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The Steadfastness of Stars - by itsnatalie
Even from space, Jadis was white. Spock had to channel his revulsion into something more productive.

“Goddamn,” remarked Dr. McCoy, staring through the window of the ship at the faintly glowing planet, scowling. “That looks like a bucket of problems waiting to happen. If you get hypothermia or pneumonia, Jim, I’m not clearing you for duty for weeks. Weeks, do you hear me? Plural.”

“Cheer up, Bones,” said Jim from where he was scanning an information database. Spock was at his right, patiently waiting: he’d already memorized all pertinent sections. “I know somebody from this planet. She’s since become a Starfleet ambassador, she’ll be waiting for us.”

“What exactly is their issue, anyway?” Dr. McCoy was still scowling, and Spock privately agreed with the sentiment.

As Jim was still reading, Spock volunteered, “Their planet has experienced subzero temperatures for a period of over a thousand years, and as such, the way of life of the people of Jadis has become dependent on just this phenomenon. Over the last several weeks, however, the temperatures have begun altering alarmingly, and since they fail to fall within the parameters of observed anomalies, have begun to cause structural and ecological damage to the point of concerning permanence.”

“Their weather is changing? What’s happening?”

“It’s warming up, Bones,” said Jim, flicking through his PADD as they walked; Spock was tempted to take Jim’s shoulder and steer him just so he wouldn’t collide with people or objects. “They might have summer and that might literally be the end of the world for them.”
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tenderly, quietly, all alone - by ARossWrites
Spock stood at the West end of the property, knuckles tight around the handle of his umbrella. He hadn't an excuse to go for a walk, truly. The habit he'd developed was new, formulated around their new neighbour.

A horse ran across the field, parallel to the short wall of stones that marked the divide of their properties. It was white and speckled across the hips with a grey. In this rain, though, heavy and hard, it's coat was soaked through and dark. Up the legs of the beast, mud. It sprayed nearly to the belly as the horse ran. The rider was soaked too, both in rain and specks of wet earth. His coat flew out behind him.

Spock’s heart was in his throat.

The rider was James, “Just Jim, is fine.” he'd insisted when Spock was first introduced. Spock didn't dare consider him in such intimate terms, even in the privacy of his mind.
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The Ties That Bind - by IvanW
I didn’t know how long we were at the bar, but I know Sam drove us home, and I was too wasted to realize how much of a bad idea that was. I didn’t think he was as shit-faced as I was, but I was too shit-faced to realize it one way or another.

By the time the hover car rattled to a stop I was nearly unconscious. Sam had to come to the passenger side and pulled me out.

As he dragged me to the side door, it took us both a moment to realize someone stood there.

Sam stopped dead. “What the—”

I looked up, bleary-eyed. Suddenly my vision swam and I stumbled forward.

“It’s my Vulcan. Spock!”

Everything shifted and tilted and it took probably longer than it should before I realized Spock had scooped me up into his arms. What did they call that? Bridal?

“Are you responsible for this?” Spock demanded of Sam, his voice cold and stony.

“Nope,” Sam said cheerfully. “I think you are.”
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The Claims We Make - by GrumpyBones (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang)
Jim is in the draft stages of a plan, still choosing between the two equally delightful: Intentionally, wildly, mispronouncing the name of their planetary destination or asking the Vulcan an extremely specific question about a species that doesn't even exist, when he starts the swivel in his chair. He decides, at the last moment, to go with an old favorite.

“Mr. Spock, please scan the area for—” a familiar pain in his neck that twinges at the angle he forces it to stretch in order to see the science station.

Only he doesn't see it. He might, for a second, the visual getting lost in the manual reboot his brain seems to be conducting. There’s a glimpse, a brief one, a preview if you will, that his subconscious seems to hand over with timid restraint. As if the different sections of his mind are passing the photo around with an incredulous, Are you seeing this too?

He blinks a few times, the sight in front of him remaining. He takes a quick glance around the Bridge as a whole where the rest of the crew continue on with their duties. They either refuse to notice or simply don’t care about the sight being presented to the Captain’s right.

He tells himself that his eyes need to return to the viewscreen even as they snap back to the section of skin peeking out between the black pants and the science-blue uniform shirt. The top has ridden up his spine, just so, revealing a glimpse of swirling script inscribed on the olive tinted strip of Spock’s lower back.

Spock has a tattoo, the tone of his inner dialogue missing the mark of simple shock as he swivels the chair back into proper position, a strange sense of hurt rumbling beneath a blanket of pure disbelief, Spock has a tattoo and he didn’t tell me.
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Respite - by ellewrites
Uhura walked back to the table, noting their hands and running her own along Kirk’s shoulders as she headed to the bedroom, throwing a glance back over to him, a clear question there – are you coming? – but she didn’t wait for the answer. Kirk’s smile widened as he looked back to Spock and leaned in to kiss him. Spock complied easily, warm and soft beneath his lips.

Even now, Spock didn’t seem to exactly understand kissing, not growing up with it as it wasn’t a particularly Vulcan way of showing affection, and he was distant even when willing. But over time with what Kirk knew was careful study, Spock had become a very good kisser, even if he was rarely fully present in it.

Kirk pulled away after a moment, releasing Spock’s fingers and tilting his head towards the bedroom with raised brows. Spock nodded and they walked in together where Uhura was tightening her strap-on beneath the short shift dress she wore, the fabric bunched up around her hips, and the vision lit a fire in Kirk’s veins, the first real thing he’d felt since the last time he stood in this bedroom.
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The Truth Between - by LeandraLocke
For a few days after the gym incident, things had been - for the lack of a better word - awkward for Jim. Every time he saw Spock, he became aware of not only the thoughts the Vulcan had triggered in him but also the fact that he was very close to having these thoughts again. Without wanting it, he found his gaze lingering on the line of Spock’s lean shape, or the way his black hair was shining in the bright light on the bridge, or the line of his right ear, for a split-second wondering what it would feel like underneath his fingertips. Or he noticed that he was looking at Spock’s lips a little longer than was strictly appropriate, imagining what it would feel like to run a thumb along the bottom one, feel them against his own or - better and worse simultaneously - on various parts of his body.

Jim had thought that finally getting laid again during their last shore leave should have taken the edge off, but the exact opposite happened. And he tried to argue with himself that, maybe, the one night stand had reawakened something in him that had been forced to remain dormant for so long. Like riding a bicycle again for the first time in ages, and then wanting to ride one every day, because riding bicycles was fun.

But there was simply no chance - and no morally acceptable circumstances - for him to ride that particular bicycle (and Jim blamed Bones for making him think in stupid metaphors), so Jim just had to find a different… bicycle. Person. Sometime soon, whenever the chance came up. Because it was just that, he concluded with a firm conviction. Being on this ship with all the blossoming romance, and Chekov being thrown out of someone’s room shirtless (again!), and basically, everyone getting laid but Jim. (He knew that was an exaggeration but didn’t want to admit it to himself).

So, he was being stupid, he concluded, and there was no reason to allow things to become awkward between him and Spock, no reason to not pursue their friendship and play chess together, and no reason to act like Jim would not be able to control his purely physical urges when in Spock’s company.
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A little bit of grace, (for me and for you) - by WingittoFreedom (Wingittofreedom)
Pike had sent the promised list of dates during which Spock will be expected to supervise the human child the day after their meeting, and it immediately became clear that Spock had been “had,” if he is using the idiom correctly.

“A few days here and there” turns out to be several weeks interspersed throughout the summer.

It also appears that Pike has not left Spock any time to rescind his offer as the first set of dates begin this weekend.

Today is Thursday.

It was a shrewd tactic, Spock admits to himself, relying on Spock’s sense of duty and then giving him no time to think better of it.

Despite having no time to think better of it, Spock is, well, certainly not panicking in the human sense—but were Vulcans prone to ascribing emotional nomenclature to mental states, Spock’s current thought patterns might probably be described as a form of irrational anxiety.

Panic, Spock. Is this an emotional response? asks a voice that comes from the part of his mind where the VSA panel sits.
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Year Two: Friend/Lover - by creative_rebellion (Intentions and Consequences #2) [14/?]
“I have never…” Spock breathed in deeply, “I have never been in a romantic relationship before. I have very little experience in the matter, and her being human complicates it further. I find that I do not completely understand humans at the best of times, and if I were to attempt a romantic relationship with one, I fear there would be cultural misunderstandings.”

Jim shrugged, “We don’t have cultural misunderstandings.”

Spock leveled a flat stare at Jim, “Our relationship began with a rather large cultural misunderstanding, Jim.”

Jim rolled his eyes, “Fine, I’ll give you that one. But you shouldn’t worry about this right now, Spock.”

“Vulcans do not worry.”

“Right, but maybe half-Vulcans do,” Jim gave Spock a pointed look. “Regardless, you have at least the rest of the semester to not do anything and to learn about humans. I can teach you.”

“Teach me?”

“About humans.”

Spock considered this. “It would be apt for you to teach me about humans.”

Jim gave Spock a confused look.

“It is, arguably, how our relationship started, Jim,” Spock said. “You told me, and I quote, ‘people are shitty, Mr. Spock’.”

Jim laughed. “So, it’s settled, then. I’ll teach you all about my species, and about how we approach romantic relationships, so then you’ll know what you’ll be getting into with… uh, what’s her name?”

“Cadet Nyota Uhura.”

“Uhura. No shit,” Jim grinned and looked away. “I met her once, she’s pretty impressive. Good choice, Spock.”
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Bluebird - by waldorph
“Spock made a deal with himself, at the start of—of all of it, right after Nero, that he could be in Starfleet if Ambassador Spock was on New Vulcan. I mean, he might not put it that way, but he did. And now Ambassador Spock died and he felt like he had a responsibility to New Vulcan. So he was gonna leave, he just couldn’t quite figure out how to tell me. He broke up with Uhura, but uh, couldn’t find the time to come tell me.”

He could feel her eyes on him, and when he looked up they were impossibly sad for him. “Oh, kid.”

“It’s fine. They reconciled, and he’s staying. Which is good, because,” he inhaled a shuddering breath and frowned, staring at the blue liquid in his tumbler. Because he didn’t have faith in many things, but Spock rescuing him? That was a universal truth, written into the blood that pumped through Jim’s veins and the bruises on his forearms and Spock wanting to pull a phaser on Jim’s mom just because Jim’s voice took on a certain tone. Spock wasn’t his, not in the ways Jim might want, but—but he was Jim’s, in some ways. Spock belonged to Jim, to the Enterprise, and Jim would have gone to war to keep Spock, if it had come to it. Would have called his mother for help, would have gotten the crew to help—Sarek, even.

“You’ve got over two years left,” she said.

He nodded.

“Well, the ship won’t be ready for another six months, so you’ve got a break. Do some soul-searching, kid. Fall in love with something—something that will love you back.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  kirk&uhura  stb  yorktown  winona  pining 
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The Most Beautiful Man in Atlantis - by smilebackwards (Romancing McShep 2019)
Sheppard showed up with the fourth wave of new military and support staff for Atlantis, the lone Air Force officer in a sea of Oorah Marines, and he’d been in the physics lab when Rodney had just dragged himself, dripping wet, out of the newly unclogged desalination pumps so he could yell at his minions before going in search of a dry shirt.

Sheppard had been sitting on Rodney’s usual lab stool.

“Who’s this?” Rodney said, irritated, and then the Ancient device in Sheppard’s hand lit up and Rodney had really looked at him with his soft-sharp hazel eyes and spiky, non-regulation hair and it had all been over but the crying.
sga  au  mckay/sheppard  new-in-town  pining  <3 
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a logical match - by vindicatedtruth (behindtintedglass)
You cannot stop yourself from trembling as you speak. “There is no fulfilment in possessing him who has no wish to be bound. I will not take away his freedom of choice.”

The Talosian tilts its head. “Even when he has the freedom to love another?”

The beeping spike of the machine’s readings reflects the pain it shoots through your heart at the very thought. “I will not take away his chance at happiness for himself.”

The Talosian steps closer, peering at you curiously now. “Even when you will die from the unfulfilled bond?”

Something in you hardens as you icily meet the Talosian’s hollow gaze. “I would rather die than have my love for him be his prison.”

Several heartbeats pass as the Talosian scrutinises you. “Noble,” it finally declares, nodding to itself in observation. “Yet foolish.”

“Oh, I totally agree.”

