Online regex tester and debugger: PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript
Online regex tester, debugger with highlighting for PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript.
javascript  python  regular  expession  regex 
november 2016
Lesser known Git commands
Git has a strong commitment to backwards compatibility: many powerful features are hidden behind options rather than exposed as default behaviour. Fortunately Git also supports aliases, so you can…
git  commands  aliases  cli 
november 2016
Where to Credit
Find the best frequent flyer program for every flight. Where to Credit shows you the number of miles you earn on any frequent flyer program!
travel  airline  miles  points  hacking 
september 2016
Prototyping Animation with Keynote
More about how to make those fancy design animations what like that nathos does
animation  keynote  design  protoyping 
october 2014
TSSstatus API - Status
describes which firmwares are able to be installed on iOS devices
firmware  ios  status 
september 2014
Continuity Keypad
Keypad for phone calls using continuity
continuity  ios  yosemite  keypad  ios8 
september 2014
Simple decent-looking ruby authorization library
gem  library  rails  ruby  authorization 
june 2014
DS4Windows -- yet another DualShock 4 driver!
This is a thread for my personal development of Sony DualShock 4 drivers for Windows. This is an offshoot of the project found here, derived from the 1.3 RC3 version: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-DS
ds4  windows  driver 
june 2014
Upgrading PostgreSQL 9.2 to 9.3 with Homebrew • 55 Minutes Blog
Apparently PostgreSQL upgrades are a bit more involved than just "brew upgrade postgres".
postgresql  homebrew  upgrade  postgres 
april 2014
The Elements of Computing Systems / Nisan & Schocken
From NAND to Tetris: Building a Modern Computer From First Principles
tetris  build  computer  make 
december 2012
GitX-dev by rowanj
finally, a bug-fixed, updated, and speedy fork of the venerable GitX utility
git  osx  gitx 
september 2012
Road Trip Planner | Weather Underground
Sweet "weather along your route" planner from Weather Underground - exactly what I've been looking for for ages.
driving  googlemaps  travel  weather  roadtrip 
may 2012
Linode - StackScripts // linode's StackScript Bash Library
Linode's collection of setup scripts. Includes auto-tuning of MySQL, PHP and Apache based on memory percentages.
bash  linode  linux  ubuntu  mysql  php  apache  tune  configuration 
march 2012
scott_lynch: Against Big Bird, The Gods Themselves Contend In Vain
Yet once, just once, a bunch of writers at the Children's Television Workshop actually decided to run with "Big Bird overpowers the will of gods and demons in a quest for celestial justice."
sesame.street  big.bird  gods 
february 2012
Shutdown Win 7 without updates - Microsoft Answers
The most helpful response details how to make Shut Down without updates the default, while still allowing you to shut down and install updates.
disable  windows  autoupdates 
november 2011
Install PostgreSQL 9 on OS X - Russell Brooks
Make sure you check the comments - the instrumentation command's a bit out of date for the latest postgres package.
postgres  postgresql  homebrew 
october 2011
Pioneer Anomaly Solved By 1970s Computer Graphics Technique - Technology Review
Nice! Looks like science may, at last, have figured out why Pioneer's been slightly off course (using Phong shading!):
from twitter
march 2011
EPB Fiber Optics | You-Pick
Screw Google and Kansas City, Kansas. I'm moving to Chattanooga, TN: /cc
from twitter
march 2011
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