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Per Aspera - by TheBiFromUNCLE
Jim had gotten hurt. So what else was new? Except it was bad this time. Bad as in Bones didn’t call him a moron when he woke up in the sickbay. Bad as in grounded indefinitely. Bad as he didn’t complain when he was told he had to have someone stay with him while he recuperated. Spock was the logical choice. Reliable, even-headed. Besides, everyone else bar Bones had bolted as soon as they had docked. Uhura had taken a temporary admin job within Starfleet. It was beneath her but translating treaties meeting minutes was exactly the kind of mindless work she wanted. Scotty was overseeing repairs. Chekov and Sulu had filed separately for extended leave, but had left together.

Bones though, Bones had argued and fought and swore and demanded to be Jim’s carer. He was told in no uncertain terms that this would not be allowed. He had been about to tender his resignation when Jim said, quietly, from the sickbay bed ‘Just do what they say Bones’. Later Jim would be able to convince himself that he had imagined the way Bones’ shoulders had slumped, the way he seemed to collapse in on himself. Hallucinating, on account of all the drugs they’d (Bones) been pumping into him to keep him alive. So Bones left too and Jim was sad to see him go, but in a deep, shameful part of himself he was also relieved. Looking at Bones’ face was like staring at an open wound, seeing his own misery and brokenness reflected back at him.

‘Perhaps I would be better suited?’

Spock’s cool, clinical manner directly after McCoy’s outburst made him seem the ideal candidate.
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The Steadfastness of Stars - by itsnatalie
Even from space, Jadis was white. Spock had to channel his revulsion into something more productive.

“Goddamn,” remarked Dr. McCoy, staring through the window of the ship at the faintly glowing planet, scowling. “That looks like a bucket of problems waiting to happen. If you get hypothermia or pneumonia, Jim, I’m not clearing you for duty for weeks. Weeks, do you hear me? Plural.”

“Cheer up, Bones,” said Jim from where he was scanning an information database. Spock was at his right, patiently waiting: he’d already memorized all pertinent sections. “I know somebody from this planet. She’s since become a Starfleet ambassador, she’ll be waiting for us.”

“What exactly is their issue, anyway?” Dr. McCoy was still scowling, and Spock privately agreed with the sentiment.

As Jim was still reading, Spock volunteered, “Their planet has experienced subzero temperatures for a period of over a thousand years, and as such, the way of life of the people of Jadis has become dependent on just this phenomenon. Over the last several weeks, however, the temperatures have begun altering alarmingly, and since they fail to fall within the parameters of observed anomalies, have begun to cause structural and ecological damage to the point of concerning permanence.”

“Their weather is changing? What’s happening?”

“It’s warming up, Bones,” said Jim, flicking through his PADD as they walked; Spock was tempted to take Jim’s shoulder and steer him just so he wouldn’t collide with people or objects. “They might have summer and that might literally be the end of the world for them.”
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Ugh - by yeaka
Sending Spock was the obvious choice. As a Vulcan with rigid discipline, it made sense that he’d hold out the longest and actually make it to sickbay, unlike Rand, wherever she got off to. ...Besides, if Jim had gone himself, he wouldn’t have been exposed to the airborne virus long enough to be fully affected.

...Just long enough to get a bright red nose and a wicked sneezing fit. He rubs his face in his elbow after another involuntary spasm, watching light zoom past the turbolift walls. He’s gone himself, now. No choice; Spock didn’t come back. And clearly today won’t be the day Jim gets to cross ‘sex pollen orgy’ off his bucket list, anyway. He sighs at the thought of the bridge he’s leaving behind—he’s the captain, for goodness sakes; if anyone’s getting up to shenanigans on his ship, he should be at the head of it.

But that didn’t happen, and he can’t just go violating members of his crew whilst still fully sober, even if a giddy pair of half-naked Sulu and Chekov practically stumbled into his lap in their childish antics. He only just managed to get out of his chair in time for Chekov to finally be thrown over it and divested of his pants, Sulu mounting him while Uhura wandered closer to watch. While the doors of the turbolift closed, Jim saw the dopey-grinned helmsman sliding into the giggling navigator, and now Jim’s having to spend the short ride down having to get that pretty cock and prettier ass out of his head. He’s already never going to hear the end of this embarrassing allergy, let alone if he shows up to get it cured with a pre-existing boner.

The doors open, and Jim’s off down the hall, desperately trying not to rub his sore nose or blink his puffy eyes too much—they’re probably red-rimmed. But no one pays him any attention; the few crewmembers he passes are either pinned to the wall or already down on the floor, too lost in the throes of passion to notice the one lonely soul left.
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Package Deal - by yeaka (A Honeycomb Tree #12)
No one says a word to him in the messhall or when he arrives back to sickbay; his secret must be safe. Though it might just be due to the warning glare at anyone who approaches. Full of mashed potatoes and bourbon, Leonard steps through the sliding door of his office. It clicks neatly shut behind him, while he stands in place, his ‘presents’ safely delivered and halting him in his tracks.

Two men, black and blue all over, are sitting on the exam bed in the corner. Their legs are hanging over the side, but they’re turned to one another, their closest hands held and their faces pressed together, forehead to forehead. They’re nuzzling one another like sleeping kittens, communicating with soft hums and short mumbles, eyes half closed, but as soon as the door’s shut, the magic dies. Stiff as boards, they spring apart, straightening out like they were never touching at all. One of them has striking blue eyes that open wide, then fix into something between resignation and ferocity. The other looks dully past Leonard, head subtly inclined downwards.

Slaves. Khan gave him slaves.
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tenderly, quietly, all alone - by ARossWrites
Spock stood at the West end of the property, knuckles tight around the handle of his umbrella. He hadn't an excuse to go for a walk, truly. The habit he'd developed was new, formulated around their new neighbour.

A horse ran across the field, parallel to the short wall of stones that marked the divide of their properties. It was white and speckled across the hips with a grey. In this rain, though, heavy and hard, it's coat was soaked through and dark. Up the legs of the beast, mud. It sprayed nearly to the belly as the horse ran. The rider was soaked too, both in rain and specks of wet earth. His coat flew out behind him.

Spock’s heart was in his throat.

The rider was James, “Just Jim, is fine.” he'd insisted when Spock was first introduced. Spock didn't dare consider him in such intimate terms, even in the privacy of his mind.
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The Ties That Bind - by IvanW
I didn’t know how long we were at the bar, but I know Sam drove us home, and I was too wasted to realize how much of a bad idea that was. I didn’t think he was as shit-faced as I was, but I was too shit-faced to realize it one way or another.

By the time the hover car rattled to a stop I was nearly unconscious. Sam had to come to the passenger side and pulled me out.

As he dragged me to the side door, it took us both a moment to realize someone stood there.

Sam stopped dead. “What the—”

I looked up, bleary-eyed. Suddenly my vision swam and I stumbled forward.

“It’s my Vulcan. Spock!”

Everything shifted and tilted and it took probably longer than it should before I realized Spock had scooped me up into his arms. What did they call that? Bridal?

“Are you responsible for this?” Spock demanded of Sam, his voice cold and stony.

“Nope,” Sam said cheerfully. “I think you are.”
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I Will Follow You into the Dark - by IvanW
“Is there…what can I do?” Jim took a step closer, close enough to touch Spock, but not doing so. He’d learned earlier on the ship touching Spock when he was like this was not wise.

“You have already done it. I appreciate that you saw my parents settled. And the…elders.”

But not the one Jim had seen get crushed in the cave when they’d gone to rescue them. Spock’s mom had told Jim that he’d been a teacher of Spock’s that Spock had admired. So many gone, so many taken by Nero. His own loss, that of his father, seemed small compared to everything else. There were worse things than growing up without a father. Jim had learned that all too well.

“You-you’re welcome.” He turned away.



“You have received medical attention for your significant injuries?”

He hadn’t. Bones had bugged him, but Jim had put him off. And now Jim needed to shower, dress, and get to the ceremony where they planned to give him a medal for all this. For what, anyway? Not being able to save Vulcan. But Earth, yeah, they still stood on Earth.

“Yeah,” he lied. Because he didn’t feel like saying he hadn’t seen anyone and in the end, in Spock’s current state, he doubted Spock cared as much as he was supposed to, and for some reason, Jim felt like Spock had asked because it was what you were supposed to do for your significant other. If they still were. Which, well, Jim wasn’t even sure about that.

Pike had told him that Spock was offering his resignation. He intended to help establish a colony to rebuild the Vulcan race and anyway, what could Jim say about that? Spock hadn’t even asked him what he’d thought or even mentioned it. He’d heard it from Pike.
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Falling to Pieces - by williamspockspeare
When T’hy’laf, beloved of Surak, was killed, his body brought before the philosopher, Surak did not pursue his murderers.

The Vulcan nobility had not understood. It was customary to destroy that which harmed your ashayam, with as savage reprisal as necessary. Childhood stories still told of those rended in twain by the bereft and grieving, of self-inflicted violence in the face of loss, of the bloody, bloody history that surrounded the death of a Vulcan’s only love.

But Surak, who possessed a love so deep that all others took its name, did nothing.

He sat by his beloved for twenty days and twenty nights. He sang the soft, tearful songs of farewell, asked not for the head of the murderer, but only incense and cool water. With his own hands, like a servant or a child, he cleaned T’hy’laf’s body.

And Spock was of House Surak.

Slowly, trembling, he moved Jim’s legs to lie straight, his arms from their crumpled, awkward splay to rest gently at his sides.

As Spock tended to him, he softly began to sing.
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Illogical Regrets - by IvanW
Spock hadn’t believed T’Pring had survived the destruction of Vulcan, but she had. He’d learned that a year after. She hadn’t been on Vulcan at the time of the destruction. And even then, Spock had assumed she had the preliminary betrothal link they’d been given as children severed. She had always promised she would.

But then the madness came, and he knew then, T’Pring hadn’t severed their link. He’d turned from Nyota to bond with T’Pring, the one chosen for him. While his intention had never been to hurt Nyota, he had no choice but to do his duty. Her tears had not affected him much, as the fever had already started. He had not spoken to Nyota since he’d felt the Plak Tow. And he did not wish to see her or speak with her now.

He thought only of Jim.


Who had just been smiling, brightly, and with all the forgiveness Spock surely did not deserve. Grinning and proving to Spock that he was very much alive and so beautiful Spock’s heart hurt.
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Galactic Ring - by burning_spirit
Kirk could have stood and stared out that window for the rest of eternity. His attention was so glued to the glass wall that he didn’t even notice when Spock finally pulled his own gaze away and turned his eyes on him.

“Are you pleased, adun?” Spock whispered, his warm breath ghosting over Kirk’s ear.

With a little start at the silence being broken, Kirk brought his face around, straining his eyes to look at Spock in the comforting darkness that surrounded them.


The Vulcan’s exquisite features were faintly outlined by the planet’s reflected light; his deep-set eyes, his sharp cheekbones, his angled brows, his porcelain skin were so beautiful that he was almost painful to behold. Not even knowing why, Kirk felt tears threatening and a catch in his throat at the sight of his lover, his soulmate, his resplendent t’hy’la in this most gorgeous of places. How many undiscovered worlds, celestial wonders, and humbling sights just like this had they seen together in their travels? And why was this one creating so much more passionate a response within him?

Whatever the reason, Kirk supposed it didn’t much matter.

“Oh, Spock,” he whispered back after taking a long beat to compose himself. He tried in vain to think of any more words as he let those dark, fathomless eyes pierce into him.

“It has long been a profound desire of mine,” Spock said, “to experience this with you.” The commander shifted his arms so as to pull Kirk flush against his chest. Pressing their cheeks together, he said rather simply, “I hope… I hope you like it.”
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no way but this - by raisinsforsunday
“You smell like him,” Spock croaked. His eyes were tinged with green and his throat was raw.

“Jesus Christ, through the door?”

“Yes, Doctor.” He sat on a narrow bed, wearing a pair of black sweatpants and nothing else. His legs dangled down and he sagged back against the unforgiving white wall at an awkward angle. He supported himself on his elbows, fingers picking at the mattress. “Especially that smell.”

“You gotta let me in there. You’re so dehydrated, your blood’s probably more like molasses at this point.”

“I cannot.” He kicked his feet idly against the bed and he looked painfully young.

“You--” Bones’ heart clenched. “You haven’t eaten since you locked yourself in there. ‘Sides, fever like that? Gonna cause neural damage. Maybe it already has.”

