Jheronimus Bosch - the Garden of Earthly Delights
Wander through the painting
Zoom in on the Garden of Earthly Delights and discover the many stories hidden behind the images inside the painting. Click on the white text boxes to listen to and/or read the stories. Allow yourself to be guided by the sounds, the music – and the images of course! In this case we would strongly recommend you to wander around.

Experience The Garden of Earthly Delights in 15 steps.
Take the audiovisual tour of the Garden of Earthly Delights narrated by Redmond o’Hanlon. There is also a version for children available, with Nienke de La Rive Box as narrator (in Dutch).
art  history 
2 days ago
Stunning lifestyle imagery for modern creatives. FREE authentic unstock/non-stock images for your next commercial or personal project.
FREE download hi-res 300dpi photos. You can do whatever you want.
Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, no rights reserved, without copyright, it's public domain.
stock  photography  free  creativecommons  publicdomain  webdev 
13 days ago
CSS Reference - A free visual guide to CSS
cssreference.io is a free visual guide to CSS. It features the most popular properties, and explains them with illustrated and animated examples.
css  guide  webdev  howto 
14 days ago
Learn JavaScript | Code School
Spend some time with this powerful scripting language and learn to build lightweight applications with enhanced user interfaces.
javascript  tutorial  education  help 
23 days ago
The No More Ransom Project
IMPORTANT! Before downloading and starting the solution, read the how-to guide. Make sure you remove the malware from your system first, otherwise it will repeatedly lock your system or encrypt files. Any reliable antivirus solution can do this for you.
security  tools 
5 weeks ago
The Best VPN Service Provider with Fast, Secure VPN Access
It takes more than a private Internet browser to go incognito. We’ll make your real IP address disappear so that your online activity can’t be tracked.

Putting personal information at risk is the price you pay when using free Wi-Fi. Keep your data under lock and key with our encryption, and we’ll keep hackers, ISPs, and tech-savvy teens out of your connection.

Online censorship is practiced by universities, employers, and governments all over the place. Break free from your regional restrictions and explore the purest Internet possible.
vpn  security 
5 weeks ago
OpenEmu - Multiple Video Game System
OpenEmu is about to change the world of video game emulation. One console at a time...

For the first time, the 'It just works' philosophy now extends to open source video game emulation on the Mac. With OpenEmu, it is extremely easy to add, browse, organize and with a compatible gamepad, play those favorite games (ROMs) you already own.
mac  games  history  opensource 
5 weeks ago
Buy Modafinil Online – Australia, Canada, UK – Worldwide
Modafinil; which is marketed under several brand names such as Modvigil, ModAlert, and Waklert; is a pharmaceutical drug approved by the FDA to treat various sleep disorders. It generates stronger feelings of alertness and focus, while also keeping you awake. Modafinil has more recently become known as a "nootropic" or "smart drug" given its ability to enhance mental performance and increased concentration throughout the day. Students began using it for long study sessions and to take exams.

AKA modalert, provigil, & nuvigil
drugs  buy 
6 weeks ago
Logobook - Discover the worlds finest logos, symbols and trademarks
Logobook is a growing catalog of the finest logos, symbols & trademarks.
collection  icons  visualization  logos 
7 weeks ago
Have I been pwned? Check if your email has been compromised in a data breach
Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach
security  tools 
7 weeks ago
The H.P. Lovecraft Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia
Welcome to Lovecraft.wikia.com, your digital Necronomicon. This is the online compendium of information about the Cthulhu Mythos, the 1920s horror writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and the ongoing growth of the Mythos in literature and popular culture.
wiki  lovecraft  horror  cthulhu 
8 weeks ago
List of landmark court decisions in the United States - Wikipedia
The following is a partial list of landmark court decisions in the United States. Landmark decisions establish a significant new legal principle or concept or otherwise substantially change the interpretation of existing law. Such a decision may settle the law in more than one way:

