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Untitled Threesome - by Keelywolfe
If either of them is ashamed or embarrassed or, God forbid, feeling illogical, they don't say. They curl around him, hands touching, and Jim sleepily realizes he can tell who is who, gentler, older hands stroke him while younger hands are jerkier, awkward, almost too-firm. He's sore and sticky, the heavy smell of their mingled semen in the air and still thick on the back of his tongue and yeah, he doesn't shy away from any of it, buries his face into the neck nearest to him and breathes it in, still utterly surrounded by Spock. He can't think of a single place or person he'd rather be with...unless Spocks suddenly decided to come in a three pack.
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Not An Ordinary Life - by IvanW
“Have you told him?” Pike asked, leaning a hip against the porch railing. “About the bond?”

Spock shook his head. “I believe his father would rather that I not. He wishes for Jim to make his own choices.”

“Not sure that is something you ought to hide from him.”

“I had intended to tell him when he reached my father’s home in preparation for the summer session.” When Spock had believed Jim would more likely than not be coming to San Francisco.

“Spock, George doesn’t know everything. And I think Jim likes you. You might want to consider telling him. If he finds out later, through someone else, that you knew and didn’t tell him—”

“You believe he will become angry.”

“Yeah, he might. I don’t know him well, but from what I have seen of him, yeah he might.” Pike shivered. “Think I’m going back inside where it’s warm.”

“I will be in shortly,” Spock said.

“Take your time. I think Jim’s out here,” Pike said pointedly, then went into the house.
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The Ship's Cat - by cowgirldressage1
Captain James T. Kirk stepped onto the Bridge of the Enterprise full of confidence and vigor. He looked around expecting to meet the eyes of his adoring crew, prepared to acknowledge them with a manly nod and get on to the business of leaving Space Dock Central.


It wasn’t that they were being disrespectful or ignoring him. Their attention was elsewhere. To a being, they were focused on the center seat, Jim’s command chair and the creature sitting in it.

It was a cat. More precisely, it was a brilliantly hued flame point tabby. He was gorgeous. He sat in the middle of the seat, gazing over the Bridge as if he owned it.

The Captain was on the Bridge.
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Never and Always - by Ladyhawk_lhflu (The Bond #3)
Many moments passed as I stared at my intended. His eyes did not waver as he looked back at me. I could see within them an undefined knowing, or perhaps an instinctual understanding.

We might have stayed that way for some time if we were not interrupted. JT coughed, attempting to get our attention.

Jim startled, then turned and looked at his elder self questioningly.

'You two aren't fit to be out in public.' JT said, shaking his head. He then leaned down toward me and asked quietly, 'How much does he know?'

I could not answer his query. 'It is better to ask that question of Jim or your bondmate. I did not relay any information to him concerning this difficulty. Elder Savid, however, may have.' I stood up carefully, as I could feel the hormone surge attempting to overtake me again.

JT sighed. 'This is not a difficulty, Spock. This is your life.'

He then turned to my captain and took a deep breath before speaking. 'I'm going to be blunt here, for both your sakes. He needs to be with his mate. To bond and, well, to have sex.' He looked up at me and shrugged. There was an apology in his eyes.
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notboldly: The Best Laid Plans [1/2]
The problem was that Jim wasn’t really friends with Spock either. He’d tried for the first few months, because he’d been in a bad place for much of his life and he’d sort of wanted Older Spock’s promised friendship, that anchor to fall back on. And he’d gotten it!…with Older Spock, whom he regularly corresponded with, no matter where in the universe they were. Jim supposed that he’d sort of forgotten that he had his own Spock, this person from his own timeline he was meant to forge new paths with, to be friends with until death or far after. There were only so many times he could have invitations and offerings and his friendship refused, though, before he forgot that this was something special he was supposed to be fighting for, something that Spock would eventually give in to. He’d forgotten, and he’d given up.

In light of that, he supposed he didn’t blame Spock for being suspicious when—after months of silence—Jim started asking him to play chess again. The thought was simple: Jim might not have been Spock’s friend, but Spock didn’t appear to have many others, and break-ups were better with someone who cared. The problem, of course, was convincing Spock of that.

“Captain, I assure you that I have had no urge to defeat you in chess, nor do I expect to in the future. Please cease interrupting my work.”

Spock could be really nasty when he wanted to be, Jim could admit, but he was also direct and to the point, certainly blunter than Older Spock ever was. Jim knew he could come to like that rather than just appreciate it during moments of professional urgency, and the thought—yes, that special friendship, it’s there, this could all work—made him smile and persist.

“Well then, how do you feel about losing?”

It was the right thing to say, oddly enough. And it was even better when Jim kept his promise: Spock lost. From then on, it was easy convincing Spock that Jim could be right in other things, if easy meant that Spock had to be proven wrong again, and again, and again. Jim wondered (often while running for his life on some godforsaken planet) what he had done to convince Spock that he was still some stupid, punk-ass kid that hadn’t grown to fit his captain’s uniform.

Older Spock had much to say on the subject, but he was vague, as usual.
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Not All Those Who Wander - by thedeadparrot
"I am sorry we didn't manage to serve together very long," Chris said, taking a sip of his Mai-Tai, careful not to let the umbrella poke him in the eye.

His companion held an identical drink, umbrella and all, which would have looked fairly comical if he hadn't seemed so at ease. The old Vulcan's eyes crinkled, though he didn't smile. "I regret that my younger self did not have that opportunity as well. Those eleven years were quite a formative experience for myself." Spock had told him a few stories of that time, like Talos IV, like Colony 3, like Rigel VII, and Chris wondered what it would have been like to have those years back again. He'd never know, now.

For Spock, it must be like that, that hint of maybe, except a hundred times worse because he'd lived it. It had been his entire life. "I sometimes have trouble comprehending how much you've lost," Chris admitted. "I hope you don't resent us for that." There's so much this man knows, so many years of things that will never happen or will happen differently or will take years and years to happen. Chris sometimes wonders how the other-him died, because he must have in Spock's lifespan. But Chris knows better than to tempt fate.

Spock took a sip of his drink and said, "It would be highly illogical to feel that way, Admiral. Do not worry for me, old friend. I am still young yet, and there is still much left for me to do." The sun highlighted the gray of his hair, the wrinkles on his face. His hands were folded neatly in his lap, but his eyes were as bright as those of a young, talented Vulcan science officer Chris had met once.

Chris grinned, feeling warmed up from the inside out, because he believed that cagey old bastard, after all. He really, truly did.
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you will see what it is to be overcome - by magneticwave (ST/Harry Potter)
“Fascinating,” Old Spock says when Jim forks over his wand. Jim would give anything for a jar to put a little fire into, it’s fucking cold , but he’d dug through the rations in his shuttle of exile and everything was in little insulated foil packets, perfect for packing light and making sure nothing glass would break in case of impact, shitty for any kind of magic whatsoever. This is why wizards aren’t supposed to go into space.

“Yeah,” Jim says, stuffing his hands into his armpits. “Applewood, thirty-five centimeters, thunderbird tail feather.”

“I am unfamiliar with these materials,” Old Spock says, holding Jim’s wand between his hands, gently feeling the slim lines of it with his fingertips. Jim would suggest giving it the old swish and flick but his wand’s always been temperamental; it’s just as likely to send sparks up Old Spock’s nose as it is to lay there like a dead thing.

“It doesn’t really matter,” Jim tells him, conveniently ignoring two years’ worth of lessons on wandlore in favor of nonchalantly thumbing at his nose. Statute of Secrecy laws have reduced standing off of Earth but Jim still feels itchy between his shoulder blades. “Applewood’s got no psionic penetrance whatsoever, it should feel pretty normal.”

“Indeed,” Old Spock says gravely, “and yet I find myself capable of reading a small measure of emotion from your--wand, as you say.” He frowns at it. “A great deal of anger, for one.”

“Yeah,” Jim says, “well, I was shunted off of the Enterprise after nearly being strangled.” The itching is getting stronger; without really thinking about it, Jim reaches out and swipes for his wand. “Can I?” he says, and then, “Thanks,” when he’s yanked it back. He pretends for a second to be very occupied in sheathing it in his thigh holster. “So, what, the other me wasn’t a wizard?”
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Consort - by Elliewood (Congruence #3)
Few individuals pride themselves as much as Spock, son of Sarek of Vulcan, on their mastery of the skills of logical reasoning and inductive prediction. But upon opening the door to their shared apartment, even he had to admit that it did not take a brilliant mind to ascertain the status of his roommate from the observable evidence contained therein.

