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IE PNG Fix - TwinHelix
2.0... "includes support for background position and repeat."
css  design  development  png  ie  webdesign  web 
july 2008 by rufo
LiteSpeed Technologies : Products - Home
LIteSpeed's released their version 3.0 server, with enhanced RoR support and integration with many popular web control panels. Interesting...
web  software  rails  plesk  hosting 
march 2007 by rufo
.c( whytheluckystiff )o. -- Textarea, You Are A Sunken Nothing
Why's rant on textareas, which was poignantly timed just as I was looking for a way to dynamically resize them.
webdesign  funny  web  whytheluckystiff  humour 
february 2007 by rufo - web application hack tools
Various tools for making sure your web applications are secure.
hacking  web  webdev  security 
september 2006 by rufo
Robot Co-op Hardware
A brief look at the hardware necessary to sustain a 2.5 million hits/day RoR site.
rubyonrails  web  webdev  hardware 
march 2006 by rufo
Dabble DB: 7 Minute Video
A really impressive demo of Dabble DB - go from zero to relational database in under 7 minutes.
web2.0  smalltalk  ajax  web 
march 2006 by rufo
Ning - Create and share your own social web apps!
Intriguing idea - a platform for creating and sharing web applications, complete with a PHP api (no ruby yet...)
socialnetworking  web  development 
february 2006 by rufo

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