“That is an unfortunate reality of the sickness. Artificially reconstituting my health would be unwise, doctor.” He fixed his gaze squarely on the doctor. Sharp, alien features were exaggerated by a loss of mass, yet his sinewy strength quivered with unspent energy. “I would likely redouble my efforts to-- to attack Jim.”
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Goodnight Kisses - by TokyoRose_2006 (Meet the Kirks #2)
“You are wearing my meditation robe,” Spock said evenly.

Jim dropped his hand, then his chin to look down at the garment in question, his face a handsome mask of bemusement and mild concern. “Uh, yeah,” he said, puzzled. “I already packed all of my clothes back up and I forgot when I got out of the shower…” Jim trailed off and raised his eyes, wide and bright, to look up at Spock. “I hope it’s ok?”

Jim’s tone was slightly wounded, the words hesitant. The sound of it was soft and unsure, vulnerable in its timbre in a way that made Spock’s nostrils flare. He was not remotely upset, as Jim’s demeanor seemed to anticipate, but the sight of his mate wrapped in his clothing was causing a deep, primal sense of possession to stir in him; it cast doubt on his ability to completely control his base, Vulcan urge to view Jim as intrinsically his , the object and recipient of all of his crudest desires.

Spock tightened his hands behind his back to resist the urge to run his fingers lewdly across the planes of Jim’s body, cloaked as they were beneath the silky material of his robe. “It is...I have no particular objection.”

“Oh, ok,” Jim said slowly, skepticism etched into the wrinkles of his brow as he frowned lightly at Spock. “If you say so.”

“I do,” Spock replied, perhaps too quickly, as Jim flinched back from the sound of his voice.

“You’re sure?” Jim asked, his voice no longer timid but laden with disbelief.

“I believe I have answered you,” was Spock’s stiff reply.

It took longer than Spock cared to admit to tighten his grip on his desire, all of his focus divided as it was between the look of Jim draped in his robe and the need to bite back the possessive desire the sight was stoking in him. He felt the muscles of his back tense with restraint as Jim raised the hand he had just had outstretched to Spock and touched it lightly to the deep, open v of exposed flesh between the lapels of the robe. Spock watched as Jim’s fingers rested in the hollow of his throat and began a slow descent down his sternum.
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corpus_invictus | Five Ways (Star Trek XI Kink Meme)
Five ways Spock says 'I love you' through technical terms.
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Walls Come Down - by TokyoRose_2006 (Meet the Kirks #1)
The final straw, though, had been when Spock had calmly supplied that Ambassador Spock had agreed that Sonak’s staying the year on New Vulcan would undoubtedly be in the boy’s best interest. Jim recalled sharply how angry he had been, how betrayed and blindsided he’d felt. He’d asked the questions that had burned in his chest in angry, rapid barks that he would have regretted under normal circumstances. How could Spock have gone behind his back to make plans for Sonak’s life without him? When had he had the time to make such inquiries? Why hadn’t Spock consulted him first? And how, how had Spock believed that Jim would want to live an entire year without their son, unable to see him, watch him grow, protect him?

Jim, to his credit, had somehow managed to generously concede that the Ambassador, of all clearly guilty parties in this situation, had not only the right to impress his perspective on them as Spock’s counterpart, but a right to voice his opinions on Sonak’s rearing as the boy’s godfather. But even that concession had hurt, as it only seemed to drive home the fact that he felt somehow doubly betrayed by both Spocks, two of the only people in the universe he would turn to in his time of need having consulted each other on such a sensitive and imperative subject without him.

The fight had been one for the Kirk household history books, neither man backing down from his respective points and perspectives. It continued for longer than Jim could remember any of their arguments having lasted before, increasing in ferocity and futility with each passing moment. The fight had ended some hours later with Jim slamming down the pot he’d been aggressively drying for no less than 15 minutes. He had stomped from the house without his communicator, stating in no uncertain terms that he would be back when he got back and leaving Spock green tinged and perplexed, stating that his assertion was redundant, to which Jim responded in even less uncertain terms that Spock could sleep in the guestroom, which he had that night and each night since.
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The Sum of Its Parts - by williamspockspeare
It was strange. Jim should have been more worried about what trouble the pair might cause. Hell, his own experience with splitting in two had wreaked havoc on the ship – as Doctor McCoy had been quick to remind him.

But knowing how it felt, Jim thought of how much each of his own halves had suffered. It was easy to get lost in chaos, the overwhelming realization that you no longer held the answers to your own identity. It was difficult to accept you could no longer trust yourself.

So, while the crew around him chattered quietly about what the two Spocks might do, Jim sat alone in his captain’s chair, thinking darkly about what Mr. Spock must feel.

He hadn’t seen the pair since their physicals.

Neither had spoken much. They had merely confirmed that they were in good health, and that they would update him on any further changes.

It seemed the Human Spock had wanted to say more, from the glimmer in his eyes, and the distant smile that hailed Jim from across sickbay. The Vulcan, however, kept their conversation brief, standing at attention between them, as if to guard his human half from Jim’s advance.

Jim marvelled that they kept such close contact with each other. In his own split experience, after all, he’d tried to murder himself. Negotiation had been the furthest thing from his mind – uh, minds.

Yet, maybe that was because he never thought of himself as having separate parts, never needed to. Perhaps being assigned the label of either human or Vulcan for his whole life had prepared Spock for such a unique phenomenon.
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Good For You - by Gulo
The following morning after the unspoken incident and the party, Spock discovered Jim had begun showering first. He disrobed and started the water up.

"Morning," Jim greeted him with a sly grin.

"Good morning."

Jim motioned him closer over the frosted divider. "Look."

Spock blinked once, moved to peek over the divider at Jim. His eye was caught by the sight of Jim's firm, jutting erection, before he averted his eyes again.

"Look, Spock," Jim said gently, and his smile became softer and warmer. "Watch me."

Spock was already lathering some soap up to distract himself. "Why do you wish for me to watch you?" he asked slowly, clearly confused more than anything.

"Because I want you to see that this is healthy. Masturbation is good for you." Jim was frank, earnest, but full of mirth. Spock watched just his face over the divider for a moment, letting the whole idea of it sink in. But he possessed that mixed blessing of an emotion which not even any Vulcan ever denied himself: curiosity.
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I Ran (I Ran So Far Away) - by FandomTrash24601 (Guide Me Home #1)
"James Kirk," James said. Spock fixed his gaze solely on Bones now, nearly making Bones shift uncomfortably.

"Is there anything you can do to restore the captain to his normal state?" Spock asked. Bones sighed, waving his tricorder around as he gestured uselessly.

"I don't know yet. I'm a doctor, dammit, not a magician."

"Wait, I'm the captain?" James said, looking between Bones and Spock. "I'm a Starfleet captain?" Spock dipped his head.

"Yes, you are the captain of the Enterprise, but as you are in no condition to lead at the moment, I am now acting captain." James scoffed and shook his head.

"I call bull," he said. "There's no way in hell you're ever getting me on a 'Fleet ship, much less getting me to be the captain of one. Starfleet's never done anything for me." Bones froze, but Spock seemed totally unaffected by James' words.

In all of his time as Jim's friend, he'd never heard him express clear distaste for Starfleet. He'd never idoled the figureheads, the perfect captains and grinning crews, and he'd certainly been less than pleased with a few of their rules, but Jim had never talked about Starfleet with that tone of bitterness in his voice. After all, if he hated Starfleet so much, why would he ever join it?

"And yet I must 'call bull' on your statement," Spock said. "You are, or indeed will be, the captain of the Enterprise." James scoffed, earning a reprimand from Bones, who was in the process of using the dermal regenerator to heal his injuries.

"Yeah, okay there, Pointy. Show me the proof, and maybe I'll believe you." Even in the short amount of time Bones had known James, he'd changed. He'd gone from panicked, to quiet and reserved, to snarky and rude. The shock of what had happened must be wearing off, Bones thought, and cursed inwardly. Jim was enough trouble as an adult, and as much as Bones wanted to learn those secrets, he really didn't want to deal with a moody teenaged Jim.
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Nature Boy - by Snabulous
“A Vulcan is a being from the planet of the same name,” Spock explains, though confused as to why he should have to. “It is sixteen light years away from this planet. We have been in contact with humans for several hundred years, so I must ask-”

The boy cuts him off, a huge grin dominating his features. He drops to a squat, putting his face directly in front of Spock’s, much closer than he would prefer. “You’re not from here?”

Spock raises an eyebrow and leans back to a safer distance. “No, I am not,” he says.

“Which way is Vulcan?” the boy asks, moving to fully sit down, crossing his legs beneath him. Fallen flowers seem to gather around his knees magnetically, but Spock suspects a trick of the irregular light.

Spock looks up to the sky, obscured though it is by the heart-shaped catalpa leaves. It would not be possible to give an exact direction from his position, so he points in the direction that would likely be most easily understood: up.

The boy’s eyes light up. “You’re from the stars?” he questions excitedly. Spock understands that it is some sort of a colloquialism on Earth to refer to other life forms as being “from the stars,” so he does not correct the boy, simply nodding once.

“And where are you from?” Spock asks. “You appear to be human, but I am unsure.”

“I’m from here,” the boy replies vaguely, picking up the cup-like flowers from the ground and stacking them on his knee.

Spock waits for him to elaborate. When the boy says nothing further, Spock says, “Clarify.”

“What do you mean?” the boy asks, tilting his head and squinting. He leans closer, as though proximity would allow him to understand.

“Are you from Iowa?”

“I’m from here,” the boy repeats.
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part of you - by sunshine_captain
Spock accompanies Jim to the door of his quarters, then prepares to move on to his own. Jim touches his wrist. Spock can feel the warmth of Jim’s hand even through his sleeve.

“Will you stay for a while? I’m afraid I won’t be terribly exciting company, but I’d like to spend time with you.”

It almost amuses Spock as much as it touches him. They have spent all day together, and the day before, and almost every day since they’ve known each other. He does, however, understand Jim’s meaning. They are together constantly as they work, but it is another matter to be together in their spare time.

He is always pleased to be in Jim’s company, but as he follows his captain inside, he is slightly apprehensive. Spock hopes Jim does not expect things from him.
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The Claims We Make - by GrumpyBones (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang)
Jim is in the draft stages of a plan, still choosing between the two equally delightful: Intentionally, wildly, mispronouncing the name of their planetary destination or asking the Vulcan an extremely specific question about a species that doesn't even exist, when he starts the swivel in his chair. He decides, at the last moment, to go with an old favorite.

“Mr. Spock, please scan the area for—” a familiar pain in his neck that twinges at the angle he forces it to stretch in order to see the science station.

Only he doesn't see it. He might, for a second, the visual getting lost in the manual reboot his brain seems to be conducting. There’s a glimpse, a brief one, a preview if you will, that his subconscious seems to hand over with timid restraint. As if the different sections of his mind are passing the photo around with an incredulous, Are you seeing this too?

He blinks a few times, the sight in front of him remaining. He takes a quick glance around the Bridge as a whole where the rest of the crew continue on with their duties. They either refuse to notice or simply don’t care about the sight being presented to the Captain’s right.

He tells himself that his eyes need to return to the viewscreen even as they snap back to the section of skin peeking out between the black pants and the science-blue uniform shirt. The top has ridden up his spine, just so, revealing a glimpse of swirling script inscribed on the olive tinted strip of Spock’s lower back.

Spock has a tattoo, the tone of his inner dialogue missing the mark of simple shock as he swivels the chair back into proper position, a strange sense of hurt rumbling beneath a blanket of pure disbelief, Spock has a tattoo and he didn’t tell me.
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keelywolfe: And Years Went By (Years Went By #1)
Shit, when had he gotten to be such a moony drunk? It was just as well Jim wasn't here to say the same thing, with those pretty, soft lips that weren't going to be wrapped around McCoy's dick this year. Not this year, not again, not when he'd found himself a steady partner. Not that McCoy hadn't already known; he was old and grouchy but that didn't mean he was stupid, thank you. This year he would have sufficed to just have Jim here, maybe a little drunk, a little flirty. Jim was his best friend and, shit, if McCoy hadn't been missing him. Just because a certain pointy-eared —

The door chime startled him, almost sent him sprawling to the floor and that was pathetic enough but the lurch in his chest was worse, wretched little bit of rising hope that it wasn't someone with some health-related question or another that they deemed too personal to risk talking about in Medical, not a chart that he hadn't signed, or something equally pointless. Just now, the only person he wanted on the other side of that door was someone who cared about him.