Your head jerks up at the familiar voice, the sudden movement tugging at the wires clinging to your skull and sending sparks of pain through your nerves. Along with the agony comes a confusing mix of both elation and horror as you stare at the Captain, who is casually lounging by the entrance to the Talosians’ laboratory.
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Why Mr. Spock, you almost make me believe in miracles - by WingittoFreedom (Wingittofreedom)
When Spock finally understands that he is in love with Jim, has been in love with Jim for a long time now, it is not a shock. Despite telling himself that he would not love again, night after night in desperation all those months ago at the Academy, Spock knows now that he is incapable of not loving. Even were he to try to expurgate everything else that he is by undergoing Kolinahr, this simple, (this patient, miraculous, durable, ecstatic) feeling would remain.

Jim is human and capricious, sometimes angry or disconsolate, sometimes gleeful and manic, an ever changing multitude that leaves Spock breathless and overwhelmed. I love you he thinks when he sees him on the bridge, every evening they play chess, every time their eyes meet across a room full of diplomats and dignitaries, when he goes to sleep at night and when he wakes every morning.

Spock thinks that it must be obvious, that it must written across his face as deep and as tall as the meter high letters that they saw carved on the Eternal Walls of Nimbus VII, that it must shine in his eyes like the night-blooming flowers of Pleiades V with its hundred moons and phosphorescent blossoms blown across the darkness like stars.

Jim must know. Sometimes Spock even thinks that Jim loves him too, when he catches a certain look in Jim's eyes or when Jim says something to him just so. And his heart will leap and an imaginary future will spread before him like a beautiful but beguiling dream. And yet Jim doesn't love him, or at least not that way. Jim loves him like a friend, like a brother, reserving that other kind of love for everyone and no one.

Jim must know. But he still looks at Spock with kindness, despite not returning the force of his feelings. And Spock must even be grateful to Jim for never touching him in that way, for never ruining their friendship and Spock's sanity by leaving him behind in a comets trail of former lovers.
st:aos  kirk/spock  post-narada  flirting  pining  friends-to-lovers 
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notboldly: Hidden Realities (sequel to "Frozen Memories") [1/12]
Jim huffed out a laugh and resisted the urge to do something completely ridiculous, like cuddle. It took only half a second for him to realize that, yes, that was exactly what they were doing; he was surprised by how much the idea didn’t bother him, but he thought he coped pretty well when Spock just wrapped his arms around him in return. It was a situation he normally would have ran from, but as it was, it was kind of…nice, with Spock. Like a familiar and cherished dream.

James Kirk, cuddling. The world—no, the universe—has shifted.

Jim smiled just a bit, and he felt such warmth at that moment that he could have sworn there was ray of sunlight directly over his heart. It was foolish, but he thought that—just maybe—he might have picked up a little of Spock’s telepathy; somehow he knew that his Vulcan was feeling exactly the same way.

Jim sighed and shifted to rub his hands in broad strokes across Spock’s back; Spock didn’t quite purr.

“It’s amazing, Spock. I swear, I half think I could still feel you if you moved across the room.”

Jim wasn’t really sure what he was saying—sentimental mush that he’d so often rejected, no doubt, but he knew he meant it this time, and he knew that he was saying more than just words. He expected something of a similar type—not emotional, perhaps, but logically sweet all the same—but when he looked up at Spock, his face had gone completely blank. Vulcan blank.

It took a moment for Jim to notice that the muscles under his hands had bunched in instant tension, and Jim wondered what he’d said.

“Spock?” There was no response, so Jim sighed and pulled away, certain he didn’t want to transfer exasperation to Spock if they were about to have a fight for some unknown reason.
st:aos  kirk/spock  morning-after  rejection  pining  firsttimes  bonded 
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The Promise - by coffee666
When they arrived home on Vulcan, it was nearing two in the morning. The sky was darker than Spock recalled, having got used to the Terran moon.

“What about I-Chaya?” Spock asked, stifling a yawn as they walked in the front door. The comforting familiar smell of his home had grown stale in their absence.

“It is too late to get him from the shelter. I will do it tomorrow. For now, you must go to sleep. You have school tomorrow.” Sarek said.

“Yes, Father.”

Spock went to his room and unpacked his backpack. He changed into his sleeping clothes and climbed into bed. It was strangely cold without the sehlat. Spock hear a chime, and realized it was his PADD. He picked it up from the nightstand.

Hey! This is Jim! We just got back about an hour ago. My mom said you guys won’t get to Vulcan until really late tonight, but I wanted to send you this picture anyways. Rosie says hello!

Below the message was a picture of a gentle looking black and white cow. Its muzzle was pink, and it had very small horns on its head. Jim stood beside it, his face pressed to its flank as if it were a pet.

In the private darkness of his room, Spock managed another smile.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  earthside  hotel/motel  meet-as-kids  vulcan  correspondence  iowa  xmas  t'pring  training  drunk  honesty  sleeping/together  pining  cold  cats  bonded  tarsus-iv  breakup  kolinahr  masturbation  off-world  marriage  <3 
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...And Always Shall Be - by ashayam_spirk (T'hy'La #3) [9/15]
It had been four years now—four years with Jim on his first official Deep Space mission, and Spock awaiting his return to the Enterprise. The repairs had been delayed an extra year, and Pike had only just messaged that the ship would be ready in two months. Two months, and Spock would be in space and Jim…well. Perhaps Jim would still be here.

It seemed a cruel twist of fate that they were afforded only moments with each other since reuniting. The week after Jim’s graduation, and the occasional shore leave when the Farragut was close enough to earth for a few days of relief.

It offered no real, tangible moments to see if the relationship would ever progress past lingering touches and the inability for Spock to look away any time he and Jim shared a room together. There were long nights of comfortable beds, without sleeping ,talking until their voices became hoarse.

And then Jim would be gone again, and Spock would be teaching, and at night indulging in illogical fantasies of Jim in his arms, Jim on missions with him, Jim seeing him through his Time.

In spite of these intrusive thoughts, Spock manages to get through the rest of his day. He does not expect an invite to see Jim, nor does he receive one. So it’s with great surprise that he hears the soft, pweeooo of his door alert as he’s sitting down to his evening meal.

A jolt of anticipation—unexpected and quite illogical—hits him and causes a two point six second delay in his response as he stands and approaches the door. The screen shows only the arm of a person, but Spock does not need visual confirmation to know who is standing just outside. He feels it like a long, slow tug on an immature bond which has sat deep in the recesses of his mind since he was but for terran years of age.

Spock hesitates only a second longer, then presses his palm to the door and it slides open. He anticipates and receives Jim into his embrace, allowing his t’hy’la to bury his face in Spock’s neck.
st:tos  kirk/spock  pining  h/c  friends-to-lovers  wip 
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You're in My Veins - by IvanW
He held out his beer. “Want to try it? Wait. You aren’t allergic or anything, right?”

“I am not. It is just not something Vulcans indulge in.”

“So? Sip?”

He shrugged a little. “Very well.” He took the beer from Kirk and took the tiniest sip. He made a face.

“Oh my God.” Kirk took the beer back with a big smile. “I wish I had a picture of that. Hated it, didn’t you?’


“I know, I know. Vulcans don’t hate.”

Spock eyed the beer. “I think for that, I can make an exception.”

Kirk shook his head. “You are so funny, Spock. I never guessed.” He picked up his own foam finger and touched it to Spock’s. “This is going to be an awesome friendship.”

There was an announcement overhead that the game was about to start, so Spock turned his attention to the field, and tried to ignore the way he felt at having Kirk’s body pressed up against his.
st:aos  kirk/spock  teacher/student  pining  drunk  rejection  friends-to-lovers 
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Pacing the Cage - by Jenna Hilary Sinclair
Instead, deep inside himself, Spock scorned the humans. With not a laugh, and not unkindly, but still he scorned them because they were so uncontrolled. They were slaves to the body. Their sexuality was rampant; they indulged themselves in physical sensation without thought to the consequences. They did not ally themselves with the universal forces that insured the survival of the species. They surrendered instead to the momentary pleasure.

Spock was still very young for his species, and he was not yet afraid.

Then James Kirk took command of the Enterprise, he of the sea-green, changeable eyes, and the smile that he never denied his second-in-command. When Kirk turned to him on that first day in the transporter room and with a small curving of lips offered him the Vulcan salute instead of forcing a Terran handshake upon him, Spock took the first step on the long journey to true understanding of self, although his cool rationality would have denied it at the time.

Over the next few months, the fact that Kirk was an exceptionally beautiful individual did not concern him. Nor could his charm affect Vulcans. His confident walk was of no consequence. The talent Kirk displayed for command was proof that the Starfleet Admiralty had not been mistaken in appointing such a young human as captain, but it had nothing to do with Spock's personal relationship with Kirk.

It was Kirk's smile that proved to be Spock's undoing. Kirk smiled at him, and offered his laughter too, and somehow with them the implication that he unveiled himself for Spock's personal perusal. Such an unseemly emotional display. So unVulcan. So fascinating.
st:tos  kirk/spock  earthside  abstinence  pining  camping  holidays  party  trauma  infirmary  honesty  friends-to-lovers 
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No Vegas Wedding for Us - by ThereBeWhalesHere (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang 2018)
“Bones,” Jim says, not in greeting but in urgency as he lowers himself into the seat across from his friend. The mess hall is busy this close to alpha shift, but the bustle is loud enough Jim doesn't worry they'll be overheard, even as a kaleidoscope of uniforms passes at his periphery. “I need your help.”

Bones looks up from his gravy-slathered biscuits, fork in-hand, and his eyes widen at either the sleep-heavy bags under Jim’s eyes or the expression on his face. Jim can't be sure which.

“I’d say you do,” Bones says, “You're looking a little peaky. Feeling alright?” He reaches for his pocket as if about to pull out a medical scanner, but Jim stops him, a flat hand landing on the table.

“No,” he says. “Well, yes. But no. Listen I —” Well he might as well come out and say it. Not much time before he has to be on the bridge, and he does need Bones’ help. Sometimes he thinks the good doctor might as well be his conscience. Or at the very least his grudging babysitter. So the words fall out: “I asked Spock to marry me last night,” and Jim realizes too late that Bones may misunderstand the whole situation.

Bones seems to freeze from head to fingertips, the only movement the bare widening of his eyes. Jim expects — well, he doesn't know what to expect, but he certainly doesn't expect what actually comes out of his best friend's mouth.

“Oh, well,” Bones says with a sort of ill-suited casual surprise. “You’re moving a little fast but I can't say I'm all that shocked. Congrats, Jim. I suppose I’ll have to congratulate Spock, too. Guess this means I’m stuck with him?” He gives Jim a lopsided little smile, and Jim thinks he looks almost proud.

“No, what —? No,” Jim says quickly, wanting to wipe that pride off Bones’ face before he actually starts to feel it himself. “It’s not like that.”

Bones’ little smile fades, and now he just looks confused. “Jim, there aren’t many ways to interpret a marriage proposal.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  drunk  faking-it  marriage  pining  earthside  meet-the-family  rejection  vegas 
june 2018 by runpunkrun
How we end - by cutiebiz
“You’re going to be in a romantic relationship,” she said, narrowing her three eyes in a conspiratory way.

“He already is,” Kirk said, jerking a thumb in his First Officer’s direction with a grin. Spock knew Jim didn’t really believe in “this stuff” as he put it.

She shook her head.

“No, you will have a romantic relationship with each other. ”

All six of her hands pointed at them, gesturing between the two of them.

Both men simultaneously opened their mouths in protest.

“I am already engaged in a romantic relationship, and I do not intend-”

“Is the universal translator working correctly? Because I could have sworn that you said-”

She ignored them both, and reached out four of her hands, laying her palms over their eyes. Both were rendered silent as the information was communicated quietly into their minds.

Jim was blushing profusely when her hands were removed, and Spock stared into oblivion...confused.

She smiled at them both again, looking pleased.

“What just happened?” Jim asked. “What was that?”

Spock was wondering the same thing. Though he had more of a grasp on telepathic communication than his human counterpart, he was still uncertain as to what he had seemed incomplete somehow.

“You,” the Priestess said, her three golden eyes on Kirk, “know how it begins...and you” she looked at Spock now, “know how it ends.”
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  friends-to-lovers  stid  sleeping/together  stb  pining  off-world  new-vulcan 
june 2018 by runpunkrun
In Another World - by ashayam_spirk
Jim’s comm beeped, and he yanked it out of his pocket, seeing the annoyed message from Komack which he promptly ignored. He knew he couldn’t be the first person to turn down a command promotion, and he wouldn’t be the last, and he was fairly sure it was just the whole Son of George Kirk thing that had the Admiral up his ass. But Jim loved what he did—he didn’t exactly expect to fall in love with xeno-botany but here he was, and he had no intention of taking over the Enterprise, no matter what his previous Academy scores and records on the Farragut said. And really, the entire reason they wanted him was the fact that he’d been a science consult for the ship for the past four years now. Pike and Kirk had gotten to know each other through comms and crises, and Jim wasn’t entirely sure what had caused Pike to accept the promotion and leave the ship, but he wasn’t exactly in a hurry to take his place.

