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Just discovered Thai Diner. What other awesome hole in the walls are waiting for me? : Lawrence
We’re moving to Lawrence in January. We were back visiting this past weekend and discovered Thai Diner, walking distance from the house we bought. Food is delicious and cheap, and its BYO with no corkage fee. When we got in I noticed a lot of people had wine so I started looking for a wine list and instead found a table tent that said “We don’t charge a corkage fee. Please tip generously.” This is a big win for us, we love thai food and I have a deep wine cellar.What other secret Lawrence gems am I in for? (Or not so secret, I don’t know that Thai Diner is a secret.) via /r/Lawrence
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11 weeks ago by rtluckie
A Tour of Lawrence : Lawrence
Video tour of Lawrence. I thought this was pretty funny. via /r/Lawrence
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july 2015 by rtluckie

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