It was just a fucking shame that the person he got was the one who didn't care about anything at all.
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Experimentation - by AconitumNapellus
He stepped into a bar where the music was so loud it vibrated through the floor, through his fingertips and lips. He could feel it right in his heart, right in his sex. He let himself feel the heart vibration and the sex vibration, because it was all part of the cultural ritual in which he was hoping to participate, but he closed down his mind to a lot of what was assailing his ears. It was the deep down vibration that the humans valued, he thought, whether or not they knew it.

They were swaying to the music here, just out of time, as they always were. There were people kissing on the dance floor, people kissing at the bar. Perhaps alcohol made it easier to kiss. When a waitress in an extremely brief outfit came over and asked him what his poison was, he regarded her for a moment, then ordered a strong cocktail. It was an odd way to phrase a request for a drink order, but alcohol was, after all, poison.

The drink was three different colours, red, yellow, and green, swirling together. It was called a traffic light. He had memorised the drinks menu with one glance, and he had chosen this particular drink not because it seemed appealing so much as that it seemed highly alcoholic. He didn’t imagine it would have as much effect on him as on a human, but that was why he was tending towards the high end of the scale.

The taste of it was scalding on his tongue, but he had drunk worse. It had very little effect. He could feel a slight loosening in his muscles. After his second drink he noticed that the humans seemed not to be dancing so visibly out of time. Logically, it must be his perception of their movements that had changed, not the movements themselves. Fascinating.

He sat with his next drink in front of him. This one was called ‘Sex on the Beach.’ An odd name for a drink, but the taste was good. His mother had mixed something similar for him in his childhood; without the alcohol, of course. It was the peach and the cranberry that reminded him of childhood. The vodka was something entirely recent in his life. He liked vodka. It was efficient.
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The Truth Between - by LeandraLocke
For a few days after the gym incident, things had been - for the lack of a better word - awkward for Jim. Every time he saw Spock, he became aware of not only the thoughts the Vulcan had triggered in him but also the fact that he was very close to having these thoughts again. Without wanting it, he found his gaze lingering on the line of Spock’s lean shape, or the way his black hair was shining in the bright light on the bridge, or the line of his right ear, for a split-second wondering what it would feel like underneath his fingertips. Or he noticed that he was looking at Spock’s lips a little longer than was strictly appropriate, imagining what it would feel like to run a thumb along the bottom one, feel them against his own or - better and worse simultaneously - on various parts of his body.

Jim had thought that finally getting laid again during their last shore leave should have taken the edge off, but the exact opposite happened. And he tried to argue with himself that, maybe, the one night stand had reawakened something in him that had been forced to remain dormant for so long. Like riding a bicycle again for the first time in ages, and then wanting to ride one every day, because riding bicycles was fun.

But there was simply no chance - and no morally acceptable circumstances - for him to ride that particular bicycle (and Jim blamed Bones for making him think in stupid metaphors), so Jim just had to find a different… bicycle. Person. Sometime soon, whenever the chance came up. Because it was just that, he concluded with a firm conviction. Being on this ship with all the blossoming romance, and Chekov being thrown out of someone’s room shirtless (again!), and basically, everyone getting laid but Jim. (He knew that was an exaggeration but didn’t want to admit it to himself).

So, he was being stupid, he concluded, and there was no reason to allow things to become awkward between him and Spock, no reason to not pursue their friendship and play chess together, and no reason to act like Jim would not be able to control his purely physical urges when in Spock’s company.
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The Swap - by IvanW
He knew Spock’s code and yet he stared at the panel for so long without doing anything, that Uhura reached over and input it herself. The door opened.

She gently pushed him inside and then followed him in. “Leonard’s right. Something’s definitely going on. Are you sure when the beam up happened you didn’t hit your heard or something? Maybe they threw a rock?”

He shook his head. “No rock.”

She pursed her lips. “Get undressed then. When was the last time you even got some decent sleep? You can meditate after.”

She walked past him to his wardrobe with the familiarity of someone who had been there, in these quarters, dozens of times. Jim supposed she had. He watched her pull out one of Spock’s robes.

“This one’s your favorite one, right?” She smiled as she held it up. “Because it’s soft and your mom gave it to you when you left for the Academy.”

He turned away then, feeling a sting in his eyes. Uhura knew such intimate details of Spock that he would never get to know, no matter how good of friends they were. He never would have guessed Spock had a favorite robe.

“Honey, it’s all right. Jim’s going to recover.” She set the robe on the bed and then came to hug him. “You love him a lot.”

He shook his head and stepped out of her embrace.
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Light The Way (And I'll Follow) - by Lost_And_Insane
“If there’s anything I’ve done that has offended you-” Kirk started, but Spock quickly cut him off.

“It’s no such thing, captain.”

Kirk seemed a little taken aback at the abrupt interruption, and Spock was about to apologize before the captain spoke again, “Then would you mind explaining why you’re constantly trying to avoid me?”

Spock had been fine avoiding the subject all-together, but he recognized that in this case, avoiding it any longer would cause a decrease in ship functionality; the captain had, for some surely illogical reason, assumed that he was the cause for Spock’s sudden distance, and this belief had a 93.857 percent chance of lowering the captain’s confidence. The Enterprise and its crew depended on a confident leader.

The two stared each other down while Spock thought of a respectful way to explain the situation, but Kirk suddenly let out a sound of realization, asking, “It’s the mind meld, isn’t it?”

Hoping was illogical, but yet a small part of Spock had so illogically hoped that Kirk hadn’t realized their touch initiated a meld back on that class M planet. Not many Terrans knew of Vulcans’ touch-telepathy; it was unfortunate that Kirk wasn’t one of them.

Spock nodded once, explaining, “Mind melds are highly inappropriate—a serious breach of privacy, especially when started without full knowledge and consent by both parties involved. Although it had not been my intention to start one with you, I cannot deny one formed between us, even if just for a fraction of a second.”

“Spock.” Kirk sighed. “I already told you not to worry about it. You didn’t offend me and I’m not upset about it.”

Spock simply resumed his explanation, “To prevent one from forming again due to my inability to control them, I have deduced that distance is the only reliable solution.”

“I disagree with your logic,” Kirk said instantly.
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A little bit of grace, (for me and for you) - by WingittoFreedom (Wingittofreedom)
Pike had sent the promised list of dates during which Spock will be expected to supervise the human child the day after their meeting, and it immediately became clear that Spock had been “had,” if he is using the idiom correctly.

“A few days here and there” turns out to be several weeks interspersed throughout the summer.

It also appears that Pike has not left Spock any time to rescind his offer as the first set of dates begin this weekend.

Today is Thursday.

It was a shrewd tactic, Spock admits to himself, relying on Spock’s sense of duty and then giving him no time to think better of it.

Despite having no time to think better of it, Spock is, well, certainly not panicking in the human sense—but were Vulcans prone to ascribing emotional nomenclature to mental states, Spock’s current thought patterns might probably be described as a form of irrational anxiety.

Panic, Spock. Is this an emotional response? asks a voice that comes from the part of his mind where the VSA panel sits.
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Vulcan, Not Dead. - by Kitty_Kinneas (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang 2019)
“That went well,” Bones said dryly from where he was pretending to wire something in the corner. He didn’t know shit about wiring, but he had to pretend he did in order to stay around. God knew Spock was too efficient to bother keeping him there if he knew he was a doctor and not an engineer.

“Didn’t it?” Jim said, with no suggestion of sarcasm.

Bones frowned at him. “Jim. He turned you down so cold I’m surprised you don’t have frostbite.”

“Oh, please. You don’t watch him hard enough. He was tempted.”

“Oh, and you been watching him that… hard… huh?” Bones asked, smirking.

“Yes. Because we need those codes.”

“Uhuh. Right. The codes. You like him.”

Jim snorted, opening the chocolate bar and taking a bite. He gestured with it. “Please. The guy is like an old lady fussing over her porcelain figures. Everything has to be just right.”

“Yeah, I get that, but… you like a challenge. And you can’t get much more challenging than this one.”

Jim shook his head. “This is all about this job, Bones. We need the ship – we’re gonna get it.”
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Perched in the Soul - by Betazoa (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang 2019)
The only reason Jim had followed Bones to sickbay without protest was that he’d seen the mad twinkle in Bones’ eyes and knew he was willing to drop the bombshell about Jim and Spock’s bond in front of all the bridge crew if Jim made so much as a peep of protest. Now he’s laying down with his shirt off and electrodes hooked up all over his torso, which doesn’t even make sense considering the bond is in his head.

“And what controls the rest of your body, Jim?” Bones tells him when he points this out. “That damn fool brain of yours, which you let the Vulcan hotwire himself into. So who knows how the hell the damn thing is running the show these days?” Bones taps irritably at the padd, and Jim can’t tell if it’s because he’s displeased with the readings, or if he’s just displeased that the readings are normal and he’s got nothing else to complain about. Either way, he’s been displeased ever since the whole thing began, and there’s no point in reminding him that Jim had been unconscious, on the brink of death, and hadn’t been in a position to allow or refuse Spock. It’s not worth having that conversation again.

“I feel fine,” Jim offers, though it’s more to irritate Bones than to provide useful information. Bones glares at him, and Jim muses on how that glare could melt all the ice on Andoria. “Really, Bones,” he adds genuinely. “No headaches, no memory loss, no telepathic bleedover; I haven’t felt any side effects.” He specifically isn’t mentioning the very interesting side effect he’d felt the other day with Spock in the briefing room. Bones doesn’t need to know Jim had accidentally kissed his First Officer in the Vulcan fashion.
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Touch of the Mind - by HanaSheralHaminail, ladymars (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang)
“While Vulcan food is technically edible to human, I am sure you will not find our food appetizing,” Spock told him as the other eyed his breakfast.

Jim snorted and rested his chin on his hand as he looked up at him from across the narrow mess hall table. “Y’know, you saying things like that just makes me want to try it out more.”

Jim was stubborn, so Spock relented easily and brought over a bowl of plomeek soup for him. His expression did not change as Jim experienced a whole range of emotions as he ate a spoonful of the soup.

“That tasted like hot, sticky seaweed juice,” Jim muttered as he poked at the bowl of green liquid with his spoon.

“I warned you that Vulcan food would not be appetizing to you,” Spock said as Jim took another spoonful despite the past and now present disgust in his face.

“It’s not that bad,” Jim insisted, though his strained demeanor said otherwise. Why the Captain was putting himself through this was beyond Spock’s scope of knowledge. He usually ate breakfast by himself in his ready room, stopping by the mess hall early and briefly to avoid the crowd and have a moment to himself before arriving at the bridge. The change in schedule did not make sense, but many things about the Captain did not make sense, thus Spock attributed Jim’s newfound curiosity for Vulcan cuisine to that.

Jim added several shakes of the saltshaker to his soup before taking the next bite, seeming more at ease this time. “We should eat breakfast together more often. Maybe you can try out Earth breakfast food. Try out scrambled eggs and bacon.”

“I would find that agreeable,” Spock said. It would be good to debrief before they arrived at the bridge, strategically sound. “But I do not eat meat.”

Jim grinned at the simple answer and nudged Spock’s shoe with his foot. “Tofu bacon then.”
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"Courage, dear heart." - by WingittoFreedom (Wingittofreedom)
And James T. Kirk is loud—that inalterable fact doesn’t change—is downright boisterous when he shows Spock into his quarters and offers him tea.

But, it turns out, James T. Kirk can also be quiet.

Quiet in the way he sets a teacup by Spock’s hand, filled with cha’al, Spock’s favorite tea, and gives him a smile that isn’t shy but is tinged with something like shyness.

Quiet in the way he examines the board, his thumb rubbing against his chin and the occasional hum escaping his lips as he considers his next move.

Quiet in the steady, sure way that he handles the chess pieces and the soft clinks they make when he sets them down or uses them to capture Spock’s pieces.

As they play, the gentle clicking soon has Spock’s mind unspooling into calm and then, to Spock’s surprise, into tingles of pleasure.

If Jim notices his abstraction though, he doesn’t say anything and they continue to play until Spock tips Jim’s king, and Jim grins at him and asks for a rematch.

After that, playing chess with Jim Kirk quickly becomes Spock’s favorite source of relaxation, his favorite source of the pleasurable sensations that calm his mind and turn it into a snow globe—and he soon begins seeking out these games whenever Jim is available.

