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Respite - by ellewrites
Uhura walked back to the table, noting their hands and running her own along Kirk’s shoulders as she headed to the bedroom, throwing a glance back over to him, a clear question there – are you coming? – but she didn’t wait for the answer. Kirk’s smile widened as he looked back to Spock and leaned in to kiss him. Spock complied easily, warm and soft beneath his lips.

Even now, Spock didn’t seem to exactly understand kissing, not growing up with it as it wasn’t a particularly Vulcan way of showing affection, and he was distant even when willing. But over time with what Kirk knew was careful study, Spock had become a very good kisser, even if he was rarely fully present in it.

Kirk pulled away after a moment, releasing Spock’s fingers and tilting his head towards the bedroom with raised brows. Spock nodded and they walked in together where Uhura was tightening her strap-on beneath the short shift dress she wore, the fabric bunched up around her hips, and the vision lit a fire in Kirk’s veins, the first real thing he’d felt since the last time he stood in this bedroom.
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A Kiss Is Just a Kiss - by Rythana
“I’m opening a comm to Dr. McCoy in Med Bay,” Jim said, leaning over to tap a command into the arm of his chair.

“McCoy here.”

Jim smiled, happy to hear Bones’ greeting. “Bones, guess what? I’m nominating you for the mission to Adresterra.”

Bones audibly drew in breath. “You want me to join you on a mission to a culture which uses kisses as a language? You’re out of your cotton-picking mind! ”

“Please, we need to do this mission. The previous three dispatched ships have failed. We have a reputation for being a bit heavy-handed and this would be a great opportunity to show Starfleet that the crew of the Enterprise has the chops to negotiate even tricky diplomatic situations. We can’t back out of our assignment because I’ve suddenly become unkissable. Don’t make me ask Scotty!”

Spock strode into the space at the center of the bridge. “Captain, you are overlooking a possible solution.”

Jim raised his eyebrows. “Pretty sure I’m not, Mr. Spock.”

Spock intoned, “I will accompany you on the mission, sir.”

Bones audibly sputtered, then said, “McCoy out,” closing the comm. Everyone on the bridge suddenly became occupied at their stations, stifling their reactions and leaving Jim and Spock engaged in their discussion and oblivious to the change in mood.
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Plurality - by scy
"Spock came to see me."

"He did?"

"If he wasn't Vulcan, I would say that he was almost agitated."

"What did he say?"

"Very little. He mentioned that he needed to do even more work, as if he wasn't already a workaholic and giving Bones a conniption fit by refusing to have his monthly physical."

"He didn't?" Nyota had been puzzled in the last several days, but worry was taking precedence. He won't let McCoy examine him?"

"No, I was in the room, and that Vulcan knows more ways to say 'screw you and your insignificant Human practices' than anybody I've ever met." Kirk thought about it. "That includes the Klingons."

Nyota put a hand to her mouth and cast her mind back over the events of the last week. "The change began just after we received that odd transmission from Vulcan."

"Yes. Since then, Spock's been acting downright ornery."

"A description that he would not be pleased with."

"It doesn't seem like he's pleased with much of anything lately," Kirk said.
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Armor - by seashadows
Spock watches as Kirk walks away down the corridor, and he knows at that moment that their company is not distasteful. Kirk’s sadness is somehow tied up in this uncharacteristic decline to play chess with him, but he is unsure of its exact cause. The way his eyes lit up when Nyota first made her request was no coincidence.

“What’s his fucking problem?” Nyota snaps, breaking Spock out of his thoughts. “I know he wanted to play chess with you. It was blatantly obvious.”

Spock nods. “Perhaps this conversation is best continued in a more private location,” he suggests, and she wordlessly turns to steer them towards his quarters. They walk in silence until they reach his door, and when they enter, Nyota flops down on the edge of his bed.

“So, I’ll say it again. What’s his fucking problem?” she asks.

Spock joins her there, albeit without the flop.
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Possession - by azephirin
At precisely 2100, the door opens. Spock is never late.

Nyota turns to watch Spock enter the room, but otherwise she doesn’t move. The boy is with him, hands cuffed behind his back and a collar around his neck, but his eyes are blue flames of defiance. He stares right back at her as she looks him over, and Nyota can’t help but smile. “You did a good job with this one, Spock,” she says.

“Thank you. I found him very aesthetically pleasing.”

“He is a pretty one,” she agrees. “Bring him over here.”

Spock guides the boy over beside the bed. Nyota nods, and she can see the quick, subtle struggle that ensues as Spock nudges the boy downward while the boy tries to stay on his feet. But Spock is, as always, stronger, and the boy ends up on his knees.

