URL-encoder for SVG
We can use SVG in CSS via data URI, but without encoding it works only in Webkit based browsers. If encode SVG using encodeURIComponent() it will work everywhere.

SVG must have attribute xmlns like this: xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg'. If it doesn't exist, it will be added automagically.

Encoded SVG can be used in background and border-image.
svg  tool  webdev  conversion  css 
Create graphics with a hand-drawn, sketchy, appearance
javascript  svg  library  programming  webdev 
3 days ago
Regex Dictionary by Lou Hevly
The Regex Dictionary is a searchable online dictionary, based on The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th edition, that returns matches based on strings —defined here as a series of characters and metacharacters— rather than on whole words, while optionally grouping results by their part of speech. For example, a search for "cat" will return any words that include the string "cat", optionally grouped according to gramatical category:

- Adjectives: catastrophic, delicate, eye-catching, etc.
- Adverbs: marcato, staccato, etc.
- Nouns: scat, category, vacation, etc.
- Verbs: cater, complicate, etc.

In other words, the Regex Dictionary searches for words based on how they are spelled; it can find:

- adjectives ending in ly (197; ex.: homely)
- words ending in the suffix ship (89)
- Adjectives (1, midship)
- Nouns (80; ex.: membership)
- Suffixes (1, -ship)
- Verbs (6; ex.: worship)
- words, not counting proper nouns, that have six consecutive consonants, including y (79; ex.: strychnine)
- words, not counting proper nouns, that have six consecutive consonants, not counting y (2; ex.: latchstring)
- words of 12 or more letters that consist entirely of alternate consonants and vowels (45; ex.: legitimatize)
regex  language  dictionary  reference 
6 days ago
Submarine Cable Map
The Submarine Cable Map is a free and regularly updated resource from TeleGeography.
cables  internet  map  visualization 
6 days ago
Memberful — Sell memberships to your audience.
Memberful makes it easy to sell memberships to your audience. Whether you’re writing a paid email newsletter, producing a podcast, or selling an online course, it’s simple to design your plan, add a purchase link to your site, and have your customers sign up!
api  webdev  websanity 
10 days ago
The Ultimate Gaming on a Mac guide: Can my Mac run it? | Mac Gamer HQ
So you have a Mac, and in spite of hearing that Macs aren’t great for gaming, you still want to know what games your Mac can run.

You’re in for a surprise: Gaming on a Mac offers exceptional games that can be enjoyed even on older MacBooks. And while most Mac gaming guides give you system requirements and hardware specs, we focus on the real question you’re asking yourself:

Can I run it, Mac?

We went ahead and spent hours testing some of the best Mac games on several Mac models, ranging from powerful iMacs to older MacBook Pros:
reviews  mac  database  games 
14 days ago
The Bash Guide
This guide is an introduction to basic and advanced concepts of the bash shell.

It teaches both newcomers and long-time users the best, safest and most robust ways of writing powerful bash scripts as well as making efficient and speedy interactive use of the shell.
bash  programming  shell  scripting  guide  help 
17 days ago
The Bash Hackers Wiki [Bash Hackers Wiki]
This wiki is intended to hold documentation of any kind about GNU Bash. The main motivation was to provide human-readable documentation and information so users aren't forced to read every bit of the Bash manpage - which can be difficult to understand. However, the docs here are not meant as a newbie tutorial.
bash  linux  programming  reference  shell  scripting  guide 
17 days ago
Data Breaches - Identity Theft Resource Center
The Identity Theft Resource Center has been tracking security breaches since 2005, looking for patterns, new trends and any information that may better help us to educate consumers and businesses on the need for understanding the value of protecting personal identifying information.
security  identity 
17 days ago
Doug Gilford's Mad Cover Site - Regular Issue Cover Index
Look at every regular issue cover
from the comic book days of 1952 to the present day!
collection  art  history  humor 
18 days ago
git - the simple guide - no deep shit!
just a simple guide for getting started with git. no deep shit ;)
webdev  git 
23 days ago
Free vector icons - SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS & Icon Font - Thousands of free icons
973,000 vector icons grouped in 19,299 packs

The largest database of free icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats.
design  icons  svg  free 
24 days ago
TAPES — The Mckenzie Tapes
The McKenzie Tapes is a collection of live audio recordings from some of New York City-area most prominent music venues of the 1980s and 1990s.

