishipper
The Captain strode ahead of Spock, his confident swagger showing a man who did not fear attacks from behind, particularly those of his First Officer. Spock had rarely seen such confidence before.

Once inside the turbolift, Kirk faced Spock, his eyes glittering green and gold.

“You might be Vulcan, but I believe I have surprised you,” Kirk said, smirking.

“Indeed, Captain.” Spock’s tone was deferential, as was his lowered eye contact. If this was a test, Spock meant to pass.

“I am full of surprises, Commander,” Kirk said, drawing his voice down to a heavy whisper. He moved then, stealthily, to face Spock and stood only inches away. “I have been told that you do not desire command. How can this be true? What man doesn't want it?”

“I do not desire the captaincy. I am much more content with my scientific duties. And, I am frankly content to be a lesser target.”

“Ah, so then the rumors are true. Have you never assassinated a superior then?” Kirk seemed to laugh at him.

Spock stared at Kirk, voice strong as he spoke. “While my intellect and experience were more than sufficient for the role of Science Officer, three years ago I became impatient. I enacted a plan to remove both the Science and First Officers from the command chain. With those positions vacant, it was only logical to step in to assist former Captain L’Egu by assuming both roles.”

Kirk grinned. “Good to know, Commander. I’ll make sure you are rewarded generously for your continued…patience.” Along with his words, Kirk pressed his palm against Spock’s genital region. The Captain’s breath was hot against his cheek and he felt the unexpected stirrings of arousal. It had been many years since he had been touched by a man in this way.

“At your peril, Captain,” Spock warned evenly. He held the Captain’s eyes and braced for violence.

“Ahh, Spock,” Kirk answered, his eyes gleaming with arousal and challenge as he stroked Spock through his uniform pants. “You will live or die at my command, and you will beg for my cock as I desire it. Your body and soul belong to me now.” Kirk gave Spock’s growing erection a sharp pinch. “Are we clear, Commander?”
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At a Distance - by Aelin/Linsky (At a Glance #2)
He told Spock the story of The Dinner Conversation that night on video chat. Spock listened attentively.

“Tell me if I have understood correctly,” he said when Jim had finished his recitation. “If I come to dinner and make a suitable impression on your mother, then you may be permitted to come visit me here?”

“More or less,” Jim said.

The corners of Spock’s eyes crinkled into his version of a smile. “In that case,” he said, “I believe I can find an opening in my schedule tomorrow evening.”
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At a Glance - by Linsky (At a Glance #1)
He took a bite of the salad that a waiter had just slid in front of him. His mother hadn’t had to argue too hard to get him to come with her to this annual Starfleet conference when she’d been offered a pair of free tickets. It was really much better suited to college Xenoculture professors like her than fifteen-year-old high school students, but Jim was an easy mark for anything Starfleet-related.

His mother was still talking to the person on her other side. Jim took another bite of salad and let his eyes wander the room. Most of the conference attendees at the opening banquet were human, but across the room he caught sight of a blue-skinned Andorian, and nearer at hand was a whole table full of Vulcans. Scientists or diplomats, Jim guessed, since as far as he knew, no Vulcan had ever joined the military.

One of the Vulcans was plainly younger than the others at the table. Jim had only ever seen Vulcan adults in person, and he wondered what this one was doing on Earth. The boy’s head was bent over his salad, so Jim could only see the edge of his features, but he guessed that he was maybe his own age or a little older. He was dressed in the same all-black outfit as the rest of the Vulcans, and what Jim could see of his features looked pleasant enough.

The Vulcan boy looked up, and their eyes met.

Instantly a stillness dropped over the room. It was as if everything around him had been paused, and nothing existed but that other pair of eyes. They were warm and brown, and they wore a look of surprise and openness that pierced him through. They seemed almost to be saying something, speaking words that Jim could not quite understand, no matter how much he wanted to. And he did want to—he wanted to hear the words those eyes were speaking more than he’d wanted anything else in his life.

His heart was beating faster than normal. Those eyes were making it hard to move, or breathe, or think. He thought maybe he was being rude, that maybe he should look away, but he could not. He was held in those eyes, in that look of surprise and seriousness and the promise of something more...
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Unexpected - by Linsky [5/?]
Jim looked through the long ferns that bent over his face, up at the high ceiling where tiny lights cast a faint glow down over the botanical garden. Like stars, he thought. Almost like stars.

He was fully conscious of the ridiculousness of his current position. Well—maybe not fully conscious. Full consciousness would have required the consumption of a few fewer glasses of brandy than he’d had at the ship’s midsummer celebration that evening. But he knew it was ridiculous, a grown man and starship captain lying in the ferns feeling sorry for himself.

It had really been a fine party. He should have enjoyed it more than he did. That lack of enjoyment was directly connected to his current position. It was the same feeling of something under his skin, restlessness mixed with an obscure sort of self-pity, that had haunted him throughout the party and had led him to come to the botanical garden instead of going back to his cabin.

No, Jim, he thought, dragging a hand across his forehead, if you’re going to indulge in self-pity, at least do it honestly. It wasn’t going back to his cabin that he’d dreaded. It was going back to his cabin alone.
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From the Beginning - by Linsky
“Spock!” Jim said. He was brandishing a piece of paper. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?” Spock asked.