He’s wearing a plain blue T-shirt, nothing special, nothing to mark his origins. He could be from anywhere. Even kneeling, he’s still glaring, defiant, and Nyota leans forward to trace her index finger over his lips and eyebrows. “What’s your name, beautiful?” she asks, laying her palm on his cheekbone.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” he retorts, eyes sliding up and down her body like he’s sitting comfortably on the bed and she’s the one on her knees.
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all the doors fly open - by etirabys
Nyota was the one who broached the subject of bringing in a third.

They sort of derailed each other into discussing and negotiating monogamy until they were both late for work. Kirk's main point of contention seemed to be that he didn't want her to sleep with anyone too boring. Or too interesting. "Well then!" Nyota said, exasperated. She suspected, too, that he'd get much pickier about her partners than he would be about his own, and said so. Kirk then got huffy over her history of almost exclusively taking dark-haired partners.

They stopped arguing to have sex twice, and then they had it figured out by the weekend, just in time to visit a club on Saturday night after some breathless makeup necking. She decided on some dark stockings beneath a pale blouse and skirt, no makeup. She'd assumed that she'd needed to dress up, but Jim was also in sober clothes: plain jeans, warm jacket. "It's pretty much an ordinary bar," he said, "but as far as I know it's still a big BDSM hub- just socializing. We'll look for someone we both like and then see if they like us back."

"Okay," she said. She rested her jaw on his shoulder and frowned at the mirror. "Do you think we look a bit like serial killers?"

He patted her mock-condescendingly on the head.
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Forty-seven minutes, seven point eight seconds - by ninhursag
Uhura runs over Spock's knuckles with a dermal regenerator herself back in their quarters. There's red blood on the skin and under his fingernails, in thin splatters. That makes her pause. "I thought the local people had copper based blood," she says, while she wipes down the freshly healed skin with a cloth.

Spock frowns, staring at the offending knuckle like it's a scientific anomaly. "Correct," he says. "So the briefing indicated."

She smiles faintly and shakes her head. "What happened then? You miss and hit Jim? Or was there another mouthy, iron based organism running around?"

Spock's blank expression wipes her smile away. He looks so stiff and his eyes are wide and dark when they meet hers. His hands tighten against hers. "Nyota," he says, in a flat, unmodulated voice. "I find... I cannot recall exactly how these injuries were obtained."

She swallows and squeezes her fingers around his. He's got an eidetic memory, everyone knows that. There's not a damn thing he can't recall in the normal course. He doesn't have a head injury, at least no obvious ones, and McCoy scanned him when they beamed back onboard.

"Let's get you to sickbay," she says, without hesitation, tugging them both up. "You must have been exposed to something down there."

For a second, he stiffens and she wonders if he's going to fight her-- she'd expect that from Jim and his weird half-macho, half nervous thing. She'd expect it from most human men, really, but not Spock. She's relived when he finally nods and stands up with her. "That is... that is a logical suggestion," he says.
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Easy - by the_deep_magic
Spock takes very little convincing – after all, their relationship is not currently one devoted to procreation and the raising of a family, so if additional sexual partners would enhance the pleasure of their coupling, Spock admits it is logical to experiment. Uhura can’t help but notice the thread of enthusiasm behind this particular bit of reasoning.

Kirk, well, he’s probably not as much of a slut as his reputation would suggest – a Starfleet captain just hasn’t got the time – but once he is finally convinced that this isn’t some elaborate prank orchestrated by his first and communications officers to secretly record future blackmail material, he’s in. Totally in, he says, with a grin that threatens to split his face.

And it’s unbelievably surreal to have them both in her quarters, both looking to her for direction. If she’s honest with herself, she never quite believed it would actually happen, a Vulcan sex god and Captain Eye Candy ready to go at each other for her, Nyota Uhura’s, personal entertainment.

The thought is enough to give a girl a seriously inflated ego.

“Did you have anything in mind,” Kirk asks, “or should we just improvise?”

Well, look at that, Jim Kirk has a good idea. Uhura barely refrains from pinching herself. She puts on her best seductive smile, the one that once actually made Spock stutter, and answers, “Improvising is good. But let’s see some kissing first.”
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Apple Candy (the fools rush in remix) - by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
“Other you totally hates me,” he tells Old Spock, during one of their chess games.

He isn’t sure why he tells him this, except that he feels vaguely that maybe Old Spock can shed some light on why Jim’s Spock sometimes conveys the impression that he wishes Jim would go die in a fire.

