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New Statesman - Uncivilisation: the Dark Mountain Manifesto
"For Conrad [...] "civilisation" itself is never more than partial; the heart of darkness was as much in London as in the Congo [...but] the alternative - a raw version of which he witnessed in King Leopold's private fiefdom in the Belgian Congo - is madness and unrestrained violence, a state that can reasonably be described as barbarism [...] stoicism will be needed if civilised life is to survive an environmental crisis that cannot now be avoided."
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october 2009 by rodcorp
Huey Lewis – Discover music, videos, concerts, & pictures at
Huey Lewis: "his maternal grandfather had gained some success as the inventor of the red wax protective sealant used on certain varieties of cheese" - Pat Bateman would have liked this detail.
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may 2009 by rodcorp
Barbican - Radical Nature - Art and Architecture for a Changing Planet 1969–2009
Radical Nature - 19 June-18 October 2009, Barbican Art Gallery. The rollcall - Fuller, Beuys, Smithson - sounds great. (Hopefully Soane/Gandy will be there too.)
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may 2009 by rodcorp
scraplab : hereish, nowish
"Red dot fever enforces a precision into your design that the rest must meet to feel coherent. There’s no room for the hereish, nowish, thenish and soonish." - How to do ish with maps: increase the scale (eg Flickr map), drop detail (pirate maps), spheres or cones of possibility (Migurski), ... what else?
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february 2009 by rodcorp
k-punk: Be positive... or else
"it is the idea that positive thinking is mandatory which most closely links neoliberalism and CBT"
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october 2008 by rodcorp
Ur-objects designed to hold as much potential narratoludic energy as possible.
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october 2008 by rodcorp
Jonathan Jones: Alan Moore knows the score | Art and design |
Jones's description of the writer/artist relationship in comics recasts it in visionary/fabricator or director/D.o.P. terms.
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october 2008 by rodcorp
Tim Oren's Due Diligence: Burke's Law of Metadynamics: Systems dump excess energy in the form of structure
""Systems dump excess energy in the form of structure." [...] a system operating in surplus won't stay so, but instead will act to build up its own structure at the expense of the surplus [to invest the surplus]" - and so with people and behaviour?
systems  team  peopleware  psychology  via:preoccupations  via:mattjones 
august 2008 by rodcorp
Polite, Pertinent, and... Pretty: Designing for the New-wave of Personal Informatics
"draw on many other applications, devices, and services from the cutting edge of personal informatics, to identify patterns and principles that work for power-users and newbies alike"
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july 2008 by rodcorp
ButtUgly: Ubicomp, and why I think it's broken
[Rather than empowering us, ubicomp psychologically neuters us:] "The thing is, that when you make the space around you smarter, you make the people more stupid. And most people just don't like that."
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july 2008 by rodcorp
Ian Bogost - Twittering Rocks
Bogost and McCarthy are running Wandering Rocks again this Bloomsday (16 June) on Twitter. Excellent!
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june 2008 by rodcorp
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Arts | 'Cold comfort' for Poet Laureate
A daily Lemsip gives Motion "the sensation of having 'a mild illness. It works. I've been doing it for years and it's become habitual'. Lemsip spokesman deadpans: "It is fair to say that it doesn't cause poetry in most people."
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june 2008 by rodcorp
Joyce Walks because somewhere sometimes it's always bloomsday
Lovely. "generates walking maps for any city in the world based on remapping routes from Ulysses allowing users to create a [sharable, embeddable] mashup of their own walk"
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may 2008 by rodcorp
k-punk: London litened
"nothing happening forever [...] Semiotic parasites designed to prey upon hypnagogic drift. Weapons against the city's intelligence. Almost no-one reads books any more."
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april 2008 by rodcorp
evhead: Will it fly? How to Evaluate a New Product Idea
Another axis to tractability is implied in Ev's list: do you have the team to execute? Can you make the team to execute? What would your current team execute well?
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december 2007 by rodcorp
Hawthorne effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
When observed or otherwise given attention, people's performance tends to (temporarily?) improve.
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october 2007 by rodcorp
The Believer - Interview with David Simon
"My standard for verisimilitude is simple [...] fuck the average reader [...] He knows nothing and he needs everything explained to him right away, so that exposition becomes this incredible, story-killing burden. Fuck him. Fuck him to hell."
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august 2007 by rodcorp
Dunning-Kruger effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"the phenomenon whereby people who have little knowledge systematically think that they know more than others who have much more knowledge" For which, regrettably, blogging may be an indicator - all too often we think we know it all :)
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july 2007 by rodcorp
Intel admits tech can be tedious: "Someone once said to me they thought of their cell phone and the bundle of technology in their backpack as being like a nest of chirping birds and all the little mouths of baby birds all demanding to be fed"
"She spent a fair amount of time studying enthusiasts of recreational vehicles, backpackers and people who own second homes [because] these seekers of alternative abodes can tell us a lot about the way we all would prefer to live."
mobile  anthropology  utopia  via:mattjones 
march 2007 by rodcorp
oakland crime maps V: modest maps (tecznotes)
a BSD-licensed display and interaction library for tile-based maps in Flash 7+/Flashlite, written in ActionScript 2.0: minimal, extensible, customizable, and free display library
flash  flashlite  mobile  maps  tools  geo  via:mattjones 
march 2007 by rodcorp
tecznotes: oakland crime maps III
"Crime leaves an imprint on the place and time it is committed, and a visual representation should reflect this" Spheres and time cones of impact. Beyond simple heatmaps. Hmm, how can this be used for prevention?
maps  police  criminaljustice  visualization  design  mobbu  via:mattjones 
february 2007 by rodcorp
Colibri - Type Ahead.
Another well-designed command line/launcher Quicksilver-like app for Win. Cf Enso and Launchy also.
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february 2007 by rodcorp
k-punk: coffee bars and internment camps (review of Children of Men)
"The catastrophe is neither waiting down the road, nor has it already happened. Rather, it is being lived through. There is no punctual moment of disaster; the world doesn't end with a bang, it winks out, unravels, gradually falls apart"
film  pdjames  via:mattjones  sf  catastrophe  fall  ruins 
february 2007 by rodcorp
Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed: What Would You Tell the Future?
Physicist Richard Feynman once said that if all knowledge about physics was about to expire the one sentence he would tell the future is that "Everything is made of atoms". What would we say about our areas?
richardfeynmann  future  catastrophe  via:mattjones 
december 2006 by rodcorp

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