The Ramp Manual and DVD are sold at $20.00 (U.S. Currency) each.To purchase the ramp manual, simply send a check payable to:

530 Robert Street North
St. Paul, MN 55101
december 2018
Amazon book: Electric Guitar Making & Marketing
Electric Guitar Making & Marketing: How to build and market high-end instruments, from your workshop's setup to the complete business plan Paperback – June 14, 2015
by Leo Lospennato 5 stars ~$30
july 2018
My Wiper Size
Find the size of your wiper blades here!
windshield-wiper  wiper  auto-parts  car-parts 
january 2018
good creative commons music for youtube
vlog-music  youtube  cc3-music  youtube-music  for-vlogging 
november 2017
implicitcad algorithmic modeling for 3d printing
conceptually based on OpenScad, but shares no code.
Designed for use with 3d printing
3d-printing  algorithmic-modeling  3d-modeling  cad 
december 2016
Ultem® PEI from CSHyde
A source for 3d print bed PEI sheets
3d-printing  pei-supplier  pei 
december 2016
Print Settings for PETG: eSUN Solid Black Filament
A good informational thread on printing PETG
It references a specific brand of filament and printer, but contains much useful general information
3d-printing  filament  PETG 
october 2016
Kickapoo State Recreation Area
Singletrack throughout and directional flow. All trails follow a counter-clockwise direction. The are plenty of features on this trail to keep the ride interesting. Log jumps, dips, climbs, and technical switchbacks.
mtb-ride  2016-vacation 
july 2016
Camp Camfield
Flowing, Fast, and Winding Fun. Camfield will soon become another biking destination for riders in Central Illinois.
mtb-ride  2016-vacation 
july 2016
General Dacey Trail Mountain Bike Extension
This ride takes a tour of the awesome new trails along Lake Shelbyville. Enjoy smooth, rolling trails with scenic views of the lake and old forests along the shore.
mtb-ride  2016-vacation 
july 2016
Fay Pickering Memorial Trails
The Fay Pickering Memorial Trails consist of three loops that wind through old growth forests alongside Mill Creek Lake. In some areas, the bench-cut trails get you as close to the lake as possible. There are many rolling sections along with a few technical climbs. This trail has something for everyone to enjoy!
mtb-ride  2016-vacation 
july 2016
Good post rock
I like track #5 Scent of the Moon best
post-rock  bandcamp 
june 2016
Ninfinger Productions: Model Rocketry magazine
Volumes 1-4 (1968 - 1972) of Model Rocketry Magazine downloadable as pdf
model-rocketry  rocketry-magazine  rocketry  from-ninfinger  pdf 
april 2016
Project Jupyter | Home
Open source, interactive data science and scientific computing across over 40 programming languages.
march 2016
MongoDB University
Free online courses teaching how to build and deploy apps on MondoDB
IFTTT  Diigo  software-development  web-development  mongodb  mongodb-university  online-learning 
march 2016
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