Perhaps because of Spock’s eagerness, or Jim’s bemused willingness to accommodate him, chess games after shift quickly turn into catching up on paperwork together, eating meals together, or simply being in the same room together—Jim turning the pages of the paperback novels he secretly loves to read while Spock pretends to examine his PADD, his mind dissolving into starbursts at the sound of Jim’s hands brushing, turning and handling the pages of his book.
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There's Only One Bed - by Speff
Spirk Fancomic (One-Shot, 7 pgs)

On an easy first contact mission, a misunderstanding results in Captain and Commander sharing a bed for the night.

Content Warning: Bed Sharing, Mutual Pining, Idiots in Love.
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saying it outloud is hard (words are futile devices) - by idreamtofreality (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang)
Dear James Kirk,

That one line is mocking him. Why doesn't he know how to continue? He's written dozens of letters to Vulcan scholars—professional letters—so why can't he do this?

His tablet chimes, now. Spock raises an eyebrow at the notification.

To: S'chn T'Gai Spock
From: James T. Kirk
Subject: HELLO!!!!!!

He opens the message. It displays first in scrawled standard, and then the translator overlays it with perfect Vulcan script.

Hi Spock!!!! I'm Jim!! I'm eleven years old and I live in Riverside with my mom sometimes and my stepdad. Do you know where Riverside is? It's in Iowa on Earth! You're on Vulcan, right? What's it like there? What do you like to do? Write back soon!!!


Spock isn't quite sure how to react to any of this. He'd met humans before but…none like this. Is this what human children are like?

His tablet chimes again. This message is just a picture—a boy (Spock assumes it is Jim) with blue eyes so bright they're shining, dark blond hair, and a huge smile that makes the fat on his cheeks gather into a roundness that Amanda would deem "pinch-able." Below it, the caption reads: "This is me!!!"

Spock begins crafting a reply.
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How to Relax a Vulcan in 3 Steps or Less - by Stella_Delilah
The beautiful man from the strip club, the one who Spock could have spent many more hours lying beside, the one who had invaded his daydreams and nightmares, stood before him. Cap’s eyes were wide. He blinked once and suddenly clutched his book tighter to his chest, seeming to shrink in on himself. Spock stared back at him.


“HimynameisJimKirkandIwanttobeyourfriend!” The man exclaimed. He squeezed his eyes shut and shoved his hand out in the ta’al. Something about the gesture felt more like a peace offering than a greeting.

“I’m sorry,” Spock said, and the man’s face fell. “I didn’t catch your-- your name.” The words ‘real name’ had almost slipped from his mouth. He didn’t know how the other might take that phrase.

“Jim,” the blonde said. He took a deep breath in again and opened his eyes. “James Kirk. Everyone calls me Jim. I mean in real life, not at a club. Can I come in?” He pushed past Spock without asking. Spock blinked. Pulling the door shut behind him, he whirled to see Jim sitting on the couch tensely clutching at his books.
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Oops, I Accidentally Married A Selkie - by fiveainley_ohmy
The tall man removed the coat from his head, brushing his hair smooth. “This belongs to you, I gather?” he asked, holding the coat out to Jim.

Jim’s eyes widened. The man, a non-human with exotic ears, was absolutely beautiful. Dark sleek hair, pronounced cheekbones, firm lips, and deep brown eyes one could drown in.

And this man was now his husband.

“Th-thank you,” Jim stammered, taking the coat back from him. “I’m Jim.”

”Spock. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” said the non-human.

”The pleasure’s all mine,” said Jim, never having felt so besotted in his life. He needed to do something for his new mate. His mate deserved a gift! A token of Jim’s love. “Wait right here!” he exclaimed, running back to his rock. He lifted it, pulling out a wooden box where he hid his treasures. He pulled out the nicest, shiniest, prettiest pebble from his collection.
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keelywolfe: This Rebellious Nature
A large crate crashed explosively to the ground, narrowly missing several of the workers as it burst open and cast various pieces of equipment in all directions. As he watched, a large gear rolled to Spock's feet and came to a stop inches from his boots.

One of the workers stalked towards him, cursing vulgarly and he snatched up parts as he walked, "Fucking idiots," he muttered, "Can't even figure out weights—hey, you okay?"

It took Spock a moment to realize the Human was addressing him and he looked up, lips opening to say he was unhurt. Blue eyes, nearly the same color as the sky above them, shining with concern out of a sweaty face. He had no experience in gauging the ages of Humans but this one seemed young, perhaps not much younger than he himself.

The human frowned, tugging his gloves off and slapping them on the bench next to Spock as he crouched in front of him.

"Are you hurt? I didn't think any of the pieces came this far but—"

"I am uninjured," Spock broke in, abruptly realizing that he had not answered the Human's first imprecise question.

The grin that curved the Human's face was disturbing, such a blatant show of emotion, as was the...relief? It was difficult to discern.
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keelywolfe: Universal Translation
It had only been a minor detail, a calculation on the time frame it would take for the Enterprise to arrive at their next destination. He had expected Kirk to lean over him to look at his console, had braced himself against the light scrape of a fingertip or worse, a hand against him but he couldn't have prepared himself for the searing contact of a cheek touching his own. Only just brushing Spock's as he leaned in, the briefest point of contact but in that moment Spock had been filled to bursting with it, a rush of heat/want/need that poured into him from Kirk until he was overflowing and to his horror, a sound had escaped him, tiny and lost.

That broke the connection, Kirk turning to look at him at him, a frown on his face and there was only concern in his guilelessly pale eyes, as though such things as Spock had just felt weren't hidden behind them, as if he didn't know.

"Are you all right?" Kirk frowned, "You look a little...flushed."

And when he would have laid a hand on Spock's forehead, such a Human gesture, Spock moved away, only just preventing himself from flinching. Another touch so quickly on the heels of that one would have been more than he could stand.
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keelywolfe: Just a Taste
There was barely room for Spock to collapse, sliding down until Jim had to shift and let him on the floor, moving so he was practically straddling the other man's lap. The light in the room was reddish and dim, composed of flickering consoles and Spock's eyes were only a dark, wet gleam in it. Jim might have smiled, might have cracked a joke the same way he had at the end of a dozen other interstellar blowjobs, might have if Spock hadn't leaned forward and licked at the wetness still on Jim's chin, followed it up to his swollen mouth. So gentle, considerate of sore lips and an equally exhausted tongue. Sweet sticky kisses between them, Spock's hands between them, fumbling with his pants and they were trembling...trembling?

He was trembling, the same hands that were always so steady on the bridge were shaking in their tiny, dark corner and Jim could only kiss him, murmuring soft words between them as he licked Spock's sweetness into his own mouth. He arched into those hot, shaky hands, his own pleasure edging his vision with blackness and of course, Spock would have to be different, had to be different. Was different.
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Bono Fortuno - by SuedeScripture
“Sir, life signs at the colony are… not good,” Chekov put in worriedly. “I am reading not very many Human life signs at all.”

“Uhura, where does the distress signal originate?” Jim asked.

She highlighted one of the buildings, “Here, sir.”

“We need to tackle their medical needs first. Let’s get down there,” Jim stood up with determination, clapping McCoy on the shoulder and nodding to Spock, “Keep investigating the power from up here, see if you can find the source of the disruptions.”

Unsurprisingly, his First Officer followed them to the turbolift doors, “Captain, I would submit a request for my—”

“Spock,” Jim turned back, well aware of what was coming. “Why is it that every time we go on an away mission together, you cite regulation, but every time I go down without you, you wanna come?”

He was met with Spock’s I don’t want to admit I do that face.

“That’s what I thought,” Jim said, “Hold down the fort for me. Hourly check-ins, the usual. You have the conn.”
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everything's made to be broken (i just want you to know who i am) - by gleesquid
“And to Captain Kirk !” said Amanda, abandoning the half-washed plomeeks to throw her hands in the air. “All those years of ‘please don’t imply anything unseemly about our relationship’ and ‘I feel the way for him any first officer would feel for his captain.’ My ass . I may not have gone to fancy space school, but a mother knows.”

“You were completely right,” said Sarek.

“I was completely right! Exactly! The point of all this is that I was completely right.” She went back to scrubbing the plomeeks as Sarek caught Michael’s eye. Michael coughed. Amanda’s eyes shot up. “Are you making fun of me?”

“I would never,” said Sarek.

“Have you ever known Sarek to make fun of anyone?” asked Michael.

Amanda looked back and forth between them. “No ganging up on me. We’re supposed to be ganging up on Spock.”

“I am capable of completing a multitude of tasks at once,” said Sarek and he appreciated Michael’s grin.

Amanda rolled her eyes, but she was smiling a little too. “Do Spock and James have a date yet, Michael?”

It was a testament to the Vulcan attention to detail that Sarek could see the moment every muscle in Michael’s body tensed.

“Well,” she said.

“What is it?” asked Amanda, likely hearing the strain of Michael’s voice. “It’s soon, isn’t it? Oh, no, is it next month? That would be just like Spock to --,”

“Tonight,” said Michael. “Spock told me that he’s getting married tonight.”

A pin could have dropped and even dull human ears would hear it. For a moment, there was only silence.

“Fucking Spock!” Plomeeks flew everywhere. “I can’t fucking believe that he would go and get fucking married tonight and then not tell us! Does he not want us there? Does he hate us? Sarek I understand, but me?”
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keelywolfe: A Moment of Our Silence
"Trouble sleeping?" Jim offered, rubbing the towel briskly under his arms.

To his surprise, Spock merely said, "Yes," stripping off his jacket. He still had a tank underneath it, only baring his arms and Jim resisted the urge to roll his eyes again. Maybe they were destined to be friends, maybe he would captain his own ship permanently, maybe, maybe, maybe but right now the only thing Spock had that Kirk needed was a pulse.

"It's so quiet," Kirk said, softly. He studied the floor at his feet, the lights reflecting starkly in the high gloss. "My roommate is dead."

"As a graduate, my quarters are for a single occupant," Spock informed him. He was doing some sort of weird stretching exercise. Huh, Vulcans were pretty flexible for such a rigid species. "However, I admit, I am finding the silence at the Academy to be somewhat...disconcerting."

"Yeah, I guess that's the word for it."

"My meditation was not proving an adequate distraction. I thought perhaps that physical exertion could—"

"You figured if you wore yourself out maybe you'd be able to sleep," Jim interrupted, swiping at his forehead again with the towel. "That's pretty much what I was thinking."

"As you say."

Whatever the stretching was, he seemed to be done and Spock only stood there, not quite uncertainly, almost expectant waiting. Maybe he needed something too, not friends exactly, but Jim had a pulse, too, and he could offer that.

And when it became clear that Spock wasn't going to tell him, he suggested, "Want to spar?"
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Filial Piety - by CorpusInvictus
And here it is, the moment Kirk has been dreading for years. The moment where his belief that this has been too good to last proves correct. How can he possibly stand up to hundreds, thousands of years of cultural history that should be passed on? "Then you should go," he says quietly, and he's proud of himself for keeping his voice so steady.

Spock turns on him as though he's been physically assaulted, his eyes dark and burning and almost accusatory. "You truly believe the matter to be as simple as this?"

"Fuck no it isn't simple, Spock," he snarls, rolling to his feet so he can pace. He can't stay still for this conversation or he'll go out of his mind. "Sarek made it pretty damn clear that it isn't about what you - what we - want. It's not about being simple. It's about making a load of Vulcan babies so that there'll be new generations of pointy-eared bastards squashing down their emotions for years to come." He's not fighting fair and he knows it, but he can't bring himself to care when his gut feels like it's about to go into reverse.

Spock catches his wrist in a bruising grip, pulling him closer so he can hear the man almost hiss, "You would begrudge my people their survival?"

Kirk winces at the grip. The pain throbbing through his wrist cuts through the instinctive temper, and he has to admit to himself that he's on the losing side here. He threads his fingers into Spock's hair, the gesture gentle and reassuring even as his other wrist is being crushed. "No. I wouldn't." The words seem to tame something in Spock's eyes, and he releases Kirk's hand, arms falling uselessly to his sides. "We'll chart a course for New Vulcan tomorrow."

Spock looks ... lost, somehow. As if he expected more of a fight. As if he hoped for more of a fight. "Yes, Captain," he whispers.

"Jim," Kirk responds, and he finds himself pushing Spock back into the sheets, crawling over him and straddling his hips, a part of his temper flaring up again. "God damn it, Spock, you don't get to go back to 'Yes, Captain' now."

"Jim," Spock returns quietly, reverently, grabbing his hips so hard that Kirk can already feel the bruises forming. "Jim," he says again, pulling both of them into the middle of the bed, spreading his legs so Kirk can settle between them. "Jim," he whispers brokenly into the side of his neck, eyes squeezed shut as if he's in pain.
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Chiaroscuro - by Eiiri
“Considering how well things went last time 'round,” McCoy griped, “I can't say I'm looking forward to this.”