“This.” Kirk thrust the piece of paper into his hands.

It was the list of assignments for graduating seniors. Spock himself had been posted to Alphalon Science Laboratories, the top Starfleet research facility in the Federation. He had been pleased to receive the news. “I did not think it would be of concern to you.”

“It wouldn’t be of concern to me? What, you’re going halfway across the galaxy, and you thought I wouldn’t care?”

“It is not halfway across the galaxy, Jim. It is only—”

“I don’t care how far it actually is,” Kirk cut in. “The point is, why didn’t you tell me?”

There was anger in Jim’s face and in his voice. Spock was at a loss to understand it. “I did not occur to me that you would wish to know.”

“It’s the kind of thing friends tell each other,” Kirk said. “I would have liked to know you were leaving.”

“Did you not already know that I would leave at the end of the year?”
st:tos  kirk/spock  friends-to-lovers  rejection  reunion  pining  h/c  off-world  vacation  firsttimes  <3 
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Ad Astra Per Aspera - by lah_mrh
"So, here's what we're going to do." He picks up a PADD and begins tapping at it with the stylus. "I'm sending you a list of Academy groups and clubs. You are going to join at least one of them, and get back to me by the end of this week. Is that acceptable?"

Spock frowns, but knows better than to argue. "Yes, sir," he replies quietly.

Pike glances up from his PADD and nods. "All right then. If there isn't anything else, you're dismissed."

Spock nods and leaves swiftly, his mind running over Pike's words. There is a certain logic to the suggestion, but something inside him rejects the idea. He likes spending time alone, and his previous attempts to socialise with his human classmates have been dismal failures. Still, he has made a promise and does not intend to break it.

Once back in his room he pulls out his PADD and begins to look through the list of clubs, searching for the least objectionable option.

The Non-human Students Club immediately catches his eye, but as the purpose of this exercise is for him to interact with humans, such a club would be somewhat counterproductive. He mentally crosses it off his list and continues searching.

After going through the whole list, he decides on the Chess Club. He has some familiarity with the game through playing it with his mother, and such a club seems unlikely to attract the kind of loud and boisterous humans he most wishes to avoid.
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Move on in and Make [Room for] Love - by TheLadysBlush (BlushingNewb)

Silence, blessed silence.

“Yes, what is it?” Spock asked. He turned his head to the left and plucked carefully at another string.


“I-- what’s wrong with your lute?” Jim pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to ward off a headache.

“I do not perceive any problems with it. The strings have just been replaced and it is fully functional.” Spock lifted a hand to the string he had previously stroked.

“Whoa, hang on!” Jim exclaimed, raising both hands in the air. “I’ve never heard it sound quite like that!”

“Oh,” Spock said, “as with many Terran instruments, the strings require some ‘breaking in.’”


“Uh-huh.” Jim repressed another shudder as a delicate ~twanglyc~ sprang forth from the lute. “And how long does that take?”

“It takes around 12 standard hours for the new strings to produce the resonance that is characteristically associated with this instrument.”

“I see,” Jim replied, staring into space.
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Family Matters - by Elise Madrid
Spock surveyed the space between the 'car and the beginning of the walkway. The water was already beginning to puddle, and what had been a sheltered area of dirt was now a muddy expanse. "I think not." He peered out the window, trying to make out any movement from the house.

"I know they're here. Sam wasn't going to go in today." She laughed. "He thought he and Jim might get in some hiking...oh, my god!"

Coming through the rain at a dead run, two totally soaked figures raced past the aircar, ignoring it and the passengers inside.

"Is that your husband and brother-in-law?" The two drenched men stood on the porch, throwing off their soaking clothes while laughter hindered their progress. When the smaller of the two began to remove his underwear, Aurelan laid on the horn.

Spock pressed his lips together in an attempt to keep from smiling. Even through the rain, the sheer masculine beauty of the younger man shouted out to him. His body was compact and muscular but gracefully proportioned, the wide shoulders narrowing down to slim hips. Dark gold hair lay plastered against his brow as a slow creep of color suffused his face.

Aurelan laughed and opened the window an inch. "Can one of you go get us an umbrella? And while you're at it, Jim, you might get decent. We've got company."

For Spock, it seemed the day got grayer as the younger Kirk grimaced and entered the house. The man Spock assumed was Sam Kirk walked out into the rain, wearing only a pair of khakis and his dignity.

"Who you've got in there, hon?" He leaned over and his eyes traveled past his wife to the stranger in the passenger seat. A look of surprise crossed his face as he saw the Vulcan sitting there.

"Sam, this is Lieutenant Spock. He was at the center for treatment and came to my rescue when I couldn't get the 'car opened."
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Five Times Jim and Spock Melded In Front Of Others - by Bam4Me
Leonard waited until he was sure Spock was distracted with nuzzling into Jim’s soft hair with his cheek, and waved the tricorder over the beat up looking man.

“Yup, he’s completely feral. If what caused it is what I think caused it though, this should wear off in a week. Maybe. I’ve never seen this situation before, you might be stuck with a vulcan attached to you for the rest of your life, I don’t know.”


“Alright alright, I’m pretty sure that with minimal hypos and in the worst case scenario, going to Vulcan to see a mind adept, he’ll be fine.”