Just beyond the entry lay a pair of boots, dropped on their sides 1.72 meters apart as though the person wearing them had kicked off one, then hopped on the newly unshod foot to pry off the other and discard it just as carelessly. Turning the corner to the study afforded Spock a view of more abandoned clothing -- a grey peaked cap on the floor and a matching jacket, its sleeves turned inside-out, tossed on the desk. Then through the bathroom to where a bottle of pain medication rested on the near end of the counter and a used tumbler on the far end, as if the pills had been swallowed as the individual kept moving toward the bedroom, where he indeed found Jim Kirk lying on his stomach across the bed, arms extended over his head, feet hanging off the edge, fast asleep.

Several similar occurrences had taught him that Jim was unlikely to awaken until several hours after a dose of the doctor's pain meds. Spock glanced at the chronometer -- only 1742, which meant he would probably eat dinner alone again this evening.

As a general rule, Vulcans do not sigh, and so Spock silently pulled Jim's trousers off and lifted the limp body with one arm while turning the bedclothes down with the other, intending to slide him under the sheets and leave him to his sleep. But Jim turned his face to nuzzle into him and mumbled something unintelligible as his eyelashes fluttered against Spock's chest, and after a moment's pause, Spock dropped the bedclothes in his hand and sat on the bed instead to cradle his drowsy mate.
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Lonely Child - by itshysterekal (Don't Call Me T'hy'la #2)
His days were spent learning and beating every test that was thrown at him, and his nights were spent with beautiful women of all races, shapes, and abilities. Sometimes more than one. Once, he even spent a night with an alien girl who was shaped more like a squid than a humanoid. He might not repeat the experience, but it was definitely not a mistake. His favorite was Gaila. She was beautiful and passionate and smart and it was weird when she told him she loved him the second time they slept together, but she explained a few days later that her culture used the word in a different way. She was just talking about his body and the way he made love to her, she promised.

He would still made a point not to sleep with her again.

The only thing he wasn’t prepared for was the Vulcan professor. He wasn’t in any of the man’s classes, but he saw him in the hallway with Uhura once and stopped breathing. He could have been Ty. Jim’s brain shut off completely and in that moment, he was. The professor was the Vulcan boy who had been everything to Jim, who had broken him, who was the reason Jim couldn’t love anyone ever again.

“Ty,” he breathed and one of those eyebrows rose above eyes that looked exactly like his dead friend’s. “T’hy’la.”

The Vulcan almost seemed startled, and Jim’s words must have had an impact because his second eyebrow joined the other, higher on his brow. “Do I know you, Cadet?”
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An Unexpected Journey - by CMM
Jim found his voice. “I won’t…there’s nothing you can to do make me…and Spock would never….”

“Oh, I won’t have to make you,” Trelane sniggered, “and Spock won’t be able to help himself.” The eyes narrowed as he scowled at Spock. “You see,” Trelane continued, his voice soft as cream, “Vulcans have a nasty little biological secret. It’s called pon farr, and basically, it trumps all of their much-vaunted emotional control.” Now his gaze went to Jim.

“He’ll burn,” Trelane said softly. “He’ll be on fire with unquenchable lust, and you’ll be the only ‘vessel’ he’ll have available. And if you don’t accommodate him, James, he’ll die. Pon farr turns into a really unpleasant fever called the plak tow, and if that fever’s not slaked by a willing partner, it will kill him. So either you take what I’m offering, James, allow me to pay my debt, or you can watch him die. It’s totally up to the two of you.”

Jim glanced at Spock, seeing the sudden pallor and the stricken look in those sable eyes. “I…my Time is not upon me,” Spock managed to say at last, somehow keeping his voice steady.

“And you really think I can’t change that?” Trelane giggled. “You’re about to find out you’re wrong.”
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A Distant Horizon - by what_alchemy (Not Even the Stars #2)
The door buzzed and Jim’s heart leapt before he remembered that it wouldn’t be Spock – not since “the incident,” as he secretly called the mortifying debacle from three months ago. The unit that had been Jim-and-Spock, whatever friendship they’d been building for the two years of the mission, was all smoke and rubble ever since Spock had stumbled through a weirdly emotional declaration of his “intentions to court” Jim, and Jim had subsequently dashed out of his quarters. Never mind that he hated to pull rank off duty and never did. Never mind that seeing the desolation flit across Spock’s face for a split second destroyed something warm in Jim’s own chest. Never mind that he’d regretted it ever since it happened, but couldn’t find a way to make it better without rejecting Spock all over again. Because Jim wanted to be friends, and Spock wanted way, way more, and the two were mutually exclusive. In petty, lonely moments, Jim was still angry at him for it. He’d liked being friends with Spock; why wasn’t that enough?

The door buzzed again and Jim shook off those thoughts, calling out to allow entry. When it was McCoy and disappointment bloomed hot and shameful in Jim’s gut, he squashed the ensuing guilt and plastered on his widest grin.

“Bones! What brings you here on this fine night?”

McCoy looked surlier than usual, and Jim went to retrieve a bottle of Saurian brandy to tame the beast.

“It’s that bastard of an alternate you, Jim. I don’t know what’s up his ass, but whatever it is, it’s gnawed its way to his brain and taken bites out of whatever it is that makes you nice most of the time.” He snorted and accepted the tumbler Jim pushed into his hands. “As if we needed a less stable version of you.”
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Affliction's Sons - by Stella_Notecor
Spock tugged the drink from Jim’s hands. “It is not healthy to imbibe in alcohol in order to forget your feelings.”

“Says the guy who meditates his emotions away,” Jim muttered.

Spock glared at him.

Jim threw his hands up in the air. “Alright, fine, you win. I’ll stop drowning my sorrows. You gotta give me something to burn off all this emotion though or I’m gonna go punch some snotty admirals.”

And Jim would, just to protect Spock’s pride. It was somewhat endearing but mostly exasperating. Spock moved their drinks to the side and slid his credit chip into the machine on the table to deduct the credits for Jim’s drink and a larger-than-necessary tip for the server since his water hadn’t required any credits. They would not be drinking any more that night.

Spock returned his credit chip to his pocket. “What do you normally do to rid yourself of your excess emotions?”

Jim smirked. “I fight. Or I get drunk. Or I have sex. Or some combination of the three.”

Spock did not wish to deal with a drunken Jim, and a fight between them would be unfair. Spock was far stronger than Jim, as well as faster. That left sex. Considering it made Spock’s palms tingle a little; he was not adverse to the idea. It would certainly take care of his longing for sex.

Spock made up his mind. “We should return to the ship.”

Jim pouted again. “You won’t even let me pick up someone?”

“There is no need to ‘pick someone up’.” Spock let his eyebrow rise, knowing that him using slang and facial emotions at the same time would amuse Jim. “I am available.”
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All In - by little-smartass (Linxcat), spicyshimmy, summerofspock
“I’m ordering you,” Jim says finally - and this is it, that cornering push, a move that shouldn’t have to be made between friends, “To tell me what’s happening with you. This has nothing to do with us, friendship, whatever this is. I need a First Officer who can do his job and do it right, and you need to tell me what’s keeping your head out of the game.”

Spock’s pause is brief. Even he won’t argue with protocol or chain of command. It’s an order. Jim doesn’t like it, but he likes the alternatives even less.

“Very well.” Spock focuses on a point beyond Jim’s shoulder, eyes fixed on the far wall. “I have been informed by the Vulcan Science Council that my child is dying.”

It takes a good few seconds for Jim’s brain to catch up with his ears and by that point his mouth has caught on and dropped wide open.

“Your- Your what ?” Maybe he heard wrong. No; Spock said it. He definitely said it. My child. “You have a kid ? Since when? With who? Oh my God, Spock, is that why you and Uhura broke up? Actually, uh, no, sorry, that doesn’t matter - don’t answer that. Since when have you had a kid, Spock?”

Spock seems vaguely puzzled by Jim’s incessant babbling but he still can’t meet Jim’s eyes, which is when the second half of the sentence really sinks in.

“Oh, Spock,” he breathes, heart twisting. He takes a few steps towards him, hands reaching out, then remembers who exactly he’s reaching for and jerks them back. Spock’s gaze flickers towards him. “Dying ? Is that- That’s why you’ve been in pain.”
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Sakashovau - by scifishipper
“Yeah, but Spock and you — you’re not the same. And I’m not that Jim. He doesn’t want to feel anything and I’m sure as hell not going to bust in there and force him to.” Jim drank down the rest of his water and leaned forward in his seat, leg bouncing.