The collection itself was recorded by David McKenzie, a Kearny, NJ-native and former Maxwell's employee (that's him pictured above!). It spans mostly from 1985 to 1993, and includes shows played not only at Maxwell's, but also The Ritz, Irving Plaza, City Gardens, and more.
1980s  music  1990s  free  streaming 
24 days ago
Margolies, John, Available Online | Library of Congress
For more than 30 years beginning in the 1960s, photographer John Margolies criss-crossed the USA documenting the roadside architecture of a pre-corporate America, taking photos of diners, weird sculptures, mini golf courses, and signs that don’t exist anymore in great numbers.
1970s  stock  history  1960s  photography  americana  publicdomain 
26 days ago
Itty bitty sites are contained entirely within their own link. (Including this one!) This means they're...

💼Portable - you don't need a server to host them
👁Private - nothing is sent to–or stored on–this server
🎁Easy to share as a link or QR code

Itty bitty sites can hold about as much as a printed page, and there is a lot you can do with that:

✒️Compose poetry
🛠Create an app
🐦Bypass a 140 280 char limit
🎨Express yourself in ascii
webdev  html  javascript  generator 
6 weeks ago
Atlas Obscura - Curious and Wondrous Travel Destinations
We are a global community of explorers, who have together created a comprehensive database of the world’s most wondrous places and foods —14,710 of them contributed by our community so far, and more every day, from a secret apartment atop the Eiffel Tower to bridges built out of living roots, from a temple shaped like a chicken to an island ruled by cats, from a fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding to a spicy chutney made out of red ants.
6 weeks ago
AppTalk - Let iOS apps talk
A user contributable directory of iOS apps with x-callback-urls.
automation  directory  ios  list 
7 weeks ago
Cross browser testing - Learn web development | MDN
This module focuses on testing web projects across different browsers. We look at identifying your target audience (e.g. what users, browsers, and devices do you most need to worry about?), how to go about doing testing, the main issues that you'll face with different types of code and how to mitigate them, what tools are most useful in helping you test and fix problems, and how to use automation to speed up testing.
webdev  browser  test 
7 weeks ago
OpenIP.Cam - Open IPC Platform
Open Platform IP Camera Firmware

Update your Xiaomi or Wyze IP Camera with our Open IPC firmware and connect via RTSP to your existing surveillance setup! Our open IPC firmware brings RTSP and custom development to your proprietary IP camera.
camera  free  opensource 
7 weeks ago
An animated avatar that responds to text field interactions
cute  design  opensource  ui  webdev  animation  interface 
9 weeks ago
Fathom does just that. It tracks users on a website (without collecting personal data) and give you a non-nerdy breakdown of your top content and top referrers. It does so with user-centric rights and privacy, and without selling, sharing or giving away the data you collect. It's a simple and easy to use for website owners at any technical level.
opensource  websanity  free  webdev  analysis 
9 weeks ago
A beautifully illustrated glossary of typographic terms you should know – Learn
The world of typography often seems like it has its very own language, full of serifs, strokes, and swashes.

Sorting out all those terms can be confusing in itself, so we’ve compiled a visual glossary that will guide you through the lingo — whether you’re an aspiring typeface designer or just a general typography enthusiast.
typography  guide  examples  webdev 
9 weeks ago
Search Engine for Source Code - PublicWWW.com
Find any alphanumeric snippet, signature or keyword in the web pages HTML, JS and CSS code.
code  search  source  searchengine  webdev  programming 
9 weeks ago
Improv Encyclopedia Glossary
Glossary of improv terms. Below you'll find tons of Improv-speak items along with their explanation.
dictionary  list  comedy 
10 weeks ago
Password Rules Validation Tool - Apple Developer
Passwords generated by Password AutoFill are random, strong, and designed to be compatible with most services. You can use this tool to ensure that generated passwords are compatible with your app and website, and create custom rules if necessary.
security  passwords  apple  webdev  generator 
10 weeks ago
GitHub - IBM/css-gridish at webdesignernews.com
Automatically build your grid design’s CSS Grid code, CSS Flexbox fallback code, Sketch artboards, and Chrome extension. https://ibm.github.io/css-gridish/
css  grid  tools  webdev 
12 weeks ago
Home - AirBeamTV
AirBeamTV makes screen mirroring from iPhone, iPad and Mac to Smart TV’s easy and fast. Without the need for additional hardware (like an AppleTV), you can mirror directly to your Smart TV.
tv  airplay  video  mac  ios  software 
12 weeks ago
Help Crafter for Mac
You’ve spent a lot of time and money designing and developing your Mac app, and you want to add help for the final finishing touch. Or you’re just starting, and want to write help as you go. But let’s face it – adding help to your Mac apps isn’t the the most fun thing in the world. Creating a help bundle manually is frustratingly error prone, and it’s difficult to make changes to your content without a great Help Authoring Tool. That’s where Help Crafter steps in.
mac-os-x  software  macappstore  tools  help 
may 2018
We are a collaborative Wikia dedicated to documenting Vintage Sewing Patterns (25 years old or older) that anyone can edit! Browse vintage dress patterns and completed vintage sewing projects, explore amusing illustrations and ogle classic movie stars. Search patterns available from our vintage pattern vendors or add your name to a wishlist.
collection  library  clothes  patterns 
may 2018
A painless self-hosted Git service.
hosting  git  linux  free  opensource 
may 2018
Verifying a file's cryptographic signature can deduce its origin or trustability. Unfortunately on macs there's no simple way to view a file's signature via the UI.

