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The portable-infinite: David Markson interview
On Reader's Block: "I had all these bits of cultural and literary history, and all these quotes, which I have in the previous books. I sat here for a couple months just writing notes. I would wonder what crazy piece of information do I know about Freud? I had about three feet of file cards in no order. Then I started typing them down. I had to think about the context. Being alone is obviously crucial for me. The first draft, which is always the case with me, was a lot bigger. Although all this cultural bricolage is interesting, I didn't use stuff that I had used before."
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september 2012 by rodcorp
Reading Markson Reading,      Pg. 281 of David Markson’s copy of James...
Markson on Joyce's Ithaca in Ulysses: “Damn it the ‘experiment’ works—He tries, + he brings it off—who else would dare?”
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february 2012 by rodcorp
David Markson - Bookworm on KCRW
Listen re cutting all the usual things out of a nov to leave the essential supplementary remainders.
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october 2011 by rodcorp
Reading Markson Reading, Pg. 41 of David Markson’s copy of Mao II by...
Françoise Palleau-Papin explained in her study of Markson, This Is Not A Tragdy, re: Vanishing Point: 'Terrorists. Which was in fact the literary term chosen to categorize the earliest nineteenth-century female Gothic novelists’ (p. 169)
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may 2011 by rodcorp
Reading Markson Reading, Pg. 111 of David Markson’s copy of Picasso: His...
Rilke/Picasso. This site collecting sightings of Markson's books (he left them to a second-hand books store) is great.
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february 2011 by rodcorp
Oh I get it, it’s a sci-fi novel! « LRB blog
David Markson's 50-box library, some of it annotated, is being sold, books by book, at the Strand bookshop in NYC. This piecemeal diminuendo both appropriately befits Markson, who died in June, and seems sad. See also:
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august 2010 by rodcorp
David Markson: Epitaph for a Dead Beat (1961)
"I wrote three crime novels, and then I got down to work more seriously." - the borrowed Chandlerian/hardboiled style seems to be the prehistory of his later punchy, fragmented style.
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december 2007 by rodcorp
David Markson—the Best Novelist You’ve Never Read - 5/30/2007 11:47:00 AM - Publishers Weekly
"The extremely short paragraphs of the novels are, in fact, written on index cards, not manuscript pages. Will The Last Novel really be the last novel? "No," he said. "The method will be the same, but none of that intellectual stuff.""
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december 2007 by rodcorp
David Markson: Epitaph for a Tramp (1959)
Hard-boiled in the manner of (and matching up to?) Chandler, but with loads of small literary references that would come out as he stripped back in his later work. Interestingly tall paperback format too, from Shoemaker&Hoard.
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december 2007 by rodcorp

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