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7 hours ago
Buruli ulcer - Wikipedia
Buruli ulcer is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans.[4] The early stage of the infection is characterised by a painless nodule or area of swelling.[4] This nodule can turn into an ulcer.[4] The ulcer may be larger inside than at the surface of the skin,[5] and can be surrounded by swelling.[5] As the disease worsens, bone can be infected.[4] Buruli ulcers most commonly affect the arms or legs;[4] fever is uncommon.[4]
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14 hours ago
Download free fonts - µfonts
µfonts ... the biggest free font download website! µfonts hosts 149,204 free font downloads. Download TrueType, OpenType, Web Open Font Format and Embedded OpenType fonts. Each font includes full previews and you can preview your own text.
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