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Charlie's Diary: Merciless
"there is an ideological approach in America that is distinguished by one common characteristic: words and deeds utterly lacking in the quality of mercy. There is a cancer in the collective American soul — a mercy deficit that has in recent years grown as alarmingly as the budget deficit" ... Hmmm.
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august 2009 by rodcorp
Charlie's Diary: Why are SF and fantasy novels the length they are?
Circumstantial evidence that it's harder to write smaller, or that older tools just led to exhaustion?: "observed that whenever one of her novelists switched to word processing, the average length of their books increased by about 10%"
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december 2008 by rodcorp
Charlie's Diary: On finishing
"it can hit you like an express train. I've learned to go with the flow when this happens: if a story wants to escape it's best to let it out, to go with the flow and worry about cleaning up the schedule afterwards. Once you pass forty, it doesn't seem to happen so often"
howwework  books  sf  charlesstross 
october 2008 by rodcorp
Charlie's Diary: Flowcharting Bond
"After you've watched more than eight of these movies the common plot skeleton begins to surface"
jamesbond  books  spying  charlesstross 
december 2007 by rodcorp
Charlie's Diary: Shaping the future
Stross imagines a future of "total history", but I wonder if the lesson of commodity storage is that we ((re)re)duplicate our backups with little strategy for meaningful retrieval. Totally lossy storage?
charlesstross  future 
may 2007 by rodcorp
Charles Stross: Accelerando (2005)
Big ideas around techno-singularities and post-humanity but as the stories advanced (sufficiently) it seemed to become magic, and therefore somewhat arbitrary, and my reading began to decelerando.
booksreadin2006  charlesstross 
september 2006 by rodcorp

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