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Prototypo | Design stronger identities with bespoke fonts

The web application Prototypo gives anyone the possibility to create personalized fully functional fonts and export them to use on their website or desktop application.
totest  tool  design  typo  prototype 
january 2018 by rolfvanroot
CRM, project management and invoicing | Teamleader
Teamleader is a unified platform for CRM, invoicing & project planning. You choose and pay only for the modules you need. Start your free trial now.
webdesign  landingpage  design  crm  tool  startup 
july 2017 by rolfvanroot
White Hat UX: The Next Generation in User Experience eBook: Trine Falbe, Kim Andersen, Martin Michael Frederiksen: Kindle Store
White Hat UX: The Next Generation in User Experience eBook: Trine Falbe, Kim Andersen, Martin Michael Frederiksen: Kindle Store
books  read  ux  usability  design 
april 2017 by rolfvanroot
Drift – Messaging For Marketing & Sales
The new way businesses and customers communicate. Helping to reinvent modern marketing and sales software using messaging.
landingpage  drift  freshvanroot  design 
march 2017 by rolfvanroot
What’s New for Designers, March 2017 | Webdesigner Depot
From new tools to code snippets to typefaces that will make your design life better, this month’s design newbies are a lot of fun to play around with.
toshare  design  tools  apps 
march 2017 by rolfvanroot
Polygon - A Powerful Multipurpose WP Theme by ThemeMove | ThemeForest
Buy Polygon - A Powerful Multipurpose WP Theme by ThemeMove on ThemeForest. Meet one of the most Powerful WordPress Themes on the Market – Polygon A Polygon is a powerful full featured Multipu...
wordpress  themes  templates  design  linearis 
march 2017 by rolfvanroot
Ecommerce online store, monetize your website or blog - Selz
Selling products online or digital downloads is easy with Selz free online store. No contracts, no merchant account or programming is needed.
toshare  marketing  store  shop  design  webdesign 
february 2017 by rolfvanroot
Abstract: The Art of Design | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix - YouTube
Meet eight of the most creative thinkers and imaginative minds working in the world of art and design today in the new Netflix original documentary series, A...
towatch  documentary  netflix  design 
january 2017 by rolfvanroot
The 5 Best Design Links, Every Day.
toshare  design  tips  links  ux  newsletter 
october 2016 by rolfvanroot
A blogging platform designed to help you think.
writing  design  blog  blogging  blogs  tech  platform  toshare 
september 2016 by rolfvanroot
Roadmap Prioritization from Product Feedback | UserVoice
Like the design of the recently relaunche landingpage of uservoice
toshare  design  pages  uservoice 
august 2016 by rolfvanroot
picjumbo — totally free photos & stock images
Just another page with "totally free photos for your commercial & personal works"
pictures  free  unsplash  design  photos  toshare 
march 2016 by rolfvanroot
watching "Content First by Jeffrey Zeldman - An Event Apart Boston" by @zeldman on Vimeo #web #design
web  design  from  twitter 
november 2013 by rolfvanroot
schöne geschichte und schön entworfenes artikeltemplate. aber geht ja auch um einen designer... #microsoft #design
from  twitter  design  microsoft 
october 2013 by rolfvanroot
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