Jim sighed, turning minimally so he could see Uhura, who looked more interested than angry. Jim raised an eyebrow at her and she shrugged. “I want to say I’m numb to this situation, but I’m actually pretty amused. And glad, because he looks like he’s putting a lot of weight on you, and I can hold him up, but will I? Nah.” Okay, she might still be a little drunk from the club before Spock got arrested after his allergic reaction to a drink.

Jim was wondering when their relationship became so functionally dysfunctional, but he feels Spock prodding at his mind, and turned to Leonard. “Bones, let’s go back to the ship, Handsy is trying to cop a feel of my brain.”
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To Be Wed - by ThereBeWhalesHere
“Sam?” Spock raised an eyebrow, and Jim nearly winced. He often forgot that to everyone else, Sam’s proper name was ‘George III’, but he kicked himself for having let himself slip now.

“Ah, it’s just a nickname,” Sam explained, giving Spock a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. He took his drink from the table, pinky finger streaking the condensation as he raised it, feigning nonchalance. “Although, I suppose if we are to be married,” he continued, “you may as well refer to me as ‘Sam’ too.”

A silence settled over their small group, not due to Sam’s words, but due to his tone. He sounded so sad, so tired, so entirely less than regal, powerless in a way no crown prince should be, as though he had expended any energy he had.

Jim didn’t fail to notice Amanda’s crestfallen look, or Spock’s carefully controlled expression of surprise.

“And while we’re at it,” Jim spoke up, voice much louder than he meant it to be, and containing a kind of levity he hoped didn’t sound fabricated, “you might as well call me Jim. ‘Prince James’ sounds stuffy, doesn’t it?”

Spock turned his eyes back to Jim, seemingly digesting his words, though at least part of his attention was still on Sam, who sipped uncomfortably at his drink.
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  royalty  marriage  sam  oblivious  pining 
may 2017 by runpunkrun
Request - by ThereBeWhalesHere
“As we have agreed not to discuss the incident,” Spock stated, pulling himself forcefully from the memory, “I do not wish to make you uncomfortable by recalling you of it. Suffice to say that it is difficult to concentrate when I hear…” he trailed off, unable to say it now that its context was obvious.

“‘Give it to me?’” Jim finished for him, and Spock clenched his hands, gaze shooting up to meet Jim’s. And they were dark again, those eyes, pupils wide and exposed. Before Spock could get over the immediate sting of arousal that shot through him, Jim stood and took a cautious step forward.

The look on Jim’s face was decidedly familiar, as was the deliberate set of his shoulders. This was how he had approached that day, too, crowding into Spock’s personal space before his hand had come-- as it did now-- to Spock’s arm.

But this wasn’t the same, was it? They weren’t under the effect of the pollen, nor had they been for months. They were not compromised or intoxicated, so why would Jim look at him like that, touch him like this, when he had made it clear that his actions had been spurred on by an outside catalyst?

Rational thought fled him as Jim edged closer, a tilt to his lips that seemed sly, almost playful. “So, Mister Spock,” Jim practically purred, and Spock had to swallow his immediate reaction to the tone. “What would you prefer I say when I want you to give something to me?”

Spock couldn’t suppress his shudder, but still his mind reeled in confusion, disbelief, overwhelming need. “I-- I believe ‘please’ would suffice.”

Smile widening, Jim shifted even closer, leaning up, head tilting. “Very well, Mister Spock,” he said softly, breath hot as it brushed Spock’s lips. “Please.”
st:tos  kirk/spock  flowers  drugged  firsttimes 
may 2017 by runpunkrun
Pretext - by ThereBeWhalesHere
She turned to the woman, taking in her perfectly manicured hair, done up in an elaborate set of twists and swoops, her straight-set full lips, the way she held herself, stiff and formal. The cut of her dress was angled, standard Vulcan fashion, and she looked entirely out of place at a bar typically frequented by human Starfleet cadets.

“Excuse me?” Nyota asked, a little taken off-guard by the Vulcan’s presence here.

The woman’s brows ticked, as if in frustration. “You are the only person in this establishment sitting alone, and I-- I have falsely informed a potential suitor that I am otherwise involved. Will you assist me or no? He will be here in moments.”

Nyota raised an eyebrow. She’d had to play this game once or twice-- pretending to be someone’s girlfriend to get an insistent drunkard off their backs-- but never for a stranger. And certainly never for a Vulcan.

“I--” Something about the Vulcan’s countenance stopped her, and she relaxed her shoulders, offering a small smile. “I suppose I could help. Nyota,” she introduced herself, holding up the ta’al.

Seeming to wilt with barely contained relief, the Vulcan sank onto the stool beside her, taking her by the wrist and forcing her hand down. “T’Pring,” she said softly, barely audible over the bassline of the music. “I appreciate your assistance, but I request you begin acting as though we are intimately acquainted.”

Just as Nyota opened her mouth to speak, T’Pring’s hand still steady around her wrist, a presence hovered at her shoulder. She only caught T’pring’s non-expressive expression before she turned, noting the figure beside her.

