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Please explain Go context to me like I'm a five year old what are the main benefits? : golang
Hi,I would like to get a better understanding of of using context's in Go:​I know I can use context for deadlines and cancellation fr API's in a Go package but what are the main benefits against using writing own functions in an API for this? Why are context safe for using with multiple goroutines?Any links or resources you can recommend? via /r/golang
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yesterday by rtluckie
Would you guys consider this a good DevOps roadmap : devops
Here is a direct image of the roadmapOr is there another one out there that's better than this?Edit: Creator's GittHub page via /r/devops
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14 days ago by rtluckie
YAML Wrangling got you down? : devops
https://github.com/xchapter7x/y-assembly​This tool allows you to combine and patch yaml files via a declarative yaml file. It's like kustomize for anything yaml, not just kubernetes.​Let me know what you all think. Hope it adds value for some via /r/devops
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25 days ago by rtluckie
Learning to Read & Understand Computer Science Formulas? : compsci
Apologies in advance if this comes off as an extremely stupid question, but where and how do you learn how to read and understand the various formulas for compsci? Is there a certain math course (calc, discrete math, linear algebra), or computer science class (algorithms, data structures) along the way that you learn this from? Or somewhere else?​Over the years I've perused material from GA Tech's OMSCS, algorithm books, compsci books, and other places, and all of the crazy (to a lay person like myself) formulas immediately scare the crap out of me. And it's not just knowing what each symbol represents, but also just in general reading and understanding the flow of them.​As a background, my highest math is business calc (not on the same level as regular calc) and I've forgotten pretty much everything from that course. No other high level math or science classes.​EDIT: Here is a link to some of the types of formulas in question. https://ift.tt/2QPw504 via /r/compsci
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4 weeks ago by rtluckie
90 days of AWS EKS in Production : devops
For anybody considering running AWS EKS (the AWS Kubernetes service) in production here's a guest blog by my friend Graham who has shared the results from his last project.https://ift.tt/2PngU9s via /r/devops
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5 weeks ago by rtluckie
Apparently Washington DC manages their legal code in GitHub : devops
I know its not ENTIRELY DevOps related, just thought this was kind of an interesting (and fantastic) use-case for GitHub.​https://ift.tt/2SePy7t via /r/devops
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6 weeks ago by rtluckie
How do graph databases differ from older navigational databases? : Database
I'm trying to improve my knowledge of graph databases, in particular DGraph. Are graph DBMSs just a new generation of pre-relational hierarchical/network model databases, or is there something new at a low level in the current generation of graph DBMSs (neo4j, etc.)? For example, the 60's-era CODASYL stored records in linked lists of free-form records. Isn't this just what current graph db engines are doing?My question isn't about things external to the fundamental way graph dbms's function, like query language, replication, etc. I get that those areas have improved significantly. via /r/Database
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9 weeks ago by rtluckie
Just discovered Thai Diner. What other awesome hole in the walls are waiting for me? : Lawrence
We’re moving to Lawrence in January. We were back visiting this past weekend and discovered Thai Diner, walking distance from the house we bought. Food is delicious and cheap, and its BYO with no corkage fee. When we got in I noticed a lot of people had wine so I started looking for a wine list and instead found a table tent that said “We don’t charge a corkage fee. Please tip generously.” This is a big win for us, we love thai food and I have a deep wine cellar.What other secret Lawrence gems am I in for? (Or not so secret, I don’t know that Thai Diner is a secret.) via /r/Lawrence
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10 weeks ago by rtluckie
Single command SSL Reverse Proxy w/ Autogenerated Certificates (LetsEncrypt, self-signed, provided) : golang
Hi everyone,I created a simple single command SSL reverse proxy in Go for fun: https://ift.tt/2QUERpW will autogenerate SSL certs for you if none are provided to it, either using LetsEncrypt (if you specify a domain) or by creating self-signed certificates. I find this useful for jupyter notebooks and other services that I want to slap SSL onto in a pinch--certainly easier than modifying the app directly (if I didn't write it) or dealing with nginx and apache configs.ssl-proxy -from -to -domain=mydomain.com​-Suyash via /r/golang
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october 2018 by rtluckie
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