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Apply For The Craft Scotland Summer Show 2017
Application, participation fees plus commission!
craft  art  scotland  pottery  ceramics 
december 2016 by rodcorp
The Upside of Losing Half Your Money -- The Motley Fool
"They basically owned an index and sat back, knowing most of the paintings would be duds but a few would explode"
art  money  investing 
august 2016 by rodcorp
5 things you can learn from the back of a painting
"Sotheby’s has always used yellow chalk to mark pictures, which can offer some clues about a work’s past. Christie’s has used a variety of marks since the 19th century, which allow you to see who has bought and owned a work over the course of its history."
art  history  8inches 
january 2016 by rodcorp
A Flag for No Nations |
"Technologies are stories we tell ourselves – often unconsciously – about who we are and what we are capable of. By analysing their traces we may divine the progress they are capable of assisting, but they are not in and of themselves future-producing, magical, or separate from human agency."
art  space  politics  jamesbridle 
january 2016 by rodcorp
TfL's Design Icons
As voted by public: "1. Black cabs
2. Frank Pick and his gift for commissioning good design
3. Harry Beck’s original Tube map
4. Baker Street Underground station platforms
5. The roundel
6. Original Routemaster bus
7. Labyrinth - the Mark Wallinger artwork found in every Underground station
8. The RT-type bus, which ran from the 1930s to the 1970s
9. The new walkthrough S-stock trains, which run on the Metropolitan, Circle, Hammersmith and City, and District lines
10. Westminster Underground station"
london  travel  transport  tube  taxi  cities  art 
november 2015 by rodcorp
Holland on Julie's house: 'It is the ultimate decorated shed' | News | Architects Journal
Comment: "An abomination of a "house". Totally indulgent. Whimsical in the extreme. Built for a cultural elite obsessed with their own self importance and aggrandisement. An insult to the autonomy of architecture. (But I'm glad it got built.)"
architecture  charlesholland  graysonperry  art 
may 2015 by rodcorp
Realtime Fourier synthesis
Spreadsheet synth! can't make it work :(
spreadsheets  art  music 
may 2015 by rodcorp
The Freud Museum ~ Events and Conferences ~ Analysis: The Conservation of Freud's Couch
"As the work began, it was difficult not to see the couch itself as a patient: elevated, lifted off its feet, prone, it’s more public appearance set aside."
freud  art  jeremymillar 
march 2015 by rodcorp
Richard Scarry-esque modern business town
art  business  drawing  richardscarry 
february 2015 by rodcorp - The Web's Largest Art Information Service.
"By joining, an artist agrees to donate 20 of her own works to the pool over 20 years. Members have usually achieved some level of commercial success; the recommended base retail price for work they donate is $5,000. The trust waits at least a decade after a work is donated to sell it.

Having just reached its 10th birthday, APT has started to sell (so far, less than 1 percent of the collection), in a process likely to accelerate in the coming years. Forty percent of the net proceeds of the sale go to the artist. Twenty-eight percent go to APT. The remaining 32 percent goes into the pool and is distributed evenly among all of the artists."
art  market  hedging 
january 2015 by rodcorp
The Art World’s Patron Satan -
"she was surprised by his brutal plans for them. Like a land developer subdividing a great estate, Simchowitz planned to chop up Ulman’s paintings into roughly a dozen smaller units"
january 2015 by rodcorp
Olafur Eliasson | Louisiana
"a rocky riverbed taking up the museum’s entire South Wing."
art  denmark 
december 2014 by rodcorp
Greater than we know | WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK
"Rembrandt’s overriding ambition was to make things palpable."
art  rembrandt 
november 2014 by rodcorp
Just dotty about Polke | WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK
"I laughed out loud at the portentous row of leather-bound volumes high up on the wall, purporting to contain his collected writings. Hee-hee. This is Polke taking an obvious poke at his notoriously overpublished teacher, Joseph Beuys. All this is brilliant. Early Polke is a naysayer with a vengeance. And the fact that the pictures with which he is doing his naysaying are so pretty is a fabulous plus."
art  sigmarpolke  josephbeuys 
november 2014 by rodcorp
Danger! Sexist twaddle | WALDEMAR JANUSZCZAK
"When you look back at the history of art, particularly in the modern era, you encounter cascades of machismo. Look at Toulouse-Lautrec. Look at Picasso. Look at Egon Schiele. All of them were relentless tuppers of their models; all their art objectifies women. But because it remains great art, we forgive them. Why, therefore, can we not forgive Allen Jones? Because it’s not great art. Usually, it’s appalling art."
november 2014 by rodcorp
"... Andy as a self-admitted criminal. He breaks the law in full awareness of the law he is breaking. The law in this case is the first law of graphic penmanship: The line of ink will be clear and flow naturally. Andy breaks this law by blotting the line of ink while it’s still wet. This trope appears over and over in these drawings. It introduces a raggedy, painterly edge to the ink line. Most importantly, for newspaper drawings, it has already been “printed” once, and this introduces the idea that the drawing was wet when it went into the press. This line reveals Andy at his most charming. He breaks the “law of lines” while acknowledging the eccentricities of the print medium with a daunting awareness that made him the most famous commercial illustrator of his time."
art  andywarhol  drawing  davehickey 
september 2014 by rodcorp
Startup Weekend Art London Tickets, London - Eventbrite
"disrupt the arts world" - solutionism get to falkirk
august 2014 by rodcorp
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