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Consort - by Elliewood (Congruence #3)
Few individuals pride themselves as much as Spock, son of Sarek of Vulcan, on their mastery of the skills of logical reasoning and inductive prediction. But upon opening the door to their shared apartment, even he had to admit that it did not take a brilliant mind to ascertain the status of his roommate from the observable evidence contained therein.

Just beyond the entry lay a pair of boots, dropped on their sides 1.72 meters apart as though the person wearing them had kicked off one, then hopped on the newly unshod foot to pry off the other and discard it just as carelessly. Turning the corner to the study afforded Spock a view of more abandoned clothing -- a grey peaked cap on the floor and a matching jacket, its sleeves turned inside-out, tossed on the desk. Then through the bathroom to where a bottle of pain medication rested on the near end of the counter and a used tumbler on the far end, as if the pills had been swallowed as the individual kept moving toward the bedroom, where he indeed found Jim Kirk lying on his stomach across the bed, arms extended over his head, feet hanging off the edge, fast asleep.

Several similar occurrences had taught him that Jim was unlikely to awaken until several hours after a dose of the doctor's pain meds. Spock glanced at the chronometer -- only 1742, which meant he would probably eat dinner alone again this evening.

As a general rule, Vulcans do not sigh, and so Spock silently pulled Jim's trousers off and lifted the limp body with one arm while turning the bedclothes down with the other, intending to slide him under the sheets and leave him to his sleep. But Jim turned his face to nuzzle into him and mumbled something unintelligible as his eyelashes fluttered against Spock's chest, and after a moment's pause, Spock dropped the bedclothes in his hand and sat on the bed instead to cradle his drowsy mate.
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Poster Boy - by Cammerel
Jim relaxes his shoulders, motioning between them, “Okay, so what do we do?”

Spock reaches a hand up, placing his fingers on the psi points and staring into those soft blue eyes, “I am going to probe your mind, Jim. Are you at all prepared?”

He can see the smile light up on Jim’s face, but the Captain nods.

“Hah, yeah,” he says in amusement, then takes a deep, teasing tone, “Probe at your leisure, Mr. Spock.”

“Jim, this is hardly the time to make sexual jokes considering what-”

“I’ll make jokes about you saying ‘I’m going to probe you, Jim’ any day, no matter what.”
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Dark side of the universe - by ximeria
After having stored his nondescript duffle bag under the bed, Spock sat down on the hard floor, meditation long overdue. While he could go for a long time without it, the past week and a half, spent looking for a missing James T. Kirk, had been taxing and he had not had the time he would normally set aside for it.

Focusing on his task, Spock let his mind work meticulously through the leads he had gathered up till this point. There had been more than one dead end through the last forty-six hours. It should not come as a surprise to him that following his captain's trail, when said man did not want to be found, would be difficult.

If Spock had been prone to worrying, he would be worried about Jim Kirk's behavior, but as it were, the only thing on his mind was the man's safety. No matter what Starfleet command insinuated he may or may not be involved in, Spock would reserve judgment for when he had all the facts.
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