Not that Jim cares, or anything. This is just professional captainy concern for the efficiency of his bridge crew. Honest.

One of Old Spock’s eyebrows rises in an inquisitive manner. The familiarity of it makes Jim smile a little.

“Also, did you know that your younger self is dating Uhura? She’s really hot.”

Old Spock looks surprised.

Jim moves a pawn, and wonders if the surprise will put the old man off his game. Probably not.

Old Spock surveys Jim from the screen. His expression is thoughtful.

“Does that bother you?”

Jim starts at the unexpected question, and tries to hide his alarmed expression.
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singularity: Agreement
Because Spock's composure was annoying, and because he just wanted to, Kirk abruptly hugged Spock. When Spock did not respond, Kirk just as quickly backed off. Spock hadn't tensed; it was like embracing someone asleep.

Kirk raised his eyebrows. "Is a hug okay? When Uhura's not with us, I mean."

"In public, and fully clothed? Yes, it's acceptable."

Kirk tried again. With Spock participating, it went more smoothly, although Kirk had the impression Spock had embraced few males, perhaps even none. That, and the extremely solid feel of Spock under his hands, inspired him to push a bit, so he kissed Spock as well, harder than he intended, leaving momentary teeth marks on Spock's lower lip.

When Kirk stepped back, Spock touched his own mouth, as if curious, then quickly dropped his hand. Kirk grinned; he knew he was fantastic at kissing.

"This stage of the negotiations is concluded," Spock said.

Kirk laughed. "Yeah? Sure you don't want to conclude some more?"

Spock lifted an eyebrow. "After you meet with Uhura, we'll send you the contract."

The contract!? Kirk nearly bellowed. But I've never had a contract! But Spock had inclined his head and left him, walking back to the celebration.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock/uhura  poly 
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After Hours - by yeaka
It’s fun watching, too. If Spock’s distracted enough, he won’t notice her breathing’s a little too even, a little too intentional. Kirk would never notice. He’s kissing Spock’s neck on the other side, (they often make Spock sleep in the middle) and he whispers, “C’mon, just roll over...”

“Jim,” Spock insists, in that low, erotic voice of his, in that intimate way he always says Jim. It’s part of what made her first agree to this. Even if Nyota knows Spock loves her, which she does, she knows that Spock loves his captain, too. “Stop.”

“Why?” Kirk purrs. The blankets shift beneath them; Nyota’s eyes flicker down, searching through the darkness. The only light is a pale glow of the stars through the thin blinds, thin on purpose. They sleep in Kirk’s quarters because he has the biggest bed. There’s a quick intake of breath – Spock’s, she thinks – and Kirk continues, “I think your body’s saying ‘yes’...”

Spock turns away from her, towards Kirk. His eyes are probably open now. His voice is a whisper, and she has to strain to hear it. “It would be disrespectful. She is right next to us.”

“We could wake her up,” Kirk insists, because if there’s anyone who has difficulty giving up, it’s Jim Kirk. “But I think you know she’d kill us if we did.”

“We will wake her up if we start anything.”

“We’ll be quiet.” She hears a kiss, and Kirk’s voice gets hoarser, deeper, sexier: “You know you want me, Spock...”

“Captain,” Spock whispers, almost in a gasp. Nyota opens her eyes just a fraction more, to see Kirk climbing onto him, still under the blankets, naked, like they always are. Spock’s eyes are closed. He probably wanted to sleep, but now he’s just trying not to see temptation. The bed starts to subtly rock back and forth at a slow, steady pace, and Nyota knows that Kirk’s humping him. He’s such an animal sometimes.

But Spock likes that, and they both know it. He opens his mouth and closes it a few times, while Kirk kisses all over his jaw, nipping and sucking, make wet, raunchy sounds.
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frostfire_17: I Had The Best Idea
He can’t believe they’re sleeping together. He wonders if the sex is good. They didn’t look at all hot and heavy in the transporter—which Jim doesn’t get, really; aren’t please-don’t-die kisses supposed to have more tongue than that?—but they can’t kiss like that all the time, or neither of them would ever get hot enough for sex. Let alone orgasms.

God, he wants to make Uhura come. He’s fantasized about what she’d look like so many times over the years that he doesn’t even have to try, in order to picture it—mouth open, hair falling over her naked shoulders, sharp, high noises—

He wonders if Spock makes her come. Probably he does; Jim can just picture him working at it, figuring out exactly what touch gets which response, putting it all together like a puzzle until he can do it perfectly. Maybe he’d even smile, if he got it right.