WhatsYourSign adds a menu item to Finder.app. Simply right-, or control-click on any file to display its cryptographic signing information!
macosx  software  free  cryptography 
may 2018
Want to learn JavaScript? Here’s a free 24-part course to get you started.
JavaScript is the most popular programming language on the web. You can use it to create websites, servers, games and even native apps. So no wonder it’s such a valuable skill in today’s job market.

So I reached out to Dylan C. Israel — a programming YouTuber and freeCodeCamp grad — and asked him to create a free JavaScript course on Scrimba.

The course contains 15 lectures and 7 interactive challenges, and is suitable for beginners. It will give you a quick intro to the most important JavaScript concepts.
javascript  education  learn  webdev  programming 
may 2018
Icon Font & SVG Icon Sets ❍ IcoMoon
IcoMoon is an icon solution, providing three main services: Vector Icon Packs, The IcoMoon App, and hosting icons as SVGs or fonts. Read further to learn about each service in detail.

IcoMoon provides many free icon packs. You can find them in the library tab of the IcoMoon app. Each of them have a license link that you can refer to. Aside from these free icon packs, IcoMoon also provides 3 high quality premium icon packs which can only be purchased separately.
fonts  icons  webdev  free 
may 2018
DNS Performance - Compare the speed and uptime of enterprise and commercial DNS services | DNSPerf
DNS Performance Analytics and Comparison
More than 40 Million tests per day from all around the world
best  internet  network  dns  webdev  test 
april 2018
SVG Optimizer is a Nodejs-based tool for optimizing SVG vector graphics files.


SVG files, especially those exported from various editors, usually contain a lot of redundant and useless information. This can include editor metadata, comments, hidden elements, default or non-optimal values and other stuff that can be safely removed or converted without affecting the SVG rendering result.
svg  tools  web-based  images  webdev 
april 2018
primephonic | Classical Music Streaming and Downloads in High Definition
Finally, a platform that is built for classical

Stream over 100,000 tracks in CD quality. Also buy.

Spotify competitor
streaming  music  classical 
april 2018
Web  |  Google Developers
Tutorials, guides, and best practices for building the next generation of web experiences.
google  reference  webdev 
april 2018
Freeware Tools and System Utilities for Windows
Password Recovery Utilities
Network Monitoring Tools
Web Browser Tools
Video/Audio Related Utilities
Internet Related Utilities
Desktop Utilities
Outlook/Office Utilities
Programmer Tools
Disk Utilities
System Utilities
Other Utilities
network  utilities  security  windows  webdev  office 
april 2018
Data Breaches | Data Breaches
Information management is critically important to all of us — as employees and consumers. For that reason, the Identity Theft Resource Center has been tracking security breaches since 2005, looking for patterns, new trends and any information that may better help us to educate consumers and businesses on the need for understanding the value of protecting personal identifying information. 
security  history  identity 
april 2018
DataBreaches.net: The Office of Inadequate Security
I hope that exposing the scope and seriousness of breaches — large and small — will help inform policymaking and decisions about allocating resources to data security.
news  security 
april 2018
Project from Hell – Project Failures
A few years ago, I was hired to work as a consultant on a software project for a large French tech company. What I have witnessed there is beyond everything I could possibly have imagined in terms of software engineering. Far more serious than just a lack of professional competence was the utmost contempt for human dignity which at some point made me compare the whole experience to (what I imagine can be) jail. What I relate here is a selected list of topics that should illustrate my point, but check out by yourself.
business  programming  hell  webdev 
april 2018
Fossil: Home
Fossil is a simple, high-reliability, distributed software configuration management system.

Competitor to git.
git  webdev  code 
april 2018
Progress Nav
Really cool navigation labeling.