“I am not suggesting force. I am merely stating that you are his friend and he needs friends in his life.” Selek’s eyes held a note of pressure and Jim felt himself squirming. He could never be what Selek wanted him to be. They could never be that — whatever it was the other ones’d had together.

Jim stood suddenly. “Look, I just wanted to see how he was. I’m glad he’s getting better. I have a couple more days of meetings and then I’m going to Georgia to see Bones. I need some time away from all of this.” Jim strode across the room and put his glass in the small sink. He could feel Selek’s concern from across the room but didn’t turn.

“He needs you, Jim.”

With a slap on the counter, Jim spun around. “No, he doesn’t. He made that really fucking clear. I’m not going to fuck up his life just because I want something. I should have stayed on Earth. I screwed everything up by coming here.” Jim started to rush towards the door. “Just tell him I’m sorry, would you?”

“Jim!” Selek called out, but Jim’s feet hit the dirt before the old Vulcan could make it to the door. It was just too fucking much.
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january 2018 by runpunkrun
Apple Candy (the fools rush in remix) - by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
“Other you totally hates me,” he tells Old Spock, during one of their chess games.

He isn’t sure why he tells him this, except that he feels vaguely that maybe Old Spock can shed some light on why Jim’s Spock sometimes conveys the impression that he wishes Jim would go die in a fire.

Not that Jim cares, or anything. This is just professional captainy concern for the efficiency of his bridge crew. Honest.

One of Old Spock’s eyebrows rises in an inquisitive manner. The familiarity of it makes Jim smile a little.

“Also, did you know that your younger self is dating Uhura? She’s really hot.”

Old Spock looks surprised.

Jim moves a pawn, and wonders if the surprise will put the old man off his game. Probably not.

Old Spock surveys Jim from the screen. His expression is thoughtful.

“Does that bother you?”

Jim starts at the unexpected question, and tries to hide his alarmed expression.
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Evolution - by Rhaegal (RhaegalKS)
Kirk shook his head. "Give the guy a break. He'd just been flung back in time into another dimension or whatever, watched his planet be destroyed – which he pretty much blames himself for, by the way – then just happened to run into a version of his presumably long-dead… friend, who doesn't know who the hell he is. Dammit, Spock, you lost it and you were still in your own universe."

Spock's expression did not change during this tirade, and he was silent for a long while afterwards, perhaps processing, or perhaps still not comprehending; Kirk had gotten so used to being able to read Spock that the uncertainty made him nervous.

More to fill the silence than anything else, Kirk added in exasperation, "How can you not like him, anyway? He's you."

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he saw his own error; when divided in two, each half of Spock had harbored an intense and irrational dislike for the other. And now the reunified Spock apparently disliked his older self from an alternate timeline. Spock, it seemed, had issues.
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There is My Heart - by coffee666
“I feel like it’s been a zillion years since I’ve had real coffee…” Even though Jim was on duty, he allowed himself a second to close his eyes and rest his chin on the back of chair. He thought standing up behind his usual station would keep him awake, but he was quite wrong.

“A zillion is not a real number, Captain.” Spock said from behind him.

“I know that, Smartypants.” Jim opened his eyes and turned around so that Spock could see him smirking. Spock gave him the tiniest indication of a smile before turning back to his station.

It started being this way some time ago…Jim wasn’t exactly sure when. It was just, one day he realized that teasing Spock was really just flirting. He longed for any reaction from the Vulcan, whether it was amused or not. It was usually not.

But then it was…it started to be lighter. Spock would respond with some snarky comeback and give Jim the smallest of smiles, and Jim’s heart would stop in his chest. Jim told himself he was imagining it, that he and Spock were just starting to be better friends.

But then Spock started touching him. A hand on his upper arm to get his attention, or pressing their shoulders together when they stood side by side. And most recently…a hand on his. Spock would place his own hand, so slender and warm on his own calloused one. The dark hair on his knuckles was such a stark contrast to the pale flawless skin of Spock’s, and when their hands touched, it felt like Jim’s heart was going to burst and he couldn’t breathe. It was great.
st:aos  kirk/spock  shore-leave  new-vulcan  spockprime  sehlats 
april 2017 by runpunkrun
A Mutual Concern - by CiderWriter / WhyMrSpook
“First things first, do either of you need any immediate medical attention?”

“We are uninjured, Doctor.” Spock said quietly and Jim’s frown only deepened at the dark look Bones shot him. What Spock had done to warrant such a look was beyond Jim. Then again, it often was anyway.

“You might wanna sit down for this one fellas.”

“Bones.” Jim repeated, impatiently.

“We all… unfroze… as soon as they’d taken you, I guess. After a lot of panicking and engineering going to town to get us out of whatever deadlock we were in, the voice came through again. Said we had to watch you decide who’d die- watch you turn on each other. They transmitted a live video feed of your cell.”

“Oh.” Jim’s eyes widened. “Oh shit.”

“Now, there’s no cause to panic. Only the bridge saw, and most of the staff were helping out in engineering; Chekov was here trying to locate you. Sulu actually cheered when you… you know. Uhura saw, though. I thought I should give you heads up.” Bones bowed his head lightly, and Jim felt his world shift. His crew had watched him and Spock kiss. Their first kiss, goddamn it. Jim looked to Spock helplessly, but his First Officer looked as bad as Jim felt.
st:aos  kirk/spock  kirk&mccoy  new-vulcan  spockprime  death  bonded 
february 2017 by runpunkrun
Vulcan Catnip - by Sunless_Garden / putigress2012
"I will take my turn now, Jim," T'Pang informs him - and oh, hi there, other Vulcan mind. Jim goes to welcome her inside, but the meld is broken forcefully a second later, before she achieves any real penetration. Jim just blinks as he hears a low growl and sharp, chiding words.

"He does not understand our culture, and you have taken advantage of this lack of understanding!" and oh, that's Spock - his Spock, First Officer Spock, Science Officer Spock, Cute Spock. “This situation demonstrates your loss of emotional control. Why have none of you sought mind healers? Why have you instead targeted a helpless non-telepath to relieve your mental distress?”

Can Vulcan mind melds make a human high? Because Spock sounds angry, and Spock does not get angry. Well, not unless Jim is insubordinate and cocky and talks smack about Spock’s mom. And also, Jim kind of wants to hump Spock (and maybe he should replace "kind of" with "really, really, really, really…" – well, anyway). So maybe mind melds can make a human high? But Elder Spock didn’t make Jim high. Hmm. He should really ask Spock (his Spock). Spock always knows everything, because he is so, so smart.

"His mind is most dynamic," T'Pang replies, and why do the Vulcans keep repeating that? Is there some meaning in that phrase that he does not understand or something? Maybe he should ask Spock. It is really hot when his first officer goes into “professor mode”, as Jim likes to call it – his posture gets even more rigid than usual, and his voice.
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february 2017 by runpunkrun
Treading Water - by stormfirej
The Tuquens discussed the matter amongst themselves before the Chief permitted it, causing the Jim to visibly bounce on his feet due to anticipation as the beast was brought over.

It was explained to Spock- the only one listening, at least, because Jim was too busy holding out his hand for the beast to sniff at, that it was a talashk-mordu, a beast native to their planet. It was semi domesticated, and due to its immense strength, keen sense of hearing and smell, as well as its status as semi-sapient, the Tuquens used them to guard sensitive locations.

“Hi,” Jim said as he held out his hand. “I’m Jim Kirk.”

The talashk-mordu bumped his hand with his nose. “Jim Kirk,” it echoed in a series of snuffling noises, as the universal translator beeped and churned out the words. “Smell nice.”

“Can I touch you?” Jim asked carefully. This was another one of the qualities that Spock found admirable in his Captain. Even though the beast’s masters had already given him the go ahead, as long as the beast itself refused, he would not carry on. He cared for the feelings of those around him.

“Touch?” the beast questioned, before lying down and pressing its head into the ground. “Touch.”

It occurred to Spock that Jim was pack-bonding with the beast. Clearly, Jim seemed unaware of his influence, but judging from the disbelieving looks of the Tuquens, the beast had previously not permitted itself to be touched in any manner. Yet here came this outsider, and within several minutes of meeting it, had already managed to, as he was now doing, rub the sides of the talashk-mordu’s face and giggle.
st:aos  kirk/spock  spacecritters  off-world  stranded  mind-meld  h/c  captive  spockprime 
august 2016 by runpunkrun
cards_slash: How We Found Ourselves (sequel to "Willing") [1/4]
Sometimes Spock came back even when he said he wouldn’t, sometimes he got into bed with them and sometimes he slept sitting upright in the chair. Sometimes, when he was very upset, he didn’t. The morning alarm sounded to find Spock sitting in the chair staring at Bones.

