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BBC - History of the BBC, Potter's Wheel Interlude 16 February 1953
'The potter's wheel film showed the hands of Georges Aubertin as he threw a pot, accompanied by music. It was typical, in that it was mildly engaging, but not so much that the viewer would miss anything if they looked away. Viewers who stayed alert noted that Aubertin never finished the pot, but just kept remodelling it."
tv  clay  pottery 
december 2015 by rodcorp
Great Pottery Throw Down fuels new interest as stores report increase in sales | Television & radio | The Guardian
"A spokesman for the craft supplier Hobbycraft in Croydon, south London, said sales of pottery-related products had increased by a bout 10%, while a number of studios have reported an increase in bookings for evening ceramics courses. "
clay  pottery  tv  craft 
december 2015 by rodcorp
The Internet With A Human Face - Beyond Tellerrand 2014 Conference Talk
"You've all seen those TV shows where the cops are viewing a scene from space, and someone keeps hitting "ENHANCE", until pretty soon you can count the bacteria on the criminal's license plate." - Powers of (CSI) Ten: Zoom in on city, zoom into map, zoom into survellance imagery, zoom in on car, zoom in on numberplate, zoom into dna, zoom into molecules, zoom into atoms, zoom into ...
eames  powersof10  crime  police  tv 
july 2015 by rodcorp
Here’s the recipe Netflix uses to make binge-worthy TV – Quartz
Binge means both the tight ABC storylines and the episode as the cadence can relax. Dunno.
netflix  tv  writing  story 
march 2015 by rodcorp
Samsung's smart TVs are inserting unwanted ads into users' own movies | The Verge
Not satisfied with 1984, Samsung SmartTVs now bring you Idiocracy. Business opportunity: making smart tvs dumb and honest, stripping out unwanted guff.
tv  adverts 
february 2015 by rodcorp
BBC Genome
See what was on tv the day you were born
history  bbc  tv 
october 2014 by rodcorp
Columbo Blog » Columbo: Ransom For A Dead Man
"Columbo spots a modern telephone that can be programmed to make pre-recorded calls at set times. Columbo talks to Leslie and explains that little things bother him, and that he’s a worrier."
colombo  tv  crime  telephone 
september 2013 by rodcorp
Matthew Weiner On 'Mad Men' And Meaning : NPR
"There is no closure for an audience that is invested in characters."
tv  writing  stories  via:beeker 
may 2013 by rodcorp
Recurring Developments
"I've made a huge mistake" - an interactive viz of running jokes in Arrested Development.
tv  arresteddevelopment 
may 2013 by rodcorp
Intel TV – Chip magnet | Radio Free Mobile
If not quite commoditising its complements, Intel is enabling new market entrants on the content side.
"Intel appears to be closing in on acquiring TV shows and movies to offer to consumers as a pay-tv service [...] I suspect that Intel will also end up as a wholesaler of this content such that smaller companies who would have no hope of obtaining the rights can enter the market [...] By enabling competition for DirectTV, Comcast and the like, Intel is in a good position to be the silicon supplier of choice for providers of cord cutting TV services. This is a business that it will be really good at rather than wasting millions trying to get into a business about which it knows nothing."
intel  tv  commoditise 
march 2013 by rodcorp
Why incumbents fail to respond to the threat of new entrants « The Equity KickerThe Equity Kicker
How is that at the same time Amazon Prime seems like the competitor to fear here AND Amazon's Lovefilm is beginning to feel as if it's on the ropes?
tv  netflix  hbo  amazon 
february 2013 by rodcorp
A VC: HBO vs Netflix
"HBO isn't going to adopt the Netfix business model in the US without a strong reason to do so. If Netflix is successful with their model and proves that it works, maybe that will be the strong reason to do so."
tv  netflix  hbo 
february 2013 by rodcorp
Reed Hastings on Arrested Development, House of Cards, and the Future of Netflix: Movies + TV: GQ
"Managed dissatisfaction" as an unsatisfactory business model. Also: "The goal," he says, "is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us."