Another Vulcan, it looked like. He was handsome enough, though plain, dark-haired and stern-eyed and standing as straight as though he were at a cadet review. His searching gaze was locked on T’Pring.
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Sha Ka Ree - by ThereBeWhalesHere
“What’s the state of our half of the shuttle?”

“Inoperable at the moment. It required more work than I estimated.”

“Then let’s fix it. We need to contact the ships. Someone.”

“Mister Kirk,” Spock said, voice almost gentle. “I do not believe we will be able to reach the ships.”

Jim had a guess as to why, but he didn’t want to admit to it. The very concept of time travel was too ridiculous. Impossible. Though, everything about this mission so far had been impossible. The storm, the flora and fauna, the age of the shuttlecraft-- maybe they had to start reevaluating what ‘impossible’ meant.

“Okay.” Cautiously, Jim pulled his legs underneath him, testing his weight. There was a spike of pain, but it was bearable in comparison to the agony of before. Most of the pain came from his hip, in fact, where the makeshift bandage stuck to his wound. He stood slowly using the wall for balance. “Okay,” he said again, when he was sure he wouldn’t collapse just yet. “I think we should start by fixing the sensors.”

“The sensors will be unable to corroborate my working theory.”

“Which is..?”

st:tos  au  kirk/spock  pike  off-world  stranded  death  sleeping/together  rejection  pining  h/c  bonded  firsttimes  timetravel  infirmary  reunion 
april 2017 by runpunkrun
Ardor - by ThereBeWhalesHere
They began to play chess together, to spar together, to sit in Kirk’s quarters under the pretense of work and take meals together. It was only occasionally, but enough that Spock grew used to the steady wave of longing affection that swept over him entirely unbidden at the sight and smell of his captain.

That was the hardest part-- because he barely knew Kirk as a person, and yet cared for him so deeply that even his strictest meditation practices couldn’t alleviate the emotion’s effects. It was frustrating, and yet Spock didn’t know how he’d gone his whole life without knowing the feeling of Jim’s warm smile or the way Jim could set fire to Spock’s blood with his presence alone. To balance out the intensity of these immediate desires, Spock tried to get to know Jim for who he was. He asked about his life, listened raptly to his stories, committed his likes and dislikes to memory.

But with familiarity also came doubt. Jim spoke fondly of past loves, shined that same smile that Spock treasured onto every attractive female they encountered, and even kissed some of them in empty corridors or on the sands of alien planets. Spock pretended not to know, but he could always tell when Jim had satisfied his desires-- at any level-- with someone who was not him.
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  soulmates 
april 2017 by runpunkrun
aetin: Celebrations (K/S Advent) [1/2]
“Are there any Vulcan holidays?” Jim asked Spock one bright and early Alpha shift. He was still slightly hung over at the time, despite Spock’s repeated warnings to cease drinking the night before. New Years was for celebration and alcohol, and Jim wasn’t going to waste a perfectly good excuse to get drunk without looking like a fool. It wasn't like he had the night to spend with someone special, so instead it was with a glass of alcohol.

“None similar to the one celebrated last night,” the Vulcan sounded disdainful.

Of course, the reaction was not the disinterest he might have hoped for. On the contrary, Jim looked extremely interested and leant forward, placing his forearms along his knees and bracing himself. He sounded excited, “So there are holidays? What kind?”

“There are only two that are still practiced. Tal-Shanar and Kal Rekk.” At Jim’s inviting expression and waving hand gesture, he went on to explain, “They are both very solitary occasions. Tal-Shanar is a spiritual practice which off-worlders are not permitted to see. Kal Rekk is a day of solitude, silence and atonement.”

“Oh,” said Jim glumly after a pause of contemplation, “They sound depressing.”

“I fail to see how, given that all Vulcan practices are devoid of emotion, including negative feelings such as depression.”

“But there’s no actual celebrating going on,” Jim tapped his index finger to his chin, “Do you ever celebrate other planets’ holidays?”

“I have never been so inclined,” said Spock, looking very much like he’d like to get back to work, rather than standing in the middle of the bridge, discussing which crazy holidays he’d ever been involved with. People seemed to be ignoring them, but they were listening to their conversation. Spock could tell.

Unfortunately, Jim was about to make it worse, “I’m sure I could get you inclined if I wanted to,” he said in his typical manner and he accompanied it with a wink. Spock inwardly cringed at the outwardly lewd comment, but made no indication of it in his face. “You know what the best solution is? It’s a brand new year. We already have tonnes of parties and holidays planned! You’re hereby ordered to attend every single one of the major secular ones. Then we can find out which you like best and celebrate it every year.”
st:tos  kirk/spock  holidays  xmas 
december 2016 by runpunkrun
Bitter Dregs - by kinklock
“Do you always change… to meditate?” Jim asked, motioning to his robe. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear that.”

Spock had almost forgotten his state of dress. “Often, yes. You have not seen it because I have never broken regulation by wearing non-uniform clothing outside of personal quarters.”

“Quite right. That was foolish of me to comment on, Mr. Spock.” Jim lowered his head in an imitation of shame. When he looked back up again, his eyes were crinkled at the corners. “We both know you’d never break regulation, under any circumstances.”

The many times that he had, usually in service of Jim, passed between them unsaid.

“Indeed,” Spock repeated with another quirk of his brow, and Jim’s face split into a wide grin.