Kirk yawned, sat up, watched Bones turning over face first into the pillow in complete denial of the morning. “Spock,” he said. “He’s fine.” That didn’t do anything at all to ease the tension in the bond between them. He rubbed his temple and tried to remember when Spock got less rigid about maintain absolute division of his two mates. In the beginning he refused to allow one of them to know what he felt about the other, he refused to open the bond between their minds if he was attending to the other. It might have happened gradually that Kirk became aware of Spock’s moods and knew him well enough to know when the sour dissension was Bones’ fault.

Could have been after Bones and Jim started having sex with each other there was no point in keeping them separate anymore.

They’d learned a lot in two years. There was a lot left they didn’t know. But he’d been in the middle of these piss fights before, he knew the only way to resolve it was to convince the bastards to touch one another and he knew that he worked like a social lubricant. It was pointless to fight now, Bones was exhausted and Spock was determined to prove that he was right while he worked to control his anger at being summarily denied.

“I aware of your opinion, Jim, but I do not share it,” Spock said finally. He stood up, tugged his shirt down straight and left the room.
st:aos  kirk/spock/mccoy  poly  mpreg  telepathy  angry  spockprime  progeny 
august 2016 by runpunkrun
Friends With Benefits For Idiots - by yaoichan12
“My vibrator broke,” Jim told him.

Spock looked to the vibrator and noticed it was green in color. Spock’s nose flared. He raised his gaze to meet Jim’s bright blue eyes.

“Can you not fix it?”

Jim shook his head and tossed the vibrator into a nearby trash bin. “Nah. Its times like these when I wish I had a friend on the ship.”

“I am your friend.”

Jim chuckled. “Not like that. I mean…a friend with…benefits.”

Spock cocked his head to the side slightly and arched a brow.

Jim chuckled again. “Spock, a friend with benefits is a friend that you occasionally…have sex with.”


“Why? Because both of you are single and may be horny and just want to get off without any romantic entanglements.”

Spock nodded and then, before he could convince himself not to, he said, “I am currently single.”

Jim blinked. “Um…I know.”

Perhaps this is the only way to be with Jim, Spock thought even though he knew he was wrong and needed to leave immediately. But the temptation to lay with Jim in a intimate way was too much to bear.

“I am single and do occasionally become…horny.”

Jim licked his lips. “Alright, but…don’t Vulcans not do casual?”

We do not, Spock, tell him you love him. “I am only half-Vulcan and on the rare occasion I do indulge in my human side’s needs.” Spock breathed in and knew Jim had become more aroused.
st:aos  kirk/spock  fuckbuddy  sick  new-vulcan  spockprime  kirkprime 
june 2016 by runpunkrun
Letters From Across the Universe - by Lucy_Claire
Selek was an old, greying man with a very peaceful presence, he wasn’t as stoic as most Vulcans aimed to be but his facial expressions were always steady, subtly tweaking into a frown, a smile or a grimace. Spock could have sworn he sometimes saw him smile.

The healer informed Spock that he was completely healthy and his sudden irregular heartbeat was purely psychological.

Spock’s first thought was, Are my frequent emotional outbursts the cause of this madness? but he remembered that he hadn’t had an outburst in nearly two months, the entire time Jim had been responding to him regularly, sending him lengthy complaints about his job, the farm and the college coursework he was completing online.

His contact with Jim was essential to his ability to not be provoked into a fight, to focus better in his class and studies and to truly look forward to waking up in the morning, whether anticipating a letter or not.

His contact with Jim was essential to his stability, almost like their correspondence was a mental-link of shared thoughts, opinions, knowledge, emotions and experiences, almost like…almost like…

Spock headed for his father’s study and poked his head into the room. “Father?”

Sarek looked at him from behind his computer screen. “Come in.”

Spock hesitantly sat across from his father, trying to find the words to start. “Father, how exactly are bonds formed?”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  vulcan  meet-as-kids  correspondence  sehlats  spockprime  cats  t'pring  jealousy  bonded  honesty  tarsus-iv  grief  amnesia  post-narada  mind-meld  rejection  reunion 
june 2016 by runpunkrun
Home - by The Physicist (the_physicist)
Jim hadn’t gone to sleep after Spock had left his quarters, there was too much to think about. He was sitting at his desk, his head in his hands. He had to decide whether or not he’d tell the admirals about his change in relationship with his first officer in a formal letter—that’s if there was going to be a permanent change, of course. The thought that there might not be left him feeling vulnerable in a way he didn’t like. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Calm down—Spock isn’t the type to do “casual” and you’ll work through the awkwardness eventually.

That brought him back to what he’d have to say to the admirals. With every cell in his body he didn’t want to tell them, even though it was his duty to do so. What if the admiralty decided to put a stop to it? It was within their rights to do so if they thought it was affecting his command.

He picked up a PADD on which he’d opened all the mission reports for which the Enterprise had received some kind of admonishment. 2258.309: Going down on an away mission and throwing himself into the way of phaser fire to protect his first officer; 2259.9: allowing the science department to shut down almost all systems so it could use eighty percent of the ship’s energy for Spock to analyze a ‘fascinating’ white dwarf star system—leaving them vulnerable to the inevitable attack from Orion pirates; 2259.38: Spock ordering the beam down of a full scale rescue party into a pre-warp civilization city just to save his ass from a few locals; and finally 2259.157: the most recent incident with the Klingons and his gamble—all for the benefit of the Vulcans? Or for Spock?
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  media  breakup  off-world  cityexploration  water  firsttimes  bodies  pirates  drunk  fuckordie  sex-work  amnesia  grounded  new-vulcan  spockprime  reunion  honesty  bondage 
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Definition - by most_curiously_blue_eyes
'You will stop all improper behaviour towards this Human or your instructors will be notified,' the Vulcan repeated, unblinking. Jim observed as understanding made its way to the bullies' faces and got back to his feet when Gorilla Boy let go of him. He watched with satisfaction as they picked up their unconscious friend, Humpback, and ran for it.

Then, he smiled brightly (and probably somewhat stupidly) at his saviour.

'My name is Jim Kirk,' he said, standing up and forming his fingers into a perfect ta'al in greeting. 'Thanks for the help, although I could have dealt with them myself.'

'Thanks are unnecessary, and I doubt it,' replied the Vulcan, returning the gesture. If he were surprised at Jim's knowledge of the custom, he certainly didn't show it. 'As to my name, I doubt you would be able to pronounce its entirety-'

'Try me,' Jim interrupted with a daring smirk. He loved challenges. He loved challenges he could easily win even more.

'Very well. My name is S'chn T'gai Spock,' the Vulcan offered with an air of arrogance, as though he was already certain of his victory.

'You're shitting me,' Jim exclaimed, eyes wide.

'Vulcans do not lie,' the Vulcan - Spock - chided him, clearly offended by his use of obscene language. 'I believe I have proven my point, Jim Kirk,' he concluded and turned to leave.

'No, wait,' Jim stopped him as they both entered the hall. 'S'chn T'gai Spock,' he repeated the name with perfect pronunciation and accent. It was the first Vulcan name he had ever learned, after all, and he had known how to correctly say its full form since he was seven.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  spockprime  earthside  raised-by-vulcans  adoption  pike  meet-as-kids  post-narada  bonded  honesty  rejection  kirkprime 
june 2016 by runpunkrun
The Sufficient Cause - by mightymads
The man on the biobed looks very young and fragile, utterly defenseless without his energy and audacity. Jim. His face is ashen, half-hidden behind the breathing mask, vitals are off the charts, but his hand is warm to the touch. No more barriers. The link, which broke when they were separated by the glass, forms again, its tendrils entwine, expanding into a familial presence in Spock’s mind. The thin thread is mute and dark, yet it serves as one more proof that Jim is alive. Spock loses the track of time, just standing by the bedside and simply relishing Jim’s closeness. After a while, he hears the door open and soft steps approach.

“Good god, you look terrible,” says a tired voice with a Southern drawl. “I bet you’ve been up since yesterday without a morsel of food.”

“So have you,” Spock returns impassively as McCoy comes to the foot of the biobed.