And that mental picture—the details build up automatically: Uhura sprawled out on her bed, panting—maybe she’s just screamed, maybe she’s just come for minutes, come eight times in a row, come so hard her brain, her always-ticking multifunctional xenolinguistic brain has completely whited out, nothing but Spock and this one second in her head—and Spock, kneeling over her, maybe with his mouth and his fingers wet with her, maybe hard himself, looking at her with that little smile that Jim’s seen maybe twice on his face—


He shakes the picture away, with difficulty. “Yes, Mr. Sulu?”

“Coming up on Anyon IV,” says Sulu. “We’ll be out of warp in five minutes.”

So he’s going to have to come back to this later. Sometime when he has…more than a second. “Thank you, Mr. Sulu.”
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Listening To Hear Where You Are - by Frostfire/frostfire_17 (kink_bingo)
So it’s not like Nyota doesn’t think he’s going to go through with it. She heard the stories all through the Academy, she’s seen him in action first hand, she absolutely knows that Kirk is going to walk through that door in a skirt.

Just because she was forewarned, though, doesn’t mean she’s prepared.

The uniform, she thinks crazily, really flatters him. She’s never paid any attention to Jim Kirk’s thighs before now, but suddenly she’s just completely unable to take her eyes off them. They’re totally smooth, too. Of course. Kirk never does anything halfway.

She can feel Spock tensing next to her (they’re sitting at a little table, far enough in the back to be discreet, backs to the wall; they’re pressed together, Spock warm all along one side) and she says, “Ever seen anything like that before?”

“Nothing,” says Spock. His voice is calm and level, but under the table, his right hand turns over, a silent offering; she grips it in hers, and together they watch Kirk do a slow turn to show off the uniform to Yeoman Rand.

“Fuck,” says Nyota. Spock doesn’t usually see the point of swearing, but his hand tightens on hers, and she thinks that this time, he gets it.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock/uhura  crossdressing  threesome  shore-leave  kink  <3 
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Sympathy vs. Empathy - by verizonhorizon
Spock didn’t let go of his body or his mind, and as the fires of the mating drive died out Spock’s gentle, loving personality emerged again. Jim was cradled and caressed even as his mind was enveloped in a mental embrace that was the most intimate moment of Jim’s entire life.

They lay there sharing in the lingering echo of their successful joining. Eventually, Spock broke their mind link and as the pleasure receded and reality set in, Jim couldn’t help that his first words aloud were so gloomy. “Uhura’s gonna kill me.”

In an annoyingly close rendition of Uhura, Spock clucked his tongue and held onto Jim tighter. “No, Jim. This was beyond your control. Beyond the control of any of us. I know what I felt in our minds. It was as real and vital to me as my connection with Nyota. I will not give you up.”

Jim’s breath caught at Spock’s declaration, but he stoically countered, “Spock, you’re right that this was unplanned. Unsought directly by either of us. And it saved your life, so I don’t regret it. But just because my mind was compatible enough to get you through this doesn’t mean you should give up what you have with Nyota. It doesn’t mean I want you to.” Jim took a deep breath. “Because I don’t.”

Spock remained unaffected. “Jim, you cannot lie about this. I have seen into your mind. And you have seen into mine and through me into Nyota’s.” Spock rubbed slow circles on Jim’s palm then entwined their fingers together. “You are a part of us now, a part we did not know was missing. But now if I am sure of anything it is that you belong with me. With us. I will not settle for less.”
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It's the Grammar of Skin (peel it back, let me in) - by ninhursag
It's a full standard week before the translator can take the children's tongue and spit out something even semi-coherent. When they can finally speak to her, she learns that the woman she's been dealing with the most is clan elder Anata, who is most honored to be acquainted with a scholar from another world.

"You're a fortunate woman, lucky in love," the clan elder tells her and smiles beatifically, showing off bare, gleaming gums. "A man like the noon sun and a man like the pale stars and both belong to you."

Uhura's smile pulls thin and she starts to shake her head. "Neither of them are mine," she says, "But I thank you."

The elder pats her arm lightly and makes a clicking sound Uhura's begun to recognize as the adult's version of amusement. "So you say, but they follow you and each other, with eyes and with... other parts," she croons. "It seems like stubbornness to me to think elsewise. Don't worry, I will assist you."