After such a warm welcome, Spock approached the lip of the sink. The drawer holding his cleaning supplies slid out towards him, and Jim slipped the toothbrush back between his lips. Its vibrations began anew, and Jim continued his vigorous scrubbing motions, which were not necessary given the brush’s capabilities, nor did they appear to be dental practitioner recommended.

Spock began his own, far less violent, teeth cleaning, which involved holding the implement in the correct areas at the correct angle for the correct durations of time. In the mirror above the sink, Jim’s eyes followed his motions, mouth crooked up at the corners. Though Jim often looked at him this way, it was usually provoked by him providing an estimate that Jim found amusingly too exact.

As he was not used to being so scrutinized, Spock dropped his gaze from the mirror and to the left, away from Jim. A mistake, as when he reached out to steady himself against the edge of the sink, his hand made contact with Jim’s.

Their eyes met in the mirror. Spock withdrew his hand, but not before he had heard a single, fond word through the touch, as clear as if spoken aloud.


Spock did not look back up into the mirror.

And, by his own diligence, he never again ran into Jim in their shared refresher room, though he suspected that at night, when he went to brush his teeth, Jim always left the door unlocked.
st:tos  kirk/spock  telepathy  flirting  mind-meld  firsttimes  off-world  ep-related 
november 2016 by runpunkrun
Don't Ever Look Back - by Magnetism_bind
At first Spock had no intention of explaining his study. A human would not understand the desire to maintain control over one’s mind and body, nor could hope to comprehend the necessity of such a thing for a Vulcan. But the way Kirk is looking at him causes him to change that decision.

“My mother was human.”

At first Kirk just looks confused, and then, slowly, understanding dawns. “So you’re trying to figure out more about us. Is that it?”

“That…sums it up somewhat.” Spock concedes. He’s relieved when Kirk simply starts walking again.

“So essentially, I’m a research project.” The corners of Kirk’s lips curve upward.

“Essentially, yes.” Now Spock gratified that Kirk’s grasped the principle of it at least.

Kirk just shakes his head. “You do realize that a lot of people would be offended by that?”

Spock blinks. “Why?”

“Because…people like to be wooed.” Kirk looks pleased at coming up with that.

“Explain.” Spock tilts his head. “Are you saying you would like to be wooed?” He doesn’t see the purpose for that when he’s already had intercourse with Kirk once.
st:tos  kirk/spock  meet-as-kids  firsttimes  fuckbuddy  publicsex 
october 2016 by runpunkrun
ussvulcanbooty: pon farr fic, anyone?
He gently but firmly guides Spock off of him to lay on his back beside him on the bed. Spock watches him, his eyes burning with the intensity of his need. He holds his legs open, clearly hoping Jim will change his mind about not being able to get hard.

Spock actually growls when he sees Jim produce a dildo. “I want you! Not a substitute!”

Jim pauses. “I can rim you again. Want me to put it away?”

Spock considers it and then huffs and tilts his hips up, a clear invitation for Jim to proceed.
st:tos  kirk/spock  fuckordie  bottoming  toys 
october 2016 by runpunkrun
Refuge - by ThereBeWhalesHere
“The Romulans just came out of nowhere,” he said to Sam, proud in spite of himself that, yes, he did know more than his older brother. At least about one thing. “And the Federation stepped in but they’ve got all these weapons we’ve never seen. And something that makes it so we can’t see their ships, or see them . They’ve basically roasted half the planet by now.”

Winona hefted a sigh. “That’s essentially it,” she said. “The Vulcans are in a lot of trouble and there’s only so much the Federation can do.”

“None of the fleet is really built for military engagement,” George said. “We’ve got some phaser power, but not nearly what the Romulans have. Vulcan’s overpowered, and a lot of people are evacuating.”

“What does that have to do with us?” Sam asked, and Jim’s eyes widened. What did it have to do with them? Were the Romulans coming to Earth? They wouldn’t. The word was that their grudge was with Vulcans, though no one knew entirely why. Still, the thought terrified him.

“Well,” George said,”Your mother and I, along with quite a few other Starfleet officers, have offered to take the Vulcan refugees in.”

“All of them?!” Jim asked without thinking, imagining the farm overrun with their strange, stoic allies.

Winona chuckled, albeit a little nervously. “Just the one. He’s about your age, Jim. His parents are very important, and they’re going to be off doing very important things, so we’re going to take care of him while they’re gone.”
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  iowa  exodus/exile  meet-as-kids  h/c  drunk  rejection  kirk&mccoy  reunion  pining 
september 2016 by runpunkrun
Surrender - by killabeez
Showered and dressed in record time, Spock entered his captain's quarters from the corridor, in full view of several passing crewmen.

Do they know? he caught himself wondering. Can they tell? Do they see that I am an entirely different person than I was yesterday, and all the days that went before? If they see us together, will they know what we are to one another, what we have done?

How can they not?

Kirk emerged from the walk-in closet, in uniform and stockinged feet, hair curling damply. He smiled, and Spock's heart made a clumsy, awkward leap, like a bird caged too long.


Spock took one step toward him, and stopped. Kirk was right. If he gave in to the impulse driving him now, if he kissed him, they would never leave this room.

