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janice_lester | Something New
“Your place or mi—” he begins once they’re safely out of earshot of the curious transporter technician.

“Mine,” she snaps, as if it should be obvious. “I’ll see you there in half an hour, and I shall expect you freshly showered and—” she whistles and slaps his rump, “—clean and wearing none of that atrocious aftershave you like.”

She leaves him standing open-mouthed like a cuckoo clock on the hour in the middle of the corridor, gaping after her as she stalks off, hips swaying, with a strap-on sex toy in its laughably indiscreet packaging tucked under one arm.
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janice_lester | Leaving Her Mark
The cane is long, thin, not terribly flexible, and the thwack of it against Jim’s thighs and buttocks never fails to get her wet. Nyota turns it thoughtfully, enjoying the feel of it in her hands. She loves the way Jim shivers during the preliminaries when she runs the tip of it up his back, over his shoulders, along each of his strong arms in turn. She loves the way he tenses up immediately when she warns him she’s going to start, the way he forces himself to relax and take it. The way he counts aloud, panting for more. The way his hisses become grunts become sobs. The way his dick jumps with every strike.
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Losing My Favorite Game - by ninety6tears (kuleshov effect #2)
My heart broke in some way when he broke hers, when she broke his. I really had to believe in what it was for some reason, and maybe seeing it bomb with somebody like Uhura just confirmed some nagging impossibility in my mind, all the while opening up a couple very uneasy possibilities, and I just felt a little knocked around like I was dreading something the day their relationship was over. Maybe this is why I have no memory of how I somehow ended up taking her home in the middle of trying at all costs to completely avoid her after I heard the news, knowing like an obnoxious tapping in the back of my mind, it had nothing to do with me, but my place in the equation was inescapable: I am going to get hurt.
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Vulcans Don't Play Basketball - by ninety6tears (kuleshov effect #1)
By now there’s a good gap of distance between them, as Jim always paces around during conversation. “It was something like a year ago now, right?...After I slept with you, I needed to tell Spock. You probably figured that at the time.”

He is so forward about it, she can’t be offended by him flatly bringing it up. She nods. Still, he's uncomfortable with it, and he explains with a sort of impatient loftiness.

“The problem, I guess, was that it could so easily have not been a big deal. I could’ve never told him about it, or I'd tell him and let him indifferently stand there telling me how he had no valid reason to care, and that just felt all wrong. Because I knew he’d care, in his own way, and I almost wanted him to be mad, but I wanted him to understand...”

Uhura lets out a sudden long breath, her hands covering at her face for just a couple seconds. “Oh my God...”


“You offered to mind meld with him?!—Just—?”

Jim shakes his head with slight regret. “I know. I probably should’ve asked you. But...I don’t know, maybe in a way, we are kind of an ‘item.’ This ongoing thing started then, I just sorta got a kick out of it, and we're loosely linked a lot of the time now—”

"—What?" This is the most alarming thing to her yet. Her expression is gaping as she shakes her head at him. "You just...I mean, of course, it makes perfect sense, but wouldn't he—"

"Yeah, I mean, he tries to convince me now and then that I shouldn't be comfortable with it, but he never actually says—"

"Well, it's not like he's a toy, Jim..." She's shaking her head tightly. "I mean, that's a huge thing in their culture...The fact that he's willing to do that with you, it's like—"

"He's given up on marriage?" he interrupts flatly, which practically confirms that it's true, he's considered this before.
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Indian Summer - by SpockJones
I spun around. Jimmy Kirk slouched on the back of a gigantic black draft horse. I hadn’t heard him approach but I could feel the ground vibrate under my feet when the horse lifted a hoof the circumference of a serving platter and tapped it on the soft asphalt.

Cal E. tried to bluff it out. “This don’t concern you, Kirk.”

“This concerns me a great deal,” said Jimmy. He grinned with one side of his mouth but his eyes reflected flat light from the lamps.

“Oh, I get it,” said Cal E. “Well, fuck you, Kirk. We was here first.” He snorted and glanced at the bushes. “You can have sloppy seconds, though.”

I sensed Choppy holding his breath from the bushes.

Jimmy blew air from his pursed lips. He combed his fingers idly through the horse’s mane as he gazed out over the fairgrounds. Finally, he looked at Cal E. “What do you think is going to happen here if I have to get off this horse, Calvin?” Jimmy asked conversationally. He watched Cal E. with genuine curiosity.

“I--we--,” Cal E. stammered.

“You’re stupid and you smell bad,” Jimmy said. “Get out of here and don’t come back. If I see you or your idiot psychopath brother again, I’m going to punch your ticket.”

“You can’t threaten me,” mumbled Cal E.

