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BBC News - Afghanistan's battlefield slang
"UGLY An Apache gunship helicopter - an obvious reference to its menacing appearance."
army  war  language  afghanistan 
november 2014 by rodcorp
FORTIS Exoskeleton · Lockheed Martin
"FORTIS exoskeleton transfers loads through the exoskeleton to the ground in standing or kneeling positions and allows operators to use heavy tools" -- so coy
prosthesis  exoskeleton  army 
september 2014 by rodcorp
MoD study sets out how to sell wars to the public
" The paper suggests: "The public appear to have a more robust attitude to SF [special forces] losses." In a reference to a May 1982 helicopter crash, it says: "The loss of 19 SAS soldiers in a single aircraft accident during the Falklands campaign did not arouse any significant comment."" -- err?
army  uksf 
september 2013 by rodcorp
Power Supply A Consistent Challenge As Troops Use More Gadgets
"In a typical 72-hour mission in Afghanistan, a soldier could carry up to 70 batteries to power his electronic equipment, according to the Army Research Laboratory. Battery weight can represent 20 percent of a soldier’s load. An infantry battalion spends more than $150,000 on batteries per year. It is estimated that the Army buys 200,000 custom-designed batteries per year at about $50 each for radio and communications equipment alone."
army  battery  mobile 
october 2012 by rodcorp
FLOIS / Talon Strike Project
army  mobile  interop 
october 2012 by rodcorp
Ministry of Defence | About Defence | What we do | Equipment and Logistics | UKNCB | United Kingdom National Codification Bureau
"United Kingdom National Codification Bureau [...] is the sole authority in the UK for all NATO Codification Services and Policy Guidance. Integral to a successful Defence Supply Chain, UKNCB documents technical data and allocates NATO Stock Numbers based on Form, Fit and Function of an Item of Supply."
nato  army  logistics  numbers  nomenclature  classification 
october 2012 by rodcorp
Guide to the NATO Codification System
"The NATO Codification System (NCS) is a uniform and common system for identification, classification and stock numbering of Items of Supply of user nations. It is designed to achieve maximum effectiveness in logistics support and to facilitate materiel data management." And
nato  army  logistics  numbers  nomenclature  classification 
october 2012 by rodcorp
Army may be over emphasising to make the case about budget cuts more strongly, but the pattern is interesting: large and symmetric investment ramp up and down either side of brief event.
Army  logistics  olympics  london2012 
august 2012 by rodcorp
Drone Pilots, Waiting for a Kill Shot 7,000 Miles Away -
This action-at-a-distance makes me think of Downton Abbey.
uav  drone  army  war  psychology 
august 2012 by rodcorp
BYOD is a no-no, says Ministry of Defence's service operations chief | Guardian Government Computing | Guardian Professional
"We're very hard over on that because we've learned, and as time has demonstrated to us, one of the key risks to our networks is that unauthorised device, that memory device being introduced into our networks [...] And that's not just in terms of the the compromise of that specific machine but the threat that that would impose to the rest of the networks. We're in great danger of the policy following the technology,"
mobile  army  byod 
april 2012 by rodcorp
Geotagging poses security risks | Article | The United States Army
"When a new fleet of helicopters arrived with an aviation unit at a base in Iraq [in 2007], some Soldiers took pictures on the flightline, he said. From the photos that were uploaded to the Internet, the enemy was able to determine the exact location of the helicopters inside the compound and conduct a mortar attack, destroying four of the AH-64 Apaches."