Kirk clapped his friend on the shoulder. “I don't think Starfleet much cares whether any of us are looking forward to it, Bones. The Summit meeting is on our way and at least this time we only have one ambassador to worry about.”

“Yeah, yeah.” McCoy tugged at the cuff of his dress uniform tunic. “But the one we've got is the one I'd most like to avoid. If he's not dyin' on us, him and Spock'll be glaring at each other the whole damn trip and swearing they're doing no such thing. I dunno that I've got the mettle for either.”

Kirk stifled a grin. “Well, you have about five minutes to prepare yourself.”

McCoy huffed and grumbled something to do with a Southern summer not being enough time.

Right on schedule, five minutes later, they were docking at Hestia-1, an independent space station variously described as a floating city, a grand bazaar, and an island of lost toys. It also happened to have been the site of a recent trade agreement signing, which had brought Ambassador Sarek and his wife to the station. Now Kirk went to meet them—as was his duty, even if it was merely a formality—and escort them to the ship, McCoy and Spock in tow along with a couple security officers.

Sarek and Amanda were waiting for them in the station's gardens. Kirk plastered a standard, diplomatic smile across his face. “Ambassador, I hope you're in better health.”

Sarek contemplated him a short moment. “I am.”

“Glad to hear it.” He turned to the ambassador's wife. “And Lady Amanda, always a pleasure.”

“So nice to see you again, Captain,” Amanda said pleasantly before turning to greet her son. “Spock, how are you?”

“I'm fine, Mother,” Spock said diplomatically.

“Of course you are.” Amanda gave a faint smile, almost a smirk, Kirk wasn't entirely sure he hadn't imagined—at least until Spock's eyebrow twitched up in turn. Amanda's smile widened as she turned again. “Doctor, I trust you're well.”

“Doing quite alright, thank you, ma'am.” McCoy gave a half bow.

For his part, Sarek just nodded his way through the niceties.
st:tos  kirk/spock  amanda  sarek  fuckordie  oblivious  negotiation 
12 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Untitled Threesome - by Keelywolfe
If either of them is ashamed or embarrassed or, God forbid, feeling illogical, they don't say. They curl around him, hands touching, and Jim sleepily realizes he can tell who is who, gentler, older hands stroke him while younger hands are jerkier, awkward, almost too-firm. He's sore and sticky, the heavy smell of their mingled semen in the air and still thick on the back of his tongue and yeah, he doesn't shy away from any of it, buries his face into the neck nearest to him and breathes it in, still utterly surrounded by Spock. He can't think of a single place or person he'd rather be with...unless Spocks suddenly decided to come in a three pack.
st:aos  kirk/spock  spockprime  threesome 
12 weeks ago by runpunkrun
keelywolfe: fundamental things
It was not traditional for Vulcans to kiss with their mouths, though Spock had occasionally indulged in the practice. It was that reason alone that the press of Kirk's mouth against his own made him catch his breath, he was certain, holding very still as the wet slide of a tongue traced the seam of his lips.

He had come to his Captain's quarters to play chess and that alone, not for the cumulating weeks of their flirtation to crest, for Jim to smile at him with cocksure warmth, to take Spock's face in his hands to do this.

Belatedly, he stepped back, too quickly as Kirk's hands did not attempt to hold him and he stumbled clumsily, shoulder clipping against the wall as he straightened.

"What are you doing?" Spock tried to make his voice sharp, biting. Instead it was more like a breath, making him sound young and perhaps a little lost. He was not prepared for this, had not allowed himself to seriously consider it and yet, he did not pull away as Kirk stepped into him again, slowly, allowing Spock an escape that he was not certain he desired.

"I know, that isn't how Vulcans kiss," Jim said, and his eyes were terribly blue, the warmth of his smile shining in them as much as it curved his lips. "Here," Kirk murmured. He took Spock's unresisting hand in both of his own, fingertips resting lightly at Spock's wrist where his pulse leapt abruptly, a silvery throb that Jim could surely feel. "Maybe you'll like this."
st:aos  kirk/spock  kissing  firsttimes 
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A Kiss Is Just a Kiss - by Rythana
“I’m opening a comm to Dr. McCoy in Med Bay,” Jim said, leaning over to tap a command into the arm of his chair.

“McCoy here.”

Jim smiled, happy to hear Bones’ greeting. “Bones, guess what? I’m nominating you for the mission to Adresterra.”

Bones audibly drew in breath. “You want me to join you on a mission to a culture which uses kisses as a language? You’re out of your cotton-picking mind! ”

“Please, we need to do this mission. The previous three dispatched ships have failed. We have a reputation for being a bit heavy-handed and this would be a great opportunity to show Starfleet that the crew of the Enterprise has the chops to negotiate even tricky diplomatic situations. We can’t back out of our assignment because I’ve suddenly become unkissable. Don’t make me ask Scotty!”

Spock strode into the space at the center of the bridge. “Captain, you are overlooking a possible solution.”

Jim raised his eyebrows. “Pretty sure I’m not, Mr. Spock.”

Spock intoned, “I will accompany you on the mission, sir.”

Bones audibly sputtered, then said, “McCoy out,” closing the comm. Everyone on the bridge suddenly became occupied at their stations, stifling their reactions and leaving Jim and Spock engaged in their discussion and oblivious to the change in mood.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  kirk/spock/uhura  off-world  kissing  language  voyeurism/exhibitionism  threesome  poly 
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First Impressions - by IvanW
It was only a crush, he told himself. It wasn’t love or anything… because well, let’s face it, the object of his affection barely spared him a thought. And definitely few words.

Jim had convinced the instructor, because yeah—he had a crush on an instructor, how cliché was that—to go for tea once. Well, tea for him, Spock, a Vulcan of all things, and coffee for Jim. He’d thought it went really well. He sensed they had great chemistry.

And in fact, he had been planning on asking Spock out again.

But he’d excused himself to go to the bathroom, three cups of coffee will make you have to pee, and when he went to return to their table, his seat had been taken over by an Andorian male Jim had seen Spock talking to before. He was pretty sure the Andorian was an instructor as well, though Jim didn’t know what subject he taught.

He hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, but, well, they hadn’t noticed him.

“Cadet Kirk? Certainly not,” Spock told the Andorian. “He is known to frequently engage in illicit liaisons, make unwanted advances, and has a criminal background. I am not even certain how he gained admittance to the Academy.”

“Pike, as I understand it,” the Andorian replied. “Apparently he has tested as a genius.” He shrugged.

“Nevertheless his character is questionable at best. As far as I can ascertain his only redeeming quality is a pleasing physical appearance. I am not certain what he hoped to gain by inviting me out, but a relationship with someone like him is absolutely out of the question.”

Jim had certainly heard enough. And there was absolutely no way he was returning to the table.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  teacher/student  rejection  dating  firsttimes  bottoming 
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A Second Chance - by ayesakara
He knows this feeling, knows that this emotion, this sense of guilt he feels is an inherent human trait. Yet another shortcoming attributed to the deficiencies in his impure, hybrid nature. For there is no word for guilt in modern Vulcan. If he were a full Vulcan, he would not be feeling guilt. Such an emotional response would be deemed illogical. If he were a full Vulcan, he would not have made such a grave error, so as to be deemed guilty in the first place. If he were a full Vulcan, his control would never have slipped. He would never have allowed the bond to be formed this way.

Yes, there are degrees of guilt and Spock's is the worst kind imaginable.

The incident on Antara showed him the one lone thing that could finally ease his pain. A link, a true warrior bond, with a friend, a brother, with someone who could be even more. But the bond was formed without his intended's permission. Given a choice, Spock does not think Jim would have opted for this situation. Captain Kirk enjoys the company of females. Spock knows that, the whole ship knows that. The number of times the captain has flirted with Nyota is testament to where his preferences lie. He could not have possibly chosen Spock of his own accord, no matter how deep their friendship, their loyalty, their regard for each other. Not him, the blue-eyed, golden boy of Starfleet.

In his weakened state, in his greed, his ardent, aching hunger for a touch, any touch, Spock allowed this bond to form. The fact that he feels... contentment, harmony, pleasure, happiness in Jim's presence, in opening up his mind to the bond, proves he is guilty. He does not deserve any of this. He has not earned the bond.
st:aos  kirk/spock  off-world  shore-leave  telepathy  mind-meld  whoops  bonded  rejection  depression  captive  trauma 
may 2019 by runpunkrun
Not An Ordinary Life - by IvanW
“Have you told him?” Pike asked, leaning a hip against the porch railing. “About the bond?”

Spock shook his head. “I believe his father would rather that I not. He wishes for Jim to make his own choices.”

“Not sure that is something you ought to hide from him.”

“I had intended to tell him when he reached my father’s home in preparation for the summer session.” When Spock had believed Jim would more likely than not be coming to San Francisco.

“Spock, George doesn’t know everything. And I think Jim likes you. You might want to consider telling him. If he finds out later, through someone else, that you knew and didn’t tell him—”

“You believe he will become angry.”

“Yeah, he might. I don’t know him well, but from what I have seen of him, yeah he might.” Pike shivered. “Think I’m going back inside where it’s warm.”

“I will be in shortly,” Spock said.

“Take your time. I think Jim’s out here,” Pike said pointedly, then went into the house.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  iowa  meet-as-kids  bonded  correspondence  teacher/student  meet-the-family  grief  spockprime 
may 2019 by runpunkrun
igrab: Dva t'Koh-Nar [1/6]
"I'm a Vulcan," Spock murmured, and even to his own ears the excuse sounded shaky.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Kirk raised an eyebrow at him, and he wasn't doing it on purpose, but it was such a Spock move, and it was somewhat amusing, the thought that they were beginning to pick up bits of each other. Then he realized he really didn't want any of Kirk's bits.

"Vulcans aren't - "

"Have you ever kissed a guy before?"

Spock's eyebrows shot right up behind his bangs. "Are you suggesting that I - "

"Yes." Kirk's eyes were honest blue now, and he was in that very real place that Spock liked to think of as neither James Kirk nor Captain Kirk - it was just Jim, it was the tone he used when all the roles were gone. 'I'll cover you,' Jim had said, and Spock believed him. 'It'll work.' And it had. 'Welcome aboard,' and while it wasn't the first time in his life he'd felt welcome, it seemed to him to be the most important. "If you don't, you're never going to know, and I know you. Not knowing is the last thing you want to do."

Spock was about to argue the grammar of his sentence, when the logic of what he was saying sank in like a brick. Kirk was right. He could not conduct himself in a relationship without knowing all the facts.

"Who would you sugge-"

Kirk cut him off in a very effective way - with his lips, rough against Spock's own soft, and nothing like he'd ever felt before. That spark, he could feel that spark between him strike like a match, and when he kissed back, pressing against Kirk's lips with a forceful dexterity, that spark ignited and began to burn.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  infidelity  kissing  firsttimes 
may 2019 by runpunkrun
Homecoming - by DeHeerKonijn
Spock seeks out advice before his return to the Enterprise.
st:tos  kirk/spock  mccoy  reunion  fanart  <3 
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The Prince and the Servant - by Raven_Knight (ST/Ever After)
As soon as he saw him, Spock knew he was doomed. He fell to his knees immediately, his hands the only thing preventing him from stopping his head from impacting the ground. “Your Highness, forgive me!” he begged. “I was unaware of your presence!” If he had known the man trying to take his horse was the prince, Spock never would have swung that bucket. He never would have struck him or tripped him with the broom. He would have done everything and anything the prince demanded – even if it were to take one of his mother’s horses. Spock was no one of importance. He was inconsequential. And apparently, now his life would soon no longer matter to anyone.

“Really?” the prince asked, disbelief obvious in his voice. By the sounds, he was readying another horse for his use. “So you were just sweeping the floor?”

“No, Highness,” Spock replied to the dirt in front of his face. “I mistook you for a common thief. No apology will undo the damage I have inflicted upon you, and because of my injuries to your person, I am aware the consequence is my life.”

The sounds abruptly stopped. Spock did not dare look anywhere but the ground. “If you stay silent on seeing me here, I’ll overlook it.” He heard the prince climb onto the horse’s back and begin to guide it from the stable. But he could not understand why the prince was allowing his conduct to stand. Spock expected to die at that moment, there in the stables. And if not there, then hauled off by the palace guards and executed. He did not expect to be pardoned – immediately – and released of all punishment by the prince.