This page demonstrates an idea for how progress can be visualized inside of a standard page nav. Scroll the page and note how the marker animates to highlight all of the sections that are currently on screen.
webdev  visualization  css 
april 2018
siftrss | Filter your RSS feeds and throw away the junk
Enter the URL of an RSS or Atom feed below, select your filters, and you'll get a link for a new feed. Subscribe to see only what you want to see!
april 2018
ShadyURL - Don't just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening.
Don't just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening.
april 2018
How Much Is It? | HowMuchIsIt.org
Founded in late 2010, HowMuchIsIt was designed to help the ordinary consumer find out what the costs of things are in life. When we built this website, we realized that there wasn’t a go-to source when it came to knowing the costs of things. While there are answers scattered across the Internet, we felt that it was necessary to add it all into one place that was accurate and straight to the point. As of 2014, we’re proud to boast more than 4,000 cost helping guides that are unique, interesting and informative.

Our content is researched through multiple editors to ensure its accuracy, along with links to any source that we have used in the process. To date, our content has been sourced by Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Cracked.com, Bank of America and hundreds of reputable news sources.
home  buy  ecommerce 
april 2018
Meet Guru99 - Free Training Tutorials & Video for IT Courses
Guru99 is totally new kind of learning experience.

Here you learn by practice. We make tons of efforts to take boredom out of learning and make education a fun experience.

JavaScript, Python, Linux, JavaScript, Apache, PHP, Angular, Node.js, Web Services, SAP, MongoDB, AWS

Inside, you will find tons of video tutorials
guide  tutorial  learn  course 
april 2018
Free Ethical Hacking Tutorials: Course for Beginners
An Ethical Hacker exposes vulnerabilities in software to help business owners fix those security holes before a malicious hacker discovers them. In this course, you learn all about Ethical hacking with loads of live hacking examples to make the subject matter clear.
course  learn  security 
april 2018
Cafe DVD -- online dvd rental - movie rentals by mail
Our passion is in discovering great films on DVD and delivering them to our members with unparalled customer care. We believe that DVD and Blu-Ray provide the best film viewing experience, with its superior picture and audio quality along with bonus features. In addition, many great films are only available on DVDs, and not on cable or VOD. Enjoy browsing tens of thousands of hidden gems at Cafedvd. If you are a film lover, you will be glad that you discovered CafeDVD.

Netflix competitor
video  dvd  rent 
april 2018
Facets Multimedia - Your Source for World Cinema
Facets Multi-Media founded in 1975, is a non-profit, 501(C)3 organization, and a leading national media arts organization. Its mission is to preserve, present, distribute, and educate about film. Besides its facilities at 1517 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago, Illinois, Facets Multi-Media also runs Facets Video, one of the largest distributors of foreign film in the United States. Facets has been described as a “temple of great cinema” by film critic Roger Ebert and "a giant in the rarefied world of art-house films and cultural education."

Netflix competitor
dvd  video  rent 
april 2018
Page Flows - user flow patterns for product people
Make better products by learning from the best

Annotated user flow videos and screenshots to inspire you when you're stuck
march 2018
Dr. ColorChip Automotive Paint Chip Repair Kit - Dr. ColorChip: Automotive Paint Chip Repair Systems
Dr. ColorChip's proprietary three-step paint chip repair process is the easiest and most effective way to touch-up minor automotive paint chips and road rash. Effective paint chip repair keeps your car looking like new and protects it from rust and other long-term damage. Easier to use than traditional touch-up paint or paint pens. You'll get professional results and a guaranteed exact OEM match to your car's finish.
march 2018
Sticker Mule: Custom stickers that kick ass
Sticker Mule is the fastest and easiest way to buy custom stickers. We offer free online proofs, free worldwide shipping and 4 day turnaround. With print runs starting at $49, we aim to be the Internet's favorite sticker printing service.
march 2018
Where is Sci-Hub now?
Gives the current URL for Sci-Hub
march 2018
Sci-Bay - More than Google Scholar and Sci-Hub.
A definitely useful research tool
MORE THAN a combination of Google Scholar AND Sci-Hub!

Google it. Download it. All in one site.
march 2018
Take control of your research photos with Tropy, a tool that shortens the path from finding archival sources to writing about them. Spend more time using your research photos, and less time searching for them.
march 2018
Wikivoyage – The FREE worldwide travel guide that anyone can edit
the FREE worldwide travel guide that anyone can edit.

