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BLDGBLOG: The Elephants of Rome: An Interview with Mary Beard (pt. 2)
"Stille describes how meticulous copies are often used in China as stand-ins for ancient artifacts – without that substitution being acknowledged. Stille writes that, in China, copying "is a sign of reverence rather than lack of originality.""
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september 2007 by rodcorp
The Morning News - Still Life
A dancer (fighter?) figurine, photographed as dropped to a hard surface: poised, surfing on a wave of shattering fragments, only the cleaving of wrist and elbow indicate the violence of the situation...
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september 2007 by rodcorp
The Morning News - Martin Amis by Robert Birnbaum
Good interview with Amis on finishing books, getting older, travel... "And the thing about a book is, that also struck me, you have to write all of it—you can’t not write some of it. You’ve got to write all of it."
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february 2007 by rodcorp

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