No, he was going to dedicate his time—at least for now—to cultivating the ability to grow sustainable flora from one world on another without massive assistive technology. And on top of that he’d been approved to work on Vulcan with Dr. Amanda Grayson. The botanist whose books Jim kept like they were the damn bible, who he might have had a mini-poster of that he talked to in the lab whenever he was stressed. He was a fan-boy. Sue him.

All he needed to do was a few tutoring sessions with one of the xeno-linguistics professors to ensure his Vulcan didn’t leave him insulting the scientists he’d be working with, and he would be on a ship heading off for the desert planet. And he was excited about this one. Dr. Grayson had actually set this up for him when he’d been bemoaning his lack of access to proper Golic. She informed him she was acquainted with a Vulcan professor at the Academy, and would set up a few sessions with him if Jim was willing.
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  herbology  disability  vulcan  amanda  vsa  fuckordie  bonded  pining 
may 2018 by runpunkrun
Captain Of His Soul - by pastmydancingdays
‘Aye,’ Scotty replied, leaning forward on crossed arms. ‘Would you like me to try and – ah – slow things down, sir?’

Jim couldn’t help but grin, noting with a rush of pride how nobody’s expression changed.

‘That’s good of you, Scotty, but no, thanks. I don’t think a few more weeks will make much of a difference – years, maybe, but even I can’t bullshit the Admiralty for that long.’

Sulu smirked, and Chekov outright laughed, and the tension that had built up around the table dissipated. God, Jim loved his crew. He dismissed them all with a lightness in his heart that hadn’t been there when he’d woken, watching them file out after one another until only he, Bones and Spock remained.

‘Nice work on the research, Spock,’ Jim praised, watching him gather up his padd. ‘I really appreciate it.’

‘It was simply my duty, Captain,’ Spock replied, his gaze cast low as he began to brush past Jim.

‘It was above and beyond, and you know it,’ Jim said softly, stepping sideways to intercept him. ‘Thank you.’

Spock hesitated for a moment, their eyes meeting with such intensity that Jim felt breathless, weak beneath that unrelenting, fixated gaze. Then, as if the connection between them had snapped, Spock jerked away, regaining his composure with a stiff incline of his head.

Stay with me, Jim thought, wanting it so keenly that he wondered if Spock might hear him beg for it, wondered if his touch telepathy might extend just that little bit more to catch Jim’s desperate thought from so close. But it wasn’t to be; with a murmured ‘Captain’, Spock turned away, and left without another word. As the doors closed behind him, and with only Bones remaining, Jim allowed his shoulders to slump.

‘Y’all right, kid?’ he asked, eyes that missed nothing flicking over his mournful expression. ‘You don’t look right.’

‘Thanks,’ Jim snorted, leaning back against the conference table with a lingering sense of defeat. ‘It’s nothing, it’s just…’

He nodded towards the doors, his next word spoken on an exhalation that was almost a sigh.

st:aos  kirk/spock  kirk&mccoy  pining  oblivious  tarsus-iv  food  h/c  off-world  captive  telepathy  bonded 
april 2018 by runpunkrun
Armor - by seashadows
Spock watches as Kirk walks away down the corridor, and he knows at that moment that their company is not distasteful. Kirk’s sadness is somehow tied up in this uncharacteristic decline to play chess with him, but he is unsure of its exact cause. The way his eyes lit up when Nyota first made her request was no coincidence.

“What’s his fucking problem?” Nyota snaps, breaking Spock out of his thoughts. “I know he wanted to play chess with you. It was blatantly obvious.”

Spock nods. “Perhaps this conversation is best continued in a more private location,” he suggests, and she wordlessly turns to steer them towards his quarters. They walk in silence until they reach his door, and when they enter, Nyota flops down on the edge of his bed.

“So, I’ll say it again. What’s his fucking problem?” she asks.

Spock joins her there, albeit without the flop.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock/uhura  pining  off-world  hotel/motel  crying 
march 2018 by runpunkrun
Affliction's Sons - by Stella_Notecor
Spock tugged the drink from Jim’s hands. “It is not healthy to imbibe in alcohol in order to forget your feelings.”

“Says the guy who meditates his emotions away,” Jim muttered.

Spock glared at him.

Jim threw his hands up in the air. “Alright, fine, you win. I’ll stop drowning my sorrows. You gotta give me something to burn off all this emotion though or I’m gonna go punch some snotty admirals.”

And Jim would, just to protect Spock’s pride. It was somewhat endearing but mostly exasperating. Spock moved their drinks to the side and slid his credit chip into the machine on the table to deduct the credits for Jim’s drink and a larger-than-necessary tip for the server since his water hadn’t required any credits. They would not be drinking any more that night.

Spock returned his credit chip to his pocket. “What do you normally do to rid yourself of your excess emotions?”

Jim smirked. “I fight. Or I get drunk. Or I have sex. Or some combination of the three.”

Spock did not wish to deal with a drunken Jim, and a fight between them would be unfair. Spock was far stronger than Jim, as well as faster. That left sex. Considering it made Spock’s palms tingle a little; he was not adverse to the idea. It would certainly take care of his longing for sex.

Spock made up his mind. “We should return to the ship.”

Jim pouted again. “You won’t even let me pick up someone?”

“There is no need to ‘pick someone up’.” Spock let his eyebrow rise, knowing that him using slang and facial emotions at the same time would amuse Jim. “I am available.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  sarek/winona  fuckbuddy  voyeurism/exhibitionism  roleplay  dirtytalk  stranded  fuckordie  faking-it  new-vulcan  mind-meld  spockprime  pining  bonded 
january 2018 by runpunkrun
All In - by little-smartass (Linxcat), spicyshimmy, summerofspock
“I’m ordering you,” Jim says finally - and this is it, that cornering push, a move that shouldn’t have to be made between friends, “To tell me what’s happening with you. This has nothing to do with us, friendship, whatever this is. I need a First Officer who can do his job and do it right, and you need to tell me what’s keeping your head out of the game.”

Spock’s pause is brief. Even he won’t argue with protocol or chain of command. It’s an order. Jim doesn’t like it, but he likes the alternatives even less.

“Very well.” Spock focuses on a point beyond Jim’s shoulder, eyes fixed on the far wall. “I have been informed by the Vulcan Science Council that my child is dying.”

It takes a good few seconds for Jim’s brain to catch up with his ears and by that point his mouth has caught on and dropped wide open.

“Your- Your what ?” Maybe he heard wrong. No; Spock said it. He definitely said it. My child. “You have a kid ? Since when? With who? Oh my God, Spock, is that why you and Uhura broke up? Actually, uh, no, sorry, that doesn’t matter - don’t answer that. Since when have you had a kid, Spock?”

Spock seems vaguely puzzled by Jim’s incessant babbling but he still can’t meet Jim’s eyes, which is when the second half of the sentence really sinks in.

“Oh, Spock,” he breathes, heart twisting. He takes a few steps towards him, hands reaching out, then remembers who exactly he’s reaching for and jerks them back. Spock’s gaze flickers towards him. “Dying ? Is that- That’s why you’ve been in pain.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  whoops  bonded  telepathy  progeny  new-vulcan  spockprime  mind-meld  shore-leave  pining  rejection 
january 2018 by runpunkrun
Though My Soul May Set In Darkness - by pastmydancingdays
‘Not cluster headaches then,’ Bones mused, pressing his temples. ‘Could be tension headaches. You stressed?’

‘Not any more than usual,’ Jim offered, pleased when he stopped poking at his head.

‘Still think it might be migraines. Not everyone presents the same symptoms. You had a fever or anythin’?’

‘His temperature was above the norm last night. I have also noticed a certain amount of digestive complaints-’

‘Spock!’ Jim yelped, scandalised.

‘No, he’s right to tell me, Jim. For God’s sakes, man, I see worse every day. Now that could be gastroenteritis, because it can cause vomiting as well. But it’s usually caused by food poisoning, and I don’t think you’ve got that, because you’d be on the toilet all day…’

As Bones continued yammering to himself, Jim drifted off into a daydream about a world where Spock was less interested in how many times he went to the bathroom, and more interested in ploughing him into the mattress every night. He was so much in his own head that he didn’t notice the approaching hypo until it was too late.
st:aos  kirk/spock  sick  h/c  pining  rejection  dreams  mind-meld  fuckordie  crying 
december 2017 by runpunkrun
A Guiding Star - by BC_Brynn
I am six years old when I am transported to the year 2261.

Of course, it is later explained to me that I have not been travelling through any shortcuts in time; rather I have aged in the customary manner, whereupon, at the age of twenty-nine, I have been involved in an accident that has reduced my physical age and erased my memories accordingly. I believe myself to be six. I feel six. A thorough examination of my body corroborates all other evidence.

My name is S’chn T’gai Spock, and I am six years old.

My Mother, a near-constant presence since my birth, has died two point eight three years ago, at a time coinciding with the destruction of my home planet. So I am told, and so I confirm from the computer logs.
st:aos  kirk/spock  2ndchildhood  new-vulcan  amnesia  pining 
november 2017 by runpunkrun
Spice - by eimeo
But the thing is, the fact that he’s engaged at all in a battle of wills over a proposed emotional withdrawal means that the hand-holding incident has left an impression on Spock as well, because this is what always happens. Everything will be fine, warmth flowing easily between them, half-smiles traded across the bridge, finishing each other’s thoughts, and then suddenly something will happen, something more, and Kirk will wonder if maybe, possibly, conceivably there’s something else there. And Spock will disappear - into a shell of taciturn Vulcan correctness, into duty and regulation or, occasionally, physically into another part of the ship. If there was some way to be sure, some guarantee that it’s not all in Kirk’s unrequited mind, then he’d corner his friend and demand an answer. But nothing that’s happened to date is tangible enough to pin down and say, this. This is what I mean. Nothing has happened that can’t be spun into something perfectly innocent, and he won’t risk the friendship or his pride on smoke and mirrors.
st:tos  kirk/spock  friends-to-lovers  vulcan  kissing  rejection  pining  earthside  kolinahr  reunion 
october 2017 by runpunkrun
The Bond - by WhatIfImaMermaid
They all turn at the sight of Spock walking towards them, straightening the hem of the blue jersey he just put back on.

“Spock, do you remember who I am?” Jim asks tentatively.

Spock raises one eyebrow, right at the same time as Bones elbows Jim in the ribs, mumbling something about melodramatic infants who sometimes conveniently forget how to count. “He’s only lost a few months, Jim. If you can plot navigation vectors in your head you can figure out what he’s missing.”

“Doctors. Captain.” Spock crosses his arms on this lower back. He looks remarkably unconcerned, for having woken up six months into the future. “This is no cause of concern. Retrograde amnesia usually resolves itself naturally following its inception.”

Bones just looks at him, shaking his head and muttering bitterly to himself. “Goddamn hobgoblin. Amnesia. How cliche can you be?”
st:aos  kirk/spock  whoops  bonded  amnesia  faking-it  pining  <3 
august 2017 by runpunkrun
From the Beginning - by Linsky
“Spock!” Jim said. He was brandishing a piece of paper. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?” Spock asked.

“This.” Kirk thrust the piece of paper into his hands.

It was the list of assignments for graduating seniors. Spock himself had been posted to Alphalon Science Laboratories, the top Starfleet research facility in the Federation. He had been pleased to receive the news. “I did not think it would be of concern to you.”

“It wouldn’t be of concern to me? What, you’re going halfway across the galaxy, and you thought I wouldn’t care?”

“It is not halfway across the galaxy, Jim. It is only—”

“I don’t care how far it actually is,” Kirk cut in. “The point is, why didn’t you tell me?”

There was anger in Jim’s face and in his voice. Spock was at a loss to understand it. “I did not occur to me that you would wish to know.”

“It’s the kind of thing friends tell each other,” Kirk said. “I would have liked to know you were leaving.”

“Did you not already know that I would leave at the end of the year?”
st:tos  kirk/spock  friends-to-lovers  rejection  reunion  pining  h/c  off-world  vacation  firsttimes  <3 
july 2017 by runpunkrun
The Wingman - by noodleinabarrel (T'hy'la Bang 2017)
“Considering the intimate nature of human friendships based on the verbal exchange of emotional experiences for commiseration and evaluation, I have extrapolated a ninety-two point eight percent likelihood that you are familiar with the details of the captain’s past romantic relationships and his preferences in prospective suitors.”