28,232 articles in English

North America
South America
Got a specific question? Ask it at the tourist office
travel  guide  wiki 
march 2018
Write research documents online, together. - Authorea
Authorea is alive and kicking, it’s backed by Harvard University, and it’s especially useful for larger projects: you can collaborate on articles or book manuscripts simultaneously, one section per person. Behind the scenes, Authorea creates one text file for each section. Since there’s no one big document file, you can restructure the document easily. It will only change the order of file references in a table-of-contents file. This is similar to Marked, mmd_merge, and the book format of Leanpub. It’ll cost you some money to create private projects, though. Authorea is designed for Open Science where you’re encouraged to let other people see and fork your articlesIt’s like GitHub for scientific articles – it even supports LaTeX!
collaboration  writing  free  opensource  markdown  research  git 
march 2018
Run Hypercard on Modern Mac OS via Web Browser
Though Hypercard was never brought along to the modern era in Mac OS X or iOS (sigh, maybe some day), if you’re feeling nostalgic for geeking out in HyperTalk one more time, you can easily run the entire Hypercard application and enjoy a bunch of retro HyperCard stacks on your modern Mac right now thanks to the great in-browser emulator on archive.org.
webbased  browser  software  apple  multimedia  history 
march 2018
berzerk0/Probable-Wordlists: Version 2 is live! Wordlists sorted by probability originally created for password generation and testing - make sure your passwords aren't popular!
Version 2 is live! Wordlists sorted by probability originally created for password generation and testing - make sure your passwords aren't popular!
security  passwords  test  generator 
march 2018
A Guide to the Best Website Builders - Site Builder Report
My full-time job is covering the world of website builders and this is my definitive guide to choosing the best one. My work is supported by affiliate commissions.
webdev  generator  reviews 
march 2018
IPFS is the Distributed Web
IPFS is the Distributed Web

A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web faster, safer, and more open.

HTTP is inefficient and expensive. IPFS makes it possible to distribute high volumes of data with high efficiency. And zero duplication means savings in storage.

Humanity's history is deleted daily. IPFS provides historic versioning (like git) and makes it simple to set up resilient networks for mirroring of data.

The web's centralization limits opportunity. IPFS remains true to the original vision of the open and flat web, but delivers the technology which makes that vision a reality.

Our apps are addicted to the backbone. IPFS powers the creation of diversely resilient networks which enable persistent availability with or without Internet backbone connectivity.
storage  sharing  webdev  hosting  blockchain  filesystem 
march 2018
Lonely Page – One page is all you need
Create and design your landing, event, business or profile page with the simplest, most flexible one-page builder you've ever used.
marketing  webdev  generator 
march 2018
Deskthority wiki
The Deskthority wiki is dedicated to mechanical keyboards, mice and other human interface devices. The main focus is everything regarding quality (mechanical) keyboards.
economics  wiki  hardware  keycommands 
march 2018
UTF-8 Sampler
Simple but pleasant UTF-8 example testing your web browser and font capabilities.

Stress test for UTF-8 support in Web browsers.
fonts  typography  unicode  browser  css 
march 2018
Radicale - A Free and Open-Source CalDAV and CardDAV Server
Radicale is a small but powerful CalDAV (calendars, todo-lists) and CardDAV (contacts) server, that:

Shares calendars through CalDAV, WebDAV and HTTP.
Shares contacts through CardDAV, WebDAV and HTTP.
Supports events, todos, journal entries and business cards.
Works out-of-the-box, no installation nor configuration required.
Can warn users on concurrent editing.
Can limit access by authentication.
Can secure connections.
Works with many CalDAV and CardDAV clients.
Is GPLv3-licensed free software.
free  opensource  calendar  contacts  software  linux 
february 2018
Let's Learn About Waveforms
This interactive guide introduces and explores waveforms. We'll cover how to read these funny shapes, go over the fundamental physics of sound, learn how it relates to music and harmony, and discover how to build complex tones from simple ones.

This guide is aimed at a general audience–no prior knowledge is required. It may be of particular interest to musicians, producers, and aspiring audio engineers, but it's designed to be accessible to everyone!
music  sounds  demo  visualization  education 
february 2018
WCopyfind – The Plagiarism Resource Site
WCopyfind is an open source windows-based program that compares documents and reports similarities in their words and phrases. It is free and available to anyone. It is licensed under the Gnu Public License, which basically means that you can do whatever you like with it except to try to sell it to someone else.
writing  education  opensource  windows  software 
february 2018
Ars Technica’s ultimate board game buyer’s guide | Ars Technica
For this year's board game buyer's guide, we went big—close to 10,000 words big. We split the guide into categories for easy reading, with around five solid choices for each type of gamer. We couldn't include all of our favorite recommendations, of course (we have a lot of opinions about board games), but we love all the games on this list. Whether your giftee is a new gamer, a grizzled veteran, or someone who doesn't know the first thing about board games (and didn't even ask for one), we've got you covered. And maybe you're in the market for a new game or two for yourself—let us be your guide.
february 2018
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