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Four-piece blog post about running Kubernetes in production : devops
Hey guys, this is my first post here, we've been using Kubernetes for just over 8 months now in production, I wrote a blog post about the general architecture, tools we use and some lessons learned scaling up the cluster. All comments are appreciated!http://ift.tt/2EVtgke via /r/devops
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january 2018 by rtluckie
Detailed Flask Web Development Series : Python
Hey guys,I’ve been working on building a really detailed course around the Flask framework to get many beginners started with web development with Python.Course Page: http://ift.tt/2wRGZrh are the first few videos of the series, I’ve also have written tutorials with the videos as well:Overview & InstallationVideoBlog PostHello World & Flask Application StructureVideoBlog PostFlask Templates, Jinja2 Tutorial, Bootstrap Integration, and Custom Error PagesVideoBlog PostThe next few videos and guides will be coming out in the next few days/weeks, and I’ll be releasing new content on a regular basis.My goal is to create the best foundational web development course with the Flask framework to get as many people started with Flask as a stepping stone in web development with Python.If you guys enjoy the content, I will also be working on a detailed series like this with Django as well.Here are some of the following videos that will be coming up with the series:Web Forms with FlaskDatabase Integrations with FlaskThen I will be working on content that will actually have you build a complete blog application with users, blog posts, and all sorts of other really cool stuff.With the current content so far, I would love to hear some feedback as well.~ CW via /r/Python
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september 2017 by rtluckie
Is there a good video series or youtuber that covers theories and topics in CS? : compsci
I have my BS in CS and work as a backend developer so I don't really get exposed to implementing or working with a lot of what I learned in school, there are generally libraries and prebuilt solutions.Everything about algorithms, data structures, AI, data science, etc.. were all really interesting to learn about and I want to learn more while retaining what I already know.Is there a youtube channel or just a good video series that cover these topics that I could watch at home or during lunch?I know of the following so which are really interesting:http://ift.tt/2pw6PdB they tend to be more academic. Any other options out there?I was generally working with some linear programming solving libraries which peaked my interest. I guess that I am really interested in the more advanced topics in CS that the undergraduate program only would cover in electives. via /r/compsci
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may 2017 by rtluckie
Sysadmins, check your posture/position : sysadmin
I've lately begun to notice that my wrists and arms feel tired after a day in front of the computer. Though not serious, I know it could lead to problems down the road. Did a little bit of research and came across this gem describing the optimum arrangement of your chair, keyboard, and desk. I definitely was off the mark. After making some changes, I'm feeling a hell of a lot better. Just wanted to share with my fellow sysadmins. Being a sysadmin is challenging enough as it is. Don't make it harder on yourself by messing up your neck, wrists, or back. To many of you, this may be obvious info, but I'm sure a good bit of us need a reminder every now and then. via /r/sysadmin
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april 2017 by rtluckie
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