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5 Things You Didn't Know About 'The West Wing,' According To Dulé Hill
Perhaps most notably, Richard Schiff has been vocal about his disdain for where his character was taken after Sorkin and Schlamme's departure. The actor told Entertainment Weekly he "was very, very hurt" that nobody told him his character, Toby, would leak classified information and betray the president.
"They didn’t tell me in advance like Aaron and Tommy would have," Schiff said. "Clearly they didn’t want to tell me because they were scared of my reaction to it. I would have talked them out of it because it was not in line with the six years of work that I built with that character."
At the time, Sorkin even wrote to Schiff saying, "I’ve heard what’s happening to your character and I’m so sorry," according to the actor. Schiff ended up imagining his own backstory to justify the actions. "In the end, the only way I could make sense of my story was to come up with my own story -- that Toby was covering for someone else," he explained to The Independent. "That, at least, made sense to me."
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