He said the name, just needing to say it. "James."

Kirk closed his eyes, drawing breath in sharply. "Sweet heaven," he whispered at last, letting the breath out. "I love it when you call me that."
st:tos  kirk/spock  h/c  D/s  bondage  firsttimes 
september 2016 by runpunkrun
Where No Man's Come Before - by plaidshirtjimkirk
Spock may have spent hours with the upper hand today, but now he knows his place. He leans in for a kiss to convey apology, but a stiff tug on his tunic pulls him slightly to the side instead. Jim’s lips press directly against his ear.

“What the hell do you think this is, Mister?” Jim hisses as his breaths fall with heavy panting, his rod painfully hard within the confines of his clothing. “Some kind of game?”

Closing his eyes, Spock’s mouth opens and he rasps out in a whisper, “N—no, Sir.”

“Don’t you no, Sir me.” Jim’s voice sounds so sincerely angered that Spock might assume he actually is if he didn't know better. His hands unclasp from the blue tunic and travel down to take tight fistfuls of Spock’s trousers. Jim yanks hard on the material above where the clasps of the garter belt latch to his thigh highs. “On duty, Spock? Dressed like this? Really?”

“J—Jim,” Spock breathes, keeping himself as composed as he can. “There is no regulation against—”

“Against what? Provocative underwear?” The question is as ridiculous as it sounds. “Parading around in front of your captain like you’re on display? Intentionally attempting to distract him for hours?”

Spock feels the heat blaze over his cheeks like two matches struck right across them. Not only is all of Jim’s desire and attention is completely focused on him, he is being falsely accused of violating Starfleet protocol by secretly wearing undergarments.
st:tos  kirk/spock  crossdressing  roleplay  D/s  kink 
august 2016 by runpunkrun
The Pillow Thief - by vgersix (doubleplusawesome)
Another pillow was missing.

Spock tugged at the edge of the coverlet, smoothing the surface flat, and counted again. Yes, there was no mistaking it, he was down to three. At mission’s inception, he had begun with seven. Seven big fluffy pillows arranged over the head and along the adjacent wall of his otherwise rigid, regulation issue mattress, to which he had wasted no time in adding a few… reasonable comforts.

The best possible sleep was beneficial for increased proficiency ratings, after all, so it was only logical to improve the quality of one’s rest where one could. Hence the seven big fluffy pillows and silk sheets that made up the warm cocoon of his bed into which he nightly encapsulated himself at a prompt 2300 hours. He awoke every morning at 0700 sharp, properly rested and prepared to begin his day, thanks to the extra adornments and comforts and the seven big fluffy pillows.

Only it was no longer seven. The number of pillows had now dwindled to three. And three pillows were simply not as beneficial as seven. He wanted to know what had become of the missing four. Where could they have gone? They had been disappearing one by one over a period of nearly three weeks. The incident suggested either a security leak, or that someone within the crew was attempting to play a practical joke on him. As the likelihood of an outside entity infiltrating the Enterprise simply to make off with throw pillows belonging to the ship’s first officer seemed highly unlikely, Spock had yet to report the occurrence to anyone.
st:tos  kirk/spock  bed 
may 2016 by runpunkrun
Warm Thoughts - by lettered (post Amok Time)
Both Sulu’s and Uhura’s body temperatures were as healthy as Kirk’s, but Kirk was the only one whose ears had been covered solely by the hood of his suit. Opening up other health-inspection applications, Spock turned back to Kirk, who raised his brows.

“So you think the wind was talking after all?”

“You may have contracted an illness that enters the body through the ear.”

“That’s a new one.” Kirk seemed amused. “Can’t be bacterial or viral; we scanned for those.”

“A spiritual illness?” Uhura suggested.

“There are certain mythologies that include wind spirits,” Sulu replied, “but I’m afraid there isn’t much evidence if they don’t have at least some physical form.”

“Maybe the evidence is building up,” Kirk said, still smiling. “Does a wind spirit make you cold?”

Uhura frowned. “I think the ones I’ve read about suck out your soul.”

“Well, I don’t think we need to worry about—” A violent shiver prevented the captain from finishing his sentence.

Letting his tricorder drop once more to his hip, Spock swiftly made his way to Kirk’s side, gripping his elbow. “Jim—”

“I leave you alone for two minutes,” Doctor McCoy said, stepping through the doors, “and already you’re in trouble.” The doors closed behind him, and Kirk pulled away from Spock’s grasp.

“Just a cold, Bones,” Kirk said, having regained control of the shivering.

“We’ll see about that,” said Doctor McCoy.
st:tos  kirk/spock  cold  mind-meld  ep-related  denial  h/c 
march 2016 by runpunkrun
Our Bodies Safe to Shore - by glorious_spoon (T'hy'la Big Bang 2016)
He did not need to guess who would be on the other side of the door, and because he did not, the creature did not. It was becoming more and more difficult to keep his own thoughts distinct and private. Well, it said, it’s tone shedding anger like water for something far darker. Well. It may be that this was not a wasted day after all.

Aloud, in Spock’s voice, it said, “Enter.”