tv  netflix  hbo 
february 2013 by rodcorp
10 Years After Its Premiere, 'The Wire' Feels Dated, and That's a Good Thing - John Hendel - The Atlantic
"To see 2002 again is jarring. Recall the hoppers' casual use of payphones? Characters' confusion at the very idea of text messaging or an Internet search in season 2? Or the lack of social media in the disintegration of journalism Simon depicted in season 5? These details are dated in the best sense of the word. Few ever understand their present until it becomes past, but The Wire's brilliance was its understanding and articulation of contemporary life. The drama was an authentic mirror. What worked about The Wire was its very grounding in these years and in the geography of Baltimore."
history  tv  thewire 
january 2013 by rodcorp
Incessant Hounding « LRB blog
"fact-checking is a slow, expensive and essential part of any news or current affairs programme. But the hounding of subjects on Today and on Newsnight – that’s been going on for years."
bbc  tv  news 
november 2012 by rodcorp
The Republic of Entertainment « LRB blog
Campaign money as WW1 style attritional capital - to be spent slamming against each other in the media trenches, neutralised, inert.
tv  politics 
october 2012 by rodcorp
vast pantomimic signage | the m john harrison blog
"the BBC Wallander isn’t Scandi-crime [... Branagh] cues up the crux of every occasion with his eyes or a gesture, recluttering a clean text with the vast pantomimic signage we associate with British TV drama: “This moment is so important. We are so important: us actors, you viewers, this thing we know.”"
tv  wallander  mjohnharrison 
july 2012 by rodcorp
The Sun Always Shines on TV | The Weeklings
Alexclark3 very funny on keeping recorded tv, but my heart cries that she doesn't like borgen.
Tv  alexclark  football  nazi 
july 2012 by rodcorp
The test card: when a girl and a clown ruled the airwaves | Television & radio | The Guardian
"The most iconic image, introduced in 1967 with the advent of colour TV, was called Test Card F [...] Now living in the New Forest with two daughters, she can claim to have had more screen time – around 70,000 hours – than anyone else in British TV history."
bbc  testcard  tv 
april 2012 by rodcorp
Who is your favourite The Wire character? |
The Wire knockout table that suffers from not including Sgt Landsman, Commissioner Burrell or enough of the female characters.
tv  thewire 
march 2012 by rodcorp
List of How It's Made episodes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I love How It's Made. The piano one - extraordinary mix of mass manufacture and handcrafting, and not just in the finishing.
howitsmade  tv  design  manufacture 
march 2012 by rodcorp
They wanted what is possible only once: the now. - but does it float
"Photographs of tube televisions the moment they are switched off"
art  tv 
april 2011 by rodcorp
RURAL TV - The World's Rural Channel
Thank god - rural tv is back on air, albeit chez Horse and Country.
tv  ruraltv  music  countryandwestern  from delicious
june 2010 by rodcorp
Not In The Face - Television Tropes & Idioms
"Buddy: Not in the face! Taggart: (punches him in the stomach) Buddy: Thank you. (collapses)". And Goodfellas.
tv  film  nottheface 
april 2010 by rodcorp
Life Begins
Aha, Fabio from Cobham on tv!
tv  kids  from delicious
march 2010 by rodcorp
BBC - BBC Four Programmes - The Great Offices of State
BBC Four's Corridors of Power season is two series, Getting Our Way on diplomacy, and this on the Home, Foreign and Treasury ministries. The first episodes of both were great. Extraordinary seeing Alan Johnson's first hours at the HO, and Charles Clarke blinking hopefully into a biometric scanner.
poltics  publicsector  history  security  police  bbc  tv  from delicious
february 2010 by rodcorp
BBC - BBC Four Programmes - Getting Our Way
BBC Four's Corridors of Power season is two series, this on Diplomacy fronted by ex-ambassador-to-USA Christopher Meyer, and The Great Offices of State on the Home, Foreign and Treasury ministries. The first episodes of both were great.