Leonard snorted. Jim’s serial dating had eased since the commencement of their five-year mission, but three years rooming with Jim at the Academy had given Leonard enough details about his friend’s love life to last him a life time. Jim liked to share, even when Leonard didn’t feel like listening. Like at three in the morning when Jim had returned from a date with a fellow cadet, or an officer temporarily posted at Starfleet headquarters, or someone who had caught his eye at the air train stop that morning.

“If you’re after some juicy gossip about the captain, ask him yourself. The kid loves to brag.”

Spock continued to stare at the photo, a crease forming between his brows. “At this juncture in my research, a secondary source would be preferable.”

Leonard massaged his temples to ease the headache beginning to thrum against his skull. “What’s this all about, Spock?”

“I am here to offer my assistance in your romantic endeavors with Lieutenant Uhura.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  mccoy/uhura  spock&mccoy  flirting  pining  jealousy 
june 2017 by runpunkrun
White Flag - by AnnaKnitsSpock (T'hy'la Bang 2017)
He was true to the treatments Bones had prescribed: he worked out, he went to the ship’s therapist, he followed Bones’s nutrition plan for officers with eating disorders.

But it was all only helpful to a point. Sure, he had struggled with mental health stuff most of his life, and this was by no means his first bout of depression, but right now the main problem was Spock. Not only was he not in love with Jim, now he hated him. Jim found it utterly shameful to admit, even to himself, that such a thing could send him into so severe a downward spiral, but that didn’t make it less true.

His efficiency rating continued to plummet, and crew morale dipped. Something had to change; if things stayed like this the crew would eventually be at risk. If Jim and Spock couldn’t work together anymore, if Jim’s depression and pathetic unrequited love were getting in the way, the most responsible choice was to remove himself from Spock’s orbit.

The announcement of shore leave on Yorktown was met with universal excitement. They had been long in the big empty, and everyone was eager for the Earth-like delights of the new starbase. Jim didn’t think he’d ever seen Sulu so excited, and the overall boost of crew morale was a bittersweet satisfaction.

Bittersweet because when the Enterprise left Yorktown, Jim wouldn’t be on it.
st:aos  kirk/spock  stb  depression  pining  h/c  sleeping/together  training  rejection  honesty  crying  catharsis  firsttimes  bodies  bottoming  <3 
june 2017 by runpunkrun
To Be Wed - by ThereBeWhalesHere
“Sam?” Spock raised an eyebrow, and Jim nearly winced. He often forgot that to everyone else, Sam’s proper name was ‘George III’, but he kicked himself for having let himself slip now.

“Ah, it’s just a nickname,” Sam explained, giving Spock a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. He took his drink from the table, pinky finger streaking the condensation as he raised it, feigning nonchalance. “Although, I suppose if we are to be married,” he continued, “you may as well refer to me as ‘Sam’ too.”

A silence settled over their small group, not due to Sam’s words, but due to his tone. He sounded so sad, so tired, so entirely less than regal, powerless in a way no crown prince should be, as though he had expended any energy he had.

Jim didn’t fail to notice Amanda’s crestfallen look, or Spock’s carefully controlled expression of surprise.

“And while we’re at it,” Jim spoke up, voice much louder than he meant it to be, and containing a kind of levity he hoped didn’t sound fabricated, “you might as well call me Jim. ‘Prince James’ sounds stuffy, doesn’t it?”

Spock turned his eyes back to Jim, seemingly digesting his words, though at least part of his attention was still on Sam, who sipped uncomfortably at his drink.
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  royalty  marriage  sam  oblivious  pining 
may 2017 by runpunkrun
Is love a tender thing? - by sourwolf_of_beaconhills
He wonders what it would be like to be in her position, to be loved in the way he loved her. Spock's eyes drawn to him when he entered the room. Those lips pressing against his own, the sweetest caress he could imagine. Being held in his arms, safe and warm and loved. Knowing he wasn't wasting his love on someone who would never feel the same.

The half-empty glass blurs and he distantly realizes he's crying. He ignores the hot splash of tears and the tightness of his throat suppressing sobs. He continues to fantasize of loving and being loved in return. The simple feeling of being with another person, cuddling together on a bed. Walking hand in hand as stars shine down on them. Vulcan poetry being traced on his bare skin. Fingers brushing as they played chess. Seeing love in his eyes when he looks at Jim.

The pain consumes him quicker now, face hot and wet. Throat tight. Heart aching. His mind playing his most desired fantasies on repeat.
st:aos  kirk/spock  pining  infirmary 
may 2017 by runpunkrun
Sha Ka Ree - by ThereBeWhalesHere
“What’s the state of our half of the shuttle?”

“Inoperable at the moment. It required more work than I estimated.”

“Then let’s fix it. We need to contact the ships. Someone.”

“Mister Kirk,” Spock said, voice almost gentle. “I do not believe we will be able to reach the ships.”

Jim had a guess as to why, but he didn’t want to admit to it. The very concept of time travel was too ridiculous. Impossible. Though, everything about this mission so far had been impossible. The storm, the flora and fauna, the age of the shuttlecraft-- maybe they had to start reevaluating what ‘impossible’ meant.

“Okay.” Cautiously, Jim pulled his legs underneath him, testing his weight. There was a spike of pain, but it was bearable in comparison to the agony of before. Most of the pain came from his hip, in fact, where the makeshift bandage stuck to his wound. He stood slowly using the wall for balance. “Okay,” he said again, when he was sure he wouldn’t collapse just yet. “I think we should start by fixing the sensors.”

“The sensors will be unable to corroborate my working theory.”

“Which is..?”

st:tos  au  kirk/spock  pike  off-world  stranded  death  sleeping/together  rejection  pining  h/c  bonded  firsttimes  timetravel  infirmary  reunion 
april 2017 by runpunkrun
Chains of command - by WhatIfImaMermaid
He shakes his head without letting go of Jim’s. When he talks, his breath is deliciously warm on his lips. “Jim. Jim, this cannot happen.”

“What are you talking about?” He licks the corner of Spock’s mouth. The taste is delicious.

Spock’s grip on Jim’s face tightens. “Jim. This is not… compatible with our respective roles aboard the Enterprise.”

For someone who’s so smart, Jim can be astonishingly dumb.

He tries to push down his blood pressure and focus less on the fact that Spock’s ass is three millimeters from his right thumb and more on what the Vulcan is actually saying. “What do you mean? We just need to remove you from my chain of comma—”

He stops abruptly, feeling his carefully built existence on board of the Enterprise, within Starfleet, crumble at the sheer idiocy of his own words.
st:aos  kirk/spock  rejection  pining 
april 2017 by runpunkrun
All we are is wasting hours - by deepgreensea
They were saying goodnight, drawing it out, making small talk by the door because clearly they hadn’t reached the peak of sexual tension they were capable of just yet.

McCoy stepped closer, wondering whether Jim would pull him into a hug again like he had the previous week. When they had to keep their hips apart and McCoy had to count to ten and force himself to step away before they toppled over an edge there was no coming back from.

McCoy was stalling — waiting for something, anything — and he ran his fingers lightly over Jim’s hair and made some comment about how long it was getting. Jim’s lips parted and he whimpered, and McCoy didn’t have the sense to leave it at that.

“You like that?” McCoy whispered breathily, repeating the gesture but letting his fingers run through this time, nails grazing Jim’s scalp.


Jim closed his eyes and trembled, and McCoy stepped up closer and let Jim’s head fall to his shoulder. Need and anticipation had been building for so long they now amplified every touch to almost unbearable levels of pleasure. And McCoy’s fingers running through Jim’s hair had Jim moaning and going slack against him. McCoy started silently counting to ten again, slowing down every time Jim shuddered or gasped. He was halfway when Jim’s hands landed on his hips and burned desire into his too-sensitive skin. He hadn’t even started up again when Jim’s mouth was open against his neck, tongue and teeth moving frantically against his skin.

“Jim— Jesus don’t do that.” He pulled back and held Jim’s face in his hands, inches from his own. Jim looked debauched and desperate. “We can’t do more.”
st:aos  kirk/mccoy  pining 
march 2017 by runpunkrun
Souls Lost at Sea - by deesaster
He doesn’t even remember when he realized what he feels for Spock. It’s kind of always been there. One day, as they were on some petty mission like the one they had before they dealt with Khan, he raised his head from his console, looked at the Science station and met Spock’s eyes in the briefest of locks. It was enough. ‘I’m in love with that gorgeous being over there,’ his mind had supplied. And he wasn’t even surprised by that life-changing thought.

Life went on. He’s not pining like a fool for Spock, at least not in the desperate way he used to. He knows better. His friendship with Spock is one of the most precious things in his life, maybe even the most, and he’s never considered jeopardizing it by doing something stupid. He’ll keep quiet, maybe for the rest of his life if he has to.

Because this isn’t some petty, passing crush. Spock’s it for him. He loves Spock.

And Spock can never know. No one can ever know. Not even Bones, or Scotty, or Sulu, or Chekov or God forbid, Uhura. Spock will never love him back that way, he’s come to terms with it. There’s no point in telling anyone, no matter what miraculous piece of advice they’d think they could give him. He just hopes to continue being Spock’s friend. It’s enough.
st:aos  kirk/spock  stb  rejection  pining  honesty  bonded  mind-meld  telepathy 
february 2017 by runpunkrun
My Golden Sun / Kin-Kur Las’hark T’nash-Veh - by giddytf2
"Jim, based on my current knowledge of the Alpha/Beta/Omega gender dynamics of Humans, you would have similar experiences to a Vulcan male in pon'farr when you are in rut."

Yeah, thank fuck he already has an expression of stupefaction on his face. In the eyes of everyone else besides Bones, he's an Alpha, not an Omega. Of course Spock would presume that he's an Alpha since he's the captain of the Enterprise, since Omegas are strictly prohibited from being on command track at the Academy. But the way Spock is looking at him, it's -

"You are an Alpha," Spock says with that low, resonant voice. "Are you not?"

They gaze at each other across the abruptly vast and yet scant distance between them. Spock is as expressionless as ever but his eyes, his eyes are telling Jim that Spock knows. Spock knows now.

Jim lowers his head and presses his hot, sweat-dotted forehead to his knees. He lets out an audible huff of air, one full of self-deprecation. Then he lifts his head and looks Spock in the eye, because Spock deserves that much from his captain, his friend.

"No, Spock," he rasps past dry lips. "I'm an Omega."

Spock's expression doesn't change at all. The sole hint that Spock heard his reply is Spock's right hand twitching once before going motionless again, gripping a knee as if Spock's life depends on it. (Maybe it does. Maybe it really does.)

"Yeah. I lied," Jim adds, still looking Spock in the eye, his Adam's apple bobbing once.

Tehs-tor kanok-veh, he also wants to say. Everybody lies.

"You have been masking your scent. A cologne of Alpha pheromones," Spock says with that low, resonant, sensual voice. With no judgment. "You have been suppressing your heats."

"Yep." Jim knows his voice is anything but casual. "But guess what?"

Spock tilts his head (in that adorable way that Jim will never, ever point out for his own sanity).

"I didn't get my heat suppressant shot this year. I'm in heat. And we're trapped here," Jim says, and then presses his forehead to his knees once more, his shoulders shaking, unable to tell if the shaking is from hysterical laughter or soundless sobs.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  a/b/o  captive  fuckordie  pining  mpreg  mind-meld  bonded  earthside  progeny 
january 2017 by runpunkrun
The Sense of Touch - by t_3po / neetols
Spock craves physical contact.

It embarrasses him because he’s a Vulcan and he shouldn’t want to be touched. It goes against everything he learned, goes against Surak’s teachings, and every time he thinks about it, it makes him feel like he should never have passed his kahs-wan . This longing is a weakness and were he to tell his people about it, he’d be shunned even more than he already is. Vulcans do not touch.

But Spock is half-Human.

He wants someone to wrap their arms around him, wants a shoulder to tuck his face in, wants someone to wrap around him so tightly that there isn’t a sliver of space between them. His longing isn’t sexual in nature; what he wants most is to feel that there’s someone who won’t be afraid to get close to him. His skin hungers for contact.

Spock does nothing to feed it.
st:aos  kirk/spock  touch-starved  pining  hugging 
november 2016 by runpunkrun
Refuge - by ThereBeWhalesHere
“The Romulans just came out of nowhere,” he said to Sam, proud in spite of himself that, yes, he did know more than his older brother. At least about one thing. “And the Federation stepped in but they’ve got all these weapons we’ve never seen. And something that makes it so we can’t see their ships, or see them . They’ve basically roasted half the planet by now.”