The door slid open to reveal Jim, in off-duty garb and carrying an unlabeled bottle that was certainly some form of intoxicant. He smiled up at Spock, lifted the bottle slightly. He’d showered and shaved, but he looked tired. “Spock. Care for a game of chess?”

“Certainly, Captain,” said the creature, and stood aside to let him pass. “It has been too long.”

“That it has.” Jim set the bottle down on the low table beside the chess set, surveyed it for a moment, then touched the empty spot where the king had stood. He did not remark on the uncharacteristic disarray of the rest of the room. “You’re missing your king.”

“It must have fallen during some turbulence,” the creature lied easily. “If you give me a moment, I can locate it.”

“That won’t be necessary, Mr. Spock,” Jim said, twisting the cap off of the bottle. He balanced it in his hand for a moment, then set it down in the vacant spot. “That’ll work well enough as a placeholder, don’t you think? As long as we’re both aware of what it really is.”
st:tos  kirk/spock  captive  bonded  mind-meld 
february 2016 by runpunkrun
Waiting to Take Flight - by Raven_Knight (T'hy'la Big Bang 2016)
Spock tried to exercise patience and tolerance of Human emotionalism. “This is how Vulcans say hello,” he instructed. He raised his right hand and parted his fingers into a V-shape between the second and third fingers. “Live long and prosper.”

Jim-Jam studied him for a long time, but Spock stayed statuesque. Finally, the boy held up his right hand at Spock and tried to get his uncooperative fingers to mimic the V that Spock had maintained since parting his fingers. The result for Jim-Jam turned out to be a twitching wave. Frustrated, the boy used his left hand to hold his fingers apart like Spock. But when he lowered his left hand, his right hand fell back into the awkward struggle of trying to keep his fingers parted. Jim-Jam huffed at himself and lowered his hand in failure.

Spock still held his hand in the Vulcan ta’al. Jim-Jam, despite his lack of success with his fingers, grinned wickedly at him. This confused Spock. For what reason would he be smiling? Smiling for a Human typically meant happiness or pride. Failure to achieve an intended goal should not have resulted in a smile. He was brought out of his thoughts when Jim-Jam sprang into action. Faster than Spock knew was possible, Jim-Jam giggled and then enthusiastically smacked the palm of his hand hard against Spock’s hand waiting in the ta’al. Spock gasped at the obscene contact, while his mother’s mouth fell open in surprise.

The boy’s mother reacted most dramatically. “Jimmy!” she shrieked, plucking him from his seat and away from Spock. “I told you not to touch that Vulcan! You just don’t listen, do you?” She carried him away from Spock’s row of seats and walked them back to join the rest of their family. Jim-Jam gazed over his mother’s shoulder at Spock looking far too pleased with himself. Even though the boy’s mother had carried him away, Spock did not wish to accept that forced separation, despite the scandalous method in which Jim-Jam had touched him moments ago. He was human, and could not know how inappropriate his actions were in reality. Spock rearranged his position so that he sat with his legs folded backwards on the chair, unable to lean back without risk of falling off his perch, yet completely able to use the back of his chair as a prop on which he could lean his padd as he read his lessons and glanced at this fascinating Human boy with golden hair.
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  meet-as-kids  t'pring  tarsus-iv  vulcan  new-in-town  fuckordie  ep-related 
february 2016 by runpunkrun
thefourthvine: The Trouble with Tribbles
There is a truly scintillating discussion of a grain hybrid. Spock looks riveted. Kirk looks like he got into space precisely so he would never have to hear about grain again.

Apparently agriculture is not such a challenging field in the future, because the undersecretary of it is dumb enough that he impugns Spock's knowledge. (Seriously, if you were high up in the Federation, wouldn't you have met a Vulcan before? Or at least know something about Vulcans? Maybe they still have mail-order diplomas in the future.) Spock responds by providing just a few of the 350 minutes of information he has on tap about the grain, until the undersecretary mans up and swears he will never, ever ask for information from Spock again.

Kirk, still pissed off about the fighttease, doesn't want to supply the requested grain guards, but Spock gives him the Pointy Ears of Please Reconsider, Captain, for My Sake, so he tosses the undersecretary a bone.
st:tos  ep-related  meta  spacecritters 
december 2015 by runpunkrun
thefourthvine: Amok Time
On the bridge, there is ominous music, and Kirk has his hands on his hips. Someone's getting a spanking, apparently.

And then we're in the elevator. The controls appear to be a dustbuster, and apparently you have to hold them all the time to keep the thing moving, meaning that if you faint in there, you're going to die between floors. Good thinking, future designers!

Things are getting worse. Spock is now having memory problems. And speech problems. He asks for bondage, but Kirk sends him to sick bay. I find myself really liking Kirk for being so gentle with Spock and trying so damned hard.

Spock is disoriented by the grey corridors, as who would not be, but he manages to find sickbay, where McCoy examines him. Bad news: Spock is going to die if they don't go to Vulcan.
st:tos  ep-related  meta  fuckordie 
december 2015 by runpunkrun
thefourthvine: The City on the Edge of Forever; Or, the Past Is Another Country, and Things Are Less Colorful There
They arrive on a blue planet. I suspect that it's the same set as Vulcan, because it's very glittery.

And, hey! They've found a stargate! There's even a DHD thingy in front.

