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Using Injection it is possible to make a change to the implementation of an Objective-C® class and have it take effect as soon as the class is saved without having to restart the application. This feature works for OS X and iOS applications in the simulator and on iOS devices.
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may 2013 by robotpukeko
samvermette/SVPullToRefresh · GitHub
What if adding pull to refresh was easy as doing: [tableView addPullToRefreshWithActionHandler:block]; It now is:
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april 2012 by robotpukeko
ablfx/ABSaveSystem · GitHub
RT : Updated my Obj-C helper class to save Data to persistent storage...saving/loading to multiple plists
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april 2012 by robotpukeko
DRYing your instance variables - Blog - Use Your Loaf
Good tip from if you didn't know already: let the compiler auto-create instance vars for your properties:
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february 2011 by robotpukeko

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