Winona hefted a sigh. “That’s essentially it,” she said. “The Vulcans are in a lot of trouble and there’s only so much the Federation can do.”

“None of the fleet is really built for military engagement,” George said. “We’ve got some phaser power, but not nearly what the Romulans have. Vulcan’s overpowered, and a lot of people are evacuating.”

“What does that have to do with us?” Sam asked, and Jim’s eyes widened. What did it have to do with them? Were the Romulans coming to Earth? They wouldn’t. The word was that their grudge was with Vulcans, though no one knew entirely why. Still, the thought terrified him.

“Well,” George said,”Your mother and I, along with quite a few other Starfleet officers, have offered to take the Vulcan refugees in.”

“All of them?!” Jim asked without thinking, imagining the farm overrun with their strange, stoic allies.

Winona chuckled, albeit a little nervously. “Just the one. He’s about your age, Jim. His parents are very important, and they’re going to be off doing very important things, so we’re going to take care of him while they’re gone.”
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  iowa  exodus/exile  meet-as-kids  school  h/c  drunk  rejection  kirk&mccoy  reunion  pining  vacation  kissing  <3 
september 2016 by runpunkrun
Death Dreams - by Writcraft (Draco tops Harry 2016)
Potter’s quiet now, clearing his throat and curling his knees up beneath his chin. He watches Draco for a moment before speaking again.

“Was it what I said?”

“Don’t flatter yourself. I wasn’t exactly expecting this to be the beginning of some sort of love affair.” Draco stands and goes to his bathroom. He needs cold water and distance from Potter. He can’t stand it when people see him fall apart.

“It’s not because of you.” Potter clearly doesn’t understand when someone’s body language demands they be left alone. He leans in the doorway, apparently more comfortable being half naked than Draco expected him to be. He looks good, his chest toned, firm and tanned. It’s all Draco can do to look away. “It’s about me.”

“That’s what people say to be polite.” Draco snorts and takes a long drink of water. He hadn’t realised how dry his mouth was until he came in here. He looks in the mirror and touches his fingers to a red flushed mark on his neck. Potter’s mark. He hopes it fades quickly. He doesn’t exactly want to be reminded of this for the next fortnight.

“It’s really true, though.” Potter lets out the kind of laugh Draco hates – the sort with no humour. “You don’t want that, with me. You don’t want to have to deal with the stuff that goes on in my mind these days. No one should.”

Draco stares at himself in the mirror and turns, looking at Potter. Despite his easy stance there’s something about him which is uncertain, his eyes downcast and his voice low and quiet. It’s uncharacteristic and it makes Draco pause. He should have just fucked Potter and told him to leave. He’s happy with his life. He really is. He doesn’t need to start pining over pictures of Potter and sobbing into his expensive wine over the boyfriend he’s not sure he even wants. The truth is, Draco’s not sure he’s going to be able to deal with anything Potter throws at him. He’s not sure he has it in him when there’s so much about himself he needs to work out. But there’s a part of him that resents the implication that he can’t.
hp  harry/draco  afterthewar  muggles  firsttimes  pining  rejection  bottoming 
september 2016 by runpunkrun
The Joke's on You (Five Plus One) - by IvanW
“Why don’t you just run a security scan to see who accessed your quarters?” Jim suggested. “That will give you your rubber vomit culprit.”

“Rubber vomit?” McCoy frowned. “Do I want to know?”

Jim shook his head slowly. His eyes were drifting closed. “Probably not.”

“Do not concern yourself with it, Captain. I will attend to the matter,” Spock assured him. He glanced back to Dr. McCoy. “Keep me posted on the captain’s condition.”

“Yeah, yeah.” McCoy waved Spock off as he turned to Jim and injected him with a hypo to his neck. The fact Jim did not protest solidified for Spock that his captain was not faking.
st:aos  kirk/spock  kirk&mccoy  pining  infirmary  h/c  shore-leave  matchmaking 
july 2016 by runpunkrun
The Sufficient Cause - by mightymads
The man on the biobed looks very young and fragile, utterly defenseless without his energy and audacity. Jim. His face is ashen, half-hidden behind the breathing mask, vitals are off the charts, but his hand is warm to the touch. No more barriers. The link, which broke when they were separated by the glass, forms again, its tendrils entwine, expanding into a familial presence in Spock’s mind. The thin thread is mute and dark, yet it serves as one more proof that Jim is alive. Spock loses the track of time, just standing by the bedside and simply relishing Jim’s closeness. After a while, he hears the door open and soft steps approach.

“Good god, you look terrible,” says a tired voice with a Southern drawl. “I bet you’ve been up since yesterday without a morsel of food.”

“So have you,” Spock returns impassively as McCoy comes to the foot of the biobed.

“I think I had some coffee,” McCoy rakes his fingers through his mussed brown hair. The hazel eyes gaze pointedly at Spock’s hand which covers Jim’s. Spock finds that he does not care.
st:aos  kirk/spock  stid  earthside  infirmary  bonded  pining  telepathy  spockprime  winona  sam  meet-the-family  kissing  taking-it-slow  mind-meld  firsttimes  captive 
june 2016 by runpunkrun
Keep Calm and Conceal Vulcans - by lalazee [13/?]
Sergeant Pike seemed to back down. “Yes, of course. Well, we’ll be removing the satellite ASAP, and I’ll have a couple of men remain in the area until we’re certain the area is secure.”

Alarm bells went off in Jim’s head, but he shrugged. “Long as y’don’t scare my cows.”

Pike aimed a strange, searching look his way, before he firmly saluted and retreated into the darkness. Jim could see the dimmed headlights of several automobiles, and heard the low murmur of tense voices.

Weather satellite. Ha! That didn’t even work on television.

As soon as the door was locked, Jim turned to high-tail it back to Spock. At least this time he noted Gumby at the base of the stairs, and had time to leap over the dog on his way up - Olympic medal in the high jump, hell yeah! - okay no, but Jim could dream.

Jim slid down the corridor in his socks and nearly ran face-first into the bedroom door. He ended up bursting through like Cramer from Seinfeld, and he was kind of very glad Spock hadn’t seen it.

Swinging open the bathroom door and flicking on the lights, Jim launched himself into the tub with Spock. The Vulcan blinked at him rapidly, and Jim conspiratorially snapped the shower curtain shut around them – as if that would keep out Army spies? It wouldn’t keep out the Smoking Man.

“The Men in Black are here,” Jim reported, shifting awkwardly in the tub so that his feet were on either side of Spock’s naked hips.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  iowa  firstcontact  dogs  joanna  disability  angry  bugs  holidays  party  drunk  kissing  winona  stranded  mccoy  pining  mind-meld  wip 
june 2016 by runpunkrun
Enjoy Life - by Ymas
Bones crashes on the forth night after Jim has regained consciousness, and he crashes hard. He’s finally off shift and he’s drunk too much, but he comes tiptoeing back into Jim’s room in the middle of the night. Jim supposes Bones’ plan was to just sit by his bedside and make sure he’s alright, only he’s awake. And so Jim ends up rubbing circles into Bones’ forearm with his still annoyingly unresponsive fingers and reassuring him again and again that yes, he did everything right because yes, Jim is still very much alive.

Jim wishes for nothing more than that he could share his friends’ burden. But he doesn’t remember anything after his mad dash through engineering with Chekov and he just can’t get himself to feel upset about something he has no memory of. It feels a little like letting Bones and the others down because he can’t relate to what they have been through.

It’s later that same night when he finds out about Spock’s initial reaction to his apparent death. At first, he just can’t believe it and chalks it up to Bones’ alcohol-induced overactive imagination but Bones insists and Jim hasn’t really known him to exaggerate or lie when he’s drunk, only to lose the last of his inhibitions and be even more blunt and straightforward than usual.

So, Spock has totally lost it, apparently. Cried over losing Jim, then hunted down Khan with every intention of killing him barehanded and with no regard for his own safety whatsoever. Jim can barely wrap his head around it.
st:aos  kirk/spock  stid  earthside  professors  kissing  dating  taking-it-slow  new-vulcan  t'pring  breakup  pining  masturbation  kirk&mccoy  marriage 
may 2016 by runpunkrun
Pining for the Fjords: Fandom and UST panel by kormantic and runpunkrun
A quick summary of what we discussed and some recs for sources and fanworks with pining/UST, from Bitchin Party 2016.
meta  pining 
april 2016 by runpunkrun
The Morning After - by noodleinabarrel (T'hy'la Big Bang 2016)
Spock was beginning to tire of observing the wide casting of the captain’s perilously loose net and the conflicts collected among its fraying weave. So, when the Enterprise arrived at Risa, an event much anticipated by the crew, their first expedition to the renowned pleasure planet, Spock reviewed the requests for leave. The captain’s usual cohort on shared leaves, Doctor McCoy, was not on the list. He questioned Kirk’s other social companions, Lieutenant Sulu and Lieutenant Commander Scott. Both reported plans that included other members of the crew. Nyota, a frequent confidant of Kirk’s, also expressed no knowledge of the captain’s plans.

Upon the gathering of this information, Spock found it logical to submit a request for leave.

Ten minutes after submitting the request, Spock felt Kirk’s body heat enter his immediate space. “You’re taking shore leave,” the captain's voice intoned with a raised hint of disbelief.
st:aos  kirk/spock  shore-leave  off-world  hotel/motel  sleeping/together  beach  pining  bars  drunk  marriage  bonded  morning-after  dreams  telepathy  friends-to-lovers  <3 
february 2016 by runpunkrun
The Illusion of Something More - by TDazz
Two weeks after Jim happened upon a Vulcan rabbit in a chat room, he no longer needed to worry about how he was going to pay his rent.

Every evening, like clockwork, 'Mortimer' arrived at precisely 7:30 and sat at a table with 'Hudson'. They made a striking pair, and they often chatted in the open room for half an hour before retreating to a private channel where they typically spent three more hours in conversation.

Mortimer remained guarded, offering few clues as to his identity. It didn't really matter who he was. There was an element of truth to what he said; Jim could feel it in his gut.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  sex-work  meet-as-kids  correspondence  virtualreality  phonesex  pining  firsttimes  toys  spock/uhura  <3 
february 2016 by runpunkrun
Shore Leave - by bionic
“I must confess,” Spock began, as he gestured for Jim to take a seat on the bed, which Jim obeyed with only a second of hesitation, curious. “I had already asked Dr. McCoy about your condition before you arrived on the bridge, but I could not help wanting to seek confirmation from a direct response.”

Jim chuckled and shook his head. “Yeah, truth serum. If you have any burning questions you want answers to, now would be the time to ask.”

Spock inclined his head and came to stand by the bed, hands clasped behind his back. “I do not believe you would lie to me, Captain, unless it were for my own good.”

Jim glanced up at him and caught the slight tilt to Spock’s lips, reading amusement and slight affection in the expression that – to the best of Jim’s knowledge – was usually reserved for Uhura’s company.

“But it has come to my attention,” Spock went on briskly, “that you have not been completely honest about your intentions towards myself and Lieutenant Uhura.”
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk-spock  drugged  honesty  pining  jealousy  kissing 
january 2016 by runpunkrun
a sequence that you never learned - by annataylor
“The older a vulcan grows, the more difficult it becomes to form such a link. In addition, these bonds are formed spontaneously upon physical contact. The child’s mind recognizes that of their father or mother and calls out to them. It is not a bond that can be forced.”

Jim deflates, sinking deeper into Spock’s bed. He resists the urge to lie back and burrow himself in the sheets. “So, there’s no solution?”

“You have forgotten the alternative option.” Spock says, his voice even and careful. He’s not looking at Jim anymore; his gaze is stuck somewhere over Jim’s head.

“Right, Vulcan citizenship. How do I apply?” Jim’s pretty sure the process must be a lengthy one—vulcans seem like the type of species to have a tedious application procedure.

“I do not believe application is a viable option,” Spock says, confirming Jim’s thoughts. He pauses then, and it’s a long enough pause that Jim starts to get jittery. His anticipation is only heightened by the nervous look in Spock’s eyes.

Spock inhales, then:

“However, you would be granted Vulcan citizenship immediately if you were to enter into matrimony with one who already possesses citizenship.” The words come out of his mouth quickly, and it takes a moment for Jim’s brain to slow down them down and understand them.
st:aos  kirk/spock  off-world  disability  captive  adoption  progeny  marriage  faking-it  sleeping/together  new-vulcan  mind-meld  breakup  pining  <3 
december 2015 by runpunkrun
kyliselle: Oasis [1/5]
"You hear that, you stubborn Vulcan?" Kirk said loudly, getting to his feet. "I know you can hear me. Are you really so stupid that you're going to die rather than let me help you? That's the most illogical thing I've ever heard. Now get up, turn on your communicator and talk to me. Now, before you die."