He felt he should say something. “I could assist you in preparing a younger and more energetic mount, if you so desire it, Your Highness.”

The prince halted the horse close to Spock’s prostrated form. “The only thing I desire is to break through my cage within the palace walls.” Somehow, Spock sympathized with the prince. He knew what it was like to be trapped within your own home. But he did not dare compare his life to a prince’s aloud.

A small bag landed by his hand, the items inside making a sound Spock could identify immediately. The prince had tossed a pouch of credits at him. By the time Spock looked up, the prince had already brought the horse to a light canter heading out of the stable. But he did call back to Spock. “An incentive for your silence.”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  fusion  fairytale  royalty  earthside 
may 2019 by runpunkrun
The Kepler Omicron Party - by summerofspock
“Any Federation vessels that approach the system will receive our signal. Based on typical patrol schedules, I would expect retrieval within 4 standard days,” Spock said to no one in particular. Jim heard the rousing of the cadets behind him.

“Excuse me, Professor but that is bullshit! If the Starbase is broadcasting a ward message, there is no way any ships are going to get close enough to pick up our signal,” Kyana said, a low purr underlying her words. Jim had heard that Caitians made that noise when they got angry but he’d never heard it firsthand.

Spock stood. “Cadet, you will control your tone. The parameters of the survival missions have only changed slightly. The weather precludes venturing onto the planet for more than a few hours at a time. We will stay in the shuttle for the time being and wait for Starfleet’s arrival.”

Jim stood up and yanked Spock into a corner of the shuttle as all the cadets began to talk amongst themselves. “Look, Professor, I know you think everything will turn out fine and Starfleet will ride in on their chariots but what if they don’t? If we stay in the shuttle and deplete our food stores too quickly, we’re going to be out of luck. We need to get a lay of the land and be prepared to fend for ourselves.”

Spock pulled his arm out of Jim’s grasp. “I would remind you, Cadet Kirk, that while we are here, I am your superior officer. Your insubordination will not be tolerated.”

“Insubordination?” Jim said incredulously. “It’s not insubordination. It’s logic.”

“It is fear, Cadet. Please desist from your panicked behavior. It will negatively affect morale.”

Jim ground his teeth and stepped away from the Professor. He wanted to believe that Starfleet would come but he had seen their failures firsthand.
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  teacher/student  off-world  stranded  cold  fear  rejection  therapy  angry  recovery 
may 2019 by runpunkrun
literose: five people spock loved and one person he fell in love with
To Spock, it is the greatest feeling ever, and he holds her close to him, promising that he will score the highest marks in the history of the school so she will be proud of him. She smiles, a real smile, and kisses his forehead and tells him she already is.

Three weeks later he gets into a fight at school because a classmate insults his mother, and his father tells him he married her because “it was logical.” In an attempt to be more Vulcan, he starts hiding his love. She never says a word about it, starts keeping her hands to herself, her endearments become quiet. Their silences are always fraught with a tenuous love they no longer mention.

Twenty years later, she falls off a crumbling cliff-side and Vulcan is destroyed. He never gets to tell her how much the first eight years of his life meant to him, how sometimes, despite living in Earth he despairs because he wants her there, how he has never mind-melded with anyone, because in his head, she is still his beloved.

How sorry he is that the soft, painful smile on her face stayed permanently, because he put it there.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  spock  amanda 
may 2019 by runpunkrun
exclamation (not an explanation) - by TheWriter2
When Spock looks at himself in the mirror two hours later, he finds it hard to recognize himself. Although his face has not changed, he is startled by the fake human eyebrows McCoy has attached to his face. Turning his head experimentally, Spock briefly finds himself missing his pointed ears as they hide under a pair of synthetic rounded tips.

As Spock inspects his new features, he begins to see more and more of his mother in himself and less of Sarek.

And for the first time since he began his schooling, Spock is pleased in his human features.

Nyota only allows him a moment more in front of the mirror before dragging him back to the seat before McCoy’s desk. “Okay,” she says, placing her hands on his shoulders, “you look considerably less Vulcan now, but I still want to do something about this hair.”

“What is wrong with my hair?” Spock asks as Nyota runs her fingers through it.

“Well there’s nothing wrong with it, per say,” she informs him, “but no one on Earth has worn their hair like this in centuries. You need something more updated.”

Spock considers this. “What do you suggest?”

He catches Nyota’s dangerous grin in the mirror. “I’m so glad you asked.”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  emo!spock  holidays  meet-the-family  correspondence  reunion  friends-to-lovers  captive 
april 2019 by runpunkrun
The Bonding Time - by eurosthewanderer
Jim’s first hint that something was wrong with his first officer came when Spock’s shields wavered so violently that he sensed Jim’s greeting probe for the first time. The half-Vulcan startled, nearly tripping over his own feet.

“Spock?” Jim asked while he watched his first officer look around the plaza in a manner he could only describe as Vulcan-Frantic. They were standing outside the Zeltron Museum of Natural History beneath Risa’s Shadow Moons, Bahli and Galh, which, in their fifth cycle sat in Risa’ midday sun. He knew that Hendorff and M’Ress were taking the opportunity to go hiking on Bahli but he wouldn’t be surprised if most of his crew spent some time on one of the moons. Afterall, shoreleave was an excellent opportunity to relax. But Jim couldn’t relax, not after he’d sensed the slow boil of lust and rage in his first officer’s mind.

“I apologize, Captain,” Spock responded while he continued to glare at everything around the two, “Shall we proceed?”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  psi!kirk  shore-leave  fuckordie  wip 
april 2019 by runpunkrun
Backs Against the Wall - by jane_x80
“Perhaps you hit your head, James,” the elder remarked.

“My head is fine.”

“Let me see…” the elder even sounded concerned, reaching for the human’s head.

“I am adequate,” the human male assured the Vulcan elder, brushing the Vulcan’s hands off as the elder tried to do what Spock had done to his mother, run his hands over the human. “I must just be hearing things. Please, Father.”

Father? Spock’s eyes ran over the blond humanoid again – rounded ears, golden hair that looked prone to curl although it was kept short, those eyes that were an almost disturbing shade of blue for which he had no name. He was most assuredly not Vulcan. He was quite human.

“Thank you,” Amanda broke away from her son and took the young human’s hand and Spock could not help but notice that the young man jumped at the physical contact, as if he were unused to physical touches. “You saved my life.”

“Kaiidth,” the young man told her blandly. What is, is.

Amanda smiled, reached up, and patted his face gently. “Still, I thank you, James,” she repeated.

“Thanks are illogical,” the young man asserted, in an absolutely Vulcan manner.

Amander’s smile widened. “Thank you,” she said yet again.

The young human’s face flushed a bright red and he nodded awkwardly. His blue eyes looked around the transporter room and a frown creased his brow and Spock found himself missing the intensity of those blue eyes on him.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  raised-by-vulcans  post-narada  earthside 
april 2019 by runpunkrun
Late Spring - by Kaiiidth (First Love / Late Spring #2)
“You’re soaking wet! Get in, let me get you a towel…” Nyota says, rushing to step aside and let Kirk in. She doesn’t ask why he’s here, primarily concerned with making sure Jim doesn’t get hypothermia.

Kirk shivers, water dripping from the ends of his golden hair as well as the tip of his nose. His jacket is wet against his body, and Spock stands to help him remove the article.

“James?” He tilts his head, unsure why the man would come all this way. Spock’s apartment is within walking distance from campus, but the trek would seem grueling in such conditions.

“Am I interrupting something?” He asks, pointing in the direction Nyota rushed towards.

Spock shook his head, eyes glued to the human before him. “Negative. We were simply… hanging out.”

The clarification relaxes Jim, releasing a tension in his shoulders visibly. Spock cannot tell why, but he feels a slight flush grow at the very tips of his ears. If Jim had been envious of Nyota, had he assumed the two were spending a romantic evening together? The mere thought sent Spock reeling. Jim’s overprotective streak hadn’t faded.

“I’m sorry, Spock,” he breathes out. “I’m sorry for cheating on your test.”

“The educative board ruled in your favor,” Spock furrows his eyebrows. “Shame regarding the exam at this point in time is illogical.”

“I know, I just… at first, I thought I was doing the right thing. Standing up for myself or whatever. Now I just feel like an asshole.” Jim frowns. “I didn’t know that you… if I’d known you coded the Maru, I would’ve never done that!”

Spock is amused at this confession. “Why would this knowledge change your route of action?”

Kirk sighed, his face flushing. “Because… you’re you. I don’t… I didn’t want our first interaction after ten fucking years to be like that. I would’ve done better. Found a more honest way to pass your test. I’m really sorry.”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  spock&uhura  reunion 
april 2019 by runpunkrun
Misbehave - by mklutz
Dirty Laundry - Bitter:Sweet

I'm just a bad girl, that's why we get along
Won't make excuses for anything I'm doing wrong
I'll pull the trigger in a flash
Watch out honey, step back
What's the fun in playing it safe?
I think I'd rather misbehave
st:aos  kirk/spock  vid 
april 2019 by runpunkrun
A Rose By Any Other Name - by ItinerantAvthor (ST/Ever After)
Spock stopped him with a hand on his arm. It was gentle but demanding, and Jim had no choice but to cease walking. “Are you being coy on purpose, or are you genuinely avoiding telling me your name?” he demanded.

“No, Sire! And… yes,” Jim said. He started walking again. His internal clock told him he had about three minutes to get to the train station to meet Ben for the next transport out East.

Prince Spock followed, walking easily alongside him. “Then please tell me your cousin’s name so that I may call upon them to learn who you are.” He paused, reaching out to touch Jim’s arm once more. “Anyone who can quote the classics is well worth the effort.”

He couldn’t help it. Jim hesitated, then turned to look at his companion. “The Prince has read Utopia?” he asked, a slight smile on his lips.

Spock very nearly rolled his eyes. “Yes, one of many tutors in my younger years found it a fitting reading practice,” he said. “I thought it quite dull and useless. The plight of the everyday rustic bores me.”

“Bores…” Jim breathed. His brows creased together as he stepped away from Prince Spock. “Forgive me, Sire, but that is the most ignorant reading of Utopia I have ever heard. The ‘everyday rustics,’ as you call them, are the legs upon which the great Federation stands, and that position deserves respect, not -”

“Am I to understand that you find me arrogant?” Prince Spock interrupted, halting his companion mid-stride once more. His eyes glinted with delight even as the rest of his face remained an impassive mask.

Jim froze, then forced himself to relax. It didn’t seem that the Prince recognized him, and honestly wanted an answer.

Here goes nothing, he thought. “Well, Sire, you gave one man back his freedom, but did you even look at any of the others?” Jim asked softly. He found that he had to look slightly up to meet Prince Spock’s eye.

The Prince stared back at him. “Please, give me a name,” he replied, just as softly. “Any name.”

Jim squirmed and looked to the train station. He could see Ben lurking in the shadows, nervously watching him. “I’m afraid the only name I have to give you,” he said slowly, “is Count George Kirk.”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  fusion  fairytale  royalty  earthside  iowa 
april 2019 by runpunkrun
corpus_invictus | Star Trek: Distractions
"Is there any reason," Spock manages to rasp out, fingers grasping and digging into his console, "that this could not have waited until after my report to my father?"

"Sure. It wouldn't have been near as much fun." He has Spock stretched and relaxed enough for both fingers now, thrusting them into him with a lazy sort of rhythm. "And anyway, you did fine. I'd've been moaning halfway through explaining about the elemental structure if it were me."

"If it were you," and he inhales sharply on a sudden twist of fingers inside him, "I would never be so foolish as to distract you in such a fashion."

"Which is why you're the science officer and I'm the captain." He rises from his kneeling position, keeping Spock firmly impaled on his fingers and using his free hand to undo the front of his own pants. "Because you've got the composure to rattle off compound names to your father whereas I've got more important things to do."

"Your current display of blatant disregard for common decency suggests otherwise." And for all Spock's verbal objections, it's not as though he's trying to get away, shifting back eagerly into Kirk's fingers and making a nearly inaudible keening sound when Kirk pulls them out of him.
st:aos  kirk/spock  publicsex 
april 2019 by runpunkrun
Home for the Holidays - by Blackbird Song (Blackbird_Song)
Jim peers at him, ducking slightly to compensate for the brim of his hat. "Are you okay?"

"I am functioning at peak efficiency."

"Then why did you run into me? With those Vulcan senses of yours, I'd expect you to hear me breathing at, oh—"

"Five point seven meters in this environment."

Jim blinks. "Wow. And yet you still collided with me."