politics  history  security  publicsector  bbc  tv  from delicious
february 2010 by rodcorp
Joe Moran's blog: Banging the drum for boredom
"‘If you want to see the world in its true light, watch old episodes of Crossroads [...] We are watching time being deliberately killed [...] to this day can be said to symbolise the blithe indifference of an unbalanced, random cosmos, where nothing is finally knowable.’ – Roger Lewis, Seasonal Suicide Notes" - somehow making Crossroads sound essential.
tv  crossroads  ennui  from delicious
february 2010 by rodcorp
The Crime Exchange
The Wire-inspired crime journo exchange: London visits Baltimore
tv  thewire  baltimore  police  journalism 
december 2009 by rodcorp
Idris Elba talks to Stuart Jeffries about playing Stringer Bell in The Wire and his new film role | Film | The Guardian
On Stringer Bell and Bond: "I celebrate the fact that he dies. I have a problem with the glorification of a drug dealer and America is fascinated with that world [...] Who wouldn't like to play Bond? Do I think it will happen? No, but I've got what it takes to do it. I can run around, flirt with ladies and drink."
tv  thewire  jamesbond 
may 2009 by rodcorp
Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology — A Group Blog » Is ‘The Wire’ Our Best Ethnographic Text on the U.S. Today?
Probably not: whilst its style might be ethno-realism, The Wire is clearly a polemic first and foremost.
story  tv  thewire  anthropology 
january 2009 by rodcorp
Charlie Brooker on his TV show which lets zombies loose in the Big Brother House | Film | The Guardian
Saw this on C4 the last three nights, zombies and reality tv being good lenses for each other...
tv  zombie  charliebrooker 
january 2009 by rodcorp
TV drama: The Shield versus The Wire | Culture | The Guardian
"The Wire [...] lacks the acuity of The Sopranos and its surreal feel for inner lives. Everyone is conditioned and trapped by socioeconomic circumstances" Nice backgrounder. Don't agree with the conclusion that the Shield is truer because it's a stepping stone to our anarchic Mad Maxian future.
tv  thewire  davidsimon 
january 2009 by rodcorp
BBC - BBC One Programmes - My Family at War, Episode 4
9pm 11 Nov, BBC1. Produced by my friend Rosie who says "It's a bit of a tearjerker so keep the hankies handy"
bbc  tv  war  rosieschellenberg  history 
november 2008 by rodcorp
Tropes - Television Tropes & Idioms
The plot, narrative and other writing organelles of television anatomised.
writing  tv  film  story 
october 2008 by rodcorp
Hulu figures out how to bring TV online - (37signals)
Smart to take the length of a tivo-ffwed advert block as the length for a single advert unit.
design  tv  hulu  ui  ux 
october 2008 by rodcorp
Brown’s 42 days: just a cynical pose on terror | News
"Sir Ian should have gone over any one of a number of cock-ups, from the de Menezes shooting to the current brouhaha over racism, but his biggest problem was that however much he told Londoners crime was falling, we still believed he was duking the stats [viz The Wire]."
willself  london  police  criminaljustice  tv  thewire 
october 2008 by rodcorp
Beginning Again, with 4iP ( - Tom Loosemore's Blog)
Tom Loosemore going to head the 4iP fund, at a time when many would-be UK tech-media startups might find some "public interest" in their pitch...
tomloosemore  c4  tv  vc 
october 2008 by rodcorp
Wonderland: Introversion & Channel 4: update
TV production: from idea to pitch to (via development) production proposal to commission.
games  tv 
july 2008 by rodcorp
Gin, Television, and Social Surplus - Here Comes Everybody
"Here's something four-year-olds know: A screen that ships without a mouse ships broken. [...] Media that's targeted at you but doesn't include you may not be worth sitting still for."
tv  media  kids 
april 2008 by rodcorp
The best worst sports TV show: Under The Moon | Breaking news | Sport
"I said lots of guests, live for hours on end, plenty of hoopla, do some comedy things and talk to people just as they talk to each other in pubs" - on student favourite Under The Moon. I was lucky enough to work with Danny Kelly since. Lovely man.
tv  football  dannykelly 
april 2008 by rodcorp
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