Utter silence reigned on the bridge. His crew, even Marus, had awed looks on their face.

But the Vulcan did not respond.

Kirk threw up his hands. "Tor ri estuhl t'nash-veh pudvel-tor!" he called out in frustration, a phrase he'd heard Spock say to an Andorian in a bar last week. He had no idea what it meant, but Spock had said sounded a little pissed off when he'd said it, and that was so unusual for the serene Vulcan that the phrase had stuck in Kirk's mind.

There was a pause.

Then, a flicker on the viewscreen, as the damaged Vulcan ship clearly tried to return communication. The crew gasped.

"Finally," Kirk muttered, walking closer. "Can we please talk now, you...oh. Wow. Uh. Shit."

The viewscreen image had materialized, just in time for Kirk to realize that the being in question could be said to look like a Vulcan about the same way that a lion could be said to look like a house cat.

The Vulcan stalked closer; completely filling the view screen with his muscled body. He seemed enormous; dressed in a sleeveless silver tunic and matching silver wrist cuffs, which emphasized the size of his arms. His long black hair was visible beneath a silver helmet, which obscured the upper part of his face.

Shit, he's HOT. Kirk's dick, the party responsible for 95% of Kirk's bad decisions, was weighing in with gleeful, if very unhelpful, input. Gotta get me under that; I bet he fucks like -

Kirk ruthlessly squashed his hormones as fast as he could. He may have had a terminal hard-on for Vulcans, but now was not the time; Kirk could see black eyes behind the helmet, glaring at the bridge with unconcealed malevolence.
st:aos  kirk/spock  alternatetimelines  transpoglitch  seeingdouble  pre-reform  royalty  pining  sehlats  captive 
november 2015 by runpunkrun
Manticoria - by zeitgeistic (faire_weather) (hd_holidays 2012)
“My wand,” said Malfoy suddenly. “The hawthorn one, I mean. It doesn’t work the same.”

Harry’s confusion showed. “Obviously?” he said. “I won it from you...”

“It works better,” Malfoy said. He pulled out his new wand and the hawthorn, one for each hand. He swiped them through the air, and green sparks emitted from both, but the hawthorn’s were noticeably brighter. “Even in my off hand,” Malfoy added, switching it to his right hand. Still, the sparks were much brighter than the new wand’s.

Curious, Harry reached for it, and was both surprised and unsurprised when Malfoy actually passed it to him. He’d never thought of trying both wands at once. He retrieved his new cedar and phoenix feather wand and swished them together. Even in his hands, the hawthorn wand’s gold sparks shone more vibrantly than his own wand’s.

“We both own it,” Malfoy said. “Its loyalty is divided.”

Harry shook his head, filled with sudden insight. “Not divided,” Harry said. “Unified.” As he passed it back and Malfoy’s fingers came around it, that same surge of magic hit them both. Harry closed his eyes painfully. This was dangerous territory. “Just try,” he said before he could stop himself. “Merlin, I miss you.”
hp  harry/draco  afterthewar  hogwarts  8thyear  magic  dreams  rejection  jealousy  wands  snape  potions  pining 
july 2015 by runpunkrun
Here's The Pencil, Make It Work - by ignatiustrout (HD-Holidays 2012)
The boy at the till has his back to the shop, his bony elbows on the counter as he speaks to the tall, pretty girl behind there with him. This back is thinner than the other boy's, sharper and longer, shoulder blades quite obvious, and Harry wonders why he's paying so much attention to people's backs. " – a great big hulking thing like that," the boy is saying. The upper class accent is familiar, though for a moment Harry's can't imagine why. "I couldn't trust myself, and if you lot forced me you'd be personally responsible for setting a menace on the country. The people of London – of all of England – would live in terror, and it would be your fault."

The girl, who has a very short haircut Harry always rather likes on girls, snorts. "So much bloody drama," she says, and then she nods in Harry's direction. "Sorry, hello, can we help you?"

The boy turns around, and it's Draco fucking Malfoy.

He's wearing uniform muggle clothing and a smock, and the plastic name tag pinned to the smock reads Drake, but he is unmistakably Malfoy, as blond and pale and pointy as ever.

They stare at each other.

Malfoy's hair is falling in his face, in need of a trim, not as polished as it used to look, but his fingernails, hovering awkwardly at the till, are more clean and managed than Harry can ever hope for his uneven, bitten nails to look. The collar bones and bony wrists poking through his shirt make Harry realise that Malfoy should probably look less pointy than he did in the last couple years of school, when the war was making him sick, but he doesn't. He's still quite as skinny.

After a very long, awkward moment, the girl, whose nametag says "Caitlin," raises her eyebrows and clears her throat.

Malfoy, who has been looking rather like he might be sick, seems to come to his senses. "So, er, can I help you then?" he asks, straightening up. He swipes a hand through his hair, attempting nonchalance.

"What are you doing here?" Harry returns, completely gobsmacked. The last time he saw Malfoy, he was wasted, and he remembers it in flashes – Malfoy blowing smoke out of the corner of his mouth, Malfoy smiling with the unfamiliar boy, himself sleeping with Ginny in the end, which he really doesn't want to think about at all. Now Malfoy is standing in a muggle place, presumably working there. Malfoy is wearing a smock.
hp  harry/draco  afterthewar  muggles  drunk  out  ot3  sleeping/together  pining  xmas  friends-to-lovers 
july 2015 by runpunkrun
The Fall of the Veils - by lettered
Malfoy opened the folder. From what Harry could see over Malfoy’s shoulder, it contained the case file on Hannah Abbott—where she had been found, interviews with the people who had seen the body, pictures.

Narang was watching them read the file. “They said a curse killed her,” she said, after a long moment. Harry could feel the sour swing of emotion that came with her words. “I suppose at least you’re back to killing your own kind.”

“That’s not true,” Malfoy said. “We still kill fairies and unicorns and rainbows for sport.”

Narang glanced at Harry. “He always like this?”

“Not really,” Harry said. “Usually he’s quite sweet, really. It’s only when one of our colleagues dies that he gets slightly sarcastic.”

“Huh.” Narang’s face was blank, but the aggression that had been in her emotions was slowly twisting. “I suppose it’s your business now, innit? Doesn’t matter to me. You Magicals can just go magic yourself to death, for all I care.”

“I’ll be really sarcastic then,” Malfoy said earnestly.
hp  harry/draco  war  afterthewar  aurors  magic  muggles  politics  telepathy  rejection  pining  asexual 
july 2015 by runpunkrun
Carnival Games - by Nattish (A Balancing Act #3)
Pansy and Crabbe are chattering beside me as we emerge from the carriages. Smaller students are skipping by, pushing the doors open. I have no idea why they’re excited to be back at school. But I know why I am. Potter’s somewhere in here. I’m searching around as soon as I walk into the entrance hall. My friends are trudging into the dungeons, but I linger, pretending to check my trunk for one thing or another while students shout greetings to their friends who are filing down to the Great Hall for supper. I know it’s stupid. He’s probably in Gryffindor Tower warm by the fire, too busy slouching over a Quidditch magazine to bother with eating, like he used to do, way back when we spent our days together in my dormitory....

No. He’s at the top of the stairs.

He’s looking right at me.

Christ. I don’t have a speech prepared.

His eyes are wide, at first concerned and then narrowing in suppressed joy. His mouth strains up in a closed smile. His teeth begin to show, his chest swells, and then he’s hurtling down the stairs.

I’m frozen. He’s beautiful. His eyes, his nose, his mouth, the joy emanating from his very skin. All of that’s for me. Fuck, what do I say?

I simply smile.

And he leaps past me and into another man’s arms.
hp  harry/draco  afterthewar  hogwarts  8thyear  intersex  charlie  pining  jealousy  out 
july 2015 by runpunkrun
Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance - by Nattish
It started in sixth year with Harry Potter—as all annoying things seemed to.

He thought he was subtle, but he wasn’t. The idiot had been eyeballing me since Katie Bell touched a cursed necklace and ended up in the hospital wing.

Shut up, I know it was me, but I don’t want to talk about that.

Potter had been a thorn in my side since summertime: practically threatening my mother in Madam Malkin’s, sneaking behind me, spying on me. I’d enjoyed stamping on his nose on the Hogwarts Express, and I wanted to do it again this particular day, when he burst in on me in the boy’s lavatory.

“Come to get a peek?” I drawled. I was washing my hands, staring at him in the mirror. “Well, I’m done pissing, so you’ve missed the show.”

“What are you doing?”

“Being hygienic. I know it’s nothing those Muggles taught you, but we purebloods—”

“No! You know what I mean. I know the necklace was yours.” He was entirely breathless, as if he’d sprinted to the loo just to get this off his chest.
hp  harry/draco  draco&hermione  6thyear  hogwarts  mpreg  afterthewar  8thyear  progeny  pining 
july 2015 by runpunkrun
Potential Gravity - by zeitgeistic (faire_weather)
But this time they get a table and a couple of menus and Malfoy hangs his transfigured coat over the back of a chair instead of over the top of a barstool. It all feels very weird. Harry opens his menu, decides on fish and chips, and continues to look at his menu instead of having to look at Malfoy. He’s twenty-six-years-old for Merlin’s sake. Malfoy’s been his something since they were both eighteen, and they have never, not once, ever been weird together. They went from mutual loathing to mutual wariness to mutual long-suffering acceptance and it was all very tidy.

“Is Beirut all desert and stuff?” Harry asks, to drive away the weird.

Malfoy lowers his menu. “It’s on the Mediterranean, Potter.”

Harry knows that Greece and Italy and, like, olives, are down there, but other than that, it’s all a blank. “Oh, erm, really?” he says. “Above or below the equator?”

“It’s next to Israel.”

“I thought Israel was landlocked.”

Malfoy stares at him, looking vaguely horrified. “You’re going to die, aren’t you?” he says, seemingly to himself. “I know we always joked about it, but you’re really going to honest-to-Merlin get yourself killed without me around, aren’t you?”

Harry chews on his lip. He isn’t sure what Malfoy wants him to say so he goes with honesty. “Probably.”
hp  harry/draco  afterthewar  aurors  therapy  luna  language  pining  disability  cursed 
july 2015 by runpunkrun
Azoth - by zeitgeistic (faire_weather)
“I was thinking about what you said last week, about how I might be good at something if I had the time to try. And I think I want to do that. I don’t want to be ‘Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived and Was Only Mediocre at Everything Else.’ So, I thought, I might be good at Potions.”

The look on Hermione’s face froze. “But you aren’t.”

“That was McGonagall’s response, too. I think the only person who hasn’t wigged out about it is me, and I’m nearly there. Snape’s insulted that I’d even consider his profession.”

Hermione finally found her voice. “But Harry, you don’t—how are you going to—but Professor Slughorn’s not taking apprentices. He’s retiring.”

Harry smirked. “Professor Snape’s not retiring. He’s well past that.”

Hermione dropped her quill, and purple ink began to drool out onto her notes. She noticed and cast a hasty spell before all her pages were ruined. “Harry—are you out of your mind?”
hp  harry/draco  afterthewar  hogwarts  8thyear  animagi  quidditch  cats  snape  friends-to-lovers  potions  rejection  pining  magic  dogs  wings  xmas  burrow  <3 
june 2015 by runpunkrun
Destiny's Bitch : A Love Story - by nix_this
Jim doesn't even know where to start. Blurting out: 'I got shot in the ass by this planet's version of cupid, only with more teeth and claws, and then I fucked Uhura's boyfriend on the ground after the most emotionally intimate experience of my sad, sad life' seems crass. Lucky for all of them, Spock's got no such qualms, and much better manners.
st:aos  kirk/spock  pining  off-world  drugged  mind-meld  aliensmakethemdoit 
december 2014 by runpunkrun
Living on the Promise in Your Last Kiss - by dreamlittleyo (All That We Can Be #3)
Permanent, Spock had said. The mating bond is so much more than a mind meld. Kirk wonders if he's supposed to feel different now—if he could feel Spock's thoughts in the back of his brain if he poked hard enough.

He certainly felt them before—Spock all over him, holding on so damn tightly, inside him in more ways than one. Jim remembers being swept along in emotions and sensations that he could swear weren't his own. He remembers fire and hunger and need, jolting and foreign enough to identify as someone else's mind before the storm swept him under.