They go up to check out the stargate. "Unbelievable, Captain," Spock says. "That's funny," Kirk replies, which makes no sense at all. Kirk's speech modules are malfunctioning again. Spock was so sure he fixed him, too.

The stargate is the source of all the time displacement. We study it.
st:tos  ep-related  meta  timetravel 
december 2015 by runpunkrun
thefourthvine: Mirror, Mirror
So we learn our first lesson about good vs. evil: making women show their legs (and panties) to everyone = good, but making them also show their bellies = evil. Perhaps bellybuttons are the root of all evil? It makes sense when you think about it.

We then see the Real Baddies - Spock and the transporter room guy. Kirk is riveted with horror by Spock's repellant facial hair, and so are we. I mean, yes, there's some kind of vaguely fascist salute, but the real horror is RIGHT THERE, ATTACKING SPOCK'S MOUTH AND ALL BUT PUTTING HIM IN A T-SHIRT READING "MOUSTACHE RIDES 2 CREDITS."

The CAT is deeply horrified by their new attire.

Bones: What the fuck is with this sash?
Kirk: I really don't feel like I can communicate the proper air of authority if people can see my armpits.
Uhura: CRY MOAR. I don't see anyone else wearing a goddamn belly shirt.
st:tos  ep-related  meta  alternatetimelines  seeingdouble  mirrorverse 
december 2015 by runpunkrun
thefourthvine: The Naked Time: The World's Least Effective Drug PSA
Kirk, irritated and unaware that two of his crewmembers are trapped in a living nightmare, snaps, "Compensate!" And then he pokes the instrument board, apparently to turn off the red booper, for which we are all very grateful.

Sulu's boyfriend says he's a little nervous. Sulu gives him a frankly appreciative look, as though he is thinking, "Oh, I love virgins."

Meanwhile, Ensign Hazmat is dying. McCoy is puzzled, and asks Chapel if she's sure the respirator is functioning properly. No! NO, IT ISN'T. It isn't connected to anything! OH MY GOD JUST LOOK AT IT!

But McCoy doesn't and Ensign Hazmat dies.
st:tos  ep-related  meta 
december 2015 by runpunkrun
thefourthvine: Journey to Babel: All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Captain Kirk
Sarek says, "My aides, and she who is my wife." First: the aides come FIRST? And "she who is my wife"? What about a NAME? What about an actual introduction? OH MY GOD I ALREADY HATE HIM, which sucks, because I really liked Sarek in the Reboot. Amanda arrives and does some finger-touching with Sarek, which, if that is truly how Vulcans make out: DIRRRRRTY.

Kirk says Spock will give them a tour. Sarek says he prefers another guide. Kirk pauses for a long, long time, looking at Spock for a hint, and then visibly grits his teeth and says, basically, "As you wish." "You insulted my first officer. Prepare to die" does not cross his lips, but you can see he's thinking it.

Kirk offers Spock two hours of leave to visit his parents, clearly thinking, well, these Vulcans are dicks, but at least his parents must like him, right? And Spock says, no, these guys are my parents. Kirk visibly goes HOLY SHIT. Spock, see, this is why we share.
st:tos  ep-related  meta  sarek  amanda 
december 2015 by runpunkrun
heresluck: The Test
The Test - The Chemical Brothers feat. Richard Ashcroft

Devil came by this morning,
Said he had something to show me,
I was looking like I'd never seen a face before,
Here we go now lets slide in through the open door.

Pictures and things that I've done before,
Circling around me I'm here on the floor,
I'm dreaming this and I'm dreaming that,
Regretting nothing think about that.
st:aos  st:tos  kirk/spock  vid 
december 2015 by runpunkrun
bluefairy1113: Must Be Dreaming
Must Be Dreaming - Frou Frou

This is my turn wrong universe
You're taking me in full bloom
Viable, careful with that there
See, what you made me do
st:aos  st:tos  kirk/spock  vid 
december 2015 by runpunkrun
Ni'Var - by WerewolvesAreReal (ST/His Dark Materials)
It takes Jim a long time to realize that he is unique.

He has two daemons from birth, after all. But everyone else in the family, his mother and father and Sam, only have one each. This confuses him, because who wouldn't want two daemons?

When he asks his mother why he has both Talessa and the male daemon now named Septon, she puts aside her work and takes them – Jim and his two curious daemons – into his bedroom, sitting down on his star-covered quilt and gesturing for Jim to take a seat beside her.

“No one else I've ever met has two daemons, Jimmy. But some people” she neglects to mention that 'some people' refers only to one eccentric scientist-theologist “think that it means one of your daemons is for, well, your soul-mate. Some poor girl missing her daemon. And one day you'll meet her.”

Jim is horrified. “She won't take them, will she?” He cries, unable to imagine anything worse.

“No!” Winona hastens to assure. “In the story, it's like – you'll be so close, you'll both share your daemons together, and – and you'll have a connection to that person, Jim, true love - “

“But girl are weird.”

“Is Talessa weird? Your connection to this person – I bet it's similar to the one you have with Talessa and Septon, if you're as close as the stories say - “

Jim brightens. Like all children, he has a little greed in him. “Like having three daemons.”
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  fusion  tarsus-iv 
may 2014 by runpunkrun

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