social  security  army  maps  photo  geo 
march 2012 by rodcorp
ADS Advance - Frontline military technology promises battery revolution
BAE's battery "technological breakthrough, called 'structural batteries' may lead to a redesign of all electrical technology"
power  battery  army  bae  vendors 
february 2012 by rodcorp
Ministry of Defence | Defence News | Training and Adventure | Paratroopers undertake public order training
SPQOccupyR: "Major Todd said that the techniques used in public order could be traced back more than 2,000 years"
army  olympics  london2012  police  security  riots 
february 2012 by rodcorp
10 Jobs That Barely Existed on 9/10/01, From Robot Squadmate to Warplane Whisperer | Danger Room |
Tactical bots. "Efforts to form official man-robot combat squads faltered. The Army sent three armed Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection System, or SWORDS, to Iraq in 2007. The ATV-size, tracked, machine-gun-equipped SWORDS were meant to patrol, with a soldier controlling the 'bot from a safe distance using a handheld terminal. But the Army didn't trust the SWORDS squads to avoid killing the wrong people, and kept them confined to base"
army  robot 
september 2011 by rodcorp
plan-a1.jpg (1492×1077)
Check whether PA Consulting were hired to develop a plan A for Afghanistan stability! (via Steve Blank)
powerpoint  war  army  history  terrorism 
september 2011 by rodcorp
German Bomb Squads Race Against Time to Find Aged World War II Explosives - Bloomberg
"Almost two million tons were dropped [in Germany] by the U.S., Russia and Britain during World War II. An estimated 10 percent to 15 percent never exploded and [... of these] Some 70 percent are identified using U.S. and U.K. air-reconnaissance photos taken after bombing runs during the war."
germany  history  war  army 
august 2011 by rodcorp
iPads, Android tablets and smartphones join the military - Computerworld
iOS and Android (etc) apps for US Mil: almost-disposable consumer OTS hardware, vastly reduced training costs...
mobile  dev  army  vendors  from delicious
march 2011 by rodcorp
Mobbu: UK military spending plan 2010-2020
Door-to-door possession database helps cut burglary rates in Devon and Cornwall (did it shift burglary elsewhere?). Nice press release.
army  security  spendingreview  shamelessselfpromotion  mobbu  from delicious
october 2010 by rodcorp
The SDSR was 'tough medicine' - Defence Management
Door-to-door possession database helps cut burglary rates in Devon and Cornwall (did it shift burglary elsewhere?). Nice press release.
security  army  politics  spendingreview  from delicious
october 2010 by rodcorp
Spending Review: what it means for Defence - Telegraph
"The three armed services all deliver value for money on the battlefield but the MoD’s equipment procurement programme is widely regarded both inside and outside Whitehall as dysfunctional and in urgent need of reform"
army  navy  security  politics  spendingreview  from delicious
october 2010 by rodcorp
Acquisition Operating Framework (AOF) Home Page
Example of a public sector procurement website: "The high level principles and information that guide how the UK MOD Defence Acquisition Community works version 3.1.0 – August 2010"
publicsector  procurement  army  from delicious
august 2010 by rodcorp
Enemy Lurks in Briefings on Afghan War - PowerPoint -
Pace Tufte on the evils of ppt (and others on its delights), this is instead an indication that Afghanistan's geo-social-religio-politico-infrastructural situation is, indeed, very complex. Highly effective information design!
powerpoint  design  army  war  politics 
may 2010 by rodcorp
Anti-IED technologies: Bombs away | The Economist
On technological arms races in IED mfr and bomb disposal.
war  terrorism  army  from delicious
march 2010 by rodcorp
Military Deluged in Drone Intelligence -
USMil dataglut from the sensors in the skies, analysis lagging behind - new capability needed. I imaging that policing will follow same trajectory in the next few years.
uav  army  surveillance  via:cityofsound 
january 2010 by rodcorp
Don't blame it on the Bulldog - Public Service
"Urgent Operational Requirement" as both fix for and yet symptom of procurement inefficiencies.
army  procurement  publicsector 
november 2009 by rodcorp
Defense and the National Interest » On War #302: Blinders
On the DOD's attempt to create closed, fortified systems (cf also C17th Japan?): "In 4GW, it is essential that everyone do intel, not just a few specialists. Every private has to understand the environment he is operating in. Many websites can help him do that. But if he tries to access them on a DOD computer, he finds them blocked. He is thrown back to pure kinetics, which leads to our defeat."