Spock stifles the sigh that has been plaguing him since the debriefing began five days, fourteen hours...he forces himself to stop thinking about the wasted time, though he still has to work at keeping himself from expelling that sigh. "I am perplexed by certain attitudes and practices that seem ... disproportionate."

Jim gives him a startled look. "Do you want to go get a drink where we can legally talk about it?"

"Such an opportunity would be welcome, had I not booked transportation that departs in four minutes and twenty-two seconds."

"Oh. Okay, I'll just get out of your way."

Spock is about to push past Jim in the bustle of people at the transportation hub when he parses the timbre of Jim's voice. "Are you all right, Captain?"

"Yes, Spock, thanks for asking. I'm ... functioning at peak efficiency." Jim smiles at him, but something about it does not seem complete.
st:aos  kirk/spock  stid  earthside  shore-leave  holidays  meet-the-family 
april 2019 by runpunkrun
L for love, and licks you offer me - by SuperWoman0124
It was unbearable watching the Captain lick the dressing off his palm in the mess hall. Spock's cheeks turned jade, watching intently. Jim looked directly at Spock when he entered his index finger in his mouth, all the way to the third knuckle and sucked, innocently winking at the Vulcan when he was finished. Spock returned his attention back to his soup, suddenly uninterested in nourishment. Jim spoke to Bones as he unintentionally disrupted Spock's meal time and carried on with the conversation. Spock's attention now laid in his lap, cheeks burning with a new emotion as he willed his newfound hard-on to simply disappear. When Kirk and Bones finished, they stood and Kirk offered a hand to Spock.


"Not yet." Spock took control of his emotions, beating them back as the Vulcan way had mandated. He took in a deep breath and remained seated, determined not to leap at his leader and hump his leg like a mad dog.
st:aos  kirk/spock  firsttimes  masturbation 
april 2019 by runpunkrun
Kirk's Children - by IvanW
“I’m going to be sick.” Jim held on to his stomach.

“T’hy’la, calm down. All will be well.”

Jim shook his head and renewed his pacing. They were waiting in a room in the main city hall in the New ShiKahr for the paternity results. He wore one of Spock’s robes, because…well, because he’d wanted to. Spock had been surprised but willing when Jim asked. And if they looked a little matchy matchy, Jim didn’t care. He was on shore leave and was facing a life changing crisis.

Not that children were a crisis. But, well, maybe they were. To Jim.

“I don’t know anything about children,” he said to Spock. “I mean teaching them to talk. To walk. How do you do that?”

“At six years old, I am certain the children already know how to talk and walk, Jim.”

“Yeah. Yeah. Of course. Duh.” He swayed a little. He was sweating profusely.

Spock walked over to him and put his hands on Jim’s biceps, stopping him mid-walk. “Ashal-veh, you must calm down. They will bring the results when they are ready.”

“What am I going to do if they’re mine?”
st:aos  kirk/spock  new-vulcan  progeny  sarek 
april 2019 by runpunkrun
Loveboat - by yeaka
As Spock approaches the tank, Dr. McCoy straightens up to look at him, and the merman completes his circle of the tank, turning to lock eyes on Spock’s.

For a split-second, Spock’s steps falter. He recovers hopefully faster than Dr. McCoy would catch, but the lapse still happened; the alien’s bright blue eyes seem to pierce right through Spock’s skull. His own gaze quickly takes in the handsome cut of the alien’s face, the plush, pink lips curled in a smile, the strong, ripe body arching out towards him, the powerful, graceful movement with which the other being swims to him. Spock doesn’t stop until his knees hit the console and he’s frozen only a few centimeters from the glass, the alien swimming just as close. Spock’s met many other aliens, of course—his current crew is a mishmash of Federation species—but there’s something about this one that strikes him as... particularly special.

Beside him, Dr. McCoy grumbles, “I still say this is a bad idea.” He’s referring, naturally, to the captain’s orders: Spock is to mind meld with the alien prince, all other communication attempts having proven inadequate. Now that they’ve shared their world and technology with the aliens’ representative, as requested, Spock is free to ask that they be allowed to explore the aliens’ home and open discussion for a possible Federation colony on their planet. Spock doesn’t bother to assure Dr. McCoy that he knows what he’s doing, because mind melds with new life forms are always risky—though he had a short meld with an emissary of this species on the planet—and it would be absurd to say that for some completely unfounded reason, he has the uncanny... intuition... that this time, it’ll all go smoothly.

Forced to have the wall between them, Spock presses his hand into the glass, fingers sliding into the Vulcan salute to aid a better mental flow. The alien, eyes unwaveringly trained on Spock’s face, does the same. His slightly-smaller hand aligns with Spock’s, fingers parting the same way, and somehow, Spock is sure this will work even through the barrier. Their connection has already started.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  merpeople  royalty  mind-meld 
april 2019 by runpunkrun
First Love - by Kaiiidth (First Love / Late Spring #1)
“Do they have detention on Vulcan?” Jim interrupted him, something the Vulcan found he was fond of doing. Spock found the human boy rather nosy, but remained inclined to maintain conversation. His rational mind instructed him to walk away from Jim, but he did not obey.

Spock gave it thought. “Not in the traditional sense of the word, no. However, I am familiar with the concept.”

“Well, imagine going to a school filled with detention kids. That’s Psi Sector IX.”

“Is this not your first time?” Spock raised an eyebrow.

Jim laughed, crisp and clear. “Not really. I spent some time here before my mom shipped me off to live on a colony with my aunt and uncle.”

“That did not go well, I presume.”

The blonde’s relaxed demeanor changed as he was prompted. Spock regretted asking. “Not really, no.”

The two walked in silence for a moment. Spock believed they’d touched upon a subject Jim was not comfortable disclosing.

“So, why did your dad decide to send you here?”

It was Spock’s turn to go tight lipped. Jim nudged him, making Spock flinch at the sudden physical contact. It wasn’t much, but it was the first time in a long time that anybody but his mother laid a hand on him. Or, in this case, an elbow.

“Sorry,” Jim twisted his lips into a pout, watching Spock go rigid. “None of my business.”

“With due time,” Spock said, not wanting to offend. In all honesty, he should have been taken aback by Jim’s sudden questionnaire. The boy was untimely, almost as if he hadn’t been able to read the Vulcan, either. Spock empathized with this, as he found himself asking inappropriate questions more often than not. He let it slide, but decided he would like to learn more about Jim Kirk.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  off-world  school  meet-as-kids 
april 2019 by runpunkrun
Handknit Spock Sweaters - by yeaka
“Since when do you know how to knit?”

“My mother taught me,” Spock answers simply, as though it’s perfectly normal to find a Vulcan knitting in your quarters. “It is a methodical and soothing process, not entirely unlike meditation. My father approved. It was Doctor McCoy, however, that informed me of the tradition known as ‘Christmas sweaters.’” Of course. Jim highly doubts Bones meant for this to happen, though.

Taurik asks for him, “Are you going to make one for Uncle Bones, Dad?”

Spock says bluntly, “No.”

“Aw,” Taurik whines, “but he’s part of the family.”

“Yeah,” Jim throws in, mimicking their son’s tone. “You should make Bones one.”

“If Doctor McCoy wishes to own a Christmas sweater, he is free to take up knitting.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  xmas  clothes  gifts  progeny 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
They Say Vulcans Can't Lie - by WeirdLittleStories
The Canumese man jumped, startled, but then relaxed. "You think at me," he thought carefully. "We share thoughts because words slow and clumsy."

"Yes," the Vulcan replied, thinking slowly and carefully and making sure each concept was completely clear before moving on to the next. "And also because you are holding Captain Kirk, and we wish to know how to get him released. We have been unable to translate your word 'bwilhok,' and we cannot comply with your conditions if we do not know what those conditions are."

"Bwilhok the time when we join with the one. This thinking at me that you do now, we can do this only during bwilhok. If someone will join to Kirk, to restrain his excess and shape him to the good, then we can make him free, for once shaped good, he will no longer offend."

Spock thought, "I wish to restate what you just said, to make sure that I understand you. Please correct me if my statement is inaccurate in any way."

"Understand. Good idea. Think at me."

"Captain Kirk is being held because you believe that he will do wrong if he is allowed freedom. To free him, you wish for him to be tutored by someone who will ensure that he will do only right."

"First part true. Second part ... if teaching would work, he would good now, for he old enough to have had much teaching. So need more than teaching, need mental restraint. Must join with him, to hold him to the right."

Spock processed this, aghast at the implications. "You wish someone to form a permanent mental bond with Kirk, to restrain his negative impulses."
st:tos  kirk/spock  off-world  language  prison  mind-meld  aliensmakethemdoit  bonded 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
Year Two: Friend/Lover - by creative_rebellion (Intentions and Consequences #2) [14/?]
“I have never…” Spock breathed in deeply, “I have never been in a romantic relationship before. I have very little experience in the matter, and her being human complicates it further. I find that I do not completely understand humans at the best of times, and if I were to attempt a romantic relationship with one, I fear there would be cultural misunderstandings.”

Jim shrugged, “We don’t have cultural misunderstandings.”

Spock leveled a flat stare at Jim, “Our relationship began with a rather large cultural misunderstanding, Jim.”

Jim rolled his eyes, “Fine, I’ll give you that one. But you shouldn’t worry about this right now, Spock.”

“Vulcans do not worry.”

“Right, but maybe half-Vulcans do,” Jim gave Spock a pointed look. “Regardless, you have at least the rest of the semester to not do anything and to learn about humans. I can teach you.”

“Teach me?”

“About humans.”

Spock considered this. “It would be apt for you to teach me about humans.”

Jim gave Spock a confused look.

“It is, arguably, how our relationship started, Jim,” Spock said. “You told me, and I quote, ‘people are shitty, Mr. Spock’.”

Jim laughed. “So, it’s settled, then. I’ll teach you all about my species, and about how we approach romantic relationships, so then you’ll know what you’ll be getting into with… uh, what’s her name?”

“Cadet Nyota Uhura.”

“Uhura. No shit,” Jim grinned and looked away. “I met her once, she’s pretty impressive. Good choice, Spock.”
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  transgender  firsttimes  pining  casual-sex  correspondence  sleeping/together  wip  <3 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
All Jim Wanted To Know Was What Spock's Dick Looked Like (And Look Where That Got Him) - by bubblegumboi (Hawkbringer)
Spock begins. "Your shape is like a cylinder, with the tip the shape of a sprouting mushroom."

Jim goes, "Yeah, that's pretty accurate. Bout 5 inches long on average. 'Cross the species."

"It does not change shape?"

"Well, it goes from, uh, flaccid, I guess, to hard, and really the only change is in length, and girth. When it's not hard, it's still the same shape, a cylinder, like you said, but the head is much less noticeable. Some of us also have foreskin, which covers the head all the time unless it's hard. Some men get that chopped off for cleanliness reasons, I guess. Or cosmetic or religious. I never really understood the whole circumcision thing. I didn't get it. Didn't need to. I'm fine and functioning just the way I was born!"

"I am glad we are in agreement on that issue, Jim." Kirk smiles as his cheeks blush. He eagerly leans forward to touch Spock's shoulder.

"How bout Vulcan shapes? What do you look like, Mr. Spock?"

He takes a deep breath. "When erect, my penis is cylindrical, as your is, but with no pronounced head. The tip simply tapers into a cone shape. Flaccid, it is not visible. Retracted. It is enclosed in a pouch that resembles the human scrotum, but that can handle much rougher treatment. The human scrotum, from what I can tell, is very sensitive, correct?"

Jim nods emphatically, his eyes going big. "Yours isn't?"
st:aos  kirk/spock  bodies  watersports 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
Nen-vulunaya, or First Impressions - by andloawhatsit
“It is a truth universally acknowledged,” said Amanda Grayson, more or less to herself while she fastened Michael’s safety restraint, then turned to ensure Spock’s was fastened as well (it was, of course, he being fastidious), “that a seven-year-old child, in possession of a fine Vulcan heritage, must be in want of a fiancée.” In a matter of hours, Spock and T’Pring would formalize their betrothal, and the S'chn T'gai family — Amanda, Sarek, the teenaged Sybok, the infant Michael, and of course, the child Spock — was readying itself to pile into the aircar that would take them to their ancestral place of Koon-ut-kal-if-fee.