“I think I had some coffee,” McCoy rakes his fingers through his mussed brown hair. The hazel eyes gaze pointedly at Spock’s hand which covers Jim’s. Spock finds that he does not care.
st:aos  kirk/spock  stid  earthside  infirmary  bonded  pining  telepathy  spockprime  winona  sam  meet-the-family  kissing  taking-it-slow  mind-meld  firsttimes  captive 
june 2016 by runpunkrun
reapersun: Chasing Your Starlight [1/2]
Spock Prime discovers something he thought was lost, while AOS Kirk and Spock struggle with developing feelings for each other…
st:aos  kirk/spock  kirkprime  spockprime  fanart  comic  <3 
april 2016 by runpunkrun
Strength of Men - by 1lostone
Jim took a few steps back, body poised to run. Spock instinctively knew that he could not allow this younger Jim to run away. He held up his hand in entreaty.

“That is understandable. Before you go, might I ask you a question?”

“Boy, you sure do have a funny way of talking. All formal ‘n shit.” The boy shrugged. “Sure, you can ask. I don’t have to answer if I don’t want to.”

“Indeed. Don’t you wish to come back with me? McCoy… your… Bones does need you to come back. He is quite distraught.”

The boy looked at him impassively, something flicking in the depths of his blue gaze.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’m safe here. I’ve been here before. I like that no one can find me. Well, you. But I don’t think you’d hurt me.”

“No, Captain…. Jim. I would not hurt you .” Spock was becoming increasingly frustrated. He wanted answers. Who was this younger Jim hiding from? Why was he afraid to come back? Without thinking of the consequences, Spock found himself pushing against Kirk’s mind, searching for the answers he sought.
st:aos  kirk/spock  captive  trauma  mind-meld  tarsus-iv  new-vulcan  spockprime  bonded  drugged 
april 2016 by runpunkrun
Lessons of Love - by IvanW
In only two and a half months the Enterprise would begin its five-year mission with Captain Kirk under command and Spock as his first officer.

Given the length of time in space and the unknown elements, Spock thought it prudent to visit his father on New Vulcan. He had politely asked Nyota if she wished to accompany him but he had not been displeased when she had advised she had too much to do to make the journey.

He’d been somewhat surprised though when this had prompted him to invite James Kirk. More surprised when Jim had agreed.

Jim still had a tendency to tire easily and the atmosphere did not help so he had retired to his guest room shortly after dinner with Spock and Sarek. Spock’s counterpart, now calling himself Selek, had also been there, but he had excused himself to his own home when it had become clear Jim was going to bed. Spock realized by this action that Selek had only attended dinner to see Jim.

“I would appreciate your coming to have breakfast with me tomorrow, Jim,” Selek had said as he made to depart.

Jim had given the old Vulcan that smile that seemed to melt even the most stoic hearts.
st:aos  kirk/spock  new-vulcan  spockprime  stid  recovery  dreams 
march 2016 by runpunkrun
For the Love of a Child - by CMM [17/?]
“I…I’m not sure what type of child you’d like,’ the nurse said, “but there’s a darling little boy, Gary, just over a year old and…”

“No, I thank you,” the Vulcan said politely but with an unmistakable note of command in the deep, soft voice. “I know precisely who I seek.” He moved with long strides across the room to the crib by the wall, the nurse scurrying to keep up, taken aback when she realized he was making his way straight to Jim Kirk’s crib, where the baby lay whimpering softly, as he so often did.

“Um, sir, Mr. Selik, I’m not sure that Jimmy is the right prospect. I mean, he’s such a heartbreaking little tyke; his story’s so sad, but he is…well, he’s sick a lot and he…I mean, his crying, even for those of us who are trained to bear it…”

She was talking to the air. The old Vulcan stood at the side of the crib, looking down at the sickly, scabby, unhappy morsel of humanity that lay there. He pushed back the cowled hood of his cloak to reveal a lined, noble face and a head full of silver hair, as well as two elegantly pointed ears. Pitch-black eyes stared down into large blue ones, and Jim ceased his fretful whining. Clever, long-fingered hands reached into the crib and carefully, tenderly lifted the tiny body, holding it close to a warm chest. Little Jimmy Kirk actually cooed as the Vulcan cradled him in his arms, snuggling closer to that soothing warmth. Within moments, he was asleep in Selik’s arms, a faint smile on the tiny, pinched face.

The old Vulcan looked at the nurse, who was frankly staring as the nursery’s problem child slept like a little angel in Selik’s arms.

“This one,” Selik said, gently but firmly. “We will complete the paperwork, and I will take him home—today.”
st:aos  gen  kirk  spockprime  adoption  single-parent  raised-by-vulcans  cats  vulcan  amanda/sarek  meet-as-kids  bonded  school  sehlats  wip 
march 2016 by runpunkrun
Dream Deferred - by TDazz
"Jim," Leonard said gently, "it was just a dream. I'm not dead. You're not dead. Neither one of us is dying. We're not old. You've got lots of friends, and lots of life left ahead of you—"

"It was so real," Jim whispered.

Leonard reached for him and pulled him firmly into his arms. "Feel that?" he asked as he hugged him tightly. "That is real. Dreams may seem real, and that's why they're so disturbing. But if you think about them, they're not. There are always clues. Like the fact that you were both dead and alive at the same time. That can't happen."

"It wasn't anything like a dream though," Jim insisted. "It was like… it was like I was remembering it. Except it wasn't me remembering."

"Who was it?" Leonard asked.

"I don't know. I just know it wasn't me, because I could see me—"

"I thought you were dead?"

"Earlier. We were camping. You and me and… the other me."

Leonard pressed his lips against Jim's forehead. "One of you is enough," he said. "Come on, let's get some sleep. Morning comes early around here."
st:aos  kirk/mccoy  spock/uhura  dreams  ep-related  mind-meld  new-vulcan  bodies  bonded  spockprime  telepathy  threesome  kirk/spock/mccoy  h/c  poly  ot3  sarek  infirmary  death  <3 
march 2016 by runpunkrun
The Stars Seem Familiar - by lallyloo
Spock did his best to suppress a frown as he saw his captain and the tiny Vulcan child heading towards him in the corridor. Jim was walking a little slower than normal, and young Spock was walking quickly in an attempt to keep up. The child's hand was clutching the bottom of Jim's gold uniform shirt, and he was clad in a tiny blue Science uniform.

“Captain,” the older Spock said icily. “What is the child wearing?”

Jim grinned. “Funny, right?”

Spock raised an eyebrow. “I do not believe 'funny' is the correct term for this situation.”

Young Spock eyed the older Spock for a moment before taking a step back to hide behind Jim.

“Come on, Spock. You have to admit, it's pretty cute.”

“It is neither funny, nor cute. That child is not an officer on board this ship.”

Jim laughed as he rolled his eyes. “Relax, no one's going to mistake him for an officer. Besides, he was an officer on board this ship at one point--”

“He was not an officer on this ship,” Spock stated loudly, glaring at the child behind Jim's leg.
st:aos  kirk/spock  spockprime  transpoglitch  2ndchildhood  jealousy 
february 2016 by runpunkrun
Please Come Home (I'll Be Home for Christmas) - by AnnaKnitsSpock (Please Come Home #1)
Jim met Spock’s eyes and his face, turbulent and dark, suddenly softened. He slipped from the chair onto the floor and leaned into Spock’s legs, cheek against the bend of his knee. Spock automatically began to thread his fingers in Jim’s hair, feeling the tension in the young man’s muscles seep away under his touch.

“They gave me back the ship,” Jim muttered, “and they gave me the mission.”

“I am gratified.”

Jim lifted his head and stared Spock down. “I’m scared.”

His face was hard, daring Spock to be judgmental or discouraging. Spock ran the back of one finger against Jim’s cheek, traced his eyebrows, one of his sweet round ears.

“I would expect nothing less. Nine months ago you experienced a traumatic death and rebirth, and you are now facing a tremendous amount of responsibility. A temporary loss of confidence is understandable.”

Jim rolled his eyes. In every universe, he hated when Spock comforted him with logic, and yet frequently sought such reassurance anyway. Inefficient, and so very human.
st:aos  kirk/spockprime  kirk/spock  new-vulcan  spockprime  grief  ageplay  breakup  kirkprime  virtualreality  voyeurism/exhibitionism  reunion  bonded  marriage 
january 2016 by runpunkrun
Living on the Promise in Your Last Kiss - by dreamlittleyo (All That We Can Be #3)
Permanent, Spock had said. The mating bond is so much more than a mind meld. Kirk wonders if he's supposed to feel different now—if he could feel Spock's thoughts in the back of his brain if he poked hard enough.