But there's nothing there now, at least not that he can identify. He shifts from one side to the other, punching his pillow and trying to find a more comfortable position. Even if Kirk could manage to quiet his thoughts enough for sleep, beneath them his body aches. It's not a subtle reminder, the soft throb of his pulse too strong where bruises have settled in, and there are other places he can't quite ignore the discomfort.

He almost considers sickbay, but that's an entire mess he doesn't want to step in right now. Bones will still be up after their earlier chat—Jim knows his friend well enough to be sure of that—and one quick look will tell him exactly what the captain has been up to since leaving his office.

Bones has seen him in worse shape, sure. Bones has tended to him in a lot of embarrassing moments, and he's seen Jim after many a one night stand. But for some reason Kirk doesn't want Bones to see this. For a moment he can't figure out why.

He works it out easily enough when he pictures McCoy's face. Disapproving, yes—always—but more than that. Jim can picture the guilt he'll see hiding behind the weight of judgment. Bones will look at him and see a personal failure: should have found a medical answer, should have been smarter and cleverer and faster. And Kirk doesn't want to see that look on his friend's face. Not over something he still can't bring himself to regret.
st:aos  kirk/spock  bonded  morning-after  pining  trapped  kissing  jealousy  off-world  stranded  spockprime 
december 2014 by runpunkrun
Eat Your Feelings - by bigmamag
Did Jim really just witness Spock getting pissed at Pike for flirting and Pike silently apologizing to him for doing it? Had Jim fallen down a rabbit hole somewhere? Did he die choking on a Slim Jim in his dirty living room and was now in a hell in which he was fat and Spock was smitten with Pike?

“Let’s skip the drink and do it now,” Jim said, unsaddling the chair and getting to his feet. “I mean, let’s go over those missions. Not drinking and other sundry activities.”

Spock’s expression was akin to cold marble. Jim knew he was being petty, stealing Pike away to get a rise out of Spock, but he felt entirely justified at the moment. Out of the loop and being handled like he was stupid and couldn’t take the truth.

“That’s all right, Kirk,” Pike said, getting to his feet as well. “I’ve got a crapload of reports to go over. See you tomorrow.”

Pike left, and with nothing to say to Spock that wasn’t completely insane with jealousy and stupidity, Jim left as well.
st:aos  kirk/spock  grounded  food  bodies  pike  jealousy  pining  off-world  stranded 
december 2014 by runpunkrun
Five Times Jim Kirk Thought His First Officer Hated Him, and One Time He Figured Out What the Hell Was Really Going On - by celebros
He moves toward the sound. It’s Uhura, he realizes quickly. He would have known immediately, but she sounds upset. He rarely hears Uhura out of control, particularly out of control of her own voice.

“You don’t think I do, but I do,” she’s saying. “It’s my job to parse languages. You know that because you taught me. Well, this is a language too. I’ve known for a while that it’s upsetting you, but…”

“It is not upsetting,” Spock corrects, his voice so much quieter that Jim almost can’t hear. “Merely… difficult.”

“Don’t do that,” Uhura says. “Don’t take what I say and strip what’s human out of it. Difficult is Vulcan, Spock, and upsetting is human, and you have never been Vulcan about him.”

There is a silence. “To hear you say that,” Spock says finally, “is upsetting.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Uhura says, desperate, “but you know what I mean. Spock, when he barely knew you, he made you lose control in a way I’ve never seen before. You know that. You know that.”

“He has been a source of so much conflict,” Spock says, his voice sinking, and he says something else in an almost-whisper. Jim can’t make it out.

Uhura responds in another language, gentle, compassionate, but the words sharp. Not Romulan, he’s sure. Vulcan, perhaps High Vulcan. He’s moved, somehow, by their love. By hearing them have this conversation, so deeply wound around each other, so knowing, so honest, so imperfect. Hearing Nyota call Spock on his bullshit.

He’s not so caught up in it he doesn’t realize they’re talking about him.
st:aos  kirk/spock  rejection  pining 
december 2014 by runpunkrun
This is Probably a Terrible Idea - by statamater
Nothing was going to get him down. Nope. James Kirk was going back to the Enterprise, then he was going to find that seriously emotionally compromised Vulcan and tell him to get the hell out of the captain’s chair (and into his bed.)

But then it all went to shit.

After six months of suffering in silence, except for occasional and entirely unsatisfying encounters with random aides, Kirk does the only logical thing he could possibly do. He decides he is going to seduce Spock, Starfleet fraternization regs be damned.

This, surprisingly, does not go according to plan.

He starts slow and in the usual way. He spends all his off hours on the bridge or down with Scotty, wherever Spock is more likely to be. He pays undue attention in meetings and labors over all the reports. He lets the rest of the crew talk amongst themselves in his presence rather than giving in to his own Jim Kirk urge to boast loudly and live large. And he behaves himself, even when they visit that one planet and it turns out it’s the middle of their fertility festival and he could justify tomcatting around as an actual diplomatic mission. He learns several things for his effort. He learns that Spock does, in fact, have a sense of humor, and that he takes an almost perverse glee in a well reasoned argument, a well timed move, or a pithy one-liner. He also learns that Spock, despite not understanding the logic of making small talk, will gladly listen at length to the chatter on the bridge: Chekov’s endless sexual exploits, Sulu trying to explain the difference between foil and saber, Uhura debating grammar with anyone in whatever language they care to speak with her. Spock's happiness during these discussions is quiet, almost private, and Kirk would never have noticed it if he himself hadn’t been being so reserved. One day after Chekov told a particularly ridiculous story involving the time he discovered that Nurelapods are sequential hermaphrodites, Kirk looked back to see Spock smiling down into his console, and Kirk could feel the pleasure at simple company rolling off of him. After that he and Spock spend many hours sitting together, silently, listening to everyone else talk. It is fascinating.

Fine, Kirk thought as Spock gave Scotty the third degree. You want to keep playing this game? Not a great idea to play hard to get with a guy who really loves to get beaten up, and Kirk really actually does love to get beaten up. Once he thought about it, he realized doing it the hard way would be even better than a tearful reunion and a game of grab-ass in the corridor.

And, as he expected, getting Spock to freak out and throttle him was almost too much fun; partially because of the revenge and the nostalgia of it, but mostly because of the cheap thrill.
st:aos  kirk/spock  flirting  pining  telepathy  mind-meld 
december 2014 by runpunkrun
That One Time When Jim and Spock Met Their Daughter From the Future - by pristineungift
“Alright, first thing’s first. We need to figure out if we’re in an alternate universe, or if we’ve time traveled, or both, and how the anomaly could have caused that. And if they bring the kid with them, we should probably do a DNA test to see if she really is… you know. In case it’s a trick.”

Jim couldn’t bring himself to say ‘me and Spock’s kid’ because damn here was another thing he hadn’t known he wanted, and saying it out loud might actually hurt more than chewing razor blades.

He was going to need shore leave after this. Shore leave, and booze, and a couple of bed partners talented enough to make him forget for a while.

Uhura looked at Spock again, and Jim made himself look away. They were his friends, and they were together, and he wasn’t getting in the middle of that. Not any more than they dragged him into it on a regular basis anyway.

Man, he hated it when Uhura dragged him into it.
st:aos  kirk/spock  timetravel  progeny  pining 
december 2014 by runpunkrun
learn no consequence - by fake_years
Spock rotated his PADD on the table’s slick surface to face Kirk. “I have made a copy of my own schedule for the next three weeks. I took the preemptive liberty of sending the chart to your file. In regards to future meetings-”

“Future meetings?”

“We also have yet to discuss your compensation fee.”

Kirk’s brow immediately furrowed, “Compensation? What?”

“Is it not customary to offer payment for services?”

“Jesus – services?” Kirk instinctively recoiled. “I thought…hold on, why did you ask me here?”

“I must admit, I was surprised by your initial acceptance of my offer, considering the lack of detailed information.”

“So this isn’t…? I can’t believe I actually thought you were interested in me,” he mumbled into his palms, before dragging them over his face.

“I am interested, cadet, in your proficiency in human social interactions. I regret if I misled you as to my intentions. I merely wish to become better acquainted with Earth’s predominant culture,” Spock gathered his mind, crystallized his focus on the task at hand. “There is a human female for whom I harbor romantic intentions, yet I am hindered by my ignorance of the nuances of human courtship. My studies have proven-“

“I hate to break it to you,” Kirk placed both hands on the table, pitching himself forward, “but I think you’ve got the wrong guy.” He turned on the bench as if to exit.

“But you are well-versed in human customs."

Kirk paused with his back turned to Spock, muscles tense and shoulders drawn upwards. “Some might argue you on that point,” he said as he chanced another look. “Don’t you have a lab partner or someone else you can bother about this?”

“If I felt I had a more tenable option, I assure you, I would employ it.”

“You’re a real sweet talker, you know that?” Kirk faced him with a humorless smile.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  dating  pining  jealousy  kissing  drunk  angry 
october 2014 by runpunkrun
In Time - by yeaka
Jim’s new semester includes a biology class that covers human puberty, which couldn’t come sooner. Jim’s been growing all this time, but certain things are extra noteworthy. He needs all new clothes, he begins to show signs of rebellion again for no apparent reason, and his voice starts to ‘crack,’ as Admiral Kirk puts it. She just laughs and says, “About time.” But Spock finds it mildly distressing.

Jim isn’t quite... as cute as he used to be. It’s a strange concept, not one Spock’s used to. Adorability isn’t usually a fact on his radar. However, some days he misses a younger Jim, more bright-eyed and trusting and able to be carried. Now if Spock tried to scoop him up and carry him to his room, it would probably result in a fistfight. And then Jim starts coming home with all sorts of questions, and Spock’s new most redundant phrase becomes, “Ask your mother.”

“Gross, she’s my mom. And she’s a girl; she won’t get it,” Jim whines. “This is like... man stuff!”

“‘Man stuff’ should be covered in the classroom.” Spock returns to his PADD, going over a recent study of Rigelian grey octopi for a report due on Friday. Jim plops down beside him and throws his feet onto the coffee table, and Spock notes with displeasure that he’s wearing his shoes inside. These things are by no means happening all at once, but sometimes they feel that way.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  meet-as-kids  iowa  jealousy  ageplay  pining  reunion  firsttimes  taking-it-slow  <3 
september 2014 by runpunkrun
Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) - by kianspo
Kirk and Spock argue so much and have learned the way the other thinks so well that whenever the ship, the crew, or the mission are in danger, it only takes each of them a split second to predict the other’s actions. It is almost uncanny how well they can read each other when the situation is dire and the stakes are high. Even more astonishing than that is the unimaginable level of unity and agreement between them that could only be witnessed at such a moment. To an outside observer, it could seem as though they are reading each other’s minds, and nobody keeps count of how many times it has served to save the day.

Spock has always been aware that his emotions are involved in his interactions with the captain, even though he never shows it. He is also aware that those emotions have been changing gradually over the first year of their mission. They mutate from remote irritation into surprise and curiosity, then drift toward amusement, later to be generously infused with respect and ever-growing interest, along with a healthy glow of pleasure that Spock could no longer deny he is drawing from their debates.

Yes, the supposition does have merit. He and Kirk are, indeed, friends.

Spock is used to Kirk’s presence and the unmistakable imprint of his personality on every room he walks in. Its virility is no longer disturbing – really, it’s come to be expected – and so when the captain strides over to Spock determinedly across the crowded hall filled with diplomats and officials celebrating the success of trade negotiations, Spock isn’t alarmed, even though Kirk’s pace seems to imply some urgency.

However, when the captain doesn’t stop before entering Spock’s personal space, which he normally respects, and, more than that, grabs Spock’s hand, Spock admits to experiencing acute surprise.


“For the love of God, help me,” Kirk blurts out in a desperate whisper, clasping Spock’s hand in both his own and lifting it up imploringly. “There’s a woman over there – I think she’s with the Novians, an interpreter or something. She won’t stop propositioning me!”
st:aos  kirk/spock  faking-it  drunk  stranded  cold  camping  pining  jealousy 
september 2014 by runpunkrun
Once Upon a Time (A Fairy-Tale Love Story) - by littlebirdtold (ksadvent 2010)
Jesus -- how did he always manage to get himself into these messes? Apparently, it wasn't enough that he was in a parallel universe, on an alien planet, and was a servant in the palace of the Royal House of Vulcan. Apparently, Jim had to get himself bonded to a feral Vulcan who was also the crown prince of the Vulcan Kingdom.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  alternatetimelines  royalty  fuckordie  bonded  breakup  pining 
august 2014 by runpunkrun
On the Subtle (and not) Differences Between Vulcan Handshakes and Human Kisses, Friendship and Love - by littlebirdtold
Spock regarded him with a tilt of his eyebrow. "It is simply a matter of cultural misunderstanding. For Vulcans, touching lips in semi-public place is not inappropriate or untoward. It is a mere gesture of support, gratitude, or greeting, usually shared between members of the same clan. I believe it can be considered an equivalent of squeezing or holding hands for Humans. It is indeed most curious that, in our cultures, touching lips and hands hold opposite meanings."