* distinguishing a new principle that refines a prior principle, thus departing from prior practice without violating the rule of stare decisis;
* establishing a “test” or a measurable standard that can be applied by courts in future decisions.
law  scotus  history  freespeech 
10 weeks ago
Surveillance Self-Defense | Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications
Modern technology has given those in power new abilities to eavesdrop and collect data on innocent people. Surveillance Self-Defense is EFF's guide to defending yourself and your friends from surveillance by using secure technology and developing careful practices.
privacy  security  surveillance  howto  guide  encryption  tutorial 
10 weeks ago
FLOSS Manuals (en)
Free manuals and educational materials about free software
opensource  help  ebooks  education 
10 weeks ago
Basic Internet Security
The handbook aims to provide everyone an understanding about how they can protect themselves and the persons they communicate with. It also aims to provide insights into the limits of protective measures, so people can make an informed trade-off.
security  encryption  browser  privacy 
10 weeks ago
How to Bypass Internet Censorship
This manual, 'Bypassing Internet Censorship', provides an introduction to the topic and explains some of the software and methods most often used for circumventing censorship. There is some information on avoiding surveillance and other means of detection while bypassing censorship, however this is a large topic in itself so we have only addressed it where it coincides directly with issues of circumvention.
censorship  security  surveillance  privacy  tools 
10 weeks ago
H2O Classroom Tools
H2O is a free platform for creating, sharing and adapting open course materials for law school.
education  creativecommons  law  research  scotus 
11 weeks ago
Design Patterns on CodePen
Ideas, inspiration and examples for your own projects.
css  design  patterns  html5  webdev 
11 weeks ago
List of Latin phrases (full) - Wikipedia
This page lists direct English translations of common Latin phrases. Some of the phrases are themselves translations of Greek phrases, as Greek rhetoric and literature reached its peak centuries before that of ancient Rome.
language  list  wikipedia  history 
12 weeks ago
Resistance Manual
Action begins with information.

There are more of us who believe in equity and justice than those who support Donald Trump's ideology of fear and hate.

Together, we can harness the collective power of the people to resist the impact of a Trump presidency and to continue to make progress in our communities.

Get educated. Get organized. Take action.
politics  trump 
12 weeks ago
Mobilefish.com - The web, animation and midlets developers resource.
You have stumbled upon a website where its primary goal is to provide you with QUICK practical answers about website, animation and midlets development.
tools  webdev  network 
12 weeks ago
Chartopedia | AnyChart
Chartopedia is an information resource that allows you to discover as many details about any type of chart supported in our JavaScript (HTML5) charting libraries as you need to make good use of it at easy and with full understanding. Now, to get started with Chartopedia, click on a chart category that you would like to explore, or use the search box to find the type of graph you need for your current data visualization task.
chart  collection  howto  webdev  visualization 
12 weeks ago
"Can I use" usage table
Browser usage table, based on data from StatCounter GlobalStats
browser  statistics  webdev  support 
january 2017
Compare responsive frameworks. Find responsive design snippets, patterns and examples.
Codeply makes responsive Web design & frontend development easier by enabling you to leverage the responsive framework of your choice. Codeply is a web-based HTML/CSS/JavaScript editor that's integrated with top frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize, UIkit and Skeleton. Instead of trawling through docs, or searching for code examples, you now pick layouts, snippets and elements right from the editor. This unique feature makes it possible to quickly learn, prototype and build responsively using the framework of your choice.
bootstrap  css  html  javascript  tools  webdev  editing 
january 2017
Bootstrap Editor and Playground for JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 and jQuery.
Bootply lets you fiddle with Bootstrap. Edit Bootstrap-friendly CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Rapidly design & build interfaces using the drag-and-drop visual editor for Bootstrap.

