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How to Tell a Story to Save the World | tobylitt
"the ultimate cause of environmental degradation is that almost all of us, despite our questionable doings, regard ourselves as sympathetic central characters"
writing  story  eco 
april 2017 by rodcorp
Russell Davies: Stories of explanatory depth
"Stories are not good ways to understand systems"
story  complexity 
november 2016 by rodcorp
Aaron Sorkin Teaches You How To Win the Lottery – The Awl
"the simple idea that you are sunk if your main character doesn’t want or need something that is believably difficult for them to get"
writing  story  scriptwriting  film 
september 2016 by rodcorp
Data Mining Reveals the Six Basic Emotional Arcs of Storytelling
Science-proofing story arcs, says there are 6 patterns:
Rise (Alice)
Fall (Romeo&Juliet)
Fall-Rise (The Martian?)
Rise-Fall-Rise (Cinderella)
Fall-Rise-Fall (Oedipus)
writing  story  structure 
july 2016 by rodcorp
Here’s the recipe Netflix uses to make binge-worthy TV – Quartz
Binge means both the tight ABC storylines and the episode as the cadence can relax. Dunno.
netflix  tv  writing  story 
march 2015 by rodcorp
About Story Cartel
"The books you see on Story Cartel are all free in exchange for your honest review"
books  review  story  writing 
february 2015 by rodcorp
The Pixar Touch - history of Pixar - Blog - Pixar story rules (one version)
"#4: Once upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___. One day ___. Because of that, ___. Because of that, ___. Until finally ___."
story  writing  pixar 
february 2015 by rodcorp
IK Prize: Shortlist | Tate
"circulating specially commissioned stories from contemporary writers interlaced with interesting facts and anecdotes from Tate’s archive around different digital platforms, tracing their journeys and the conversations that build up around them"
art  tate  story  mattlocke  kimplowright 
january 2014 by rodcorp
Interview: Jorge Almeida (Star Trek Into Darkness) | Inventing Interactive
"With film UI, I am trying to give the viewer the illusion of choice. I am trying to deliberately direct the viewers eye to whatever story point the director wants revealed at the time he wants it revealed [... and] our work needs to visually support what’s on screen so that we don’t disrupt the rhythm of the viewing experience."
design  ui  film  story  sf 
may 2013 by rodcorp
defensive postures | the m john harrison blog
"Plot is a list of boxes you tick in case the customer notices you haven’t. You wouldn’t want to be caught out. It would be awful to hear a single below-the-liner say, voice rank with sarcasm & faked-up outrage, “In this day? Surely not that, in this day & age of CCTV? & didn’t she have a mobile? & sober on a Saturday night, I don’t think so, do you?” So there’s always a smartphone, some emails, some binge drinking & a security camera the data from which is available or not available. All you need is, “Apparently there’s just the one tape & they record over it,” & the box is ticked. Plot-patches–responses to some change in the culture at large, applied years ago to make the latest crock seem up-to-date–have become the plot. The story is constrained by fixes applied in advance; it lurches from one defensive posture to the next. “Wait a minute! Surely, in this day & age, she’d call him out on that broody bullshit schtick of his? Better get that into dialogue!”"
-- “Apparently there’s just the one tape & they record over it,”
books  writing  plot  story  mjohnharrison 
april 2013 by rodcorp
#MatlockMystery (with images, tweets) · jon_mcgregor · Storify
"What I did today I did by accident, but with a bit more thought and preparation - and honesty - I think it's a form with a lot of potential. But live story-telling, as with any narrative writing, requires a decent ending. [...] But [Twitter is] also a medium with a lot of inbuilt trust and openness. And as with any form of narrative writing, no matter how many boundaries you want to blur it's still - I think - important to be open about what you're actually doing."
Via @alexclark3 in the Guardian. Note to self: compare my fluttering drafts.
books  johnmcgregor  twitter  story 
march 2013 by rodcorp
flat-2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
"When UKBA investigators searched Adeniji's flat in Kilburn they found dozens of abandoned suitcases, thought to have been used in previous importations."
suitcases  drugs  police  ukba  story 
march 2012 by rodcorp
Worknote #1 – Attention problems | Storythings
"all media companies are dealing with the same problem – attention [...] There will never be a silver bullet platform or strategy that will return us to the stable media environment of the last 50 years [...] The projects Storythings are making are attention probes – projects that test ideas we have about how people find, engage with and share content, and then give us the data and feedback we need to better understand these behaviours, and make even better products as a result."
story  attention  mattlocke 
october 2011 by rodcorp
Nostalgia for the Now | HiLobrow
"And nostalgia, for all its trickiness, isn’t terrible, just problematic. It’s possible to have good memories, sure, or to segment and enhance the ones that were not really that good, instead of sinking into an overwhelmed bitterness like an inverted Benjaminian Angel. But nostalgia is not neutral. We need to remember, along with all the memories, that our lives in the now are partially cast from the look of our past."
