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Distributed Tracing Infrastructure with Jaeger on Kubernetes : devops
Distributed tracing has become an important aspect of our monitoring infrastructure. On recently working with tracing microservices on Kubernetes, made a short blog post the details the following:Distributed Tracing conceptUsing Jaeger (Go) client for gRPC servicesDeploying Jaeger backend components on KubernetesMonitoring your tracing infrastructurehttps://medium.com/@masroor.hasan.n/tracing-infrastructure-with-jaeger-on-kubernetes-6800132a677​Would love to hear any feedback or how anyone else sets up their tracing infrastructure! via /r/devops
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14 days ago by rtluckie
Office Display Boards - what do you display? : sysadmin
I work in a school, IT Technician, and in my office I just had a massive display board put above my desk so I can pin up useful information (and the odd silly bit of art like a meme).Do any of you have display boards in front of you and if so what sort of useful information/reminders do you put on there that help with your role? via /r/sysadmin
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17 days ago by rtluckie
Mods - what goes first?? : ChevySS
So, I really don’t want to go too extreme on the SS... I want to add a solo cat back exhaust, retro fab intake and a tune. I can’t do all three at once, but what do you all recommend on what goes first?? And how much more fun did you alls cars get after these simple mods?? via /r/ChevySS
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20 days ago by rtluckie
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