Leverage our code repository. Grab Bootstrap snippets, examples and templates.
bootstrap  css  html  javascript  webdev 
january 2017
A clean, whitespace-sensitive template language for writing HTML
html  preprocessor  webdev  javascript 
january 2017
jlantunez/webslides: Making HTML presentations easy —
Finally, everything you need to make HTML presentations in a beautiful way. Just the essentials. You can create your own presentation instantly. Simply choose a demo and customize it in minutes — https://webslides.tv/demos
html  presentation  slideshow 
january 2017
Terminology | Typophile
Nice definitions & examples of typography terms.
typography  definitions  webdev 
january 2017
Verified Torrent Downloads - LimeTorrents.cc
Limetorrents.cc regained a spot in the top ten this year. The site’s operator also launched the torrent cache iTorrents a few months ago, which is used by several other torrent search engines.
bittorrent  search 
january 2017
Torrent Downloads - download free torrents!
TorrentDownloads has been around for several years. Like many other sites it is actively blocked by ISPs in several countries. The site offers a no-nonsense index that provides torrents to millions of users each month.
bittorrent  search 
january 2017
EZTV - TV Torrents Online Series Download | Official
The original TV-torrent distribution group EZTV shut down after a hostile takeover in 2015, with new owners claiming ownership of the brand. The new group currently operates from EZTV.ag and releases its own torrents. These releases are banned on some other torrent sites due to this controversial history.
bittorrent  search 
january 2017
TorrentProject - Torrent Search Engine
TorrentProject is a familiar name in the torrent scene but appears in the top ten for the first time. The site uses DHT to find content and currently has more than 10 million torrents in its database.
bittorrent  search 
january 2017
Torrent Search Engine | 1337x.to
1337x had some issues a year ago, when several of the admins and moderators protested over security concerns. However, much progress has been made since. The site improved, kept growing in traffic, and recently rolled out a new design as well.
bittorrent  search 
january 2017
Torrentz2 is a stand-in for the original Torrentz.eu site, which voluntarily closed its doors last summer. The meta-search engine is open about the fact that it’s not related to the “real” Torrentz and positions itself as a new and improved version, searching over 60 other torrent sites.
bittorrent  search 
january 2017
RARBG Torrents , filmi , download
RARBG, which started out as a Bulgarian tracker, has gained the hearts and minds of many video pirates. Movies and TV-shows with a RARBG tag are a common sight on other torrent indexes as well. The site was founded in 2008 but only made its first appearance in the top ten in 2015.
bittorrent  search 
january 2017
ExtraTorrent.cc The World's Largest BitTorrent System
ExtraTorrent has steadily grown its userbase over the past several years and this trend continues. According to the site’s founder, ET’s active community is one of the main reason for this success. The site is also the home of the popular ETTV and ETRG release groups.
bittorrent  search 
january 2017
gnome-sushi - Linux Mint Community
QuickLook for Linux

Sushi is a gtkclutter and javascript-based quick previewer for nautilus, the gnome desktop file manager. sushi is a dbus-activated service. it is capable of previewing documents, pdfs, sound and video files (using gstreamer), some text files, and possibly others in the future.
macosx  linux  utilities 
january 2017
Originally created and developed for a long time by Chris Jones, the goal of this project is to produce a useful tool for arranging terminals. It is inspired by programs such as gnome-multi-term, quadkonsole, etc. in that the main focus is arranging terminals in grids (tabs is the most common default method, which Terminator also supports).

Much of the behaviour of Terminator is based on GNOME Terminal, and we are adding more features from that as time goes by, but we also want to extend out in different directions with useful features for sysadmins and other users. If you have any suggestions, please file wishlist bugs! (see below for the address)
commandline  linux  software  ssh  terminal 
january 2017
Leishmaniasis - Wikipedia
Leishmaniasis, also spelled leishmaniosis, is a disease caused by protozoan parasites of the genus Leishmania and spread by the bite of certain types of sandflies. The disease can present in three main ways: cutaneous, mucocutaneous, or visceral leishmaniasis. The cutaneous form presents with skin ulcers, while the mucocutaneous form presents with ulcers of the skin, mouth, and nose, and the visceral form starts with skin ulcers and then later presents with fever, low red blood cells, and enlarged spleen and liver.
gross  medical 
january 2017
A mighty, modern CSS linter that helps you enforce consistent conventions and avoid errors in your stylesheets.
code  css  linter  webdev 
january 2017
List of available rules - ESLint - Pluggable JavaScript linter
ESLint is the pluggable linting utility for JavaScript.

Rules in ESLint are grouped by category to help you understand their purpose.
documentation  javascript  linter  webdev 
january 2017
Introduction | Jekyll theme for documentation
This site provides documentation, training, and other notes for the Jekyll Documentation theme. There’s a lot of information about how to do a variety of things here, and it’s not all unique to this theme. But by and large, understanding how to do things in Jekyll depends on how your theme is coded. As a result, these additional details are provided.

The instructions here are geared towards technical writers working on documentation. You may have a team of one or more technical writers working on documentation for multiple projects. You can use this same theme to author all of your documentation for each of your products. The theme is built to accommodate documentation for multiple products on the same site.
jekyll  documentation  staticsitegenerator  generator 
january 2017
MkDocs is a fast, simple and downright gorgeous static site generator that's geared towards building project documentation. Documentation source files are written in Markdown, and configured with a single YAML configuration file.
markdown  python  staticsitegenerator  webdev  generator 
january 2017
The Obama White House - Social Media Archive | ArchiveSocial
President Obama and his White House have used social media to engage with people around the country and the world. This open archive provides public access to social media content created during the Obama White House years. It contains over 250,000 posts, photos, and videos shared by more than 100 official Obama White House social media profiles. The content in this archive is being made available in the interest of historical preservation and transparency.
archive  obama  socialmedia  history  politics 
january 2017
Trump Archive : Free Movies : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
This dump of video mostly contains appearances by the president-elect on news networks throughout his presidential campaign alongside relevant video of other politicians speaking about Trump's campaign. The archive mostly consists of footage from cable news networks and American network television news programs.