army  terrorism  war  history 
may 2009 by rodcorp
Eurofighter Tranche 3: Oh please, God, no • The Register
Spirited rant on Eurofighters, choppers, Trident, defence exports and subsidy...
army  politics 
may 2009 by rodcorp
Apple's iPod touch tackling "networked warfare" for US military
"'developing military software for iPods that enables soldiers to display aerial video from drones and have teleconferences with intelligence agents halfway across the globe,' and snipers are already utilizing a ballistics calculator"
apple  iphone  mobile  army  design  via:alexlaurie 
april 2009 by rodcorp
Portrait of my Father | Granta 104: Fathers | Magazine | Granta
"Tell them I was in the Navy from 1942 to 1947, in four different invasions, in North Africa, France, Italy and I forget the other one." - Ali Smith on her father.
books  war  history  family  army  alismith  granta 
january 2009 by rodcorp
Product Details - Sectéra® Edge™ SME PED - Overview
General Dynamics C4's BlackBerry clone runs WinMob, has ultra-high US security accreditation (SCIP/HAIPE IS/type 1), connects to SIPRNET, is ruggedised, has a calculator, costs $3.7k per device. Not available in the EU unless you order several thousand I'd imagine.
police  mobile  security  blackberry  army  vendors 
december 2008 by rodcorp
Anubis Associates Limited
Risk management, security and close protection training, etc.
police  security  army  anubis  vendors 
december 2008 by rodcorp
Darpa Plan: Turn Warzone Data into Simple Stories | Danger Room from
The machines shift quietly, unsettled by their dreams of war. The softfreud amanuensis interprets the dreams in the morning.
writing  war  army  security  freud  story 
december 2008 by rodcorp
The Press Association: UK 'no resources for Mumbai attack'
"Patrick Mercer [Commons counter-terrorism sub committee] said a new anti-terror unit was needed with "a battalion's worth" of 500 highly specialised policemen and soldiers who could be called upon in case of attack"
police  politics  terrorism  army  mumbai 
november 2008 by rodcorp
InfoVis Keynote: Command Post of the Future - information aesthetics
"Military commanders have always loved maps [perhaps because] they also convey possibilities for action. A bridge almost begs to be crossed, for example. [...] Is there a way we can create visualizations with map-like 'affordances for action?'"
maps  ux  design  infovis  visualization  war  army 
october 2008 by rodcorp
'Revolutionary' War-Tracker Aims for Upgrade | Danger Room from
"Blue Force Trackers" - friendly dots on maps considered helpful, if working consistently.
maps  army 
october 2008 by rodcorp
Army Anthropologist's Controversial Culture Clash | Danger Room from
"McFate returned with a revised plan. Army would embed humanities types into fighting brigades. These so-called Human Terrain Teams wouldn't necessarily be experts on Iraq or Afghanistan. But they would have enough training to study the local communities and advise the commander about what they found."
terrorism  war  army  anthropology  culture 
october 2008 by rodcorp
John Robb: Brave New War (2007)
On asymmetric, "global guerilla" warfare. As national allegiances wither in eg Iraq, US can't find a nation-state foe; advocates devolving resilience from DHS to local community. But suspect that this hasn't been without its criticism either (viz tdaxp).
booksreadin2007  war  terrorism  iraq  army 
september 2007 by rodcorp
Wired 11.06: "If We Run Out of Batteries, This War is Screwed." [2003]
US used COTSware, IM chat groups (x-disciplinary groups being the innovative bit?) in GW2. "Perhaps [the next enemy will be] an adaptable terrorist organization much less vulnerable to swarming tanks and missiles", or indeed, a 'peacetime' insurgency.
war  technology  publicsector  army  via:genmon 
august 2007 by rodcorp
Local PMCs in Iraq: "Sunni tribal militias are quickly being formed, blessed with US military "contractor" status, and awarded with a set of golden handcuffs"
army  publicsector 
august 2007 by rodcorp
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