Jimmy raised both brows. “Did that sound like a threat? If you thought that was a threat, then you absolutely misunderstood me.”
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all the doors fly open - by etirabys
Nyota was the one who broached the subject of bringing in a third.

They sort of derailed each other into discussing and negotiating monogamy until they were both late for work. Kirk's main point of contention seemed to be that he didn't want her to sleep with anyone too boring. Or too interesting. "Well then!" Nyota said, exasperated. She suspected, too, that he'd get much pickier about her partners than he would be about his own, and said so. Kirk then got huffy over her history of almost exclusively taking dark-haired partners.

They stopped arguing to have sex twice, and then they had it figured out by the weekend, just in time to visit a club on Saturday night after some breathless makeup necking. She decided on some dark stockings beneath a pale blouse and skirt, no makeup. She'd assumed that she'd needed to dress up, but Jim was also in sober clothes: plain jeans, warm jacket. "It's pretty much an ordinary bar," he said, "but as far as I know it's still a big BDSM hub- just socializing. We'll look for someone we both like and then see if they like us back."

"Okay," she said. She rested her jaw on his shoulder and frowned at the mirror. "Do you think we look a bit like serial killers?"

He patted her mock-condescendingly on the head.
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jain: Matched Set
There was a Starfleet-issue pair of short pants to be worn under the skirt: black, substantial underwear made of thick cotton. Jim put those on first, then pulled the dress over his head and smoothed the wrinkles out of it with his hands. The hem hit him mid-thigh, which was sexy without being embarrassingly short. The dress was also surprisingly comfortable. If it weren't for the lack of pockets, he might've been tempted to wear it for more than just one day.
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Are You Gonna Be My Girl? (Or Three Birthdays to Remember) - by ninhursag
Gaila makes the bet, but Uhura is drunk enough on three Cardassian Sunrises and fuck knows how many beer chasers that it seems like a good idea to take it.

“The game is holographic darts,” Gaila says and rubs her palms together gleefully. “Jim's program.”

“Kirk?” Uhura mutters and rolls her eyes. “He probably set it up with a subroutine to cheat. It's not exactly a test of skill.”

Gaila giggles. “Actually, it is exactly that-- programming skill. Whoever breaks his code wins the game and gets our lovely code monkey as the prize.” She makes an extravagant gesture at the prize in question. One James Kirk, Cadet, currently annihilation drunk-- Uhura can tell from the graceless way his heels knock together and the glazed, unfocused look in his blue eyes. He's sitting on the edge of a battered pool table watching the interchange with all evidence of interest. Gaila leans over to stage whisper. “He's really good with his mouth. Come on, it will be fun!”

Uhura glares at him and he grins back at her, fluttering his lashes like he thinks he's a gift. “I wanna different prize,” she declares. “This one is stupid.”

That makes Jim snicker. “Suuu—re,” he says and leans over just far enough the risk of falling on his face is really obvious. “You're just mad because I beat you out for treasurer of the xenolinguistics club.”

“If by beat me, you mean you're treasurer and I'm president.” She glares at Gaila. “See what I mean? His mouth opens and out comes stupid,” Uhura says. Then she picks up what's left of her last beer and knocks it back, ignoring the offended sounding noises from Kirk's direction.

Gaila shrugs. “I'm telling you, you're passing up a good thing. Hey-- how about we play for his ass instead of his mouth? He likes it when you--”

“Gaila!” Jim interrupts sharply. “There are some things you don't need to share with the class.” When Uhura turns to look at him again there's a definite bright red flush spreading over his fair skin. Huh. She thinks it might actually make him sort of interesting.

The Super Happy Bonus Ending:
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Strangers in a Strange Land - by Copperdale (HDO) (Poly Big Bang 2013)
“Wow, why are you so mad at me?” Kirk asks candidly. “Are you still mad about the Gaila thing? I didn’t even know you were that upset about it.”

Uhura rolls her eyes and sighs, then takes a bit of her quiche before answering. “It’s not that.”

Kirk leans in slightly when she doesn’t elaborate. “Then what is it?”

Uhura glances off to the side, looking uncomfortable, before looking at Kirk directly again. “What did you do to Spock?”

Kirk gives her an incredulous look. “What do you mean, what did I do to Spock? I didn’t do anything.”

Uhura narrows her eyes at him. “You sure about that? Yesterday, on the Banauro mission?”

“I mean, I, um, what did he say?” Kirk asks, and realizes that he’s fucking blushing. Way to get a boner for your First Officer and then get his hot and somewhat scary girlfriend pissed at you about it.

“Why don’t you just tell me what happened? I’d rather hear it from you anyways.” Uhura sets her jaw.

Kirk sighs and runs a hand roughly up the back of his head. “We had to play hide-and-seek with the Banaurians in order to win their alliance with the Federation, and that required us getting into…close quarters,” Kirk finishes lamely.
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