While much of that video archive's content had already been uploaded to archive.org in the past, the Trump Archive stands out with a particular call to action by Managing Editor Nancy Watzman: "Reporters, researchers, Wikipedians, and the general public are invited to quote, compare, and contrast televised statements made by Trump," she writes in the collection's introduction.
politics  archive  election2016  trump 
january 2017
Collections Online | George Eastman Museum
Explore the George Eastman Museum's collections online. More than a quarter of a million objects from the photography, technology, and George Eastman Legacy collections are now searchable, and more of the museum's vast holdings will be added on an ongoing basis.

Eastman’s legacy lives on in another important capacity as well: since the 40s, his Rochester, NY mansion housed one of the largest, the oldest, and perhaps the most impressive collections of photography in the world, the Eastman Museum. “In 1989,” the museum tells us, it “completed construction of a 73,000-square-foot building (more than 70 percent of which is below ground level) that included climate-controlled collection vaults, exhibition galleries, libraries, offices, and photographic conservation and film preservations labs.” And now, over a quarter of a million of the Eastman Museum’s holdings are available online in searchable galleries of “thousands of photographs that date back to the medium’s earliest years,” notes Claire Voon at Hyperallergic, “as well as “objects from its massive library of artifacts that together chronicle the history of image-making.”
collection  photography  images  stock 
january 2017
Green’s Dictionary of Slang
Five hundred years of the vulgar tongue

Quite simply the best historical dictionary of English slang there is, ever has been […] or is ever likely to be
dictionary  language  history 
january 2017
Modern Business - Full Website Template for Bootstrap 3 - Start Bootstrap
Modern Business is a fully loaded Bootstrap 3 website starter template. It includes 17 HTML pages along with a working PHP contact form. You can use this template to create larger, multipurpose websites using Bootstrap 3.
bootstrap  webdev  templates 
january 2017
The Web, Worldwide
The web isn't experienced the same way everywhere. Select a country to learn more.
data  internet  web  globalism  politics  intro 
december 2016
Skyliner < The launch platform for your best work
Launch on AWS in minutes with a fully-assembled infrastructure, and deploy changes with ease and confidence.
aws  tools  webdev 
december 2016
Initializr - Start an HTML5 Boilerplate project in 15 seconds!
Initializr is here to kick-start the development of your new projects. It generates templates based on HTML5 Boilerplate by allowing you to choose which parts you want or don't want from it. A responsive template has also been added to start from a basic design instead of a blank page.
generator  html5  tools 
december 2016
Find the right power adapter and cord for your Mac notebook - Apple Support
Find the right power adapter and cord for your Mac notebook
Learn which power adapter, cord, and plug comes with your Mac notebook computer.
apple  guide  hardware  energy 
december 2016
EQCSS • Element Query CSS | Scoped CSS, Meta-Selectors, Element Queries
A CSS Extension for Element Queries & More

Element queries are a new way of thinking about responsive web design where the responsive conditions apply to elements on the page instead of the width or height of the browser.

Unlike CSS @media queries, @element Queries are aware of more than just the width and height of the browser, you can write responsive conditions for a number of different situations like how many characters of text or child elements an element contains.

