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Detailed Flask Web Development Series : Python
Hey guys,I’ve been working on building a really detailed course around the Flask framework to get many beginners started with web development with Python.Course Page: are the first few videos of the series, I’ve also have written tutorials with the videos as well:Overview & InstallationVideoBlog PostHello World & Flask Application StructureVideoBlog PostFlask Templates, Jinja2 Tutorial, Bootstrap Integration, and Custom Error PagesVideoBlog PostThe next few videos and guides will be coming out in the next few days/weeks, and I’ll be releasing new content on a regular basis.My goal is to create the best foundational web development course with the Flask framework to get as many people started with Flask as a stepping stone in web development with Python.If you guys enjoy the content, I will also be working on a detailed series like this with Django as well.Here are some of the following videos that will be coming up with the series:Web Forms with FlaskDatabase Integrations with FlaskThen I will be working on content that will actually have you build a complete blog application with users, blog posts, and all sorts of other really cool stuff.With the current content so far, I would love to hear some feedback as well.~ CW via /r/Python
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september 2017 by rtluckie
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