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What are your favorite cheap but labor intensive dishes? : Cooking
Hi /r/cooking!Me and my wife are about to take a pretty big hit to our finances, so we are dropping our food budget substantially. (From a relatively lavish $20/day for the both of us, to closer to $10/day.) So lots of things that I cook are just not going to be economically feasible. It's hard to eat fish or beef for $2-3/meal.So, I'm trying to build up a repertoire of tasty and filling dishes. I'm a house husband, so I have pretty much all day to cook. I am looking for meals that are more reliant on the skill of the cook than the quality of expensive ingredients.Things like fresh bread, fresh pasta, and Chinese noodles and dumplings are the best examples I have been able to come up with so far. All of these take many hours of work to make, but I get 25# bags of flour for $5 at Costco so they are very cheap meals.What are your guys favorite cheap foods?Edit: fuck me for having different short and long term goals from most people, right? And my wife has food preferences?! How dare she! I appreciated all the helpful suggestions, but just as many dicks seem to have shown up in the thread. I'm done. via /r/Cooking
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