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Neat-looking utility for cloning and managing Boot Camp partitions. Linked to from xlr8yourmac.
bootcamp  windows  backup  macosx  utility 
october 2007 by rufo
...and the truth comes out about Disco. With everything they've said about this App, I can't wait for the beta...
disco  cdburning  macosx  utility  maczot 
october 2006 by rufo
The Real Stuffit Download Page
The *real* stuffit download page - for posterity, profit, and not giving out your e-mail address.
apple  download  macosx  utility  stuffit 
september 2006 by rufo
5 handy Quicksilver triggers | 43 Folders
Interesting look at setting up advanced functionality in everyone's favorite OS X utility.
quicksilver  macosx  utility 
february 2006 by rufo

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