Jim blinked a few times before laughing. "So you mean Vulcans kiss with their hands?"

"Affirmative," Spock confirmed before giving him a flat look. "I fail to see what is humorous about it."

Jim ran a hand over his face, hiding his smile. "Sorry, it just seems so... I don’t know. Childish? To humans, anyway."

The corners of Spock's lips tightened slightly. "Now I am curious about your grades in the Xenoculture and Diplomacy course, Jim."

"Oh, quit pouting," Jim said, still smiling. Damn, it really was funny. The thought of stern-looking Vulcans getting all turned on by handholding...

"Wait," he said, sobering up as a sudden thought occurred to him. "Why haven't you kissed me, then? I mean, touched my lips? I thought I was your best friend."
st:aos  kirk/other  kirk/spock  kissing  oblivious  pining  threesome  jealousy  denial  firsttimes 
august 2014 by runpunkrun
Obsession - by awarrington
"Captain," Spock says coming to a halt two meters from Kirk's desk and instead of his usual parade rest, stands stiffly erect. Kirk, who's become extremely adept in the subtle nuances that make up Spock's behavior, immediately notices the tension about the Vulcan which puts him on alert.

"Take a seat, Spock," he offers.

"I would prefer to remain standing, sir."

Kirk feels a spike of adrenaline shoot through him, but outwardly remains calm. There's no point in fretting when he doesn't even know what this is about. Even so, he feels too jittery to remain in his seat and standing, walks around his desk to face Spock. "Okay. What can I do for you?"

"As per the rules of fraternization, StarFleet regulation fourteen, paragraph two, I wish to notify you that I intend to form a pre-marital bond with Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, that will be made complete at the proper time. Paragraph six states that as the role of communications officer reports to me in my capacity as first officer, that I formally pass that role to your command."

Kirk barely hears the words, the loud buzzing in his ears making him distantly wonder if he's about to pass out. He swallows trying to regain some measure of control so that no outward sign of his quiet devastation shows.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  new-in-town  rejection  pining  bodyswap  mind-meld  alternatetimelines  seeingdouble 
july 2014 by runpunkrun
Daffodil Time - by ladyblahblah (The Ivy Crown #1)
Then, hovering near the parked aircar and managing to look completely unsure without moving a single muscle in his face, there’s the boy. At least, Jim assumes it’s a boy because that’s what he’s been told to expect. But he’s wearing what looks an awful lot like a dress, dark purple over a scratchy-looking gray shirt and black leggings—tights, Jim thinks uncharitably. He’s clutching a case nearly as big as he is, and no, there’s no way he’s Jim’s age. He’s too little, his face is too round, and great, on top of everything else Jim’s going to have to deal with a little baby tagging along. Just great.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  meet-as-kids  iowa  breakup  pining 
july 2014 by runpunkrun
Next Best Destiny - by rabidchild67
“The Captain is good man,” Pavel insisted. “Tough but fair. Some people just don’t understand him.”

“And some people have a tiny case of hero worship,” Sulu countered. He hooked a thumb in Pavel’s direction. “This one got caught up in a bar fight on shore duty a few months back, and the Captain fought off four Klingons to save his bacon.”

Jim whistled low. “Sounds pretty tough.”

“Never get on the bad side of a Vulcan.”

Jim kept his mouth shut. The more he heard about Captain Spock, the more he wanted to learn, and the less he wanted to ever really speak to him.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  rolereversal  pining  shore-leave  mitchell  music  stranded  quarantine 
july 2014 by runpunkrun
I Walked My Love On The Night - by lashadas
Spock comes back when there are three weeks left of leave. He’s there when Scotty announces that the Enterprise was left to dozens of shite engineers and Jim is used to it and he laughs at this and promises that there will be enough time to get everything how they had it before starting their five year mission.

Spock is there at the re-christening where they all have to look formal and accept awards for their bravery as well as announce their five year expedition. After the ceremony, they all go out and Spock joins them; a rare occasion. He sits in the corner and drinks water as Jim just continues to get drunk and stupidly glance in his direction, trying to be subtle but knowing he can’t be. Not with Spock. Never with Spock.

When he finally has enough liquid courage to slide into the booth next to the Vulcan, he smiles stupidly and leans on his elbow over the table.

“How was New Vulcan?” he asks.

Spock looks amused, something shining in his eyes that was not there before and fuck Jim does not know if he can handle knowing that Spock is amused with him.
st:aos  kirk/spock  stid  earthside  drunk  flirting  pining 
june 2014 by runpunkrun
Veritas - by theproblematique
Captain James T. Kirk and Lieutenant Commander Spock are hereby charged with negligence and wanton misconduct due to their emotional compromise with each other.
st:aos  kirk/spock  denial  jealousy  pining  firsttimes  trial 
june 2014 by runpunkrun
infixion - by Etharei (Star Trek Big Bang 2013)
"He's, uh," Jim clears his throat, "he's really good at that."

"The Suss Mahn? Yeah, he says it was one of his favorite modes of exercise, growing up," says Uhura. Her ponytail brushes his collarbone when she turns her head and grins up at him.

He has no idea if something in his expression gives him away or it takes him too long to respond with an impressed-but-totally-platonic nod or, heck, maybe there's a secret body-language-reading superskill that they teach all the top Communications students. Her grin reforms into something gentler, kind. Before Starfleet, this would have pissed him off, made him act like an ass to turn that kindness into anger, but even as his stomach drops, dripping ice, he thinks, this is Uhura, and cannot help but feel a burst of fondness for this woman, for both of his friends.

A faint murmuring from the front line of watchers pulls Jim's attention back to the match. The bottom of Spock's shirt rides up as he stretches, and Jim can feel the collective twitch from the audience. Spock doesn't seem to notice the effect he's having, nor find anything odd in the number of people who are suddenly done with their workouts or resting or otherwise just hanging around the gym.

Uhura's shoulders are shaking, ever so slightly, like someone doing their best to keep from laughing out loud. It hits him again that she knows. And she will... go on shaking her head at him in the turbolift and judging his movie preferences and stealing his corn cobs, because she'd spent the first two years of their acquaintance irritated at him, and none of that has changed.

Also, hey, there's probably an upside to this.

"Are you sure he's telepathic?" Jim asks Uhura. "I mean, I'm completely psi-null, and I feel like I'm drowning in lust hormones here."
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  pining  off-world  correspondence  bonded 
may 2014 by runpunkrun
On Restless Pinions - by what_alchemy (Star Trek Big Bang 2011)
“Bones, he was fine yesterday,” Jim said, and Spock could see his face, hovering above him, eyebrows thick and drawn down. McCoy twisted up his whole face and sent Jim a wild eyebrow of his own.

“Oh, and I suppose you think illness just announces itself politely like a visiting dignitary.” He gave a dramatic roll of his eyes. “You know better than that, Jim. Especially with this one. He’s probably known something was off for days and tried to logic it away.” McCoy prodded Spock with the tricorder that was still whirring away at his side. “Hey. How’ve you been feeling the last few days?”

Spock ventured a swipe of his tongue over his teeth. He tried to think of one, but there was no other word for it: “Fuzzy,” he said. “But functional. Am I no longer functional? Am I error codes and overheated hardware?”

Above him Jim’s face pinched inward and McCoy’s mouth flattened. McCoy placed two fingertips at Spock’s temple. Calm — McCoy felt calm, and Spock could feel him. Cool and calm. A consummate professional, for all his flaws, for all the differences between them.

“This damned tricorder — it’s a flaw, but it’s calibrated to human-normal, and it’s not telling me the right things. It says you’ve got an imbalance, Spock. But it’s— not hormones, or anything. It’s something else. It’s almost like you’re slowly bleeding out, but, well, you haven’t sprung a leak anywhere I can tell.”

“Oh my God, what?” But neither Spock nor McCoy paid Jim any mind.
st:aos  spock/t'pring  kirk/spock  t'pring  pining  bonded  breakup  sick  new-vulcan  bodies  firsttimes 
may 2014 by runpunkrun
Only Good For Legends - by leupagus, screamlet [1/8]
“So this is punishment?” Kirk looks amused, but tightly. There is a curious pride that Iowans possess.

“Would you prefer me to state that I wish to be here?” Spock asks. “I cannot oblige you; I never lie.”

This time the bike really does wobble into his path, and he braces himself against Kirk and the bike rather than be forced off the road. The leather jacket is warm against his palm, the metal hot. Kirk’s eyes are very clear, a pale blue that is rare in humans. “Never?” is what Kirk says, instead of an apology.

“Never,” Spock confirms. Of all the Vulcan habits he’s tried to break, it is the one that cannot be shaken; truth follows him like a hungry dog.

“So what was the real reason you arrested me last night?” Kirk asks, still leaning his bike into Spock’s body.

“I assume you mean by ‘the real reason’ some other reason than that you broke the law.” Spock says, and Kirk’s eye-roll seems to indicate the affirmative. “In that case: because you wanted me to.”

Kirk looks startled, and he twitches out of Spock’s hands, kickstarting his bike. “Uh. If you call WJ Repair, they’ll fix your vee. No charge.” And he’s gone, dust stumbling upwards in his wake along the flat stretch of road.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  cops  iowa  spock/uhura  amanda  mccoy  winona  h/c  breakup  pining  friends-to-lovers  vulcan  t'pring  sybok  new-vulcan  reunion 
april 2014 by runpunkrun
Subverted Ambitions - by notboldly (notboldly50295)
Pike tapped a small device on his desk, and rapidly blinking lights emerged, forming a hologram in an impressive four colors. The rotating angle made it clear that the image was an object, well-designed and no doubt on the way to construction.

“Is that a ship?”

The ship shimmered tantalizingly for a moment longer, and then Pike switched it off. Curiously, the heavy disk was then handed to Jim.

“Yes. It’s a prototype we’ve been working on for the past eight or nine years. We haven’t had the resources to construct them, not with a large portion of our fleet on border control constantly. But if we ally with the Vulcans…”

Jim felt the weight of the idea in his palm, remembered the holograph clearly, and he swallowed.

“You can make these ships? How many?”

“We have eight planned, maybe more. But Jim, they need captains.”

Jim caught his breath, and he turned the holograph on again, setting it carefully on the edge of the desk. He could see the outline of the saucer section, the forward nacelles three times larger than those in his tiny ship, the body that could hold a crew of dozens, maybe even hundreds.

“Are you offering me a ship?”

“You’re first up, Jim. But…there are some conditions.”

It all made sense, and the holograph ended suddenly, like so many of his dreams. This time, however, Jim refused to just let it escape.

“I’m going to be in one of these marriages, right? To get that ship?”

“That was the plan. You can say “no,” of course; eventually you’ll come up for one of the later ships, but the first five are for the officers who agree to be part of this merger.”

Jim knew why Pike offered the out: he thought Jim was still bitter about his father dying in the latest Vulcan skirmish. While that was true, he was also ambitious, and the stars called to him.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  kirk&mccoy  vulcan  marriage  matchmaking  pre-reform  pining 
february 2014 by runpunkrun
Somewhere to Begin - by jouissant (Hey Sweetheart)
“What the hell is going on with you? You’re’s like one second everything’s totally normal and the next I’m the last person you want to be around.”

“I do not know what you’re referring to,” Spock said tightly.

“Bullshit. I knew something was up as soon as I realized you’d just peaced out of San Francisco as soon as we got out of debrief with the admiralty. And then I practically had to sell my soul to Uhura to get her to tell me where you’d gone. I thought we were friends, Spock! I mean, shit, we served together for five years and you just throw it away like it’s nothing!”
st:aos  kirk/spock  casual-sex  oblivious  pining  topping  D/s  nyc  snow  new-vulcan 
february 2014 by runpunkrun
The Journey Home: Rodney’s Story - by Puddleofgoo
He ignored the little blue number next to his inbox that indicated he had 739 unread emails and quickly did a search for Elizabeth's name. Fifty-two popped up—just in the last two days.

He glanced through them until he came to the last one that had been sent. The subject line was "Attention: Please Note a Change in Military Command Personnel."
sga  mckay/other  mckay/sheppard  earthside  canada  jeannie  pining  professors  death  madison 
may 2013 by runpunkrun
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