He certainly felt them before—Spock all over him, holding on so damn tightly, inside him in more ways than one. Jim remembers being swept along in emotions and sensations that he could swear weren't his own. He remembers fire and hunger and need, jolting and foreign enough to identify as someone else's mind before the storm swept him under.

But there's nothing there now, at least not that he can identify. He shifts from one side to the other, punching his pillow and trying to find a more comfortable position. Even if Kirk could manage to quiet his thoughts enough for sleep, beneath them his body aches. It's not a subtle reminder, the soft throb of his pulse too strong where bruises have settled in, and there are other places he can't quite ignore the discomfort.

He almost considers sickbay, but that's an entire mess he doesn't want to step in right now. Bones will still be up after their earlier chat—Jim knows his friend well enough to be sure of that—and one quick look will tell him exactly what the captain has been up to since leaving his office.

Bones has seen him in worse shape, sure. Bones has tended to him in a lot of embarrassing moments, and he's seen Jim after many a one night stand. But for some reason Kirk doesn't want Bones to see this. For a moment he can't figure out why.

He works it out easily enough when he pictures McCoy's face. Disapproving, yes—always—but more than that. Jim can picture the guilt he'll see hiding behind the weight of judgment. Bones will look at him and see a personal failure: should have found a medical answer, should have been smarter and cleverer and faster. And Kirk doesn't want to see that look on his friend's face. Not over something he still can't bring himself to regret.
st:aos  kirk/spock  bonded  morning-after  pining  trapped  kissing  jealousy  off-world  stranded  spockprime 
december 2014 by runpunkrun
demonllama1: The Visit
They had decided, once they were close enough to get away with a visit, to go down onto New Vulcan for a night so Soren could see what it was like and meet older Spock and Sarek. He’d met the news with an excited yell and had proceeded to force Spock to teach him the Vulcan salute which so far, hadn’t been that successful.

‘Soren, calm down,’ Jim tried as Soren continued to fly around the room, putting random items in his satchel just in case he needed them.

‘I want to make sure I’m prepared,’ Soren stated, grabbing a book on the properties of Betazoid fungi.

‘We should leave for the transporter room if we wish to arrive promptly,’ Spock said, moving over to Soren and taking several items out of his satchel which would have weighed him down otherwise.

‘I might need those,’ Soren insisted, pouting slightly.

‘You don’t need them, come on, give me a hug,’ Jim said, crouching down to Soren’s level. Soren looked annoyed at the request but still put the satchel across his chest and wrapped his arms tightly around his father’s neck and hung on as Jim stood up, adjusting Soren in his arms so he could carry him.
st:aos  kirk/spock  progeny  new-vulcan  sarek  spockprime  pda 
december 2014 by runpunkrun
Home - by Lanaea [33/?]
"Spock…" she said, hesitating, seeming to waver between two different points of indecision. One of her hands clenched and unclenched at her side.

"…It was not my intent to offend you," Spock said sincerely after a brief pause, looking back towards her.

For a moment the tension seemed to stretch between them. But then Uhura sighed and sagged a little. Reaching out she patted his shoulder as if to smooth an imaginary wrinkle away from his clothes. "I know," she told him. For a minute Jim thought he was just catching the tail end of some lovers' spat, and that they would start kissing again like they had in the transporter room. But they didn't make any moves towards one another. Instead Uhura graced Spock with a rather tight smile, and then hefted her bag and turned away.

Spock watched her go, and Jim watched Spock watching her go, his curiosity growing. His understanding of the pair's 'relationship' was pretty limited. Neither one of them liked to talk to him about it, and they seemed to be just as tight-lipped with the rest of the crew, too, since the rumour mill never had much to go off of. Was there trouble in paradise?

Well, it wasn't as if it would be easy for him to find out. No matter how nosy he tried to be with those two they always just sent him a firm 'none of your business', and that was that. Shrugging, Jim had only just resolved to head off again… and then paused. Because Spock was still standing there. Like a kicked puppy. Which was weird, because he didn't physically look sad. He just looked all stoic and Vulcan like he usually did. To a casual observer it might seem as if he'd just decided that that particular corner of the shuttle bay was a good place to stand.

Well, he is your first officer, Jim decided, and then he slung his bag over his shoulder and walked over to him.

Spock at first didn't even seem aware of his approach, but once he'd drawn level with him, he spoke. "I am afraid that you will not find me particularly amenable to attempts to pry into my personal life at this time," he informed Jim solemnly.

"…Okay," Jim agreed with a shrug. "Want to meet my mother?" he asked.
st:aos  kirk/spock  earthside  shore-leave  iowa  meet-the-family  canada  h/c  dating  spockprime  new-vulcan  wip 
december 2014 by runpunkrun
Mongoshitfacedtabletwisters - by epicionly

>>>I’m going to replace you if you don’t answer.

>>>I swear I will.

>>>I will!

>>>I’m serious!

>>>You’ll be sorry when another alien gets me as his best friend. You’ll be like, I knew that guy!

>>>Crying your alien tears as you watch on the alien TV.

>>>Eating your alien ice cream and sobbing into your alien pillows.

>>>Looking up at the poster of me on your wall.

>>>I’m incredibly photogenic, you know.

>>>Are you sulking or something?

>>>Hey, what’s your name?

>>>Can I call you E.T.?

st:aos  au  gen  iowa  kirk  correspondence  spockprime  firstcontact 
october 2014 by runpunkrun
Leave No Soul Behind - by whochick
"Look," Kirk offers, leaning a little towards Newspaper in an attempt to make their conversation more private. "I'm sorry for being a jerk about your telepathy. I have this habit of putting my foot in my mouth."

The Vulcan glances from Kirk's feet to his face with a studious frown. Jim can't restrain a chuckle and shifts in his seat to face the other man. He raiseds one hand and fumbles for a moment before he manages to make a ta'al.

"I'm James Kirk," he says, hoping his Vulcan accent isn't too horrific. "Live long and prosper."

"Spock cha'Sarek," the vulcan replies in standard, his hand gesture both graceful and effortless. "Peace and long life."

Kirk feels his smile freeze into a rictus of something akin to panic. Suddenly he's on Vega and there's biting cold, stinging water, face too numb to feel. Walters and Emaco are tied to the wreckage, but it's not until he hears that voice, sees that hand shoot out of the ocean, that he knows they stand a chance ...

Spock. The dude said his name was Spock. Jim's brain jumps tracks again, shattering him back into the present. There really couldn't be that many Vulcans enlisted in EPAS and he had yet to meet two Vulcans with the same name. Still, there's something inside his whirling, psi-null human brain that forces him to ask the obvious question.

"You wouldn't happen to be a Division Commander by any chance?"

Spock folds his newspaper neatly into thirds and tucks it under his arm. "Indeed I would, Mister Kirk." He takes a moment to look at the human sitting next to him. "I also believe that you are enlisted in my division."
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  therapy  honesty  quarantine  alternatetimelines  reunion  iowa  bonded  spockprime 
august 2014 by runpunkrun
cast out fear - by s0mmerspr0ssen (Star Trek Big Bang 2013)
Maybe, T'Lkai should just use one of those Vulcan nerve pinches. That way, she could at least do her job in peace and prepare him for surgery without Jim doing the mental equivalent of screaming his fear at her like a lunatic.

As so often these days, it was Spock's arrival that eased Jim's volatile fright to a more manageable level. He did not quite understand why Spock was any different, but whenever Jim woke up from a nap convinced that Nero had once more gotten his hands on him, he was the one to get him out of it. Somehow, his messed-up mind had accepted that he was not a threat. A safe haven, even.

"Do not feel guilt over your fear," Spock said as soon as he entered the room, greeting the busy T'Lkai with a swift ta'al before stepping up to the bed. "Instead, try to calm your mind. Adhere to logic. Nobody here means you any harm. To feel scared is irrational."

It was a strong sign that Jim had already spent too much time around Vulcans that he almost felt comforted instead of insulted by the way Spock dismissed his panic as an illogical anomaly.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  vulcan  trauma  infirmary  panic  recovery  amanda  spockprime  mind-meld  bonded 
august 2014 by runpunkrun
Vulcan's Most Eligible Bachelor - by museaway
Jim would've settled for a thank you.

Apparently Vulcans don't just say "thank you" or don't believe in thanking people with words, which is why he's on a transport to Vulcan right now for a month-long stay as an honored guest.