“Mother,” said Spock, “I know of no other species which bonds as Vulcans do — as I am about to do; therefore it is not a universal truth.” He had been the centre of attention all day, petted and brushed and outfitted in fine robes sewn from handwoven cloth, posed in the garden while his mother took pictures with her holo-imager, but the pleasure of such treatment could no longer hold back his growing apprehension. However illogically, he soothed this feeling by pestering his mother.
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  spock&uhura  vulcan  sybok  michael  t'pring  mitchell  mind-meld 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
To Work It Out - by 3six12
“So what did you do now?” McCoy asked. He did not often visit the science labs but when he did it seemed to be with the sole purpose of bothering Spock.

“As I have completed many tasks today, and all days prior, you will have to be more specific as to when I did something and preferably what that something might have entailed.”

“Alright smart ass. I’ll bite. Any reason Jim seems to be avoiding you like the plague? Coming to my office to drink my good Saurian brandy and grumble about you and pointed ears. Hmm?”

Spock did not sigh so much as he forcefully expelled the air from his lungs. Setting down his sample, he completed his notes before turning to fully face McCoy. “I am unaware of any particular reason the Captain has taken grievance with my person. My attempt at inquiring such a reason was met with resistance. Since then, the Captain has been short with me and has taken measures to avoid me.”

“Thought you two were getting close. Seemed to spend a lot of time together.”

McCoy was right. Or at least Spock had assumed such was the case. It did not take long for the Captain to seek out Spock’s company after the start of the mission. They began taking meals together, anticipating when the other might be free and seeking each other out. They had become so accustomed to reading each other that they could hold a conversation without speaking a word. So why could Spock not talk with his Captain now?
st:aos  kirk/spock  angry  friends-to-lovers 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
Out of Order - by twoseas
In better circumstances, Jim thought blearily, he would be pretty damn ecstatic with these turn of events - his legs wrapped around Spock’s waist, Spock bearing down on him. In any other context, this could have been Jim’s dream come true. But because Jim was just that unlucky, he got to have the to-the-death part of pon farr . He couldn’t get the fun non-stop-ritualistic-sex part.

As the black took up most of his vision and nearly obscured the sight of Spock, Jim supposed there were worst things he could do than die for love.

He loved Spock. He loved everything about his half-human, half-Vulcan first officer. Afterall, he wouldn’t let just anyone strangle him while pressing a murder boner to his hip.

He wondered if Spock knew Jim didn’t blame him.

The constricting pressure around Jim’s neck loosened.

Gasping in as much air as he could, Jim arched off the ground as his chest heaved. Spock was still there, still above him and keeping him pinned to the dirt, but the intense stare was no longer paired with the enraged snarl.

“Sp-ock?” Jim coughed, bemused by the sudden change. He blinked away the white spots as his gulping breaths evened out into a shaky panting.

Without any explanation, Spock reached out and grabbed Jim by both sides of his face.
st:aos  kirk/spock  new-vulcan  fuckordie  bonded  <3 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
Never and Always - by Ladyhawk_lhflu (The Bond #3)
Many moments passed as I stared at my intended. His eyes did not waver as he looked back at me. I could see within them an undefined knowing, or perhaps an instinctual understanding.

We might have stayed that way for some time if we were not interrupted. JT coughed, attempting to get our attention.

Jim startled, then turned and looked at his elder self questioningly.

'You two aren't fit to be out in public.' JT said, shaking his head. He then leaned down toward me and asked quietly, 'How much does he know?'

I could not answer his query. 'It is better to ask that question of Jim or your bondmate. I did not relay any information to him concerning this difficulty. Elder Savid, however, may have.' I stood up carefully, as I could feel the hormone surge attempting to overtake me again.

JT sighed. 'This is not a difficulty, Spock. This is your life.'

He then turned to my captain and took a deep breath before speaking. 'I'm going to be blunt here, for both your sakes. He needs to be with his mate. To bond and, well, to have sex.' He looked up at me and shrugged. There was an apology in his eyes.
st:aos  kirk/spock  new-vulcan  spockprime  fuckordie  kirkprime  bonded  rejection 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
The Bond - by Ladyhawk_lhflu (The Bond #1)
After Spock's pon farr ended...well that's where the gossippers have it all wrong. There were no clandestine meetings in storage closets, no strip chess in our cabins. In fact, nothing changed.

Nothing changed.

Spock went back to being my oh-so-competent first officer. I went back to being the golden child of the Fleet.

At first, yes, I did wonder at the return to our independent lives. Weren't we supposed to function as a couple, at least during downtime?

Not knowing how to ask him, I tried to catch his eye on the bridge. I tried to gauge his emotions when we played chess. But he turned away from me, hiding whatever he was feeling.

Yes, Spock has emotions. All Vulcans do. Because of the fierceness of their feelings, those dignified people don't trust that they can express themselves without destroying everyone. But the emotions are still there. If you watch a Vulcan's face carefully, you can see them just below the surface, trying to get out.

Usually, Spock was more expressive than most Vulcans. He went against what he was taught in deference to his very human captain and mostly human crew, I believe. But that didn't help me as I tried to understand what I had gotten myself into. When I tried to bring up his pon farr, when I tried to ask if our sexual relationship would continue, even when I tried to ask if T'Pring would suffer any consequences from what she did, the bastard stonewalled me.

His face turned into a sheet of ice with pointed ears. He clammed up and wouldn't say a word until I changed the subject.
st:tos  kirk/spock  ep-related  fuckordie  bonded  asexual  rejection  h/c  infidelity 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
A Study in Sociosexual Behaviour - by falsepremise
One of the ten A’tai stepped forward, the universal translators translating her words instantly into standard, ‘Greetings. We receive you in peace. We anticipate with excitement the greater understanding of our universe that will be made possible today. I am Sh’nell, leader of the A’tai. On behalf of the A’tai, I welcome you to A’tai and our homes.’

Sh’nell quickly closed the distance between herself and Jim, embracing him fully, her naked breasts pressed up against his chest and her hands softly stroking down his hair and back. Jim forced himself to keep to first contact protocols: he needed to receive graciously what was clearly intended as a gesture of friendship. Cultural differences and boundaries could be explored soon.

But, damn… He hoped Spock didn’t get the wrong idea. It had been six months since Spock and Nyota had officially broken up. Six months since Jim had realised that he actually had a shot at something with Spock. Jim had stopped pursuing anyone else. He had been attempting to make his intentions clear, slowly and gently, giving time for Spock to grieve the loss of his relationship with Nyota, and to slowly realise that Jim was in love with him. Scenes like this could undermine six months of hard work.

Finally, Sh’nell began to pull away from the embrace and Jim thought with relief that it was over. But instead, Sh’nell leaned in and pressed a warm kiss on Jim’s mouth. When she tried to deepen the kiss Jim carefully pulled back and smiled. His eyes darted quickly to Spock—as Jim had feared, Spock’s mouth was a thin grimacing line. Dammit. But wait, does that mean he feels something for me? Reluctantly, Jim dragged his attention away from Spock and back to the situation at hand. Time to explore cultural differences, at least a little.

‘Let me greet you in the way of my people,’ Jim smiled at Sh’nell with a hand outstretched. Sh’nell looked at Jim’s hand curiously as Jim took Sh’nell’s hand in his and guided her through a hand shake.
st:aos  kirk/spock  off-world  aliensmakethemdoit  rituals 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
Pavlov's Cuddles - by InsaneSociopath
“I think we need to talk about what you’re doing with Jim Kirk,” McCoy drawls as he saunters up to the front of Chris’ desk, a hard edge audible in his tone. “You’re playing with his head with your little game of Pavlov’s candy and I’m not sure that Command will be happy about it.”

Chris swallows quietly and wipes his face clear of emotion.

“I’m not sure I understand you Cadet,” he says flatly.

“Oh you sure do sir. Hand him a sugar cube every time he jumps over the right hurdle like a prized show horse. Eventually you won’t have to bother with the sugar at all. Just a pat on the back and ruffle of his mane and he’ll be rolling over to expose his throat for you.”

“What exactly are you insinuating McCoy?” he demands bluntly.

“You’re training him to behave. God knows your method is random and senseless seeing as you feed him the contents of you pockets every time you see him regardless of what he’s done that day. But you’re putting him on a training leash like a dog at Crufts!”

Chris can’t help it. He bursts out laughing.
st:aos  kirk&pike  kirk/spock  touch-starved  h/c 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
When Darkness Drifts - by InsaneSociopath
He may only be ten, but the Academy campus in San Francisco is amazing.

After seeing all the extra work he’d been doing through online courses, Admirals Nogura and Stavak had agreed that he only had to go a school with kids his age for two and a half days a week. Jim had tried to get them to let him not go at all, but Nogura in particular was insistent that he needed to socialise with his peers at least some of the time. He had even brought out some published psychology articles and journals on youth development and gifted child syndrome, and then told him he would go socialise and be kid even he had to drag him through the school gates each morning himself.

So he goes to middle school on Mondays, Tuesday mornings and Thursdays.

Thankfully it’s a ‘Fleet run school, so there are classes specifically designed to cater to genius overachievers. He gets to carry on with degree credits for maths, physics, and mechanical engineering, gets high school level teaching for the other sciences, computing, and Classic Literature. And even the standard aimed-at-middle-schoolers classes he has to go to occasionally are alright. Health studies and social, galactic finance, art, Earth and Federation history.

But the rest of the week? The rest of the week he’s allowed to sit in on whatever Starfleet Academy lectures he wants to (provided the lecturer giving it is okay with it obviously). He’s not allowed take part in any of the tactical sims or the survival courses, or the more dangerous parts of engineering and so on. But even with those limitations, there’s so much he can do, so much he’s allowed to learn.

His favourite lectures by far are the tactical and exploratory seminars given by Lieutenant Pike on Tuesday afternoons.
st:aos  au  kirk&pike  kirk/spock  kirk  iowa  pike  tarsus-iv  trauma  infirmary  recovery  adoption 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
The Black Knight and the Moon - by Waid
“Listen, you weren’t completely wrong, about why I asked you to come here.” He spreads his hands with a forced smile. “No shotgun. Just … look after him.”

Within the furnace of guilt and longing, a flicker of despair: he was so foolish to believe the doctor actually understood. And if McCoy does not, if Spock has not just proven all too well that he cannot look after Jim, how can Spock believe that Jim himself knows any better?

“Yeah, you can,” says McCoy, answering his thoughts with unnerving certainty. “Not during. I know. But after.” He gestures at the medikit. “And I don’t just mean with that. He’ll be – fuck, I have no idea how he’ll be, he was in here trying to convince me it’ll be a cakewalk, maybe he’ll be just fine. But even if he is…”

McCoy closes his eyes for a second, and then looks up at him. The doctor’s face is often disconcertingly expressive, but the transparency has never been at once so intense and so deliberate. Spock can see every shade of his fear for his friend.

“Take care of him,” he tells Spock. “When it’s over. And no matter how bad you feel, don’t let him do it for you. Not then. Please.”

“And when he’s OK for you to leave him you can come to me and try and convince me you’re a monster, and I’ll try and convince you you’re not one. But Spock. Don’t make Jim do it.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  fuckordie  h/c  trauma 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
Write the Words - by dactyliin (Volant)
It’s written in black ink. The handwriting is so meticulous that for a split second, Jim thinks that it could have been typed. Then, he realizes that Spock took the time to write him a note assuring him that the situation was being handled and was, in his own way (probably- Jim’s willing to admit that he could be projecting a little bit) telling Jim not to worry. Jim can imagine Spock writing it, pen in hand, before creasing the paper and placing it carefully at Jim’s side.

Jim thinks God, I love him.

Jim thinks oh, no.

And then what else is there to do, really, but write back?
st:aos  kirk/spock  correspondence 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
Contrary - by InsaneSociopath
For all that he’s acted out, gotten into fights, been arrested, stalked a professor, slept with half his cohort and flirted with the other half, he’s never actually denied being grateful for all the help and support he’s been given over the last eighteen months. Hell, he’s even outright said the words Thanks for everything, I appreciate it a couple of times. Which for Jim is unprecedented.

So yeah. He’s angry.

“I’m gonna show him,” he mutters angrily, swigging at his and Bones’ latest smuggled in bottle of alcoholic something. It might once have been gin.

“You do that kid,” Bones slurs, taking the bottle from him and chugging his own share.

“I’m gonna be the best cadet to ever cadet and I’m gonna spend my stipend responsibly and do my own laundry an’ everything.”

“You tell him kid.”

“And then I’m gonna graduate and take my lovely rocks and refuse my commission on to his new shiny ship when he tries to give it to me.”

“You love the rocks.”

“I do love the rocks. They’re so shiny.”
st:aos  kirk&pike  kirk/spock  post-narada 
march 2019 by runpunkrun
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