MUFF WIGGLER :: Two Thousand Six Hundred (TTSH) Ver.1 General build thread
This is the general build thread for zthee's awesome Two Thousand Six Hundred (TTSH) Mini Meanie, ARP 2600 clone DIY project. Feel free to discuss anything related to building one. I'll occasionally try to gather any useful information & links to this first post. If you want me to add anything here, ping me.
synth  ttsh  muffwiggler  build  info  resource 
NY Carnivals | Fairs and Carnivals in New York in 2019
NY Carnivals is a directory of carnivals in New York, from local church fairs and street fairs, to large festivals and county fairs in New York along with information on dates, hours, directions, coupons, and more!
festivals  events  todo  nyc 
12 days ago
Genomelink -- Upload and decipher your raw DNA data for free
Go beyond genealogy — and learn how your DNA shapes your nutrition, fitness, personality and intelligence traits
analysis  dna 
15 days ago
dadamachines doppler is a new platform for open music hardware - CDM Create Digital Music
The new doppler board promises to meld the power of FPGA brains with microcontrollers and the accessibility of environments like Arduino. And the founder is so confident that could lead to new stuff, he’s making a “label” to help share your ideas.
synth  diy  fpga  module  information  cdm 
20 days ago
dadamachines – music machines for everyone!
The doppler is a Cortex M4F Microcontroller + FPGA development board. It comes in the same tiny form factor similar to a Teensy and is open source.
synth  diy  fpga  modules  doppler  arduino 
20 days ago
Resynthesize Samples with the Arturia Synclavier V2 | | Reverb News
The New England Digital Synclavier Synthesizer was a beacon of technology, sound design, innovation, utility. The Synclavier was an amalgamation of modular synthesis, digital sampling, and hard disk recording—and it was the first commercially available synth that offered FM and additive synthesis together.
synclavier  audio  resynthesis  arturia  synth  example 
21 days ago
Circuit Basics - Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and DIY Electronics Tutorials
Here you’ll find lots of tutorials about basic circuit design, programming, the Arduino, and the Raspberry Pi. I created this site as a place for beginning engineers, programmers, and hobbyists to follow me as I build different electronics projects from very the basic to the highly complex. Hopefully it will provide you with a foundation of what you need to know to begin your hobby or career in electronics. We post tutorials regularly in a format that’s easy to understand and includes all the information you need to complete a project.
electronics  arduino  diy  audio  tutorials  resource 
22 days ago
You are a Maker. Musician, Tinkerer, Technologist, DIYer, Inventor, Artist and Audio Anarchist who is changing the World. Introducing the MPA Platform – the "you build" audio gear system and network software framework for all things audio.
synth  diy  modules  custom  custom-controls  hardware  ui  unique 
24 days ago
Get started with the Java EE 8 Security API, Part 1: Java enterprise security for cloud and microservices platforms
Overview of the new HttpAuthenticationMechanism, IdentityStore, and SecurityContext interfaces
java  ee8  security 
27 days ago
Elinga Cattery
Welcome to Elinga Cattery's website, we are located in Central New Jersey
tonkinese  cattery  nj 
28 days ago
River Arts District | Galleries, Tours & Events | Asheville
Visit the working studios and galleries of hundreds of artists–painting, pottery, jewelry, glass, metal, wood and much more. Open every day.
asheville  nc  tourism  arts  district  river 
28 days ago
Allett Wallets - Pack More. Carry Less.
Patented slim designs for a comfortable wallet experience
wallets  shopping  thin 
28 days ago
Proper Cloth
Off-the-rack shirts fit just a handful of people. For the rest of us, we’ve had to compromise. A collar too tight, sleeves too short, or a midsection too blousy. But now, Proper Cloth makes it easy to get a perfect-fitting custom shirt you'll love.
shirts  online  tailored  custom  clothing  shopping 
29 days ago
inkbox™ | Semi-Permanent Tattoos. Radically different.
At inkbox, we support and celebrate the story of you. For now, forever, and whatever’s in-between. Our ink develops in your skin to create a tattoo that fades in 1-2 weeks.
shopping  temporary  custom  tattoo 
29 days ago
Audio/Video Recorder, Editor, Converter. Capture streaming video and audio.
