What's Holding Back AI in Marketing?
For AI in marketing to truly flourish, our technical knowledge must evolve, while its application becomes more diverse. Our hope is the one will lead to the other.
illuma  scrapbook  ai 
10 days ago
Layered consent? Legitimate interest? A guide to speaking fluent GDPR - Digiday
Non-personalized ads can be targeted but without using personal data of any kind. In some circles, they’re now described as using “ethical” as opposed to “conventional” data-targeting techniques, and the likes of Google have introduced them as an option. You could also class methods such as contextual targeting under this, which doesn’t target ads with personal data.
illuma  data  targeting 
10 days ago
Facebook to be fined £500,000 in Cambridge Analytica data scandal – POLITICO
at least two British political parties used data software to predict voters’ ethnicity.
facebook  data  brexit 
11 days ago
Analyst Brian Wieser Takes On Ad Tech’s ‘Big Two,’ Criteo And The Trade Desk | AdExchanger
We still haven’t seen all of the consequences of GDPR play out, and that will take years
12 days ago
'It's a learning curve': Marketers scramble to dodge GDPR liability - Digiday
You could argue that the industry is currently in a wait-and-see moment when it comes to the GDPR before the ecosystem is properly restructured.
12 days ago
Dire predictions aside, GDPR didn't kill ad retargeting (it's growing) - Digiday
there will not be any immediate impact on the market as everyone perhaps spuriously claims legitimate interest.”
retargeting  illuma  prospecting  gdpr 
13 days ago
Is third-party data targeting more effective than contextual targeting? - MarTech Today
circumstances, all of the cost and hassle of dealing with data that targets users by interest, demographics, occupation or other characteristics may not be significantly more effective than, in effect, buying viewers of a ball game.
research  context 
17 days ago
This ‘Oil’ Should Fuel Creative Campaigns, Too | AdExchanger
Creativity is a mysterious process. But creativity in the context of marketing is a bit different: It is creativity in service of solving a problem.
data  creativity 
17 days ago
“I Was Devastated”: Tim Berners-Lee, the Man Who Created the World Wide Web, Has Some Regrets | Vanity Fair
The power of the Web wasn’t taken or stolen. We, collectively, by the billions, gave it away with every signed user agreement and intimate moment shared with technology. Facebook, Google, and Amazon now monopolize almost everything that happens online, from what we buy to the news we read to who we like.
timbernerslee  internet 
19 days ago
'Everyone is breaking the law right now': GDPR compliance efforts are falling short - Digiday
Everyone is trying to make things work the way they used to, rather than thinking about privacy.”
24 days ago
A month after GDPR takes effect, programmatic ad spend has started to recover - Digiday
Programmatic trading will still drive digital marketing because of the scale and automation it affords media buyers, but the pipes are no longer filled with third-party data, which was “liquid gold to many pre-GDPR enforcement,”
gdpr  illuma 
27 days ago
NYT’s Meredith Kopit Levien: We'll continue cutting vendors post-GDPR - Digiday
“A lot more of our ad ecosystem is tied up with Google than it used to be, as it’s easier for us to do it that way. [Google] provides services to us today where maybe three or four companies did before.”
NYT  illuma  google 
27 days ago
Here's How Ad Tech Got Its Stripes | BuySellAds
Real-time bidding was like electricity. Super-fast, and lots of different people claimed they invented it.
27 days ago
Mobile ad blocking is becoming a bigger threat - Digiday
“Right now, the common perception in the market is there’s no advertising without tracking,” said von Wersch. “Deactivating tracking in the browser is a de facto ad blocker. That could dramatically increase the ad-blocking problem.”
adblocking  mobile 
4 weeks ago
The shift towards context-based advertising - Digital Content Next
Targeting ads based on consumers’ interests or the context of what they’re reading instead of their personal data benefits everyone involved.
4 weeks ago
Sir John Hegarty on the current state of creativity | Special: Cannes Lions - Ad Age
a brand is made not only by the people who buy it but also by the people who know about it.
4 weeks ago
Publishers use Cannes Lions to reassert their influence - Digiday
News UK executives also have been using Cannes to pitch their own tool, News IQ, which connects advertisers’ first-party customer data with that of News UK’s across its properties that include The Sun and The Times of London newspapers and radio station TalkSport.
publishers  newscorp 
4 weeks ago
APAC Biggest Contributor of Ad-Spend Growth; AU Consumers 'Creeped Out' by Personalised Content | ExchangeWire.com
70% of Australian consumers find most forms of personalisation “creepy”, as do 38% of brands in the country, which describe their own marketing as creepy.
research  illuma 
4 weeks ago
Increased Consumer Expectations For Privacy Could Be A Good Thing For Advertisers | AdExchanger
Most Americans in a Deloitte survey [PDF] reported that third-party data about them was wrong at least half the time across several categories, including income, demographics, vehicle owned, interests and purchase behavior.
data  illuma 
4 weeks ago
The Sell! Sell! Blog: Are You Really Okay With The Idea Of Creativity?
we work in a business where the most valuable thing is almost impossible to fully define.

That’s hard for many people in advertising and for clients to accept.

When you're running multi-million and multi-billion pound operations, it must be terrifying to think your most valuable commodity is so nebulous and hard to control.
creativity  agencies 
5 weeks ago
Candid thoughts of marketers on GDPR, cutting out agencies and Facebook ROI - Digiday
“We can’t even get 50 percent confidence on something like gender. It’s just something where we all had suspicion because it was all of this aggregated data coming from unclear sources, and yeah, a lot of it’s garbage.”
data  illuma 
5 weeks ago
Vice Media Was Built on a Bluff
A 2017 report funded by Google found that among 122 brands, teenagers found Vice to be the second-least cool, less than Yahoo
5 weeks ago
Google Emerges as Early Winner From Europe’s New Data Privacy Law - WSJ
By contrast, Dataxu says competing ad exchanges haven’t seen their ad volume fall significantly, but as of Wednesday two-thirds of their spots weren’t transmitting the consent Google says is necessary for targeting, Dataxu says. That means rival exchanges often can’t sell ads targeted with personal information, which often cost four or five times as much as traditional ads.
7 weeks ago
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