history  memory  nostalgia  story  photo  from delicious
january 2011 by rodcorp
russell davies: a this for a that
"Stories written for the the kindle - that use 'kindleyness' the way novels use 'bookiness'."
books  kindle  amazon  story  twitter  from delicious
january 2011 by rodcorp
Cornelius Holtorf: Archaeology: a trendy subject
Archaeology as template or lens for experience, storying. Cf Mr Benn and dressing up.
archaeology  story  marketing  from delicious
march 2010 by rodcorp
The story as one-liner | Books |
(I seem to have started using tobylitt as a tag for "very short fiction".)
writing  story  short  tobylitt  from delicious
february 2010 by rodcorp
They're made out of meat
"That's ridiculous. How can meat make a machine? You're asking me to believe in sentient meat."
books  sf  terrybisson  meat  story  from delicious
february 2010 by rodcorp
Dazed Digital | A Conversation with James Wood: Part One
"I like destroying the tyranny of plot. I always ask people who are recommending me a novel to tell me the entire story right out, and I make a point in my reviews of describing the entire book."
books  jameswood  story 
december 2009 by rodcorp
trundlespike (trundlespike) on Twitter
Will "The Heritage" Ashon has started a twitter story, each chapter/message exactly 140 chars long.
books  willashon  twitter  story  im 
september 2009 by rodcorp
100+ short short stories from Stuart Elliot and friends (though I think of "micro" being a lot shorter, cf Hemingway, Litt, Monterroso).
story  short  tobylitt 
august 2009 by rodcorp
Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology — A Group Blog » Is ‘The Wire’ Our Best Ethnographic Text on the U.S. Today?
Probably not: whilst its style might be ethno-realism, The Wire is clearly a polemic first and foremost.
story  tv  thewire  anthropology 
january 2009 by rodcorp
BLDGBLOG: Infrastructural Domesticity
"the idea that crane operators are subject to these sorts of urban rumors and speculations brings me back to the idea that there might be a burgeoning comparative literature of mega-construction sites taking shape today"
psychology  infrastructure  cities  story  architecture 
december 2008 by rodcorp
Darpa Plan: Turn Warzone Data into Simple Stories | Danger Room from
The machines shift quietly, unsettled by their dreams of war. The softfreud amanuensis interprets the dreams in the morning.
writing  war  army  security  freud  story 
december 2008 by rodcorp
Twitter / Félix Fénéon: A man of thirty-some years ...
"Do not attempt to find out my name," he had written.
death  twitter  story 
november 2008 by rodcorp
The great writers' guide to DIY - Features, Books - The Independent
"In his book Kafka's Soup, Mark Crick parodied literary giants by imagining how their their best-known characters would cook. Now, in Sartre's Sink, he's got them tackling home improvements"
story  funny 
november 2008 by rodcorp
Chris Heathcote: anti-mega: usquebae
"I used to be very adamant that the [spimey] data should reside in the object itself, rather than in the messy Internet. I’m changing my mind on this. With simple tools like Google search, information of all kinds can be revealed easily, and the connecting story has to be reconstructed personally."
chrisheathcote  design  story  spime 
october 2008 by rodcorp
Tropes - Television Tropes & Idioms
The plot, narrative and other writing organelles of television anatomised.
writing  tv  film  story 
october 2008 by rodcorp
Ur-objects designed to hold as much potential narratoludic energy as possible.
toys  play  design  kids  story  via:mattjones 
october 2008 by rodcorp
volition (13 September, 2008, Interconnected)
"I eyed the so-called empty air with suspicion for hoarding mass to itself, for withholding the Higgs from me." nice.
writing  physics  mattwebb  story 
october 2008 by rodcorp
Nick Sweeney · we ask too much of writers.
"We strive to fill the gaps of antiquity, scan palimpsests from rubbish-tips, train every fragment of the spectrum upon them. The lacunae, though, are part of the story." This quote being a partial retelling of Nick's story.
story  history  writing 
september 2008 by rodcorp
Telescopic Text © Joe Davis 2008
Lovely expanding story demonstration...
writing  story  books  telescopic 
august 2008 by rodcorp
toby litt: arndale
Punchy little story exemplifying his "situation and a surprise" advice.
story  tobylitt  death  books 
may 2008 by rodcorp
Last word - Times Online
On Telegram(matic) style. Twain: "NO CAN DO 2 PAGES TWO DAYS. CAN DO 30 PAGES TWO DAYS. NEED 30 DAYS DO 2 PAGES". Cf short stories, Hemingway, Litt etc, and sms/twitter fictionl.
writing  twitter  short  story  marktwain 
may 2008 by rodcorp
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