It's all political bullshit. Jim wasn't the one who saved Vulcan, anyway. It was Uhura and Spock who broke through the mining ship's code. It was Chekov and Scotty (and that old Vulcan who showed up with him) who used that vulnerability to override its central computer, disabling it before the red matter could be extracted. Jim was just the one on the drill platform, but since he was the one who launched himself off to save Sulu, who then piloted the Enterprise so it could chase Nero down, Jim's the one getting all the credit.

Vulcans are big on self-sacrifice.

He fusses with his collar. Pike insisted Jim arrive in traditional Vulcan attire, which means a tailored shirt (seriously, he had to stand for an hour in front of a seamstress, and those pins hurt), trousers with an honest-to-god button fly, a pocket watch (okay, that's actually kind of awesome), and gloves. Fucking gloves. Pike took a picture of him in full regalia while Number One laughed into her hand. Jim gave him the finger.

The transport's captain announces their arrival on Vulcan in approximately two hours. Jim's pissed he couldn't convince Bones to come with him. Having him along for company would make the next month go by faster, but Bones cited work and a general dislike of planets that were a hundred degrees on a nice day. The old Vulcan and Spock travel with him instead. Spock still has on his Starfleet uniform. Jim glares at him.

"How come you get to wear that? Aren't you from here?"
st:aos  au  kirk/spockprime  kirk/spock  spockprime  vulcan  matchmaking  sybok  flowers  correspondence  t'pring  royalty 
august 2014 by runpunkrun
st_xi_kink: a necessary conversation (Star Trek Kink Meme) [1/2]
"I still do not comprehend why you feel this is a necessity," Spock protested, as Kirk all but dragged him up the gravel-lined pathway up to the Ambassador's domicile on New Vulcan. The small white house was evidently prefabricated, like much of the rest of New Vulcan's residential districts, but the elder Spock had taken pains with the gardens, lining the gravel path with flowering bushes.

"Because I want to."

"As you have told me so on my last four attempts at making you see reason, and I must remind you that your answer is most illogical." Spock dug in his heels sharply once they were within listening distance of the house, which resulted, given Vulcan superior strength, in Kirk being unable to move further.

"Right. Let's put it this way," Kirk said, agitated and excited at the same time, his chaos of emotion evident even without their clasped hands and the presence of their bond. "Your other self put us together right?"

"It would have appeared to me that he was only a cog in the whole of the relevant circumstances-"

"Also, you're too chicken to tell your dad and I'm not very interested in coughing up to my mum so, your older self is kinda a test case, right?"

"I am not," Spock said, with as much dignity as he could muster, "Poultry."

"You do that on purpose. I bet you do," Kirk tugged ineffectively on his wrist. "It'll be quick and painless."

"It will be long and humiliating."

"That's just your pessimism talking." Kirk's voice was growing louder, and hesitant of making a scene, Spock took a grudging step forward.
st:aos  kirk/spock  new-vulcan  out  spockprime 
july 2014 by runpunkrun
Of Twin Stars and Other Eccentric Satellites - by winterhill (2011 Star Trek Reverse Bang)
When they arrived at Sick Bay, the reports were all set out; Bones had been right, all Jim had to do was read and sign.

"So are you all right?" asked Bones, after Jim had read report after report of clinically-described, kinky sex-pollen sex. The one mission where he'd chosen to stay on the ship, dammit. At least he'd had Spock with him, staring with wide round eyes at the vision on the bridge screens of the Enterprise crew getting it on. They'd trained after, wrestling in the gym, and Spock had pinned Jim to the mat and his eyes had been as huge and wide and hungry as they had been when they'd been watching the crew fuck.

And then Chekov had wandered in and Spock had got off him and that was that.

"Why would I not be all right?" Jim asked.

"James Kirk, you are a terrible liar with daddy issues that can be seen from six parsecs away," said Bones. "And your surrogate daddy is lost somewhere on Vulcan."

"I'm a good liar," said Jim, feeling his eyes glaze as he read another account of the Enterprise Orgy. "I'm a damn good liar and you know it."

"I'm trying to be helpful," said Bones. Jim tapped his stylus against the desk.

"He's not a kid in the wilderness, Bones," he said. "First thing he did when he met me was face down some alien thing. Lots of legs. Slavering jaws. Definitely eats humanoids. Spock scared it off like a badass and then walked fifteen kilometers in the snow for dessert. And you know our Spock; he's not much different in that respect. Whatever happened to those colonists, he'll be the one keeping them safe. And he's going to trust me to come get them."

"Right, and you know this because you've suddenly developed psychic powers?"

"No," said Jim, signing a form. "Because I always have before. Why break the habit of a parallel universe lifetime?"
st:aos  kirk/spock  new-vulcan  t'pring  trapped  spockprime 
july 2014 by runpunkrun
Quondam Rex - by rabidchild67 (Spock Prime Big Bang)
Once upstairs, Sam played with a toy aircar while Spock took Jim to the changing table and unfastened his pants, then the one-piece t-shirt he wore as an undergarment. Undoing the baby’s diaper, he peeked inside and immediately covered him back up. “Captain, we have a Level 2 biohazard to contend with,” he remarked, amusing himself. He then took up some disposable wipes and cleaned Jim’s tiny bottom. He disposed of the soiled diaper and chose a fresh one, then searched around the workspace for the baby powder. Suddenly, Jim made a gurgling sound and Spock felt warm wetness on his wrist. Looking over, Spock saw an arc of yellow issue forth.

“Have you urinated on yourself and on me?” Spock asked him seriously.

“He doeth that all the time! Lookth like you’ve been chrithened, Thelek! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha!” Sam rolled around on the floor, clutching at his belly comically.

“So I have.”

“I’m home!” came a voice from the front hall as George arrived.

Sam scampered out of the room and pounded down the stairs, shouting. “Daaaad! Jimmy peed on Thelek!”
st:aos  au  gen  kirk  spockprime  raised-by-vulcans  single-parent  meet-as-kids 
july 2014 by runpunkrun
Coming Home - by awarrington
“Do you know why StarFleet has made picking up this Vulcan healer such a priority?” Kirk knew that Spock had been receiving regular updates from Sarek, so if anyone knew, his First would.

There was an infinitesimal pause, and Kirk spotted it right away. In that moment, he knew Spock was going to be evasive and sighed inwardly, anticipating another one of their confrontations.

“I believe, Captain, that surviving Vulcans will have need of many healers in the months to come.”

“Yes but…” Kirk stopped himself, not wanting to say anything that could cause offense by implying he was unconcerned about the fate of Spock’s people. He ran through several responses in his head, discarding each as condescending, incendiary or just plain insensitive. “Can you explain it to me? I don’t understand the urgency – the majority of the survivors weren’t anywhere near Vulcan when…I mean…they weren’t injured.”

“Not physically, Captain.”

He sighed. Pulling teeth must surely be easier. “Then…?” Kirk watched as Spock tensed almost imperceptibly. The subtle body language wasn’t something the average crew member would pick up, but he’d gotten quite good at reading it lately. “Help me out here, Spock,” he pleaded.

Spock looked at his hands clasped in his lap. “I…cannot.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  spockprime  matchmaking  new-vulcan  bonded  marriage  progeny 
july 2014 by runpunkrun
The Ending Has Not Yet Been Written - by CorpusInvictus
There's another of Spock's pensive pauses then, his fingers sweeping unconsciously over the console in a way that makes Jim's brain wander into dangerous territory. For almost five years now he's thought about those hands touching him, mapping him out, exploring him in that maddeningly methodical way of his, and now it's too late.

"I did not ask to be retired from Starfleet," Spock finally says, breaking the long silence.

It seems an odd change of topic to Jim. "You didn't?" he asks, unsure of what else he can say.

"I asked for a temporary decommission in order to return to New Vulcan and attend to the recolonization efforts there."

They've had this discussion before, Jim knows it. But there's something off about it this time. "I know. You told me."

The eyebrow twitches slightly in that irritated fashion Spock usually only demonstrates when he's arguing with McCoy. "To retire from Starfleet would indicate that I do not plan to return."

He thinks about that for a moment. God forbid Spock ever just come out with what he wants to say rather than laying out a maze of riddles and roundabout statements. "Then ... you plan to come back, at some point?" he guesses.

"I have planned nothing, as I am unsure of the progress on New Vulcan. But I wished to leave myself open to ... possibilities in the future." And he lingers on the word in a way that makes Jim's heart lurch.