Capture any sound played by a computer (including streaming audio, Internet telephony, and PC games), and use the included time shift-feature for off-hours recording.
mp3  capture  recording  audio  streaming  vcr  scheduled 
4 weeks ago
Nir & Far | Nir Eyal, Best-Selling Author on Habits and Time Management
Whether you are designing consumer behavior or embarking on personal behavior change, you’ll benefit from the research I share from Consumer Psychology, Behavioral Economics, and Neuroscience.
psychology  gtd  motivation 
5 weeks ago
Tahini Fudge | Mark's Daily Apple
A whole new, Primal take on this classic. We happen to think this recipe is what fudge was always meant to be—all the rich texture and creamy feel (from healthy fats)…with a fraction of the carbs.
keto  dessert  fudge  tahini 
7 weeks ago
Lemon and Sage Chicken in Cream | Mark's Daily Apple
Primal lemon and sage chicken in cream is a riff on Jamie Oliver’s recipe for chicken in milk, an unusual recipe with a fervent following. In Oliver’s recipe, a whole chicken is roasted with an odd combination of ingredients: milk, cinnamon, garlic, sage and lemon. That odd combination turns into a roasted bird swimming in an amazing sauce scented with lemon and sage. You really have to try it to believe how good it is.
recipe  keto  ketogenic  primal  chicken  lemon  cream  mda 
7 weeks ago
Landlordology - Rental Advice, Tips, and Resources
The best tools and resources for independent landlords
7 weeks ago
The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Food in NYC - Eater NY
Everything to know about the Chinese food renaissance in the city right now
chinese  nyc  food  articles  resource 
8 weeks ago
Programming Books You Wish You Read Earlier
There are so many programming books out there, sometimes it’s hard to know what books are best. Programming itself is so broad and there are so many concepts to learn. This book list is a curation of the most valuable books for each major Software category. These programming books are beneficial for your programming career, from beginner to expert. These books will help you day-to-day with your general programming knowledge.
Besides from helping with actual coding, they also are useful sources of information for conversations, meetings, interviews, code reviews and designing programming solutions. It is certainly a good feeling when you can refer to something you have read and provide a solid answer.
bestof  learning  books  programming 
8 weeks ago
Pexels Videos
Completely free stock videos
video  resource  stock  free  videos 
8 weeks ago
Slow Travel Blog For The Digital Nomad Lifestyle | Slow Travel Co.
Find helpful and practical tips in our slow travel blog for the digital nomad lifestyle. We’ll cover everything you need to set yourself up in some of the best places to live and work remotely in the world. You’ll get the lowdown on accommodation, internet speeds, places to work, food, transport, safety and more.
digital  resource  nomad  research 
9 weeks ago
Derivative TouchDesigner
TouchDesigner is a visual development platform that equips you with the tools you need to create stunning realtime projects and rich user experiences.  Whether you're creating interactive media systems, architectural projections, live music visuals, or simply rapid-prototyping your latest creative impulse, TouchDesigner is the platform that can do it all.
3d  software  programming  graphics  visualization 
10 weeks ago
the new DIYSYNTH source - the new DIYSYNTH source
TTSH, Syncussion, MU and MOTM related modules, modifications, and useful addons
addons  ttsh  synth  modifications  diy 
10 weeks ago
World Nomads - Explore Your Boundaries
Harness your curiosity, find your own journey, and gain a richer understanding of yourself, others, and the world.
insurance  travel  health 
10 weeks ago
Nomadic Boys, gay travel blog of gay couple Stefan and Sebastien
Hello! Welcome to Nomadic Boys. We are Stefan and Sebastien, gay couple travelling the world with one mission: seek out and showcase unique romantic, culinary and outdoor adventures to inspire you to travel to places beyond the pink comfort zone.
gay  travel  couple  blog 
11 weeks ago
Remote Work & Travel Community for the Cheeky, Fun, and Bold
Hacker Paradise creates remote work expeditions for professionals who want to live, work and adventure differently from one month to one year.
nomad  travel  social  group  work  digital 
11 weeks ago
Cables is your model kit for creating beautiful interactive content. With an easy to navigate interface and results in real time, it allows for fast prototyping and prompt adjustments.

Working with cables is just as easy as creating cable spaghetti:
You are provided with a given set of operators such as mathematical functions, shapes and materials.
Connect these to each other by virtual cables to create the scene you have in mind.
Easily export your piece of work at any time. Embed it into your website or use it for any kind of creative installation.