One of the first things you learn in the Academy is that just because other cultures have analogous elements to yours doesn't mean they're at all the same. Forgetting that is Uhura's first and biggest mistake. The other one isn't really her fault -- alien aphrodisiacs are about one hundred times less common than holonovels would have people back on Terra believe. Rare enough that no one really believes in them, not until they're happening to you.
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Strangers in a Strange Land - by Copperdale (HDO) (Poly Big Bang 2013)
“Wow, why are you so mad at me?” Kirk asks candidly. “Are you still mad about the Gaila thing? I didn’t even know you were that upset about it.”

Uhura rolls her eyes and sighs, then takes a bit of her quiche before answering. “It’s not that.”

Kirk leans in slightly when she doesn’t elaborate. “Then what is it?”

Uhura glances off to the side, looking uncomfortable, before looking at Kirk directly again. “What did you do to Spock?”

Kirk gives her an incredulous look. “What do you mean, what did I do to Spock? I didn’t do anything.”

Uhura narrows her eyes at him. “You sure about that? Yesterday, on the Banauro mission?”

“I mean, I, um, what did he say?” Kirk asks, and realizes that he’s fucking blushing. Way to get a boner for your First Officer and then get his hot and somewhat scary girlfriend pissed at you about it.

“Why don’t you just tell me what happened? I’d rather hear it from you anyways.” Uhura sets her jaw.

Kirk sighs and runs a hand roughly up the back of his head. “We had to play hide-and-seek with the Banaurians in order to win their alliance with the Federation, and that required us getting into…close quarters,” Kirk finishes lamely.
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Under the Milky Way, Tonight - by jouissant
"Just once," Kirk is saying. He's drunk. Nyota is drunk, too, and the music is a living thing, a throb that travels down the walls of the club and across the table and oozes into her wineglass. She imagines drinking the beats down, taking the pulses inside of her. Nyota is drunk, and Kirk is drunk, and she is looking at him and laughing. Spock is not drunk. Spock is…whatever he is when he's around intoxicated humans, which is awkward and kind of standoffish, to be honest. She loves him. She slides her hand over onto his thigh under the table, finds his hand and squeezes it to remind him. It's basically fucking, she thinks, but she's drunk and as such, as fucking such, she gets to be a little bit messy, a little bit human. He loves her anyway. He squeezes back. Because of, maybe.

Kirk claps a hand over his heart, feigning hurt at her laughter. She's not sure when this became a thing, them drinking and him propositioning her and Spock. She can't remember when it started, and it must have been gradual because Nyota knows once upon a time she would have shut that shit down post fucking haste, and he'd never have said another word. But Kirk is sneaky, and he snuck up on her, and now he's here, sitting next to her on the banquette with the smiling eyes and the booming laughter and the hand on Spock's shoulder and it's like…why didn't she think of this herself?

She leans over the table, slides her hands across it palm down. Kirk is looking at her, at them. She opens her mouth. He raises both eyebrows, expectant. "Why aren't we dancing?" she says. "We sit around all day, for god's sake." And she's sliding over Spock, out of the booth. She takes her time doing it, grinds her ass on his lap and doesn't much care how obvious it is or isn't. And then she's on the dance floor, and the crowd carries her off.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock/uhura  threesome  telepathy 
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(I got those) worried blues - by jouissant (sequel to "no traveller returns" | Star Trek Big Bang 2013)
“Nyota,” he said, “I...the captain has invited me to dine with him tomorrow evening.”

“Okay,” she said. “That’s cool. I was going to meet up with Gaila after work, anyway, so we can just touch base later.”

Spock nodded, although she got the distinct impression he hadn’t heard a word she said. “I do not know Jim’s purpose,” he said carefully. “But I must admit to considering our meeting more than merely collegial in nature.”

“Okay,” she said. “Can you be a little more specific?” She somehow doubted that Spock was cornering her in her office in the middle of the workday to confess that he wanted to be friends with Jim. Although knowing Spock, that might not be entirely out of the realm of possibility.

“As I said, I cannot be absolutely sure of Jim’s intentions, but I suspect that his invitation might fall under the parameters of what is colloquially termed a ‘date’. Upon reflection, I find myself increasingly in favor of this possibility.”

Should she be surprised? She wasn’t really surprised. Huh. “So...what you’re saying is that Jim asked you out to dinner, and it might be a date, but you don’t know for sure. But you want it to be a date.”

Spock’s ears turned green, and Nyota’s stomach flip-flopped. Yet, still not really surprised, she thought. Spock kind of looked like he was going to puke. “Maybe you’d better sit down,” she said.
st:aos  spock/uhura  kirk/spock  kirk/spock/uhura  stid  earthside  grounded  drunk  therapy  dating  poly  captive  xmas  <3 
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