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Is there a good video series or youtuber that covers theories and topics in CS? : compsci
I have my BS in CS and work as a backend developer so I don't really get exposed to implementing or working with a lot of what I learned in school, there are generally libraries and prebuilt solutions.Everything about algorithms, data structures, AI, data science, etc.. were all really interesting to learn about and I want to learn more while retaining what I already know.Is there a youtube channel or just a good video series that cover these topics that I could watch at home or during lunch?I know of the following so which are really interesting: they tend to be more academic. Any other options out there?I was generally working with some linear programming solving libraries which peaked my interest. I guess that I am really interested in the more advanced topics in CS that the undergraduate program only would cover in electives. via /r/compsci
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