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How feelings took over the world | Culture | The Guardian
The promise of expertise, first made in the 17th century, is to provide us with a version of reality that we can all agree on. The promise of digital computing is to maximise sensitivity to a changing environment. Timing becomes everything.
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Ban fat-shaming show Insatiable, its critics cry. But none of them have seen it | Life and style | The Guardian
They are nothing more than busy data ants, who in reality – BIG REVEAL – work for the likes of Facebook and Google. These are mass-behaviour-modification machines that thrive off discord and – without wishing to downgrade anyone’s genuinely impassioned and sincerely held beliefs – it really doesn’t matter what sort.
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Reddit and the Quest to Detoxify the Internet | The New Yorker
It might be most helpful to compare a social network to a party. The party starts out small, with the hosts and a few of their friends. Then word gets out and strangers show up. People take cues from the environment. Mimosas in a sun-dappled atrium suggest one kind of mood; grain alcohol in a moldy basement suggests another.
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march 2018 by ronnussey
‘Never get high on your own supply’ – why social media bosses don’t use social media | Media | The Guardian
“When Chamath was at Facebook, we were focused on building new social media experiences and growing Facebook around the world,” a company spokeswoman said. “Facebook was a very different company back then ... as we have grown, we have realised how our responsibilities have grown, too. We take our role very seriously and we are working hard to improve.”
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january 2018 by ronnussey
Do You Read Differently Online and in Print?
The fear of technology is not new. In the fifth century B.C., Socrates worried that writing would weaken human memory, and stifle judgment. In fact, as Wolf notes in her 2007 book Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain, the opposite happened: Faced with the written page, the reader’s brain develops new capacities. The visual cortex forms networks of cells that are capable of recognizing letterforms almost instantaneously; increasingly efficient pathways connect these networks to the phonological and semantic areas of the cortex, freeing up other parts of the brain to put the words we read into sentences, stories, views of the world. We may not keep the Iliad in our heads any longer, but we’re exquisitely capable of reflecting on it, comparing it to other stories we know, and forming conclusions about human beings ancient and modern.
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april 2017 by ronnussey
To Get More Out of Social Media, Think Like an Anthropologist
But despite its potential, companies underleverage the social media stream for market intelligence. Analysts look for data confirming a predetermined viewpoint, or view the social media conversation as something to be managed rather than listened to.
august 2016 by ronnussey
The Ad Contrarian: The Two Faces Of Facebook
about 7 in 10,000 of a major brand’s followers will engage with a Facebook post. The number for Twitter is about 3 in 10,000.
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november 2015 by ronnussey
Publishers freely handing over their content to social networks is an act of 'vanity' says News UK CMO | The Drum
News UK chief marketing officer, Chris Duncan, has claimed publishers’ handing over their content for distribution on social networks “where the advertising revenue accrues to the social media platform” is an act of “vanity”.
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july 2015 by ronnussey
Loneliness, magnified – Lewis G. Parker – The Kernel
In the trade, when a company publishes seemingly unbiased information as part of its marketing strategy, it’s known as content marketing.
october 2013 by ronnussey
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