Another concept that element queries brings to CSS is the idea of ‘scoping’ your styles to one element in the same way that JavaScript functions define a new scope for the variables they contain.
css  javascript  plugin  responsive 
december 2016
Greatest Films - By Year
These are the greatest or best films of each year, sometimes called the 'essential' films, the 'must-see' films 'before you die', the all-time best films, the 'A-list' films, or the top films, including a strong mix of foreign-language films - although not all award-winning or notable films could be listed or described. There is also a sampling of some independent and cult films.
movies  list  best 
december 2016
NepTunes - the best iTunes and Spotify controller for Mac
Simple to use, yet powerful iTunes and Spotify controller with Last.fm scrobbler that is light, super reliable and fully works with Spotify and Apple Music and can help you with discovering new music. Only $4.99.
apps  mac  music  software 
december 2016
NCI Visuals Online
NCI Visuals Online contains images from the collections of the Office of Communications and Public Liaison, National Cancer Institute. For more information about Visuals Online, including reuse and contact information, see About Visuals Online.
images  free  publicdomain  science  stock  photography  history 
december 2016
Reading Like A Historian | Stanford History Education Group
The Reading Like a Historian curriculum engages students in historical inquiry. Each lesson revolves around a central historical question and features sets of primary documents designed for groups of students with diverse reading skills and abilities.
This curriculum teaches students how to investigate historical questions by employing reading strategies such as sourcing, contextualizing, corroborating, and close reading. Instead of memorizing historical facts, students evaluate the trustworthiness of multiple perspectives on historical issues. They learn to make historical claims backed by documentary evidence.
education  history  teaching 
december 2016
Beyond the Bubble
Beyond the Bubble unlocks the vast digital archive of the Library of Congress to create a new generation of history assessments. Developed by the Stanford History Education Group (http://sheg.stanford.edu), Beyond the Bubble is the cornerstone of SHEG’s membership in the Library of Congress’s Teaching with Primary Sources Educational Consortium. We “go beyond the bubble” by offering easy-to-use assessments that capture students’ knowledge in action – rather than their recall of discrete facts. Explore our more than 65 History Assessments of Thinking.

Innovative assessments that gauge historical thinking in easy-to-use, classroom-friendly ways.

Clear rubrics that allow you to classify student responses using a simple 3-point scale.

Annotated examples of student work that help you interpret students' historical thinking and push them further.
history  teaching  education  library 
december 2016
U.S. History Lessons | Stanford History Education Group
The United States Reading Like a Historian curriculum includes 71 stand-alone lessons organized within 11 units. These lessons span colonial to Cold War America and cover a range of political, social, economic, and cultural topics. Each lesson includes a 1-2 day plan that outlines the lesson’s activities and sets of adapted and modified documents along with guiding questions and graphic organizers to support student analysis, use of evidence, and development of historical claims. When appropriate, lessons also include original copies of documents. We encourage teachers to further adapt these lessons and materials for their particular classrooms.
history  education  teaching  civilwar  politics  economics 
december 2016
B.S. 💩 Detector
B.S. Detector is a rejoinder to Mark Zuckerberg’s dubious claims that Facebook is unable to substantively address the proliferation of fake news on its platform. A browser extension for both Chrome and Mozilla-based browsers, B.S. Detector searches all links on a given webpage for references to unreliable sources, checking against a manually compiled list of domains. It then provides visual warnings about the presence of questionable links or the browsing of questionable websites:
browser  plugin  news 
december 2016
States and Election Reform: NCSL's The Canvass: All Issues and Index
Welcome to The Canvass: States and Election Reform®—a newsletter by NCSL for legislatures. With support provided by the Pew Charitable Trusts, The Canvass is designed to synthesize data, legislative practices, and insight from the 50 states and U.S. territories into an executive summary for legislators and key staff. 

We hope The Canvass will give you an edge in perspective as you work to improve your state's elections, and we welcome your feedback. Feel free to call or email us with any questions or comments.   
november 2016
The Node Beginner Book » A comprehensive Node.js tutorial
The aim of this document is to get you started with developing applications with Node.js, teaching you everything you need to know about "advanced" JavaScript along the way. It goes way beyond your typical "Hello World" tutorial.
javascript  nodejs  tutorial 
november 2016
Election Issues | Campaign Reform and Initiatives | Campaign News
National Conference of State Legislatures tracks election and campaign issues in four major categories: campaign finance, election laws, technology and procedures, election results and analysis, and initiative and referendum. We provide comprehensive 50-state research and analysis on a wide variety of topics related to these issues.
november 2016
iSubtitle | Bitfield AB
iSubtitle - Soft subtitled movies for your Apple gear

Inject subtitle tracks, chapter markers and metadata into your movies and TV-shows. The perfect companion app for your iTunes library and all your Apple devices, like the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and Mac. iSubtitle takes full advantage of Apple's soft subtitle technology. The subtitle tracks are resolution independent and rendered in real-time as you watch the movie. The export and metadata tagging is fully automated so you don't need to tweak a lot of parameters to get your movie into iTunes with beautiful tagging and artwork. Requires macOS 10.10 or better.
mac  software  video  metadata 
november 2016
RoadMovie | Bitfield AB
RoadMovie 2 brings you "video-encoding-super-powers" in a friendly and easy to use interface. Now you can finally create professionally encoded videos without using several apps for each task. All you need comes in this one app. Easy to use, yet super-powerful. Enjoy!
mac  software  video  metadata  conversion 
november 2016
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