3d  animation  audio  browser  visualization 
11 weeks ago
International Living - #1 Resource for Retiring, Living and Investing Overseas
Live, Retire and Invest Overseas. Articles, news, classifieds, information on retirement, and living abroad from International Living
travel  retirement  living  international  resource 
12 weeks ago
Invincible Rubber
Mens rubber - latex specialist Invincible Rubber, has been serving the fetish community with a tantalising collection of men's latex rubber underwear, shorts, t-shirts, jackets, catsuits, surf suits, uniforms, bondage and accessories. We're a professionally run company & have earned the reputation of being rubber specialists.
12 weeks ago
Thonk - DIY Synthesizer Kits & Components
Thonk Ltd is here to bring you modular synthesiser DIY kits and accessories. Based in the UK & shipping worldwide.
synth  diy  kits  uk 
12 weeks ago
A mailing list called 'synth-diy' has been created for people who are into synthesizer electronics and/or building synthesizers.
The synth-diy list is intended for discussions about synthesizer electronics and the building of (mostly analogue) synthesizers. Expect discussions on modulars and their various modules like voltage controlled oscillators, filters, ring modulators and the like. Topics like heated dual transistors for the ultimate exp converter are certainly not shunned here. The list is not intended for 'for-sale' messages or price lists.
synth  diy  mailinglist 
12 weeks ago
Pashnit California Motorcycle Roads | Tours | Maps | Best Rides
In 1999, Pashnit.com was launched to provide you insight on where to ride.
Starting with just 30 pages of roads, It soon grew 10x that number into the largest website in the world dedicated to exploring California Motorcycle Roads. With over 600 pages of text and thousands of photos & maps, California Motorcycle Roads quickly became a must see for any motorcyclist  planning the Next Big Ride. Pashnit is split up into three different websites. Roads. Tours. Products. Explore each one. And we look forward to meeting you on a Pashnit Motorcycle Tour.
california  motorcycle  travel  forum  maps 
12 weeks ago
Out Professionals - Gay and Lesbian (LGBT / GLBT) Networking
Founded in 1983, Out Professionals is the nation’s leading LGBT non-profit network, with close to 1,000 Members and over 5,000 email subscribers representing dozens of different work backgrounds and some 600 companies. At Out Professionals, you are sure to meet a wide range of friendly, interesting and worthwhile people, with the potential to become social and professional allies; successful people, who can advance your career or help you make a career transition.
gay  business  career  networking  social  club  nyc 
12 weeks ago
Personal & Online Stylists | Clothes Subscription Boxes | Trunk Club
Build a wardrobe that suits your needs, with ongoing support from a dedicated stylist you can talk to online or in person.
shopping  clothing  service  style  fashion  expert  custom 
january 2019
Roland TR-8S Editor and Controller, VST and Standalone - Roland TR-8S Editor and Controller, VST and Standalone
The TR-8S Editor / Controller is an VST and Standalone controller for the Roland Drum Machine TR-8S
synth  vst  controller  roland  tr-8s 
january 2019
TTSH Home - The documentation of the great TTSH project
Please read Buildings tips and known Issues site to save time and money. I have completed few TTSHs and can share my experiences here.
synth  diy  ttsh  resource  tips  corrections  guide 
january 2019
TTSH Home - We love DIY Synthesizer
Please read Buildings tips and known Issues site to save time and money. I have completed few TTSHs and can share my experiences here.
synth  diy  ttsh  resource  tips  corrections  guide 
january 2019
Vintage Computing
Welcome! This website focuses on early personal computers from the mid 70s into the early 80s. Here you'll find resources for restoring and maintaining many of the great computers and peripherals from this era.
vintage  computer  resource  altair  northstar  cpm 
january 2019
Secret NYC | The Official Guide to New York City
Where to find an elite restaurant tucked inside a pizza joint. When you might see your favorite rock star play live for five bucks. Why it’s pronounced “How-ston” Street. The most famous of cities still keeps plenty of secrets. But you seem cool, so we’ll tip you off to a few things most New Yorkers have yet to discover.
unique  todo  list  nyc 
january 2019
Secrets of NYC’s Five Boroughs: Atlas Obscura's Guide - Atlas Obscura
Few cities on Earth are as well-trodden as New York–but as any intrepid traveler knows, the more you explore a place, the more wonders you find. You may not be able to discover all of these spots in a single trip, but that could be a good thing. No matter how many times you return, the city that never sleeps never ceases to surprise.
list  nyc  todo  unique 
january 2019
midibox.org Blog
News about MIDIbox Projects
midi  diy  blog  sequencer  openSource  synth  forum 
january 2019
The Unofficial CP/M Web Site
This site will be a clearing house for CP/M software. That's the good news. Now the bad news. What original source you will find on this site is all there is! The rest has been lost to the ages for one reason or another.