"Possibilities," Jim echoes wistfully. He shakes his head to clear it of all the melodrama before he gets out of the command chair, standing and brushing invisible dust from his trousers. "I guess we should get going."
st:aos  kirk/spock  new-vulcan  kolinahr  death  fuckordie  spockprime 
june 2014 by runpunkrun
Ibid. - by trinityofone
Uhura arrives with a book under her arm. A heavy old-fashioned hardcover, and his confusion must show, because Uhura’s face takes on a slightly wry cast. “This is from Spock,” she says. “He was worried—“ She checks herself, the wryness even more pronounced. “He expressed a concern that you might be bored.”

“I will be, after a few pages of this,” Jim says, pushing himself up in bed to take it from her—he’s hefted lighter bricks. “Dickens?” he says, examining the spine. “Wow. He knows me so well.”

They share a smile and a shrug. Then abruptly Uhura darts forward. Slim, steady hands rest atop his shoulders; warm lips press against his forehead. Her earrings make a soft chiming sound as they move, tiny tinkling bells.

“I’m so glad you’re all right,” she says. Then she straightens, takes two neat steps back. Her voice is honey-smooth, warm. “Captain.” Affection and respect, the kind of thing you’d die for.
st:aos  kirk/spock  stid  books  infirmary  spockprime 
june 2014 by runpunkrun
Breaking Points - by Ragdoll
The Ambassador’s face bore a very peculiar expression of fascination and doubt. "Do you mean to say that you are experiencing episodes of memory overlay? Situations where your perceptions of reality seem to differ from the established facts?”

“Yes! Yes. It’s like I keep getting lost in a dream – like the weirdest sense of déjà vu you can imagine. It’s driving me crazy – so do me a favor and make it go away.”

“I –“

“Captain,” the younger Spock interrupted, and they both turned to look at him, having conveniently forgotten he was there. “I am uncertain as to the reasons behind your delusional episodes, but they cannot be the residual effects of touching minds with a Vulcan. The mind meld simply does not work in the way you are implying.”

“I don’t care if you don’t think it works the way it’s working Spock – because it is! You shouldn’t even be part of this conversation, you’re not the one who reached into my brain and fried it –“

“Jim.” And maybe he was experiencing more of those altered perceptions of reality, because being caught in a debate on the merits of inter-species telepathic contact with two versions of the same person had to be the most bizarre situation he’d found himself in to date. And considering Nero and the events leading to his captaincy, he had a lot to pull from.
st:aos  kirk/spock  kirk&spockprime  spockprime  mind-meld  dejavu  jealousy  matchmaking 
june 2014 by runpunkrun
A Logical Match - by walkandtalk (A Logical Match 'verse)
Three minutes after reading the debriefing, his communications officer burst into the room, terrifying and stunning.

“Lieutenant, please enter,” Jim said ironically, watching the ominous storm was that was Uhura descend upon his desk.

“Did you read it?” She asked darkly. “Do you understand what this means?” She continued on her rant, not waiting for Kirk to reply. “Every unbonded Vulcan male not on the colony, expected to pair up like Noah’s Ark, despite preference or past or career. The Federation is supporting every measure to accommodate this! Turning Starbases into singles bars for Vulcans! It goes against the Federation Charter, five different Vulcan tenants for self-actualization, and-”

Uhura’s eyes narrowed at Jim’s poorly disguised grin. Single bars for Vulcans? That sounded hilarious. “Permission to speak freely captain.”

“Retroactively granted, Lieutenant,” he said drolly, trying to ruffle Uhura, and failing.

“We can’t let Spock do this.”

“I am not in a position to interfere with Spock’s personal life, Lieutenant. And if memory serves me right, as of four months ago, neither are you.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  matchmaking  marriage  new-vulcan  spockprime 
may 2014 by runpunkrun
Redshift - by museaway
As soon as they get inside Spock's cabin, Jim pushes him up against the wall and kisses him soundly.

"Two of the happiest moments of my life have been you walking onto my bridge," he says, sliding his fingers into Spock's hair. Spock's lips are soft, and he smells incredible, and Jim wants to drown in him for a little while. Spock is less responsive than he was two nights ago, but Jim kisses him deeply, urgently and smiles against his mouth. When Spock gently takes Jim by the wrists and eases Jim's hands from his face, Jim experiences a frisson of doubt.

"What is it?" he asks. "I didn't think you'd mind, after..."

"I believe," Spock says quietly, "that we should discuss what you began to tell me, about the memories you believe you copied from the ambassador."

"That again?" Jim says with a frown. "What more is there to say? I think I'm carrying around memories that aren't my own."

"I would like your permission to perform a shallow mind meld," Spock says, still holding Jim's wrists but looking down. "I would like to test a hypothesis."

"You're making a science experiment out of me?" Jim asks, raising both eyebrows.

"It will be brief," Spock says as a means of answering.

"You had your tongue in my mouth a minute ago," Jim says with a shrug. "You might as well be in my head too." He lifts his chin, turning his head slightly toward his right shoulder. Spock's hand is a welcome pressure on his face.

"My mind to your mind," Spock whispers. Jim sees a flash of light, the flicker of fire on the walls of the ice cave, feels something warm unfurl in the back of his mind, and then Spock is standing several feet away with a dark expression.

"What?" Jim asks, taking a step forward. "What did you see?"

Spock shakes his head, eyes focused on his outstretched hand. It's shaking. Jim freezes where he stands.

"Spock, tell me what's wrong."

"You are telsu," Spock says finally.
st:aos  kirk/spock  ep-related  timetravel  earthside  roommates  grief  h/c  mind-meld  bonded  spockprime  rejection  recovery  shore-leave 
february 2014 by runpunkrun
Please don't touch the Vulcans - by museaway (K/S Advent Calendar)
Fresh from the sonic shower, he sniffs the air, conscious of the aroma of coffee wafting under the door. He made sure to close it, but he cracks it open and peers into the bedroom. Spock is seated at a desk under the window, reading. He wears black robes and sips from a mug. His hair is neat but slightly tousled, probably from the sonic waves. Jim has never seen Spock look so...casual. It makes Jim's heart beat faster just to look at him. He grins involuntarily but forces it off his face and wraps a towel around his waist.

"Morning," he calls evenly and crosses the room. He flops back on the bed, which he notes is made. Steam rises from a mug of coffee on the nightstand. "Double cream, triple sugar?" he asks, lifting his head.

"A single of each," Spock replies. "Would you care for a tri-ox compound?"

"Let me see how I feel today," Jim says, scratching his stomach and letting his hand linger on the edge of the towel. He distantly wonders what Spock's hands would feel like on his skin. Probably cool and smooth, methodical, like Jim was a science experiment. He shouldn't be thinking about this, he chastises himself, rolling onto his side to hide the evidence. He fakes a yawn and stretches all the way to his toes.
st:aos  kirk/spock  new-vulcan  domestic  sleeping/together  spockprime  oblivious  vsa  xmas 
february 2014 by runpunkrun
Feelings Are Boring - by lazulisong (Star Trek Big Bang 2011)
"Forgive me, Doctor, but my memory appears to end after I –" say it Spock, says the part of his mind that sounds like his mother. Say it. Hiding from it won't make it any better – "Began to groom –"

"Yes," says M'Benga. "The captain informs us that you suddenly became more interested in sleep than in the - er - state of his person."

Spock does not groan, but it is a near thing.

"You didn't hurt him," says M'Benga. “He's fine.”

Spock cracks open one eye, which he had closed against the acute nausea flooding through him, and looks at him. He says, "I note you say nothing of my dignity or the working relationship between the captain and I, Doctor."

"I don't think you could have chosen a better person than the captain for this," says M'Benga thoughtfully.

Spock opens his mouth to defend the captain, and closes it again. Kirk's personal dignity is not tied to his actions or those of others; it is purely due to some inner balance. He could do or say the most absurd things, or suffer them to be done to him, and still retain it. Also, M'Benga is absolutely correct: Jim Kirk is the only person that would have received Spock's attentions without anything but concern for Spock's own dignity and welfare. The thought that he himself should object would hardly cross the captain’s mind at all.

"Will there be a report on the substance?" says Spock. "I will, of course, record a statement, although my memory –"

“It appears to be similar to, although quite a bit stronger than--" M'Benga hesitates visibly and says, "– Terran catnip."

There is a short and entirely terrible silence.
st:aos  kirk/spock  off-world  roommates  sleeping/together  cats  rituals  drugged  grooming  correspondence  spockprime  fuckordie  psi!kirk  winona  sarek  bonded  <3 
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