This site is user supported. That means that much (most) of the software posted here was donated by various individuals. The postings on this site are not yet complete. It is the goal of this site to be able to post every operating system, compiler, and utility that Digital Research produced for the 8080, Z80, Z8000, and 68000 processors (assuming we can find it).
z80  software  8080  cpm  archive 
january 2019
Modular Addict Synth-DIY
We supply DIY Synthesizer Kits, PCBs and Parts for your DIY Modular Synth
usa  parts  synth  shopping  diy 
january 2019
Sol 20 Archive
The Sol 20 microcomputer was a product of the Processor Technology Corporation, circa 1977. The Sol 20 is interesting in that it came at the dawn of the "microcomputer revolution." It is interesting in that it was the main product of Processor Technology, an archetypal rags to riches to rags startup company.

This site is mostly a collection of documents, software, and other artifacts; it isn't so much about the history of the computer or the company that made it. I was only 13 year old kid at the time the Sol was around, and had to be satisfied poring over the color ads in Popular Electronics. In 1999 I picked one up at a ham fest for $20, satisfying a latent wish. Precious little information about the Sol was on the internet back then, so I started this site.
computer  vintage  archive  emulator  sol-20 
december 2018
jOOQ: The easiest way to write SQL in Java
jOOQ generates Java code from your database and lets you build type safe SQL queries through its fluent API.
database  sql  java  library  object-oriented  hibernate  alternative  oo 
december 2018
Live Work Anywhere - Resources for Nomadic Entrepreneurs
Through the Live Work Anywhere blog, the courses, and our products, you’ll be inspired to leave your day job, or re-structure it, you’ll learn how to get a remote job, how to manage your time – your daily routine and your productivity to stay productive while on the road, and for the more adventurous and entrepreneurial you’ll learn how to actually start and run a tech startup from the road.
nomad  remote  travel  work  digital  mobile 
december 2018
Nick Keiser Tattoos
In a land far, far away known to be Allentown, Pa; a tall, lanky, bearded man was born. His given name, Nicholas Keiser… His destiny, to make pretty “stuff & things” on human skin… Little did he know one day this man would be… Deadmeat; a professional tattooer, a loving husband to his beautiful Swedish wife, and a natural born pug daddy to little Rvca.
tattoo  artist  pa  allentown 
november 2018
Amazon’s own ‘Machine Learning University’ now available to all developers | AWS Machine Learning Blog
Today, I’m excited to share that, for the first time, the same machine learning courses used to train engineers at Amazon are now available to all developers through AWS.
amazon  training  machine  learning  ai 
november 2018
How to create and burn a DVD for free in Windows 10 - YouTube
Learn how to burn a DVD in Windows 10 for free, using two free small programs. The DVD can then be given for use on TV DVD players or computers.
win10  windows  burn  dvd  free  tutorial  youtube 
november 2018
Wild Encounters - Bronx Zoo
Explore the zoo like you've always wanted to! Get up close with the animals and the extraordinary work of the Bronx Zoo, or relax with a tour of must-see exhibits.
interaction  tour  bronx  encouter  nyc  todo  zoo  animal  private 
november 2018
What's Happened to My Favorite NetBeans Plugins? : Apache NetBeans (Incubating)
Apache NetBeans (incubating) 9.0 is specifically focused on Java SE only. Why? Because NetBeans is extremely large (it will be by far the largest project in Apache, once everything has been donated), which is because it has existed for over 20 years and provides support for a very wide range of technologies
ee8  9.0  hack  support  ee7  netbeans  configuration 
november 2018
I make nearly everything I do public domain. I've learned from others and this site is help others learn from what I have done. I'm delighted by the number of emails and feedback I receive from people using this site. I've done electronics repair and restoration for decades. I used to operate my own electronics repair business and I restore vintage radios as a hobby. I repair a lot of tube radio, audio, and music equipment and I've done microprocessor and digital system design for Tektronix so I enjoy working on vintage synthesizer restoration. Most of my synthesizer, organ, and amplifier collection were purchased broken for parts but I usually then end up restoring them - I just hate to part out vintage equipment. I have the time and interest to be able to help and assist fellow Synth-DIY'ers with their projects and formed Modular Synthesis, LLC to help. I've even helped successfully diagnose and repair modules by email. Contact me if I can be of help or assistance with your project, design, repair, or restoration.
synth  diy  pcb  schematics 
november 2018
Mickey The True Original Exhibition | Disney Partners
Mickey: The True Original Exhibition celebrates 90 years of Mickey Mouse’s influence on art and pop culture. Opening in November 2018, this immersive experience is inspired by Mickey’s status as a ‘true original’ and his consistent impact on the arts and creativity in all its forms.
events  disney  micky  nyc  todo  exhibit 
november 2018
HPD - Find Housing - Mitchell Lama
The Mitchell-Lama program provides affordable rental and cooperative housing to moderate- and middle-income families.
realestate  housing  affordable  nyc 
november 2018
Anaglyph is part of an ongoing research effort into the perceptual and technical capabilities of binaural rendering. The latest incarnation, Anaglyph VST, has been designed as an audio plugin to both support ongoing research efforts as well as to make accessible the fruits of this research to audio engineers through traditional existing DAW environments.
synth  vst  3d  binaural  audio  free 
october 2018
Things 3
All To Do apps have the problem that you don't always record your tasks in them. Things and rivals such as OmniFocus are predicated on making task entry so fast that you never put it off to later. For iOS 12, Things 3 has adopted Siri Shortcuts.
gtd  list  todo  ios  app  hierarchical 
october 2018
Four solutions to the LazyInitializationException - Part 1 | Java Code Geeks - 2018
In the post today we will talk about the common LazyInitializationException error. We will see four ways to avoid this error, the advantage and disadvantage of each approach and in the end of this post, we will talk about how the EclipseLink handles this exception.
java  jpa  lazyloading  LazyInitializationException  extended  persistence  context 
october 2018
Affordable Coworking Space in New York City
space  office  sharing  coworking  nyc 
october 2018
Manufacturer of Moog modular clones based on original schematics
synth  modular  manufacturer  dotcom  moog  clone  5u 
october 2018
We are an independent, non-profit, online radio station live streaming 24/7 from a reclaimed shipping container on an empty lot in NYC.
Expect a continuous stream of the best and most varied music New York City has to offer.
electronic  radio  music  streaming  independent  brooklyn  nyc 
october 2018
Easily create license-free VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plugins for Windows and MacOS! Write one monolithic C++ object, then use RackAFX to create native Visual Studio and/or XCode projects.
synth  vst  authoring  library  programming  designer  gui  ux 
october 2018
Brainworx bx_subsynth - Plugin Alliance
In developing bx_subsynth, Brainworx initially made a meticulous model of the legendary dbx 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer’s Waveform Modeling™ engine, which generates discrete bass frequencies one octave below what you feed in to it. They then supersized the 120XP’s feature set to create much tighter, clearer, bigger and resonant bass.
synth  music  vst  bass  processor  enhancer 
october 2018
Dear Reality dearVR pro - Plugin Alliance
Dear Reality’s state-of-the-art algorithms have been a mainstay of 3D audio production for years. Now, for the first time, their spatial processing treasure chest has been made available in an all-in-one plugin for your DAW: dearVR pro. Say goodbye to expensive middleware, unwieldy software bundles and complex routing schemes. All the tools you need to create stunning, immersive 3D audio for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) video, films and games are included in dearVR pro’s powerful yet fast and intuitive interface.
synth  music  recording  3d  audio  surround-sound  vst 
october 2018
A Comprehensive Guide to Bodybuilding on the Ketogenic Diet | Ruled Me
A common belief among bodybuilders is that carbohydrates are essential for building the best physiques. However, carbohydrates have little to do with the success of many bodybuilders. The key to improving body composition is not through little intricacies like eating the right amount of carbs at the right times. The best bodies are built by implementing five simple principles, whether you are on the ketogenic diet or not.
fitness  ketogenic  health  diet  bodybuilding 
october 2018
Ruling the Keto Diet & Getting in Shape
Ruled.Me is my blog, and also a forum and community for people that are interested in learning and living a Ketogenic lifestyle. Ruled.me is where I attempt to enlighten and entertain readers with my articles, recipes, and books.
blog  recipes  diet  keto  ketogenic 
october 2018
Peter Attia
Peter is the founder of Attia Medical, PC, a medical practice with offices in San Diego and New York City, focusing on the applied science of longevity. The practice applies nutritional biochemistry, exercise physiology, sleep physiology, techniques to increase distress tolerance, lipidology, pharmacology, and four-system endocrinology to increase lifespan (primarily by delaying the onset of chronic disease), while simultaneously improving health span (quality of life).
exercise  diet  paleo  ketogenic  keto  health  fasting 
october 2018
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